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Secret Teachings of the Eastern Mystics


John Anthony West by Rahasya Poe pg. 34


Damages the Biosphere by Chico Sky Watch pg. 32

NADA Protocol for Pain & DetoxiďŹ cation by Michael Turk L.Ac pg. 20


by Loren Swift

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A roadmap to heal your beliefs about not being lovable, worthy, smart or ready enough to do the work on this planet that is yours alone to do. Our Latest Feature Product:

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First, you’re going to want to devour The Earth Keeper’s Handbook for yourself. Then you’ll nd yourself riiing through the pages again to read a quote to a friend. Later, when you nd yourself in challenging circumstances, you’ll be skimming through the table of contents to nd the experiential practice for what’s going on in your life at that moment.

This book is for you if: • You feel frustrated by the current state of the world, but aren’t sure what to do about it. • You suspect you have a larger mission on this planet than you are currently living. • You’re feeling isolated in your everyday routine, wishing for a greater sense of belonging & community. • You’re curious about how your own inner healing work can contribute to the healing of the planet.


Body & Mind

Nevada City & Grass Valley How Toxins in Our Enviroment Affect All Females; The Maiden, Mother & Crone

By Ilene Christahl


emales of all ages are experiencing the adverse effects of environmental toxins they are exposed to on a daily basis. Now research shows that low-dose exposure to toxins can build up in our bodies over time and affect our hormonal, immune, and neurological systems. A toxin is any substance that creates an irritating or harmful effect in the body. Most toxins are lipophilic, meaning they are fat-loving so they love to hang out in your fat. Your body cannot easily break down fat-soluble compounds, and thus they are stored and hang around for a long time. Toxins can cross the placental and blood-brain barrier, and are passed from mother to baby in utero and during breast-feeding. Toxic overload occurs when you are exposed to more toxins than your body can break down and eliminate. Researchers have found that a chemical once thought to be safe at a lowdose is indeed not safe when combined with another chemical at a low-dose. In theory, once your body is exposed to toxins they enter the bloodstream and go to the liver, where they are metabolized and broken down. Since women's livers are smaller than

men's livers they are more susceptible to toxic build up then men. These brokendown byproducts are then eliminated from your body through the kidneys, stool and skin via urination, bowel movements and perspiring. Some people can't metabolize and remove toxins very well due to genetic changes in their liver enzymes while some have pre-existing conditions making elimination difficult. Then there are people whose bodies function fine, but excessive exposure to toxins can't be cleared. The total amount of a toxic substance present in a human's body at a given point in time is referred to as the body burden.   Some of the more common toxins are PCBs, pesticides, dioxins, phthalates, BPA, heavy metals and PFAs.

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Sauna therapy is also very effective at mobilizing toxins. I also offer chelation support for those individuals showing an excess of heavy metals. Most people would benefit from including cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower to aid phase one and phase-two detox pathways. Beets, pomegranate juice, ground flax seeds/ meal, artichokes, green tea, gluthatione and psyllium husk powder also aid in the detoxification process in various ways. If the toxin has been broken down and is water soluble it needs to be eliminated through the bowel, skin,

kidneys and lungs. To promote a daily bowel movement one may need to support the liver and gallbladder, get adequate magnesium, fiber and exercise and use castor oil packs. To support elimination through the skin, I recommend alternating hot and cold showers as well as Epsom salt baths, sweating through saunas, and exercise. The elimination of toxins through the kidneys is supported by drinking enough water. Ideally, drinking half of your body weight in ounces of reverse osmosis water a day is recommended. Herbs and homeopathic remedies can increase the kidney’s ability to eliminate toxins. We can no longer deny that our health and the environment are interrelated, and that women are exposed to more chemicals in their daily life than ever before. Reducing body burden is key to restoring well-being. Avoiding exposure to toxins in the environment is helpful at preventing endocrine disruptive conditions and maintaining wellness once it has been established. Since women are nurturing by nature, we may nurture everyone but ourselves so trust your intuition and determine if you need to focus on you. Then create a plan to cleanse and detoxify yourself or seek medical help if necessary to begin your journey to health and wellness. For more information visit:

Inspiration, organization, direction & action! I want us to live in a world where people FEEL ALIVE and where INSPIRATION IS CONTAGIOUS!

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Kimberly Mascaro, PhD, LMFT


How do you reduce your body burden? The basic principle behind detoxification is to remove the toxins stored in your body. This is done by releasing chemicals from fat tissue, organs and extracellular spaces that have been stored for years. Once they are released, they will reenter the blood stream and be metabolized through the liver. The liver is where toxins are broken down via phase-one and phasetwo detoxification pathways in order to be eliminated via the major organs of elimination; the kidneys, bowels, skin and lungs. The first part of detoxification is to mobilize the stored toxins from the body and get them back into the bloodstream for metabolism and elimination. I encourage people to do this in a number of ways. If someone’s organism is very toxic or challenged I have found that using homeopathic drainage remedies can be very successful at releasing toxins at the cellular level. They are very gentle and

safe for this purpose. Other people benefit from calorie restriction since toxins can be released from fat stores, but the organs of elimination also need to be supported to prevent the toxins from getting redistributed.


in Nevada City

Trauma, ADHD, anxiety, and women’s issues.

But how are you exposed? • Pesticides in food, groundwater, drinking water; even non-organic meat, dairy, eggs • Heavy metals – fish, grains, vegetables • Foods stored in plastics and metal cans • Drinking water • Air quality • Personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies The numerous ways we are exposed to chemicals might seem overwhelming, but knowledge is power and knowing how you are exposed will make it easier to avoid these chemicals in your daily life and reduce your body burden on a regular basis. Low-dose exposure to chemicals in the environment causes endocrine disruption and the resulting interference with the hormonal system is linked to women's health conditions of every age group. Young women as well as middleaged women experience infertility, miscarriage, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis and uterine fibroids. As women age, they are more likely to develop breast cancer, diabetes and thyroid disease, which continue to show up in the retirement years and can be joined by heart disease and osteoporosis. There are many ways you can reduce your exposure to toxins and many organizations

offering support. I have a few suggestions: • Buy organic or farmers’ market food • Buy hormone/antibiotic free meat and dairy products • Buy fresh or frozen foods and avoid canned foods • Drink reverse osmosis water from plastic free containers • Store or heat food in glass containers

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Healthy Living


Aline Green

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by Dr. Ilene Cristdahl

Hey Human, Phone Home . . . Developing a True Homing Device

Listener Supported Radio


by Jacia Kornwise, M.A., Embodied Soul Coach

Structual Integration & Energy Medicine

by Jean Louise Green, CMT

Healing Together A Community Approach to Wellness Why You Should be Clearing Yourself An Essential Idea We Teach Our Clients

… John Anthony West and I got into the information that goes well beyond ancient Egypt. This information has been suppressed and hidden from society for far too long. So who is Gurdjieff and The Work? … What is a little less known, and up for debate, is that he found at least 6 hidden monasteries that have their roots going back to ancient Sumeria and even further back to Atlantis.

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NADA Protocol for Pain & Detoxification by Michael Turk

Digestive Health: Is MOLD Making You Sick?

20 26

by Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC

Special Interest 9 18

by Terry-Cole Whttaker


by Jack Allis

by Marla Crites, Betty Credit and Ted Holmes


by Ty & Nora

How Much Time Does It Take To Realize There Is No Time?

Rahasya Uncensored The Importance of Our Spirituality In Creating the New World

I Paint Creatures

“Beware of false knowledge, it’s more dangerous than ignorance.”

12 14

by Jane Miners

The Many Ways Geoengineering Damages the Biosphere



Nevada City & Grass Valley How Toxins in Our Environment Affect All Females; The Maiden, Mother & Crone

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Body & Mind

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A Letter from the Publishers


The Vision Is Clear in 2020!

s it just me or did this year go by quicker than last year? For my wife, Dhara, and I it’s been a busy year running the Lotus Guide Center here in Paradise, but what a blessing to be in a position to help residents moving back after the fire. We’ve hosted groups like MedSpire who offer free medical care, many group meetings with local organizations on the front line of putting this community back together and now our doors are open every Sunday at 10am for the Spiritual Enrichment Center so they can start bringing people back to the area we all call home. We can always use help and donations by the way because we run the Center as a non-profit, which means your donations could be tax-deductible. We also want to thank Ray Varlinsky & Marianna Love who donated their art gallery for us to run the Center out of. Marianna’s art, by grace or a strange act of fate, survived the Paradise Campfire and her art is for sale here at the center. We also want to give a special thanks to Logan Todd and the North Valley Community Foundation for a grant that allowed us to keep the doors open by paying Internet/Phone for four years. And to all of you who have given at a time when you lost everything, I’m not sure what to say. This would include our advertisers like Michael Turk, Dr. Light, and far too many others including friends like Bruce Lipton, Inner Traditions and our special friend, Cosmic Bob. Ok, now that you know that gratitude fills our hearts, let’s get down to what’s in our minds and in this magazine. The practitioners you find in our magazine and you, our readers, are what make everything possible when you connect with each other. I think most of us sense that there’s something in the air, a change coming our way, so reach out if you need help…it’s probably in this magazine. And last but definitely not least, thank you Ram Dass for a life well spent…you will be missed, have a great journey. Feel free to stop in or give us a call if you ever need anything. Thank you, Rahasya & Dhara, publishers of Lotus Guide

The cartoon strip above was created by Tazuo and is the first of “Questioning Our Answers” in which we accept far too many things that are told to us without questioning them. For instance, it’s great to challenge things in life like climbing a mountain, but do we really need to challenge everything? Life itself is a challenge. I think this has come into focus for many people deciding whether or not to move back into wildfire areas like Paradise; sometimes we can just move on and meet other challenges in life.

