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Jan. - April ‘21 Issue No. 77

Take One

The Great Awakening

Now...or Never

by Deepak Chopra, MD and Zach Bush, MD. pg.14

Spiritual & Metaphysical

Actualizing Resilient &

Tools of Transformation

Regenerative Communities in the Bio-Region

by Pamela Jamian pg. 30

by Michael DiMartino pg. 4 www.lotusguide.com


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Online & Phone Sessions - Spiritual Counseling - Swedish Massage Nora's healing services are rooted in the understanding that our body has an innate intelligence and is constantly striving towards harmony and well being. In her decades-spanning practice as a Healing Arts Professional.

Nora is accepting telephone sessions during these COVID times. Please contact to schedule today! 530-345-7845 • Info@NoraPineda.com • NoraPineda.com

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Actualizing Resilient & Regenerative Communities in the Bio-Region By Michael DiMartino


he time has come to prioritize personal health, water & food security, economic stability, environmental regeneration & emergency preparedness. It’s very easy to see without looking too far that many aspects of society are changing.  Everything from the environment to politics and the economy are out of balance. There seems to be no place in the world that is beyond being affected. And now, these changes are all seemingly coming to a crescendo at a chaotic and disjointed level never before seen in our generation. As this is occurring, it is also exposing the frailty of a colonel design and an old archaic system constructed from a poor design. A fabricated and fractured design that is not aligned with nature, spiritual values or even any thread of human compassion. 

In response to the deteriorating social and environmental condition on the planet, Golden Road Productions has partnered with the Sacramento River Watershed Project and the Alliance for Resilient Communities. It is time to move beyond just sustainability and truly recreate and redesign our world



based on preservation and regeneration. We must all step into our most elevated and awakened sovereignty and become part of the positive changes needed. We must harvest a lifetime of information and knowledge and turn it into wisdom. The wisdom of walking our talk and manifesting enlightened solutions. In this current state it takes more than a village and every individual must do their part while cultivating the bridges of connectivity with their community. Golden Road Media is creating and ready to launch an independent media channel for several shows. The focus is to have a bio-regionally focused online media channel where we can aggregate and broadcast content. The intention is to support a more connected and resilient area with topics on arts and culture, health, peace and justice, economic development (including other means of equity exchange ), regenerative

sacramento river watershed project preservation • education regeneration

to KVMR 89.5fm


1-877-411-DONATE (3662) KVMR.ORG 4


Dedicated to the safety and security of our bioregional water. Producers of Water Protector Tour 2019-2021

530-362-8264 www.SacramentoRiverWatershedProject.org

Body & Mind culture and self sustainability. Promoting local and keeping the resources in our communities, not the pockets of Facebook or Youtube. Golden Road Media is also working with the Sacramento River Watershed Project to produce several documentaries. These titles include “Soul of the Delta” Preservation or Privatization, a film about the negative impacts of the proposed Delta Tunnel and “ The Bottom Line “ Profit vs People, about the poisoning of Nevada and Placer County by the use of toxic herbicides and algaecides by the Nevada Irrigation District. We are also shooting the trailer for a film about the Tahoe Basin Watershed and environmental toxins that are jeopardizing one of the last and most pristine natural areas in California.  Golden Road Productions has also partnered with the Alliance for Resilient Communities to launch a landbased retreat, school and food farm; an in-town business center for networking, meetings and events; and a bioregional network directory of individuals and businesses dedicated to serving our area. This directory is vetted for actual high-level contributors of regenerative resources and includes an independent member chat forum to discuss resources, think tank ideas and implement innovative projects. 

Whispering Pines Farm, School and Retreat

A 20-acre self-sustainable off grid center for education in areas of permaculture,

renewable energy, non toxicconstruction, spirituality and the arts. The center opens in Spring of 2021. Alliance4ResilientCommunities@gmail.com

accountable; and to develop collective local and statewide strategies to implement innovative solutions. SacramentoRiverWatershedProject.org This is a list of events we are planning throughout the region and the year as part of our SRWP Water Protector Tour 2021. 

