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Grady’s Collective Market Photos by Adrian Miles Interview and Intro by Marlon Cole 54/


wner, curator and self ascribed lifestyle designer,Damien Holbert, opened up an experimental collective market space, within the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn. Damien makes his artwork from used furniture parts and all other random objects that he can get his hands on. He is todays modern day renaissance man when it comes to the arts. 4FATHERS had a conversation with Damien about fatherhood and vintage clothing.

Meet Damien Holbert


My relationship with my father... was good. We didn’t stay in the same house though, so it was a weekend/holiday thing. He stayed busy and always had paper and a weekly BBQ / Domino set. When it was time for us to start earning our own, he’ll let us borrow his lawnmower and edger to hit the hood for lawns. He past from a so called heart attack, but my family thinks he was murdered by his wife... R.I.P. CHARLES EMMIT HOLBERT. Last time I cried... I always have a monthly dream and wake up in tears. I think a lot of people do. When I work with my hands... I know the digital world well, but hands on, is what I really know best. It’s natural. I do so much with my hand it’s crazy. I always remind people my hands are my tools. Vintage... will never die. I had vintage shit everyday, but they called it “HAND ME DOWNS”. You would get some shit from your brother, cousin or the church donation. After I figured out how to mix my new with old, I programmed my style, same thing with my home. I always mix new with the old to keep a level setting.


Being a father means... Fatherhood is a blessing, I told myself that it would be planned but that wasn’t the case. When it happened I got the traditional call(via pay phone) “I’M PREGNANT”. I pulled myself together a few days later and started planning on taking care of my end of the birth. I teach my daughter... first to respect her elders, second to respect herself, third all the knowledge I can give her. She knows how to draw, sing, dance and put together her outfits. I taught her how to tell the little boy’s at daycare “BACK UP BOZO” and she did it on site. I told her teacher that she complained about another kid being up in her space... I told her not to say as much after that, only when needed.


“I told myself that it would be planned, but that wasn’t the case.”



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