PUBLISHERS, EDITORS, & OWNERS Dhara Lemos & Rahasya Poe SALES REPRESENTATIVE Aline Green & Lisa Stein



GRAPHIC ARTIST Craig Perry CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dr. Gayle Kimball Dr. Mark Light Dr. Patrick Giammarise

I Paint Creatures Tazuo is the latest edition to the Lotus Guide family. He will be creating meaningful & relevant cartoon strips that will give a breath of levity to articles that are serious subjects. Like Wavy Gravy once said, “If you don’t laugh about it, it just ain’t funny.” Lotus Guide By Tazuo


ll of us carry memories from times in our past. Painful memories or full of delightful joy. Then there are those memories in which we imagined we were greeted by a creature that spoke to us with our inner voice, an anthropomorphic animal or character that expressed what we were actually feeling inside. A fantastical creature given to us from the creative expression of a visual storytelling artist such as Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, Charles M. Schulz, and Jim Henson. We met Winnie, Kermit, Mickey, Snoopy and a whole gang of imagined creatures we all could relate to. They lightened up what was heavy and allowed us to be silly, activating our wonder.  They gave us a way to see difficult life situations with a newfound perspective through a fantastical, whimsical presentation, expressing our lives’ virtues and faults in a fun and expansive way. After working for many creative hi-tech content creation companies like Lucasfilm and my own studio, which has serviced companies like AT&T and Intel, I sought further inspiration and entertainment. Then I realized we now live in a world without Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein, Maurice Sendak, Jim Henson and Charles Shultz, the mainstream artistic pillars of imaginative modern folklore and fantastical creature story art. This is when I come up with “I paint Creatures,” and it was the perfect time and space to do it. Ola, Konichwa (greetings). Nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m IPaintCreatures, a modern-day folklorist, poet, storyteller, educator and visual artist. I am the creator of an epic story world called Matsu. It is a modern folktale told in a fantasy, sci-fi, Manga-inspired story universe. I paint creatures onto miniature canvases to murals, snapback hats, shoes,

backpacks, tablets, and 5K displays. I illustrate them in every art medium from watercolor, oils, crayons, and ink, to graphite and digital pixels. I create contemporary mythology that reveals our universal stories. I illustrate, paint and animate them into comics, picture books, interactive live streams, performance poems, puppet shows and online videos. Why I Paint Creatures ? I paint creatures to reveal the unique being inside of each one of us. This being is usually perceived by self and others as odd and strange. I open visual and metaphorical portals that show us our originality in a fun and whimsical way, reminding others as well as myself of the power of our imagination to see the creature inside ourselves. I aim to carry on the tradition of Seuss, Sendak, Silverstein, Shultz and Henson by publishing picture books, graphic novels, and internet media content. I offer poetic live performances, workshops, educational presentations, and interactive live internet streams to create a contemporary folklore experience available to al Questioning Our Answers In the tradition of great creature storytellers who created epic syndicated comics like Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes, IPaintCrearures has come into collaboration with Rahasya & Dhara of Lotus Guide to create a classic funny comic strip that will be published quarterly in your Lotus Guide magazine. With Rahasya’s spiritual insights and witty views and IPaintCrearures fantastical visual storytelling, “Questioning Our Answers” will be a classic comic strip, the perfect medium for our times in which information is abundant and somewhat elusive and more often than not needs to be questioned. Through humor and

Special Interest

fantastical imagination, we can convey “Questioning Our Answers” in a fun and thought-provoking way. Symphony Over the past three years I have taken this vision I call IPaintCrearures into my daily work and digital playground. I have shared my imaginative creature creations and original stories worldwide. I was commissioned to paint worldwide, read my stories, and perform my poems to an international audience. The response was just like I felt and imagined. People from all corners of the planet were amazed and inspired. Through crowdsourcing, I funded an art book called Symphony, a 90-page primer to the epic story world of Matsu and an introduction into the IPaintCreatures creation universe. It contains sketches, paintings, poems and the first published Matsu graphic novel. When you purchase the book, you will receive links to the accompanying audio book that I performed and recorded. I am currently working on bringing this experience to as many places as possible, be it in person or through the artwork. I have a master’s degree in education with an emphasis on fine art and technology. I am available for workshops, retreats, residencies, mentoring, appearances and performances (lectures to poetic performances and puppet shows), as well as art commissions. In addition, I am also looking forward to collaborating with the Lotus Guide and Rahasya & Dhara to bring forth Matsu and the IPaintCreatures universe. Righteous ~Tazuo


Body & Mind

Hey Human, Phone Home... Developing a True Homing Device

By Jacia Kornwise, M.A., Embodied Soul Coach


inding a true home is not what it’s cracked up to be. Now more than ever, we are aware how quickly things can be shaken up, destroyed, or changed, whether that be a relationship, job, or physical, emotional, or mental space. No matter how firmly or

painstakingly we have tried to create safety in anything external, the truth is that this life journey is a gift that is not always wrapped with bright ribbon or neatly tied up bow. Life is guaranteed to counter what we expected, but it absolutely is what we make of it. I am going to say this again in a slightly different way. You have within you an inner guidance system. It is trying to speak to you all the time. If you are feeling distraught, alone, unfulfilled and unworthy, you likely have not been responding to your inner voice or hearing your inner callings in an honest and truly reflective way. Your awareness, commitment and attitude are what can make or break a good experience from happening here on planet earth. We are all born into the soup of unconscious learned conditioning. If you are becoming aware that you are

discontent with your personal story’s ingredients, you can benefit from receiving guidance and mentoring from soup stirrers who are truly soulfully enjoying their own personal recipe. Right now is the only time and chance for opportunity. Not tomorrow, next week, or next year as nothing beyond now is guaranteed. Life in its very nature grows, changes, and ends in the form we recognize. Nothing remains constant except for that which we learn to anchor and honor within ourselves as our own essential true nature. Nothing manifests in time/space except for our souls’ embodied awareness. What you are experiencing is exactly what your consciousness is believing about yourself. I used to resent all of this kind of “babble.” I didn’t like the idea that I was responsible for creating my reality. Yet I learned through experience that this is true in

receive, hear, and embody who they truly are. I know the only person we spend our entire life with is ultimately ourselves. I can’t think of a better person to invest time and presence and energy in. Learning how to ground into your self is a transformative experience that cannot be taken away. Truly, no matter how much we the sense that our “consciousness” or our may long to be known by another person, “awareness” is truly the secret ingredient place or thing, if we don’t learn to truly for how we will experience our reality. hold ourselves, no one else will want to do I dove deeply into awakening this with you for very long, or be able to do my consciousness after having had many it for you in a way that feels truly fulfilling. intense experiences to recover from, learn Home is an inside job. from, process and transform. I can truly Yes. I am simply talking about say I am thankful for every experience loving yourself. I know it is an overused I have had. I remember a time I did slogan, but this age-old adage is here for not believe this could ever be genuinely a reason. There are actual practical and uttered. I have now been working for 30 real steps you can take that will provide years with thousands of clients to help you with a level of grounding inside them ground and land, listen to, face, which leads to a life Happy Feet. Healthy Body. Blissful Soul. where you feel held from within. From - Reflexology this place you can actually root and live - Foot Massage from the joyous and - Functional Medicine alive and vibrant - Aromatherapy with part of your soul Essential Oils no matter what the circumstances. Elizabeth Daniels I like to call this living from your “Embodied Soul.”

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This is the part of you that lights up when you are doing something you know you came here to do. It is also the part of you that is present and moved by a beautiful sunset, or a gorgeous rainbow after a storm. It is the part of you that perhaps you had to put away when someone made you feel unsafe about expressing your authentic feelings and embodying your authentic form. I always tell my clients, “Hey, if you aren’t even interested and willing to be present and listen to yourself, why do you think anyone else would be?” I recognize the only visitor that is constant is our breath passing through us moment to moment. When we befriend our breath and learn to honor and listen to the messages that our body, heart, mind, and soul is receiving we become our own home. My work is my absolute passion to create safe spaces and connections with people to help them really secure what they deeply long for. There is nothing that brings more joy than knowing a little more suffering is alleviated each day. E.T. Phone HOME! I work as an Embodied Soul Coach, conscious dance facilitator and Five Rhythms teacher, transformative breathwork leader, creativity and awareness cheerleader, inspiration and meditation teacher, speaker, consultant, mama, and writer. I offer classes, workshops, coaching packages and retreats. I am based in Chico, California, yet I work online via Zoom and Skype with people all over the country. I have been running the Satori Healing Center locally for 20 years, and currently have created some new amazing offerings on my newly-launched website at


Embodied Soul Coach Transformational Embodied Soul Experiences since 1991

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Quessons? Leslie Luis,

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Embrace Yourself - Embody your Soul - Embodied Soul Coaching ( in person or online) - 5 Rhythms Dance classes & AcceptDance workshops - Embodied Soul Retreats & Workshops - Transformational Breathwork | | @CalirubClub


Body & Mind

Structural Integration &

By Jean Louise Green, Certified Advanced Rolf Practitioner


s a bodyworker, when I touch a person I am touching not only that person’s skin and physiological flows, I am also touching their emotions, mental activity and spiritual essence. And just as the physical body seeks organization at all levels, so does a person’s mental and spiritual body continually seek higher levels of balance. We are the composite of them all; body, mind, emotion and spirit working together. We well know that bodies become organized and disorganized. Many

2019, A Professionally Big Year:

In January of 2019, I published a book titled Structural Integrationton and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork. I also had a wonderful book launch at the Chico Women’s Club in March. Following that I completed a sixweek advanced Structural Integration training with the Guild for Structural Integration in Salt Lake City, UT.