The Resilience and Innovation Hub

A newly established commercial space for collaborative works with hi speed wi-fi. A full green screen room with an in-house audio/video production facility. A membership based event space and 15 different businesses working together for a more connected community. GoldenRoadProduction@gmail.com

World Water Day March 22nd Online WaterPalooza May 22nd & 23rd Sacramento River Delta ( Hood )  Tahoe Basin Water Protector Festival July TBA

The Source Directory

A bioregional directory of individuals, businesses and decision makers that are truly community minded and regenerative. TheSourceDirectory.org

The Golden Road TV Show

A weekly 1-hour live show from 7-8 pm on YouTube and other platforms. It is a magazine style show with various speakers, interviews, videos and music. GoldenRoadTelevision.com  or  GoldenRoadTV@gmail.com

Sacramento River Watershed Project

The Sacramento River Watershed Project is a critical step in creating a unified vision for future generations. We aim to identify regional issues concerning water safety and security. To establish a coalition of stakeholders including individuals, artists, indigenous communities, organizations, and government agencies; to hold those responsible for committing harms

Earthstock August 14 & 15th Nevada City

Watershed Guardian Gathering Mt Shasta

In a time of extreme polarization we invite you to reach out in collaboration as we build bridges of community and regenerative connectivity. This is an invitation to empower yourself, align with other awake beings and activate our collective synergy. Your perception defines reality. Your actions and thoughts create it. If not us, who? If not now, when? We are the ones we have been waiting for!!! The Alliance for Resilient Communities is looking to establish Resilience round tables in several other counties in the watershed bioregion. These include Sacramento, Butte, Siskiyou, Shasta and Plumas. If you are interested please contact us at 530-362-8264.

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…COVID-19 has prompted some radical rethinking. Can a new and better world emerge? Not unless our worldview changes… Since the beginning of life, the most significant biologic adaptations have been achieved through the viral communication network. Every form of DNA is constantly in touch with every other form. From bacteria in soils and water systems to the cells in our bodies, rapid transmission of new genetic updates can save a species from a new threat.

Special Interest

Body & Mind 4

Actualizing Resilient & Regenerative Communities in the Bio-Region

Time to Manifest . . . a New World

by Michael DiMartino

Awakening Our Inner Guidance

by Rex Stromness


The Natural Approach to Protection from Coronavirus


Structural Integration Advanced Bodywork for Challenging Times


Herbal Medicinal Treasures in Paradise at Heavenly Herbs and Acupuncture


by Dr. Mark Light & Vickie Van Scyic, R.N.

by Jean Louise-Green

Spiritual & Metaphysical Tools of Transformation

Lotus Guide Magazine P.O. Box 135 Chico, CA 95927

by Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker

22 28

Lotus Reviews Will Human Civilization Survive Its “Metamorphosis?” by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Rahasya Uncensored 24

Who's Running This Show? Time for Us to Take Charge! by Jack Allis

by Sheryl Sanchez by Pamela Jamian

17 20

Questions for Dr. Gayle Kimball



A Wake Up Call It's Time To Ask the Right Questions by Rahasya Poe

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Time to WAKE UP!

s you can see, we are publishing every four months instead of every three months; this is something we felt we could do to help support our advertisers because it reduces their costs…and of course, our profit. From the very first issue of Lotus Guide we put our advertisers first and here we are 16 years later still standing. How you can help is to realize that our advertisers are holding a positive outlook for the future and see the clear and undisputable need for a magazine like the Lotus Guide, so keep that in mind when you are looking for resources like the Cold Creek Inn in Mt. Shasta who insisted on paying a year in advance knowing we were on the front lines. All of our advertisers, who are actually our friends as well, are here for you. Because we are such an integral part of the Northern CA communities we received a grant from the Butte County Stabilization Grant agency and we would like to thank them and the invaluable assistance we received from the Butte County Small Business Association. The outpouring of help coming from organizations like this and the North

