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Bruce moran

CR EA Re g io na l Di r e cto r fo r O n ta ri o • As an active, working Broker of Record/ Owner who operates and manages a brokerage business, I am passionate about the real estate profession and keeping REALTORS® relevant to the transaction. • As a Past President of a large real estate association, I possess the skills, knowledge and experience to effectively perform a Director’s duties for our national association.

Bruce Moran • Salesperson and Broker of Record/ Owner for over 28 years • Served on RAHB Board of Directors total of 6 years • Served on numerous RAHB committees/task forces RAHB Board Experience President – 2013 Director – 1998-99, 2009-2013 Committees/Task Forces - Chair Audit Governance & Bylaw Finance MLS® Quality of Life Committees/Task Forces - Member Nomination Communications Professional Standards Scholarship Awards MLS® Futures Branding Revenue vs Expenses Designations Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant (C-CREC) Awards Long Service Award – 2012 Volunteer of the Year – 2003

CREA’s first and most important role is to understand the needs of its primary stakeholder – the REALTOR® on the street. CREA should be a member-driven organization that collaborates, listens, engages and provides the tools necessary for REALTORS® to do their business. CREA must strive to ensure that REALTORS® continue to be relevant and central to the real estate transaction. To support REALTORS® and to keep organized real estate vibrant and REALTORS® relevant, there must be a long-term plan developed NOW to strategically place the REALTOR® at the leading edge of industryrelated technology, professionalism, business knowledge and ethics. If REALTORS® are informed, have the right tools and are respected as professionals, consumers will choose to use a REALTOR® when they buy or sell real estate. CREA has a role to play in raising the bar on professionalism in the real estate industry. As REALTORS® in Ontario, we are bound to uphold a Code of Ethics based on the original Code developed by CREA. That should be only a minimum standard. CREA must encourage REALTORS® to go above and beyond – to be better than average; to truly be professionals. Consumers trust and respect professionals and raising the bar for professionalism in our industry will serve REALTORS® and consumers alike. Organized real estate must become more nimble – that is, more proactive and more responsive to rapidly changing outside influences. CREA will be undergoing a governance review over the next few years which will allow it to be more

responsive. As a Past President and former Board member who completed a three-year governance review and implementation at my own association, I have experience which will be valuable to CREA’s transition to a new governance model for organized real estate. CREA should lead the conversation to bring an end to the duplication of services and efforts among the three levels of organized real estate. REALTORS® need to receive good value for their dues. REALTORS® need a national organization that will • be responsive and responsible to them • provide the right tools – and many tools – to keep REALTORS® on the leading edge and prepared to take their place as a trusted advisor and resource for buyers and sellers • encourage and help develop increased professionalism in the industry I have the skills, experience and knowledge to be part of the transformation that CREA will undergo in the next few years. I will make a difference for REALTORS®. For more information: Tel: 905.317.0929 Email:

Bruce Moran for CREA Regional Director - Ontario