Energy Medicine

forms of stress can disorganize the body. Stress can take the form of a major disaster, accident, illness, fall, repetitive injury or emotional trauma. We all have felt its affects in our bodies. And when that stress from the outer world embeds into our bodies, it is known as strain.

Intelligent & Thorough Bodywork: Intelligent bodywork can help organize the body. Structural Integration is the genius of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, a woman biochemist who developed this work in the 1960s. Dr. Rolf has been described as the founder of the deep tissue movement. We have much to thank Dr. Rolf for, as her work has inspired many other deep-tissue therapies. In Structural Integration, a practitioner uses their fingers, soft

knuckles, and forearms to ease strain in the connective tissues of the body.Strain in the body is addressed in a three dimensional manner. A practitioner organizes the body around a central vertical line so that the center of gravity of the major body segments of the head, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are directly over each other. Dr. Rolf said that when these major segments are properly aligned over each other, gravity can flow through and become a beneficial force to the body. What did Dr. Rolf mean when she referred to gravity being a “beneficial force?” This is something to ponder. Strain is also released within the three dimensional layers of a person’s connective tissue. Included in this is the superficial fascia at surface layers of the

An Owner’s Manual for the Body: body and the deeper core structures located next to the spine. This makes for very complete, thorough bodywork. Because of the thorough balancing and de-straining of a structurally integrated body, that person will have more organization than disorganization in their tissues. If they were to become injured, their body would have a tendency to resolve itself in a faster, more resilient way. The greater organization in the person’s body will help their traumatized tissues remember their original shape and function. The words Structural Integration refer to form and function. Dr. Rolf said that when you change body structure, you affect its function and visa versa. Affecting the functioning of the body will change the form or structure. Integration implies a relationship of parts relating to a whole. The work of Structural Integration gets the body parts relating to each other in a wholistic way.

When biophysicist James Oschman first read my manuscript for Structural Integration and Energy Medicine, he commented, “I really like what I am reading. You have captured the essence of SI in a clear way that I have not seen before. I have needed this book for a long time. It is delicious!” In his Foreword for the book, he stated, “An awareness of the concepts presented in this book can benefit anyone, and can also enhance the work of all health care practitioners. The reason for such a bold claim is simple: all healing methodologies and practices affect anatomical balance, whether or not one realizes or intends it. The mechanism: all of the systems in the body are interconnected. Bringing balance to any one system affects all of the others.” Structural Integration and Energy Medicine has been likened to an owner’s manual for the human body. It contains comprehensive informatin on the significance of the body’s structural

alignment and its relationship to the gravitational field. This book is a great resource for a wide range of bodywork profesionals including Myofascial Release Therapists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Craniosacral Therapists, Certified Massage Therapists, Reflexologists, and Yoga and Pilates instructors. It is also designed as a handbook to accompany a person through their c series, being valuable for both clients and practitioners. Clients have described Structural Integration and Energy Medicine as a great reference that they keep going back to.

Optimize Your Body: This new year is a great time to upgrade your structure and receive some thorough bodywork. My patient hands and years of experience will be honored to accompany you through the work of Structural Integration. With my upgraded skills, I am now pleased to offer people both the Basic Ten Series and the Advanced Five Series. I would also love to speak with groups about my work and my book Structural Integration and Energy Medicine, which can be purchased online through my website at Have a great New Year! Jean Louise Green, Certified Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration (530) 899-7653

Structural Integration-optimizing structural, energetic, and functional change in the human body.

One-on-One, Groups & Workshops

230-2697 By appointment in Chico (925)


Jean Louise Gr een,


Certified Practitioner of Structural Integration

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Healing Together A Community Approach to Wellness By Jane Miners


e all go through challenges in our lives at different times. Whether it is health or relationship issues, job changes, housing transitions, death, birth, emotional trauma, addiction, or natural disasters, one thing is clear: We will all experience adversity in our lives one way or another. When it comes to facing hard times, many of us have been taught to ignore or suppress uncomfortable emotions, which can be viewed as a measure of strength. We have been conditioned in our highly individualistic society to keep most “negative” things to ourselves, to “be tough,” “smile” and “be happy,” so the outward version of

ourselves does not always represent what we may be going through in life. This façade of keeping a positive outward appearance can lead to feelings of separation, sadness, and frustration. To a certain degree, we have to make our own choices in how we navigate our lives, and yet there are times when we ALL need help in life. We ALL need support in times of struggle, and we ALL need help when it comes to healing. In some indigenous traditions, there are four aspects to healing: Innerself (values, sense of peace, thought processes); community (family, country, clan); spiritual (connection to Earth and creator, etc.); and environment (balance in daily life, habits, food and nature, etc…). Even though this view of wellness is not new, it has been largely forgotten. This is the philosophy that Wellness for Being is actualizing in our community.

Embracing the holistic, or “whole-system” approach to health can help us greatly when we face challenges because how we respond to them influences the course of our lives. With this in mind, it can be very beneficial for us to reach out for help when we need it. As a person who has faced many difficulties in life, I have come to learn that more often than not, I need help! In my early 20s, it was hard for me to admit that I needed help, but when I began to recognize that I was dealing with depression and anxiety, and was on the road to alcoholism, I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Gradually, I began to ask for help, and though the help I asked for may not have looked “normal” to some, for me it was perfect. For me, help was making appointments for massage, Reiki treatments, and starting counseling. It

Highest quality yoga in our beautiful studio. Experienced Teachers in a spacious place.

Body & Mind was asking for advice from friends, trying acupuncture and beginning to openly share my feelings and experiences with people I trusted. Help was finding the right yoga teachers and finding new ways to cope with stress. Once I admitted I needed help, and realized that help comes in many different forms and from different people, it opened up a new way to healing for me, and this holistic approach to health influenced me to create a wellness collective in my own community—Wellness for Being. Wellness for Being is an online listing of holistic services and classes at different locations, offering many different ways to help individuals (and the community) to find healing. Inspired by my personal healing experiences, Wellness for Being is a part of the “new” paradigm—or model—of health that many are beginning to embrace. The members in this wellness collective view health as the state of being in all aspects of the self, mind, body, and spirit. This includes emotions, relationships, home and everyday life dynamics, and consciousness of our planet, in the shortterm and long-term.

Wellness for Being offers a mindset of health from a holistic, or whole-system approach, and looks at individual healing from the viewpoint that we don’t have to heal ourselves

alone, each person’s healing path will look different from another’s, and the wellness journey may not always stay the same. In our modern culture, “help” can come in a lot of different ways. Getting help can be attending an addiction program, receiving body-work (massage, acupuncture, and the like), energy healing, talking to a health-

coach, applying for financial assistance, or asking for advice. Help can come in many forms, but we are not meant to heal alone. We are NOT meant to figure out life in a solitary fashion, journaling our quiet lives away, and keeping our feelings to ourselves. The more I experience challenges in life, the stronger I feel that vulnerability is the key to healing. When we admit that we need help and are lost, afraid, sad, confused, angry, we have unlocked the door within ourselves to connection, healing and growth. Part of the challenge in healing is taking a first step; making a phone call for an appointment or reaching out to someone for advice. When we allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zone, we open ourselves to the possibilities of healing, new insight, understanding or ideas to make positive change in our lives. Wellness for Being is here to offer you a way to reach out. When we feel we aren’t alone, we begin to imagine that there might actually be solutions, there might actually be a way to change our circumstances, become a better person, and find ways to heal and grow. Jane Miners is the founder of Wellness for Being and teaches Reiki and yoga at the Living Free Healing Center in Chico. To find out more go to or email:

Available in Chico

Ayurveda Oils - Herbs - Panchakarma

Weekly yoga classes and workshops taught in a safe, relaxed environment

ss 1st Cla ! E E FR

Find Ease in Your Movement & Stability Within • (530) 342-0100 250 Vallombrosa - Suite 150 (Next to Tea Bar)


- Beginners Welcome - Address Your Chronic Pain - Small Class Sizes

Jennifer Andrews - Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

- Workshops on back pain, posture and osteoporosis - Mobility work, breathing and meditation

(530) 521-7328

Massage • Reiki • Yoga • Detox Nutrition • Qigong • Chiropractic Acupuncture • Float Therapy Sound Healing, & More

Jane Miners (Chico) 530-809-2112


Body & Mind

Why You Should be Clearing Yourself An Essential Idea We Teach Our Clients

By Ty and Nora from Ener-Chi Wellness


ll Source Beings on a True Source Path are having many obstacles, as you may have noticed. To empower our clients, we provide several skill sets and tools. So that a sensitive, psychic, intuitive or Source Player may ride this interesting time with ease, grace, authentic soul power, and wisdom. Some

of the tools we provide are for clearing, protection, or energy boosting. They are simple authentic Source commands to keep your universe CLEAN. Those with intense flow issues may require a few clearing session to set the stage of their clearing practice. The most powerful tool we recommend for any beginner (or healer, masseuse, intuitive, psychic) is the Krystaline Neutralization Ring. The Neutralization Ring clears between 5-22 layers of your energies within seconds. The ring is layered with five noble metals, creating a powerful orgone/life energy/ scalar field. The spokes direct the energy to create a point/vortex that zero out chaotic information. That means negative bugs, physical conditions, pain, negative thoughts, other people’s energies will lose their informational imprint and ZERO OUT. A person can stand over it, place it

on a body part, place it under food, or put it under any object to instantly neutralize a vast amount of negativity. This is literally your own personal clearing shaman for the rest of your life; quite a resource. The 4-inch ring is recommended for beginners, and the 9-inch is recommended for Practitioners. We personally take this ring with us EVERYWHERE. The Krystaline Sun Ring and The Divinity Ring are tools to recharge you. Both will charge objects, or boost your field with life energy and beneficial bio scalar energies. The sun ring will also amplify any intent, remedy, crystal or other healing tool placed within it. There are many more uses for these devices and we have videos showing some of these novel uses. Our Orgone Tools/Jewelry (orgonite/quantum broadcasting) are a vital part of keeping your home and energies clean. Orgone broadcasting technologies