Valley Community Foundation has inspired many business owners to continue on even in the face of such resistance. You may notice that we may have articles that you may not agree with, but we propose that you look deeper within yourselves and use critical thinking to go to another level of “reason”. For instance, it’s true, Free Speech shouldn’t protect someone from yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, but what if there’s actually a fire? “Is the glass half empty or half full?” This is also dependent on critical thinking and realizing it’s dependent on whether or not you are pouring the contents out, or if you are in the process of filling the glass up. But we blindly accept far too many things in our world on a superficial level. I will get into this a little deeper in my article which may challenge you to use your frontal lobe to access critical thinking. Now that the election is over we are entering a time when America needs to come together to heal the polarization that runs deep in our society. With eyes wide open and never using violence as a pursuesive tool we can navigate through the years ahead and remember that "divided we fall and united we stand". We are looking forward to seeing what a new and hopefully better leadership will bring. Here’s the bottom line, the only thing we love more than you and the advertisers in this magazine is the unquenchable desire for TRUTH, no matter where it leads, and we know the very best that we can do is to point to it. Thank you, Rahasya & Dhara, Lotus Guide





GRAPHIC ARTIST Craig Perry CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dr. Gayle Kimball Dr. Mark Light Dr. Patrick Giammarise

Awakening Our Inner Guidance Fortunately for us we found that offering on-line classes via Zoom, both live and recorded, was welcomed by our yoga community. They stayed (and are staying) with us and many have reported that they have gotten comfortable with doing yoga on-line, and some say they actually prefer practicing in the comfort of their homes at a time that works best for them. It has also allowed students from outside our area to participate -- we now have students from across the country and world tuning in. While we are now offering a limited number of live in-studio classes, we fully By Rex Stromness intend to say on-line into the future.   One thing I like to do at the think that we are all relieved to be into beginning of the year is to review the a new year --  2020 was a challenging 8 Limbs of Yoga from the Yoga Sutra of one in many ways, for some more than Patanjali. These 8 limbs (Ashtanga in others. As a small business we at Yoga Sanskrit) cover the full spectrum of what Center of Chico were very much at the yoga is and when reviewed and practiced effect of the Covid pandemic. We were are life enhancing. I'd like to talk briefly forced to close our studio to live classes about the second limb, the Niyamas, for an extended period and to switch which are considered the internal practices to an entirely new paradigm to survive. of yoga.    The first is Saucha (purity). This Niyama is ZOOM MEETINGS about bringing Sundays at 10am. awareness and care to what we eat, Check our website drink and breath. for a complete Eating pure, locally online schedule. grown, organic food is a good example. Drinking good water and to whatever degree you can control, breathing pure, clean air is another. But perhaps most important is thinking pure thoughts, something we can control since our thoughts create our reality.    The second Niyama is Santosha Open for in-studio classes following (contentment). social distancing practices and guidelines. This one is perhaps the most important YogaCenterOfChico.com • (530) 342-0100 -- what is more 250 Vallombrosa - Suite 150 (Next to Tea Bar) important than


Body & Mind

cultivating peace of mind and happiness in ourselves and then spreading it to our community of friends and family? This is not necessarily God-given -- sometimes we have to rid ourselves of the hindrances to contentment, and this is where the third Niyama comes into play. The third is Tapas (burning will - strong determination). This Niyama is about calling forth the determination it takes to burn away the hindrances that get in the way of us being who we want to be and achieving our goals and aspirations.   The final two Niyamas are Svadhyaya (self study) and Isvara Pranidhana (Devotion). Taking a yoga class is a form of self study. We are studying and getting to know our bodies, minds and spirits. And we all, I feel, need to feel a part of something that is bigger than our individual selves. For many it is some form of God or Spirit. For others it might be nature or the universe. This is devotion.   When practiced, these Niyamas along with the other 7 limbs of yoga: Yamas (moral, ethical code), Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (breathing practices), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses inward), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation), and Samadhi (Union) help is to live a quality human life. May this new year be one of good health and happiness for all of us. YogaCenterOfChico.com  www.lotusguide.com


