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By Michael DiMartino

ere on The Golden Road we are continually working to elevate our focus by presenting the relevant and timely voices of our community and beyond. Lately, it’s not hard to see without looking too far that the world is changing rapidly. It can even appear to some that it’s falling apart. And even though we understand change is the only constant, we can see that the levels of change are beginning to simultaneously crescendo. This is reflected by the weather, human health, the economy, the environmental breakdown, and the beating of the drums of war. It’s also not hard to see that the many people who are dealing with the psychological and emotional impact of these changes are melting down, affecting the general mental health of society. Fortunately, I have endured a lot of things in my life that have prepared me for this time of extreme change, starting when I was born in 1966. It was a pivotal and historically transformational year under the sign of the fire horse. It was also the year



that culminated the hippie movement, the summer of love, the health-food movement, the back-to-the-land movement, and civil rights and women’s equality along with the antiwar movement. I am part of a lost generation that was born after the baby boomers and before the generation Xer’s. This is what I call the “bridge generation.” We link the past with today for a better tomorrow. We were born on the beginning crest of a wave of the age of Aquarian thinking. People at that time revolted against the old paradigm but did not have the answers or technology to bring civilization to a highest realized potential and ideal. In the ’60s it was sex, drugs, and rock and roll; now it’s healthy, happy, and holy. Although a lot of these social issues still exist, we are now dealing with accelerated transformation on a global level. This transformation varies from the changing of the magnetic poles of the Earth to solar flares and global warming to nuclear and petroleum-based catastrophes and overpopulation. It’s time to completely rethink the way we have been living the last 200 years or risk extinction. The Hopi elders I have worked with call it “Koyaanisqatsi,” a world out of balance. Our values are selfish, self-centered, and upside down. This is why, during the next few months, we will be focusing on holding community think tanks and broadcasting content on the show around issues of community building and community resiliency about how to be self-sustaining and take responsibility for emergency preparedness. As always on The Golden Road, we will offer not just entertainment but inspiring educated and enlightening insights and how we can move our global civilization forward to a healthy

new paradigm that will sustain us for many generations to come. Wake up, get active, and do your part. Whether it be concerning permaculture, women’s issues, environmental activism, alternative energy, or spiritual education, just do it now!!! Co-create the world you want. It’s not if the old paradigm collapses, it’s when. Power to the people. Support independent media. Where you put your money is your politics. Let your voice be heard. Let your talent count. Prophecies are only road signs warning us to get back on the right path. Watch for our fall communitybuilding and think-tank tour in November in all the counties we broadcast in on cable TV. These include Nevada County, Sacramento County, Siskiyou County, Shasta County, Placer County, Truckee/Tahoe, Calaveras, and Amador. We are also available online on YouTube and Ustream and on podcasts on iTunes through our free app. For more information, visit GoldenRoadRadioHour.com.

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This issue includes many alternative healing techniques, plus the Rahasya Uncensored" section covers why we should be "Questioning Our Answe...

Lotus guide ond'17 web  

This issue includes many alternative healing techniques, plus the Rahasya Uncensored" section covers why we should be "Questioning Our Answe...

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