have organic materials, crystals, powdered metals and herbs to create huge life energy fields that protect and repel “bad” energy. We tune each piece with fifty Source/ Heart Frequencies on nineteen quantum/ scalar devices. These are some of the most powerful Orgone-based tools on the planet. It is very helpful to take these highly protective tools with you wherever you go. We recommend the affordable Orgone Pendant to start with. All our clients get coached on the use of the basic SOURCE COMMANDS. These surpass all magic, intention-based tools in cleanliness, manifestation and power. There are no trappings as in other systems. They are possibly the fabric code of this creation/matrix. By using two easyto-use words and one short statement, you can basically get on the road to clearing your body and spaces of anything. They are so easy to remember that teaching young children this technique is not a problem. We can teach you these during our clearing sessions, or a personal coaching session. Eventually, we will all be able to use all our abilities with no external tools required. There are a few reasons the above might not work as expected, and your universe may need a True Quantum Healing. Parasitic thought forms/emotions from other people can seriously dampen

your ability to manage your own energies and universe. While we know all Source Beings have the ability to clear just about anything, a lifetime of constant trauma, emotional numbness, negative intention/programming from others, targeting, and other matrix nonsense can be a serious hamper to your abilities. With just a few sessions, most people will see dramatic improvements in their abilities to manifest and keep their universe clean. Beginners and seasoned multidimensional Source Beings will all benefit. Our session rates are very affordable. Our podcast has some great ideas for the Advanced Source Player! Please check that out, too. Even though our world seems to be obsessed with negative energies and chaos, we can be in control of our own universe, and assist others by being a stable Source Energy Point by just following these basic concepts. Contact us for a FREE 20-minute consultation (normally $40-$60 value).

Sacred Space

Crystal Grids

Let me Supercharge your intentions with a virtual crystal grid with Reiki and crystals selected to mirror your chosen intentions D i a n e D o d e ro 530.949.0901

135 W 8th Ave, Fusion Fitness or 254 East 1st Street (Chico)


(430) 588-2028

Testimonial from one of our very special hard workers: So let us just say miracles. Maybe you did something for me, when I wrote

Nora & Ty

you, but your responses did something because I connected to your energy. I went back to our session's starting in June of this year. I went through all of them and re-affirmed all you taught me, did check in's, went deep into what is beneath these horrible pains, inability to walk, found deep sources for me to clear from our session's. For the first time in seven years I am pain free. I have walked five miles the last three days. I have no pain in my body. After seven years this is a miracle. We would not be where we are today without you, and our incredible love as Sister's. I have a new Life, I am healed, I am pain free, and I am an exercising machine. I Love You, and all you have done for me and J., and ourselves, and our families. Your work has saved so many lives and given J. and I tools to help many others. This is quite the miracle testimony. Love you and Nora, Namaste, Hugs, kisses, mega Love, True Source Love, Thank You from the bottom of my Soul and Heart, V For more info: (925) 627-6880 - Nevada City


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How Much Time Does It Take To Realize There Is No Time? By Terry Cole-Whittaker


hat makes us doubt our inner knowing, or our eternal divine qualities, powers, and abilities, is that we have been programmed to doubt ourselves, to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not good enough and something is wrong with us, although we are the creator beings possessing eternal divine wisdom. Each of us is present everywhere, all knowing and all-powerful because we are part of what IS. Taking our powers back starts with having some notions concerning what these powers and qualities are and also how these powers have been

! l l A t A e m i No T

and are being taken from us through our cooperation, agreement, and activities. Ingo Swan's books The Secret of Powers I & II bring excellent insights concerning our empowerment as well as de-powerment. Ingo has found in his research and work that there are at least thirty-two extrasensory abilities of our physical sensing organs, including the nose, eyes, ears, hair, skin, and tongue as feedback receiving and broadcasting devices. When we recognize and are sensitive to these extrasensory abilities, this strengthens our decision making skills and discernment. We are aware and receiving all the appropriate and valuable extrasensory communication of the consciousness and intention of other people and animals, as well as our surroundings throughout the entire so-called universe, and beyond. Your true self is present everywhere, All-knowing and all-powerful, and a part of your divine, eternal nature Simply by recognizing these powers opens the door to discovering, realizing and activating all our eternal

divine powers, qualities, and abilities and whatever else we are beyond what we have been taught to believe and accept as true. With a little research we find that most, if not all, of what we have been taught/programmed to accept and believe to be true is a fabrication sprinkled with some particles of truth aimed at convincing the naive persons lacking spiritual discernment. These people surrender their discernment to the programmers and controllers whomever or whatever they may be. Who or what, if anyone or anything, have you been giving your powers to, rather than keeping them with the rightful owner, you? We have been schooled to trust others but not ourselves, and I don't mean who and what we think we are, the false ego we have put together to survive in this virtual reality. By “ourselves,” I refer to our authentic, eternal, divine self who is both transcendental to this reality and the producer of this reality, through our consciousness- producing sound and vibrations/light. All that needs to happen to retrieve our God consciousness/awareness is to trust and build our faith in our

It is a tantra meditation where you do not have to fight your mind, no judgments.

Digit al CD

wisdom, knowing that there is no power working against you unless we agree to give someone or something that power. If you doubt yourself and all that is possible, you are the one stopping you, because your word casts a spell, curse, and trance over your God consciousness and distorts your spiritual vision and perception.

words are sounds, sounds are vibrations, vibrations are energy, and energy glows and is electric. This is an electric, socalled universe. Be harmonious with your whole self.

Do the thing and the power is yours, Don’t do it and you don't have the power Each moment that we remember who we are is a conscious recognition, knowing, and experiencing of one's self, free of mesmerism, programs, and stories. Each moment we remember that we have the same qualities, powers, and abilities as our Beloved eternal partner who some call God, Super Soul, or the Divine, our self doubt fades, as our confidence, strength, and courage increases. Repetition is important. - Take back your natural right to own yourself as Eternity, a sovereign spirit/ soul who has the same divine qualities and powers as the Source to a degree, making us both independent and dependent, the same and different from each other and the Source. - Take back your powers of manifestation as a creator being. Take back your recognition, trust and use of your intuition, creativity, genius, telepathy, compassion, enthusiasm, freedom of spirit, and healing powers. - Take back your voice and sing a beautiful reality. Thoughts are words,

- Take back your decision-making ability and discernment by having your inner wisdom and guidance be your touchstone, your guide. Let go of the programmed fear and guilt-based, carnal mind machine that lives from your self-doubt and constant issues, especially self-hatred and punishment. We are the masters of illusion, and if you don't like yours, change it. - Take back the powers you have given to any or all persons and groups of persons, to technology, words, literature, self-anointed control freaks, religious dogma, media, business, contracts, agreements, celebrities, the farce of AI, the abyss of IT, and anyone or thing that you believe has more

power than the Divine, God Within, Source. Thus, you. In the virtual reality, all is done by mental programs that make each believer their own worst enemy. Our solution is the application of spiritual technology, selfrealization, and the subsequent self-activation of our natural, godlike powers and quality of living free of worries because we know who we are beyond a shadow of a doubt. Take back your freedom as eternity and life, the heart and soul of the divine. Let go of this visual and sensual virtual reality concept of yourself as a physical body that is born, lives for a while, and dies. Forget about this “light and tunnel” business promoted through movies and media as predictive programming for the free energy perpetual thought/energy/motion machine, you, to fuel and manifest the virtual reality projection as something real. It is just a movie reel reflecting off a white screen, showing a fishing reel to hook a fish with some bait and chum. The REAL power and life is YOU. You could have any power, maybe you already have it. Claim your eternal powers, qualities, and abilities by trusting and using them For more information visit

Relationships Career & Abundance Physical Well-being

Kelly Wells

Ph.D., Metaphysician (530) 588-3998



Body & Mind

NADA Protocol

for Pain & Detoxification By Michael Turk



here is an overlooked way to help people get off opiates.

It is a simple, standardized, low-cost method that can be delivered quickly in emergency situations. It became increasingly widespread globally after the year 2000 with excellent results at the World Trade Towers disaster. The protocol was developed in a small community during turbulent times in response to a seemingly intractable problem, the widespread addiction to uppers and downers. Back in the 1970s, a community organization sought the help of a licensed medical doctor and acupuncturist to find a more natural, nonpharmaceutical intervention. They did not see methadone as an effective means of getting off heroin. The failures of medical methods resulted in a new protocol. The method was called acudetox and later became known as the NADA protocol. It is a powerful method of detoxing people who want to get off drugs. It works to support other behavioral changes as well. NADA stands for National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. The NADA protocol is a simple standardized treatment method which requires no diagnosis. This protocol was used effectively with both first responders and the general public at the Trade Towers, so its use spread all over the globe. It is a simple application of acupuncture that nonacupuncturists can deliver affordably and effectively. Who developed these NADA protocols? Drug companies? I don't think so. The government? It would be nice to think so. The enemies of the United States? In fact, the NADA protocols were a combined project of the Black Panthers and Dr. Michael Smith, an acupuncturist and medical doctor in New York's South Bronx in the wake of Nixon's opening of China to the west.


Body Today the problem that afflicted New York’s South Bronx has become a major problem that afflicts communities throughout the United States. Many people are suffering during today’s opioid crisis. Healthcare money is drying up and pain pills are not helping the problem; rather they are causing multiple problems. Western medical professionals deal with these problems by recommending going cold turkey or taking pills with fewer side effects until these pills become a problem. They hope an answer to these problems will be in sight. But the answer is already in sight. The answer was developed in a bygone era when the same problem of pain pills and addictive drugs afflicted a community of gangs that often trafficked in drugs but did not want their members addicted to drugs. This answer is inexpensive, requires minimal training, and has proven itself by helping to relieve pain during mass disasters, such as the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. During that crisis, over a thousand people a day were treated in mobile stations. The response of both traumatized victims and first responders was very positive in helping them cope.