The Natural Approach to

Protection from Coronavirus Dr. Rogers has identified 8 stages of COVID19 progression:

By Dr. Mark Light & Vickie Van Scyic, R.N. *Including information gathered and presented from Dr. Sherry Rogers work


n the past year we witnessed the unleashing of a virus programmed to create divergent levels of an infection, targeting specific human populations, yet, at the same time, can rapidly mutate at such a rate that it can evade consistent detection by lab tests as well as any control by vaccines and medications.  This virus can also hibernate in its human host until it is dissatisfied with its environment and then can emerge as a lung cancer that can kill in 6-10 days. The US will be and has been hit harder than most other countries, mainly due to the acronym of the 7 M’s (to be explained).

1. The virus lands on your nasal, respiratory, or intestinal cells. 2. It must attach to your cell membranes.  3. It must find gates to allow it to enter into the cells.  4. Once inside, it needs to replicate.  5. It can create mild to severe symptoms, create antibodies, or skip this stage with no symptoms. 6. Eventually, it hibernates in the gut.  7. It either stays in the gut or migrates into the lymphatics and the matrix (between cells), where it stays if it’s happy.  8. It can migrate to the lungs creating lung destruction. Wow, what can we do?  1. We can avoid the 7 M’s, which are: a. Medications ( ex, statins, NSAIDS)  b. Mercury (ex. amalgam fillings, foods)  c. Monsanto  d. Mangled Fats (ex. bad fats, omega 3’s, chips) e. Mycotoxins (ex. Candida, molds, fungus)  f. Manufactured Xenobiotics (ex. teflon, plastics) g. Managed Care (Protocol Care)  2. We can use HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine by prescription), daily cod liver oil by Carlson’s, the 8 forms of Vit. E, and phosphatidylserine. 

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Body & Mind 6. Whether or not, a virus stays latent in the intestinal villi, depends on how happy you make it there. Grapeseed extract and probiotics like lactobacillus fermentes heal the gut making it less likely the virus will move.

3. Crucial to closing the cell wall gates (ACE2 gates) is Vit.D3, 10,000 units per day. Sunshine for Vit. D3 biochemistry. 4. For the replication phase, take chelated zinc and magnesium as both are commonly deficient, especially when checked via the intracellular method (as opposed to blood).  5. Since there are only 2 causes of all disease, which are nutrient levels go down and toxicity goes up, it is wise during this phase to assay (labs) red blood cell intracellular magnesium, zinc, and serum 1,25 hydroxy vitamin D3. Also, reduce toxin levels via use of Detoxamin (an oral chelator) and use of Far Infrared sauna. In our office, we use: Tox EX - Meta EX - Lympha EX - Viro EX And we offer chelated zinc, Vit.C, D3, Cod Liver Oil, MinComp, and phosphatidylserine.

7. The lymphatic circulation which contributes to the matrix between cells acts as the communication system of the whole body. The matrix is very important and nutrients crucial to its health include organic sulphur crystals and is bolstered with sunshine and molybdenum (a mineral). 8. The lytic phase, where the virus explodes out of the gut and into the lungs, necessitates nutrients such as the tocotrienols as one example of crucial nutrients needed to reverse end stage cancers. We also advise using Fulvic-Cava which enters the cells on a micro level to bring in nutrients while then taking out the ‘trash’, and Immunis which heals and boosts the immune system. As NAET practitioners, we treat any resistance the body has to absorbing any nutrients which blocks healing and health.  As viruses are killed by heat, we highly recommend using a facial vaporizer to steam the sinuses and lungs twice a day.  We treat viruses and most feel relief in 24 hours. Some also need bacterial treatments, because wearing the masks a lot causes your lungs to hold in bacteria, viruses, and carbon dioxide, which lowers your immune system. There’s no need to suffer!  We can help.