History The historical concept of the protocol goes back to the practice of acupuncture thousands of years ago. The evidence for acupuncture being practiced 5000 years ago can be found in a peer reviewed paper. (1.) The next development in the history of the protocol was after acupuncture medicine became known in the West. In 1957, a French neurologist and physician, Dr. Paul Nogier made known his discovery of many acupoints on the external ear only to notice a pattern; the ear acupoints represented body parts in the form of an inverted fetus. Today he is considered the "Father of modern auriculotherapy," a new method of acupuncture. Then in 1972 neurosurgeons in Hong Kong were inserting needles in the

ear as an anesthetic before an operation. Interestingly, an unexpected result was noticed after the operation. The ear needles fortuitously stopped the cravings for the highly addictive opiates used during the operation! How did this information find its way to the US? When Nixon went to China in 1972, a popular NY Times reporter, James Reston, had to have an emergency appendectomy in Beijing. The world was stunned to learn that acupuncture was used for pain relief after that operation. Americans wondered how a needle that does not insert drugs could relieve pain. In light of this, Western medicine began to acknowledge that the body is not simply a chemical system, but an electro-chemical system. All of this encouraged the Black Panthers to seek the help of Doctor Michael Smith, a licensed medical doctor and acupuncturist. The gangs in the impoverished South Bronx wanted a more natural non-pharmaceutical intervention; they did not see methadone as an effective treatment for getting people off heroin. The Black Panther Party, founded in 1966, began as a self-defense organization against police brutality. Soon they started community breakfasts for children, began to take on issues such as food injustice, and created community health clinics for education and treatment of disease including sickle cell anemia, tuberculosis, and later HIV. Nevertheless, within three years the FBI painted the Black Panthers as the greatest threat to the internal security of the country. In 1985 Dr. Smith and others founded an organization in order to train behavioral health clinicians to help their communities. The term acudetox was adopted to distinguish it from acupuncture, clarifying that this was a standard protocol that did not require a diagnosis. The NADA protocol or acudetox supports opioid abuse treatments around

the world. It is both simple and effective. Why not use it? The protocol has also been used to support many other intervention programs for other forms of substance abuse and weight loss. It has been found useful in the criminal justice system, the military detention system, primary mental health facilities, and recently in the treatment of chronic pain. More recently the NADA protocol has been used in most any stressful situation. It improves sleep and can help people cope better during and following traumatic events.

Studies Even though this protocol has been studied, written about, and praised for its practical effectiveness, scientists have not performed many controlled studies. However, more than twenty years later, in a publicly-funded 1999 detoxification study in Boston comparing treatment results with and without the NADA acudetox protocol, those in the acudetox group were twice as likely not to require further treatments after six months. A scientific study of the protocol is difficult to perform for many reasons.

First of all, the gold standard of scientific studies is the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study and it cannot be done. It is very difficult to blind the recipient, and it is impossible to blind the therapist. Other studies are limited by the fact that several protocols do not agree on the number of needles used, the number of sessions needed, or the frequency of the sessions. Publicly funded outcome studies are as close as we can come in demonstrating the effectiveness of this affordable alternative method. Studies also showed that the protocol works best when combined with other methods of therapy.

The Acupuncture Method In Chinese medicine, the organs of detox include Liver, Kidney, and Lung points which feature significantly in the acudetox protocol. Acupoints are readily stimulated by means of ear needles. There are two kinds of ear needles. The most common one is a small needle taken out after the treatment. The less common ones are like thumbtacks pressed flat against the external ear and taped to the surface so that the individual takes

them home and is empowered to use these ear needles as they go about their daily life. Conclusion This simple, standardized, low-cost method can be delivered quickly in emergency situations. The NADA protocol has become increasingly widespread globally after the excellent results at the World Trade Towers disaster in 2001. The protocol is one of the few standardized treatments that have come out of alternative medicine. In the North State ear needles are provided by the following practitioners In Chico: Community Acupuncture Clinic, Missy Migdal, L.Ac., Adam Moes, L.Ac. Amy Dawson, L.Ac. Asian Healing Association,(twice monthly). And Hopi Wilder, L.Ac. Oregon


1. Majiayao Legacy: A Neolithic Record of Astronomy, Acupuncture, and Midwifery by Michael Turk. complete/spp254_neolithic_astronomy.pdf

At Chico Kodenkan Dojo 254 East 1st St., downtown Chico

Master acupuncturist Michael Turk has been in practice in Chico for over 35 years, helping thousands of people eliminate pain and regain better health. Shiatsu Massage Appointments & Health Consultations with Michael Turk are available Tuesdays & Fridays a series of 3-10 treatments can take you further than you can now imagine!

Delina Fuchs, MA, LMT., and Justin Urrutia, CMT, have been studying Chinese Medicine with Michael Turk in an oocial capacity within the CA Acupuncture Board for over a year.

OOering Ear Needle Self-help Clinic 1st & 3rd Fridays: 11:00-2:00 DROP-IN CLINIC Suggested Donation $5-20

Our practitioners can support you in changing behaviors and addictions. Self-help techniques can relieve cramps in seconds and migraines in minutes.


Special Interest

Sacred Plant Initiations: Communicating with Plants for Healing and Higher Consciousness By Carole Guyett ISBN-13: 978-1591432135 (Bear & Company-2015)

If you are looking for a well-researched book on non-psychoactive plants that you can commune with for their healing qualities, this is your book. If you, like many of us, are looking to increase and explore the higher consciousness of plants and yourself, this is really your book. We are but one small strand in the web of consciousness on this planet… take the journey. Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions: The Hidden Keys to a Deeper Animal-Human Connection By Tammy Billups ISBN-13: 978-1591433057 (Bear & Company-2018)

I had a Rottweiler dog once that I raised from a pup and over the years I realized that my only communication with him was through emotions. Reading this book clarified so many questions I had over the years like why does my dog seem to have an itching problem every time I’m stressed? Now I find myself living in the devastation of the northern CA fire where hundreds of pets had to be abandoned as people fled for their lives. I know this book would help so many people adopting those pets to understand what they are going through. Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

The Return of Collective Intelligence: Ancient Wisdom for a World Out of Balance By Dery Dyer ISBN-13: 978-1591433521 (Bear & Company-2020)

If we are the smartest organisms on the planet, why can’t we fly in formation like the birds to accomplish the simplest of solutions to our global problems? Never before has it been more imperative to listen to Mother Earth and come together as a human race no longer divided by race and ideologies. If we don’t, none of what we fight and kill for will matter. This book will awaken you to what the world could be and you will say, “Why Not”. Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

The Fourth Way By P.D. Ouspensky ISBN-13: 978-0394716725 (Vintage-1971)

Sex and the Enneagram: A Guide to Passionate Relationships for the 9 Personality Types By Ann Gadd ISBN-13: 978-1620558836 (Findhorn Press-2019)

So much of what George Gurdjieff teaches comes into focus with the writings of P.D. Ouspensky. I’ve had this book since 1976 and recently was drawn back into “The Work” as taught by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Like most knowledge, it only becomes wisdom with the elevation of spiritual consciousness, which truly takes WORK. If you are a serious seeker of truth, this book is for you, if not, it will make very little sense; but keep the book because someday it will.

If you are a Type 4 (Romantic) or a Type 5 (Investigator), you will get this book right away, or at least you should. Put more simply, if you want to explore and go deeper into a passionate relationship it helps to have a roadmap to navigate and heal sexual energies. It really helps to know your Type and the Type you are dealing with when in relationships that are sexual and nonsexual, this book will help.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

Fasting the Mind: Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox By Jason Gregory ISBN-13: 978-1620556467 (Inner Traditions-2017)

Let’s face it, we are all addicted to cell phones, computers, social media and the digital world that has literally swallowed us up. We always “think” that being busy means we are on track to making our lives better. When you follow the easy steps in this book you quickly realize this is usually not the case. If you read this book it will seem like you found it just in time. An important step towards a better meditation experience also. Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

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Use the Energy of 2020 to Start a New Beginning AURA PIC & READING WITH JESSIE Reiki Sessions & Classes

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~ Every Sunday ~ Beginning 2nd of February 2020 Sunday Celebration Service 10am

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Events at the Lotus Center in Paradise are in THIS COLOR.

Sunday Center for Spiritual Living—Paradise is now meeting at 10am at the Lotus Guide Center, 6268 Skyway every Sunday. Welcome Home. Ananda Chico, meditation and purification ceremony, 10-10:30am, Sunday service with chanting, readings, and a talk based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, 10:30-11:30am at Ananda Chico Meditation Center, 562 Manzanita Ave., Ste. 9, Chico, 530-343-0819. See ad on pg. 39. Unity of Oroville Church, Sunday services at 10:30am, pre-service meditation at 10am, 1321 Robinson Street. Oroville Center for Spiritual Living, 3136 Oro Dam Blvd, Oroville. 10:30am-11:30am. See ad on pg. 37.

Monday Guided Meditation, enjoy a peaceful, guided experience, 6-7pm at Ananda Chico Meditation Center, 530-343-0819, donation $5-10. See ad on pg. 39. Lyme Disease Support Group, meetings held 5:30-7pm on the third Monday of each month, Northwood Commons Clubhouse at Northwoods Commons Place in Chico, for more information call The Lyme Center, 530-877-6666. Living Free Healing Center, Intuition Support Group every 3rd Monday of the month. 530-809-2112.