~ Say Goodbye to Allergies & Illness ~ Treats many issues: allergies, asthma, autism, bromyalgia arthritis, dementias, developmental issues, Lyme and more! Non-invasive and holistic Over 33 years of documented success

Mark Light

M.D., N.A.E.T.

ChicoIntegrativeHealth.com This information should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Consult your physician before making any health decisions.

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Structural Integration

Advanced Bodywork for Challenging Times

By Jean Louise-Green


hat do we need during challenging times? We need a physical body that functions with ease and wellbeing! Increased clarity, confidence, strength, purpose and connection with subtle life force energies are also essential. Structural Integration may provide some answers for what you are looking for. Structural Integration addresses the body on physical and energetic levels by working with the fascia, or connective tissues, of the body. Through a ten-session series of manual therapy, a practitioner uses their fingers, knuckles, forearms and elbows to align the major segments of the body around a central vertical axis. A major goal of each

session is to help the pelvis find its natural horizontal position. Structural Integration helps to create length, space, movement and balance through the connective tissues. It organizes and aligns the major segments of the body. Energetically, Structural Integration helps the body be supported by the gravitational field and its flow of subtle life force energy, known as Qi. To bring balance and ease to the connective tissue is to support the entire human being. Clients report the decrease of inflammation and pain, as well as greater freedom of movement. Many also report enhanced balance, stability, and metabolic function, along with greater connection with their inner knowing. That’s a lot to be grateful for! I have seen many changes in people and their bodies in the 29 years of my practice. An athletic medical professional is now free of muscle cramping after learning about the use of Magnesium Glycinate and natural salts, abundant in trace minerals, e.g., ‘Real Salt’, pink Himalayan, grey Celtic salt, and a concentrated salt solution known as a ‘solay.’ Using these products will soften and hydrate tight or knotted connective tissues. Regular bowel movements are a side benefit.

Such simple changes that promote health and wellbeing can be found in my book, Structural Integration and Energy Medicine: A Handbook of Advanced Bodywork. A seven-year project, the book was published in 2019 by Inner Traditions. The Foreword was written by Dr. James L. Oschman, a biophysicist and respected leader in the field of Energy Medicine. Through reading my book and experiencing the removal of a twist in her body on my treatment table, a chiropractor of 35 years has come to better understand rotation patterns.


Embodied Soul Coach Transformational Embodied Soul Experiences since 1991

Embrace Yourself - Embody your Soul - Embodied Soul Coaching ( in person or online) - 5 Rhythms Dance classes & AcceptDance workshops - Embodied Soul Retreats & Workshops - Transformational Breathwork



Body & Mind As a result, she is thrilled with the fine-tuning of her adjustments with her own patients. Enthusiastically, she stated, “Every chiropractor should read your book!” Another section from my book entitled, “Tending to the Emotional Body” has helped people understand and change mental patterns that have perpetuated chronic pain cycles in their bodies. A woman of 68 years shared these words about our Structural Integration experience together. “I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and my family noticed me jutting my chin out when I walk. I didn’t want my postural issues to worsen so I sought out a holistic approach that would help me with the aging process and keep me away from pharmaceuticals and out of the hospital. This led me to the ten-session series of S.I. with Jean Louise Green.” “After looking at my bent forward posture, Jean Louise said that one of the goals of our work together would be to get my head back on my shoulders. We accomplished that around the 6th session. It was obvious. I was able to stand straight up and maintain that posture. My body actually craved being in this freeing position.” “I am on my 9th session now and have not only noticed my straightened posture, but also I am now able to put my

jeans on standing on one foot without losing my balance or leaning against the wall. I had not been able to do that for the past few years. Maintaining balance is so important with aging.”

I am also grateful to have inspired other people to become certified practitioners of this work. Structural Integration is thriving now in Chico! We have five S.I. practitioners. I am delighted to have had a hand in their discovery of the power of Structural Integration and choosing to become practitioners and to do this work with others. In searching for a practitioner, it is helpful to know there are different S.I. schools with different, yet similar focuses. A graduate of the Guild for Structural Integration such as myself, describes their work as a Rolf Practitioner, or the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. A practitioner of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration® uses the trade service mark Rolfer® or Rolfing®.