Tuesday Mindfulness Meditation, 5pm, 6 Governors Lane, Ste. A, Chico, new members welcome to join our mindfulness meditation group! Contact Steve Flowers at 530-898-1495, donations only.


Heart of the Lotus Sangha (Insight Meditation), 6:30-8:15pm, Sky Creek Dharma Center, 120 Three Oaks Ct., Chico, call 893-8088 for information. Ananda Yoga, gentle poses with uplifting affirmations, small classes perfect for all levels, 6:15-7:15pm, Ananda Chico Meditation Center, contact Lindi at 530-228-8671. See ad on p. 39.

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Thursday Active Meditation-Chakra Sound & Kundalini Shake with Dhara Lemos for relieving stress & anxiety at the Lotus Guide Center, 6268 Skyway, Paradise, 6pm. Email Donation. Belly Dance Practice, 7pm every Thursday at the Subud Hall, 574 E. 12th St., Chico, call Tanya at 530-990-0994.

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Body & Mind mycotoxins enter the bloodstream via the lung tissues. What was once only a respiratory irritation that the body needs to manage now becomes a more systemic toxic burden.

Since 1999, Dr Patrick Giammarise, DC, founder of the Digestion Relief Center, has helped North State residents by using a whole-body systems approach to health. He specializes in natural relief for food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances, and digestive problems. To ask Dr. Patrick a question, contact

by Dr. Patrick



Making You Sick?

old is a four letter word…and not in a good way. Mold is essentially a fungus that grows in damp places. One damp place that mold favors for growth is the human body. Unfortunately, mold produces toxic waste that your body needs to eliminate. Molds also produce mycotoxins to protect themselves from other molds so that it can thrive! It’s not just our bodies that provide an unwilling host. Other sources of mold toxicity come from waterdamaged buildings or vehicles. OSHA estimates that over 25% of all buildings in the US have had water damage. One study found that 60% of those water damaged buildings contain mold. Once mold takes hold, toxicity becomes a

growing problem that contributes to even more health problems when allowed to go untreated. In fact, experts in the field see mold toxins as a precursor to becoming susceptible to an increase in food and chemical sensitivities, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, and chronic environmental illness.

What Is Mold Toxicity? Mold toxins are minute molecules that pose threats on several levels. There is the spore, spore fragments and the toxin. Spores normally are large enough to activate the bodies defensive respiratory

and immune responses. Spore fragments and mycotoxins in contrast are often small enough to evade detection by the immune system. Spore fragments may contribute further to the toxic load because they can be absorbed by the lung tissue and secrete more mycotoxins to protect themselves from other infectious invaders. Mycotoxins can dodge the typical ways our bodies clear themselves of poisonous substances. Undetected,

How Mold Toxins Get Into Our Body? Mycotoxins can enter our bodies through inhalation or can be absorbed by direct touch through our skin. Inhaled spores are the primary source of mold toxicity for most people who suffer from mold toxicity. Some mycotoxins can also be ingested by contaminated food. Certain foods and categories of foods are susceptible to mold –particularity foods that are aged, fermented or processed. Examples of foods that may contain small amounts of mycotoxins include peanuts, dried fruits, aged cheeses, mushrooms, grains, beer, wine and wine vinegar, processed meats and overripe fruits and vegetables.

How Do You Know If You Have Mycotoxins Inside Your Body? Specific, very definitive symptoms for mold toxicity are electric shock sensations, ice pick pain, or pulsing / vibrating feelings going up and down the spine or in different parts of the spine. If you are experiencing these symptoms, the chance you have mold sickness is likely.

Other more general symptoms include headaches, muscle aches, sinus congestion, gastrointestinal, neurological and psychological symptoms. For more symptoms of mold toxicity, see the chart, “Symptoms of Mold Toxicity”. Naturally your senses – sight, smell, and even taste -- such as in moldy produce or grains -- are an easy way to identify your exposure and symptomatic reactions to mold.

How Do I Know If I Am Being Exposed To Mycotoxins In My Home, Workplace, Or Motor Vehicle? Some mycotoxins are detectable because they give off that ‘musty’ or mildew smell as already mentioned. Some mold you can see visually as dark, or pink colored and irregularly shaped growths. But not all toxic molds can be detected by scent and sight alone. In indoor settings, the places where mold likes to grow is hidden in basements, attics, behind walls,

ductwork, underneath flooring, and plumbing fixtures. In vehicles, mold can be hidden in AC ductwork, in the fabric of seats and carpets after getting wet, and from spilled food and beverages.

What Is The Treatment For Mold Toxicity? Naturally treatment is different for environmental mold toxicity then is it is for treating mold in the body. Fatigue Constipation Headaches Allergies IBS Improved Digestion Keeping your colon healthy is the foundation for a healthy, vibrant body.

Maxine C. LeClerc

Certified Colon Therapist


Chico ~ (530) 566-9419 1 3 Wi l l i a m s b u r g L a n e

of Healing & Meditation Dhara Lemos Practitioner More than 30 Years Experience


Special Interest

Body & Mind Conventional treatment for indoor sources of mold is eradication when possible. This can be an expensive and difficult option. If eradication is not possible, avoidance is the next best option. Avoidance may require a more extreme approach such as moving away from the offending source(s) i.e. your home, workplace or vehicle. Avoidance has limited effectiveness if the mold toxicity is inside the body because the host is now a toxicity carrier. This happens when the respiratory system and sinuses become overwhelmed and begin to “colonize” with mold. So the issue goes with you no matter what environment you find yourself in. This places a chronic burden on your immune system and overall health. Fungal infections weaken the body and make it suspectable to hosting chronic viral infections, and promotes fatigue, and even cancer in some cases. At this point, treatment often involves raising the body’s immune response, and enhancing the ability to secrete toxins.

Don’t Let Mold Take Hold- When To Seek Professional Help If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of mold toxicity or suspect you are hypersensitive, the good news is that we at the Allergy and Digestive Relief Center can help you. First, we offer an affordable and easy in- office test to identify over 60 mycotoxin sensitivities. We can also order specific laboratory testing for the most common harmful mycotoxins. Then we do work to desensitize your immune system to molds, and mycotoxins. Our treatment also includes providing specific binding agents- known compounds to attach to the mycotoxins to ease expulsion. We also enhanced liver and kidney detoxification functions to help pave the way for expelling the toxins as they are released If you have tried to find your own solutions and your approach has not worked, consider seeking professional help.

New Yearr New Youu

If this sounds like the right approach for you, give us a call or visit our website www.DigestionReliefCenter. com to find out how you can get relief from the symptoms of mold sickness. Please call Dr. Patrick’s office at 530-8998741 to schedule an office consultation. Since 1999, Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS, has helped North State residents by using a whole-body systems approach to health. He specializes in providing natural relief for food and environmental sensitivities, intolerances and digestive problems. For more information contact Dr. Patrick at 530-899-8741 or visit © 2020. Dr. Patrick Giammarise, DC, IHS. All Rights Reserved.

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Questions for

Dr. Gayle Kimball Tune in to KZFR 90.1, where “Ask Dr. Gayle” broadcasts 6-7pm the second Thursday of each month. Q: My teen son thinks that climate change is a natural cycle and that it’s therefore OK to race smoke-emitting vehicles. How can I convince him it’s a real problem now? A: Give him a reward to read facts such as and ask him to debate with you to stimulate his thinking. Q: I hear about “quantum healing,” quantum this and that. What does it really mean? A: Quantum physics (QP) studies the tiny world of quarks, photons, electrons, and atoms. It’s responsible for a third revolution in science, following Copernicus who discovered in the 16th century that the sun was the center of the solar system and Darwin’s explanation of evolution in the 19th century. QP discovered early in the 20th century that Hindus and Buddhists, and ancient Greek idealist philosophers were right. They viewed the universe as illusion, with consciousness and Mind primary. It’s only the act of observation and measurement that collapses potentiality into a wave or particle. QP also discovered that all is connected in a web, matrix, oneness, information field which allows entangled particles (and even visible objects) to effect each other from anywhere in the universe. If you’re interested in learning more about Reality, check out my interviews with visionary scientists on my YouTube channel in preparation for a trilogy about the topic to be published in 2020. Q: I get impatient with my toddler. What can I do to be a better parent? A: In Children: the Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs he emphasizes consequences


Gayle Kimball has a PhD in Religious Studies, UCSB. Author of Energy Tools book, DVDs, and CDs and a dozen other books. Her recent books are about how global youth are transforming our future. To ask a question for this column, contact

rather than lectures. Another classic book is How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen by Farber and King. Emphasize praise and rewarding good behavior. It’s important to take time to charge your batteries, take a bath or a walk or a nap. Perhaps you can find another parent to trade playdates to free up some “me time” so you have more reserve. Q: I’m really sensitive to other people’s feelings and it feels uncomfortable. How can I protect myself? A: Empaths are highly sensitive, have a different makeup than extroverted less sensitive personalities. Therapist Elaine Aron reports in her book The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) that introverts are bothered by high levels of stimulation, such as noise or crowds. They are more likely than other people to respond to subtleties, be intuitive, and overwhelmed. They may not set boundaries between themselves and others. Aron explains HSPs often are prescribed drugs to cope with anxiety and depression because the serotonin levels in the brain get eroded by cortisol levels, caused by the ongoing stress of over-arousal. Aron also provides a workbook and writes a newsletter, titled Comfort Zone.Just knowing you're an HSP can reframe your judgments of yourself, give yourself permission to set aside time alone to recharge your batteries or to take time to use ear plugs in case of loud noise, eat protein snacks to restore blood sugar levels, meditate, do deep breathing, listen to peaceful music, drink calming herb teas such as chamomile and lavender, and get plenty of sleep. Visualization tools can help HSPs to be less reactive to the environment, as taught in my Mind Power workshop. Q: I have a lot of regrets and shame about being a drug and alcohol addict in my 20s. My girlfriend reminds me of my mistakes when she’s angry with me.

How can I respond? A: Try this, “You’re right. I did stupid things when I was under the influence. Now, I’m a different person so let’s stick to my current mistakes. I’ll also stay in the present in terms of your mistakes because no one is perfect. Q: I keep being attracted to women who are in complex polyamorous relationships but I feel jealous and emotional pain about their other relationships. What should I do? A: We’re all so busy today I don’t see how someone can give their all to more than one deep relationship. Some people say they aren’t jealous, but if you do suffer, I would at least try a monogamous bond. Feeling secure may feel boring at first because you’re used to adrenalin rushes of anxiety. If that happens, research creative ways to experience intimacy. This also frees up energy for growth in other areas. Remember, we attract the familiar, so be aware of complexities in your parents’ relationship as you grew up. Q: I’m feeling claustrophobic and irritated helping relatives burned out in the Camp Fire but of course I want to help them. A: Schedule weekly time to do what recharges your batteries, like have a date night with your partner. Find the balance between giving and feeling invaded. Q: I’m jealous when my boyfriend texts and hides to a woman friend. A: Tell him it’s healthy to have friends of both sexes and he doesn’t have to hide. When he texts, get out your phone and do the same. Q: My son is having trouble learning to read. A: tinted glasses, Hoffman Method, Brain Gym, Sensory Perception


Rahasya Uncensored

The importance of Our Spirituality

in Creating The New World By Jack Allis


reating the new world in times of paradigm shift is an obsession of mine. Over the last twenty years I’ve written four books and three DVDs on this, and in 2012 I transformed my own life. In accordance with my teachings, I moved to the remote mountains north of Mount Shasta, California, where I live off the grid with spring water and solar power in an attempt to learn how to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. Few topics are more important than this, but few others deal with it. Most people believe our world is so messed up that there’s nothing anybody can do about it, and as far as the civilized world is concerned, they’re right. That’s because this world is dying, in the final stages of its inevitable collapse. This is a world that must die because it is so out of balance with nature and her laws. But this is not bad news. This world is too corrupt and contaminated

by the forces of evil to be reformed from within. As long as it is in place it is the single greatest impediment to our freedom and to any other meaningful change. Plus, from the ashes of this dead world comes a magnificent opportunity to create a totally new world. And I emphasize “opportunity” because this will not happen by itself. It’s up to us, humans, to make it happen. There is only one way we can survive as a species and create the new world. This is in small sustainable communities that live in harmony with Mother Earth and with the forces of

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nature. These communities must also be in remote places, as far from big cities as possible since cities are a major part of the problem. They will be places of unimaginable chaos when the shift arrives. No way, most people say at this point. People aren’t ready for that. That may be the case, but it’s our only chance. We also have hundreds of perfectly good models for how to do this in the ancient indigenous people of this planet, including the Mayans, the Hopi, and virtually every other Native American tradition. These people were successfully doing the one thing that has been lost in our civilized world. They were living sustainably, in harmony with nature, and they were doing it for hundreds, even thousands of years before they were wiped out by the imperialism of Western

RELEASE BAD HABITS NOW Private 90-minute session, $200 • A one-on-one discussion to determine what you choose to replace your bad habit with. • A healing of your body’s blocked energy. • Removal of the bad habit through Dowsing. • Positive affirmation technique to achieve success. Do-It-yourself kit, $50 Written instructions and special meditation on a thumb drive is also available.

civilization. If we are to survive to create the new world, this is the model we must follow. These indigenous communities had something else in common, which was the foundation of everything they did – their spirituality. Their relationship with the Creator or the Divine Spirit was the most important thing in their life. It was the source of everything. And this spirituality was virtually identical in all of these traditions because it all came from the same source. This was the loving relationship they had with the Earth and with all the forces of nature, their deities. And they saw themselves as caretakers or servants of this web of life. Ceremony was their primary means of practicing their spirituality and reaching out to connect with the world of the spirit. This included prayer, which is talking to spirit, and gatherings around the sacred fire with drumming and music, chanting and singing, and dancing. This way of life allowed them to connect with the powers of the supernatural, which means not of this world. If we are going

to persevere in this great challenge to shift to a new paradigm, we are going to need to rely on these kinds of powers. This spirituality is what allowed these indigenous, sustainable communities to do what they did. It was their fuel, their power. This is what is needed again today, and obviously it’s not happening on a scale that makes any difference. What is needed today is a revolution in which significant numbers of people receive this ancient message and change the way they live. Sufficient numbers of humans must break the spell that has been cast upon them by the matrix of illusion, the old paradigm of the civilized world. They learn the truth about how this world really works rather than the brainwashing from the media, the government, and the entire mainstream system. Our world is owned and controlled by a tiny elite group of people, or beings operating in secret who own all the largest banks that create the money that enslaves us, the owners of huge multi-national corporations that create the grid.


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The old paradigm of the civilized world is the enemy. It is the enemy of freedom and it is the enemy of any meaningful change. Once we learn the evils of this world, we must let go of it as much as possible and disengage from it. We must stop feeding it our energy. When enough of us do, it will crumble and die. We must reassume complete ownership and control of our own lives. Therein lies the source of our greatest power. And therein lies our protection when the old paradigm is no longer there to take care of us. It will be a Gandhilike revolution, changing the world by changing ourselves without firing a shot. For more information visit or watch Jack's videos at


Based on his epic novel BLUE SUN, RED SUN A Tale of Ancient Prophesy Unfolding in the Modern World

Learn more & get your copy at Buy both & get 1 at half price Watch Jack’s other videos at


Rahasya Uncensored

The Many Ways Geoengineering

Damages The Biosphere

By Marla Crites, Betty Credit, and Ted Holmes


illions of tons of aluminum and barium are being aerially sprayed almost daily across the United States, including Northstate skies. Almost daily we see this intentional pollution occur. People are coughing and sneezing as they inhale the chemical cocktail that falls to earth. This article discusses some of the effects of this practice. "When people look up into the blue and see white trails paralleling and crisscrossing high in the sky, little do they know that they are not seeing aircraft engine contrails, but instead they are witnessing a manmade climate engineering crisis facing all air breathing humans and animals on planet Earth.... Toxic atmospheric aerosols [are] used to alter weather patterns, creating droughts in some regions, deluges and floods in other locations and even extreme cold under other conditions..." U.S. Air Force —Brig. General Charles Jones

Coal Fly Ash IS the Spray Forensic evidence reveals that fly ash from coal combustion, one of the world's most common industrial waste products, is consistent with the main nanoparticulates sprayed into the atmosphere. Coal fly ash’s elements that are found in rainwater around the world imply they are the culprits. Chico Sky Watch had water tests conducted of local rain and surface water from Horseshoe Lake and Teichert Pond, which showed similar


results, high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. These nanoparticulates affect the rain cycle. Paraphrasing NASA, the water droplets that form around nano-particulates are not heavy enough to fall, but can be moved elsewhere. This causes infrequent steady rain and more rare but vigorous rain events. According to J. Marvin Herndon, coal fly ash also absorbs radiation, causing the surrounding atmosphere to be heated. These nano-particulates act as a blanket, blocking the Earth from releasing its heat into the atmosphere. Furthermore, they eventually reach the ground, where they absorb more solar radiation. If the nanoparticulates land on ice or snow, they change their reflective properties so that more heat and light are absorbed, increasing global warming.

What’s Coming Up?

Valentine’s Day!

Heavy metal nano-particulates make atmospheric moisture more conductive, enabling HAARP to move weather systems via microwave beams. For example, the “ridiculously resistant high pressure ridge” maintained on the California coast prevents moisture from coming ashore, causing a persistent, artificially-induced drought for California.

Chemical Fallout Aluminum oxide (Al2O3), the main aerosol ingredient, is harmful to all life. In nanoform, it is not only bioavailable but also deadly to all plants and animals. Already 70% of insects have disappeared. Levels of aluminum in bee pupae have been found to be 13-200 parts per million, while three parts per million can be enough to cause brain damage in humans. No wonder the bees can’t find their way home. Caitlin Burklew found that the presence of Al2O3 in the soil prevents plant roots from taking up water and nutrients. The plants become stunted and soon die. Vegetable gardens are in decline. See exhibit 1 Trees are watered by aluminumcontaminated fog and rain. The particulates dissolve the waxy coating on leaves and needles, thereby reducing their resistance to drought. Aluminum also makes soil pH much more alkaline, the opposite of what forest trees require.

Once a tree is weakened, its defenses against bark beetles and other pathogens are compromised, and it dies.

Ozone Depletion Coal fly ash also contains substances like chlorine that damage Earth's protective ozone layer, thereby increasing UV radiation. According to a retired NASA contract engineer, Earth's natural defense would be to patch that hole with more oxygen as it rises to that altitude. However, due to aerosol spraying, oxygen is prevented from rising to that height so the hole cannot heal itself. Before geoengineering, the majority of ultra-violet light (UVL) was UVA, the range we evolved with. Since geoengineering, the more intense rays (UVB and UVC) are able to reach the earth. These increased levels of UV radiation further weaken trees, indicated by bark falling off, tops dying, epicormal sprouting at the base, and leaves scorching. As trees’ natural defenses are reduced, bark beetles (nature’s clean-up crew) finish off the trees. Ozone depletion also contributes to the dramatic decline of insects, as well as the demise of coral reefs worldwide. Skin cancer has been detected on the backs of whales and fish.

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Wildfires Increase "Near daily and near global jet-spraying of particulates into the atmosphere is related to wildfires,” says Herndon. Aluminum/barium dust is highly inflammatory, nearly explosive, and now covers most of the planet. Once ignited, the levels of fire intensity are so great that firefighters have coined a new term: “firenados.” According to Cal Fire operation chief Steve Crawford, the fires move faster than anyone has ever seen. We had our own first-hand experience with this – the Paradise Camp Fire.

Conclusions Aerosol spraying of nano-particulates into the atmosphere does not reduce global warming as some climate scientists believe. Instead, it inhibits rainfall, retards heat loss, reroutes rainstorms from the Pacific, causes climate chaos, and poisons the environment. No one has the right to poison the air we breathe or to corrupt our planet’s complex natural processes. Resources: geoengineering-damages-the-biosphere/ for references and an interview with Dane Wigington of GeoEnginerring Watch

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Rahasya Uncensored

Rahasya Poe is an author, publisher, and has a tenacious appetite for the truth no matter where it leads. In today’s world the truth hides in plain sight within the disinformation that is generated by the many organizations we have traditionally trusted. To watch his interviews with cutting-edge scientists and researchers visit or email at



hen I first interviewed John Anthony West the whole point of the interview was to get into the research on ancient Egypt. I've always admired his tenacity for standing his ground against the system; in his case it was the academic system for the most part. But what became apparent right from the very beginning was the fact that we had a common interest in the Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s teachings. One of the things that came out in a more private part of the interview was how for centuries, information about our true human history on this planet has been suppressed by organized religions, governments and more recently corporations and banks. So what is this information? What I’m talking about here is information that would actually make this world we live in more habitable, sustainable and equitable for all human beings. One example is alternative energy systems. But very slowly this information is leaking out, even the report about the fact that there are unidentifiable flying objects flying around


in our atmosphere. The United States Air Force recently released a statement admitting to the fact that they know there are unidentified flying objects in our atmosphere and they have no idea who is flying them, why they are here, or where they came from. (This will be referenced in the online version of this article). But what I'm more interested about is the information that has been suppressed for millennia about how we can wake up and actually manifest a higher and immortal body in this life. You can still find fragments of this in sacred literature, i.e. John 3:1-21-KJV. This is where John Anthony West and I got into the information that goes well beyond ancient Egypt. This information has been suppressed and hidden from society for far too long. The academics don't want this information released because this has nothing to do with what they've been teaching for centuries. The governments of the world don't want this out because it would empower us well beyond anything they can even imagine. Organized religion

ANTHONY WEST doesn't want this released because it would undermine their standing in the world as spiritual and moral leaders. To add to this and using the words of John F. Kennedy, “… we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.” This is why we have found ourselves in endless wars for far too many years. This is why people like Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler wrote a book called War Is A Racket. [There’s so much more to say on this but that is for a different time] So let me shift gears now and get right into the heart of exactly what this teaching called The Work or the Fourth Way is. We, as human beings are incomplete. If we set out in the world to find our way in the realms of spiritual awakening we quickly realize that we lack the tools of understanding to assimilate the information. John was quick to give credit to Gurdjieff when it came to understanding the early works of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz and ancient Egypt. During our interview John was bringing up the fact that we live on a planet where

every one is asleep. unquenchable desire to learn ancient knowledge. What is The best that most a little less known, and up people can even hope for debate, is that he found at for through traditional least 6 hidden monasteries that ideas and trainings is to come to the conclusion have their roots going back to ancient Sumeria and even that they are asleep. further back to Atlantis. This in itself is actually Whatever the truth a huge step towards is, one thing is undeniable; his awakening. Imagine influence on the world was and if you will, being in is as profound as it is hidden the middle of a dream from most scholars and seekers. at night and realizing Some of the people who that you're asleep and were heavily influenced by dreaming. This is the Gurdjieff were Aldous Huxley, beginning of waking up Thomas de Hartmann, John G. from the dream. So you Bennett, OSHO, Frank Lloyd might be asking why Wright, and many more. don't we wake up. The Gurdjieff had the good answer is simple, it takes fortune of, in my opinion, to extremely dedicated meet P.D. Ouspensky who work and discipline brought his teachings to a and most of us love the wider audience and made it drama that we create in comprehensible to the upper our dreams. middle classes who were more Personally I intellectually sophisticated. have reached the point John Anthony West George Gurdjieff The writing style of Gurdjieff in my life where I'm is in sharp contrast to P.D. tired of the drama and I So who is Gurdjieff and The Ouspensky’s style which becomes clear in want to wake up to higher spiritual and Work? First thing to approaching this is his books like In Search of the Miraculous, conscious realms no matter what the cost. to understand who George Gurdjieff was. The Forth Way, A New Model of the I think a lot of us are at this point now in He was born in Alexandropol, Armenia, Universe and many more that lead you to our lives. You will be able to watch this which in the late 1800’s was part of the a clear and decisive perception of your interview I had with John Anthony West relationship to realty and the possibility of on the online version of this article. I can't Russian Empire. He spoke seventeen languages and was very familiar with over your conscious evolution to levels hidden even begin to tell you the importance of and incomprehensible to most seekers. watching and really listening to what John 2,000 folk stories his father could recite. What is generally known about him is What lies at the foundation has to say about Gurdjieff. that he travelled to of this teaching is that most people live Iran, Egypt, India, out their lives in a hypnotic state using Tibet and Central misinformation to navigate their lives Asia with an by, which in today’s world has become

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Rahasya Uncensored obvious and dangerous as we move into a world with advanced technology and artificial intelligence. George Bernard Shaw once compared our world with living in an insane asylum and said “Beware of false knowledge, it’s more dangerous than ignorance.” Herein lies the difficulty in today’s world of false prophets, fake news, and disinformation coming from traditionally trusted sources like news media, religious organizations, corporate/ government organizations, and spiritual leaders and gurus of all shapes and colors. Gurdjieff’s work is about giving up one’s fantasies, most of which were indoctrinated into us from a very early age. To awaken to our own inner experiences and not the experiences of someone else thousands of years ago who may or may not have even had an experience in the first place; which would be a little like looking at pictures of food and expecting to be nourished. Somewhere in this process is the realization that we are all connected with everyone and everything. One of the things Gurdjieff was known to have said was that most people will give up any of their pleasures but

will not give up their suffering. Could this be more apparent than it is in today’s world where we medicate and entertain ourselves to avoid feeling the very suffering we cling to. “Here is one Question & Answer from my interview with John Anthony West that exemplifies the human situation when it comes to getting serious” Lotus Guide: I think one of the greatest misunderstandings in the early part of inner work is when you say something like, “I want to wake up,” that part of you saying it won't be there when you actually wake up. This is why people spend lifetimes in a deceptive cycle of playing the game of enlightenment. John Anthony West: Exactly. We have a group here where I live and one of the things we do is we collect stories that exemplify this. I've always liked the one of when the disciple goes to his master and asks him, "What does it take to wake up and find the truth?" Then the master takes him down to the river and holds his head

under until he's gasping for air. Just when the disciple thinks he's going to drown, the master pulls him up and says, “When you want the truth as bad as you wanted to take that next breath, come and see me.” So why am I writing this article at this time in my life? Simple, it’s time to get serious about waking up to the insanity going on at this very moment in our names because trying to change things with the same level of thinking that created this reality would be to continue the insanity with a different disguise. If you have some knowledge of this teaching and would like to go deeper, we are putting together a very small group of serious seekers and will meet here in Paradise once a month starting sometime in May 2020. See the ad below for that information. Remember to read this article online where you can watch the interview, John Anthony West 1932-2018


Teachings of Gurdjieff & Ouspensky The Journey Towards Awakening Traditionally Took Three Paths:

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We Are Masters of Our Destiny By Rev. Charlee Ann Lewis “Love is the cohesive energy of SPIRIT that creates the melody of life that manifests as all of nature and humankind in its glorious and diverse expressions that sing the song of Joy, Love, and Laughter as individualized voices of the DIVINE SPIRIT”


e all are living the life of our free choice. Every thought is an act of creation, and those collective thoughts form patterns of mole­cules that are called upon to form cells that harmonize and dance into the structures that we choose. We are a Broadway musical that we can express as a comedy or tragedy. We need to ask, what is the song I am singing? Spending all our thoughts on problems like sickness, medicine, and the sad story of our particular issue is using the crea­tive gift to perpetuate that beloved problem or sickness. That is right! Beloved, because if we spend most of our thoughts upon the problem we are in truth loving it with our attention, our time, our thoughts, our energy, our money and we enlist the chorus of our family, friends, and doctors. Anyone who will listen to lament the issue of our beloved issues. The harmony between our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical body is a well-known and much dis­cussed reality in the scientific world. Read Can­ dance Pert's book ‘Molecules of Emotion’ or go back to 1947 and read Dr. Flanders

Dunbar's book ‘Mind and Body’. The truth has been revealed, but we need to begin to take the responsibility of our acts of manifestation in our mental, emotional, and physical world as an act of choice. Only by owning what we have created do we take the step to­ward changing how we live. A wise teacher of mine long ago taught me that enlightenment is being able to see into the dark corners, thus giving me the choice to be able to recreate by con­scious awareness. Choose light, join us in this wondrous exploration. The Oroville Center for Spiritual Living teaches a new thought philosophy, melding religion and science into spiritual tools for personal transformation and world improvement. "Science of Mind® is a philosophy that integrates the spiritual truths of science and physics, teaching the unity of life. It is our belief that intentions and ideas flow from a field of consciousness, creating the world around us. Not only is

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Lotus Guide Winter 2020 Issue  

In this issue we cover everything from GeoEnginerring to how to use suppressed ancient knowledge to increase your consciousness.

Lotus Guide Winter 2020 Issue  

In this issue we cover everything from GeoEnginerring to how to use suppressed ancient knowledge to increase your consciousness.

Profile for rahasya