In looking back at my work in Chico since I arrived in 1999, I am pleased to say that I am now working with third generation family members and seeing the results of good effective S.I. work with young people. Since 2019, I have also been enjoying doing the Advanced Five Series of Structural Integration where I work with clients on and off the treatment table in different positions and movements to assist their body’s structure and function.

My website is complete with Lotus Guide articles I have written, podcast interviews, videos, great blogs, and client testimonials of my work and book. There are also links to contact me, purchase my book, or join my newsletter. I relish the opportunity to hear from you, share my work and do podcast interviews. jeanlouisegreenrolfpractitioner.com jeanlouisegreencmt@gmail.com Phone: (530) 899-7653

Have a safe and blessed 2021!

Jean Louise Green, CMT Certiied Advanced Rolf Practitioner

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The Great Awakening

Rethinking the Virus and the Future hundreds of millions of jobs were lost. More money has been lost globally than in any other moment in history. Amid the shock and panic, the catastrophe of COVID-19 has prompted some radical rethinking. By Deepak Chopra, MD and Zach Bush, MD Can a new and better world emerge? Not unless our t is very rare that human beings have worldview changes, because in many a chance to rethink our place in ways the virus isn’t a mindless primitive Nature. The modern world is the fruit life form ravaging us, “the most superior of a worldview that has placed Homo life form on the planet”. Nor did Nature sapiens reigning supreme over all other strike back to punish us. Something life forms. This worldview seems only deeper is going on. To see what it is, we right and proper to the vast majority of need to consider a worldview based not people. In the course of just a few weeks, however, over seven billion people’s lives on humans-as-supreme, but on life-assupreme. changed for the worse. Economies were We must realize that our halted, global transportation and supply superiority complex has quite literally put chains were shut down to a crawl, and


us in opposition to life on earth. Climate change can be laid at our doorstep. The prediction of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction is more than plausible, and 50% of biodiversity in plants and animals has been eliminated in mere decades, while hundreds of indigenous cultures have been virtually wiped out. The destructive human machine has been inexorable so far. The collective voices of Richard Attenborough and one million non-profits and NGOs have proved inadequate agents of change. There was no global pause. Then, in January the world caught news of a virus, a new variant of a coronavirus, a family of viruses that has been with us for well over a thousand years. At no point did any science suggest, nor any public official report, that this virus would poison our ecosystems and threaten the survival of humans and much other life on the planet in the coming years. Instead, we were told that the virus would contribute to the passing of the millions of people that die of a myriad of respiratory illnesses every year. The death toll from the virus (even at its most hyperbolic

Jerk Scotchie Rub A blend of organic onion, garlic, allspice, thyme & scotch bonnet pepper.

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Special Interest predictions) would be a fraction of the deaths from chronic diseases that result each year from our polluted and depleted soil, water, air, and food systems. Nonetheless, this new threat was suddenly enough. We paused. If we needed more evidence that we are a shortsighted and selfinterested species, it is here, but there is no time for selfcondemnation. While the world’s leaders struggle to sort out the true implications of this virus, we have an opportunity to finally learn from our mistakes. The lesson is being taught by the humblest of messengers, a microscopic speck of genetic material. The virus is not our enemy—if we let it, it will be our greatest teacher. First, we need to learn that the emergence of this coronavirus adaptation was predictable, and from Nature’s viewpoint, which oversees all living things, it was even necessary. As the stress levels of an organism increase, the speed of adaptation has to increase if it is to find a solution and survive. Since the beginning of life, the most significant biologic adaptations have been achieved through the viral communication network. Every form of DNA is constantly in touch with every other form. From bacteria in soils and water

systems to the cells in our bodies, rapid transmission of new genetic updates can save a species from a new threat. If you adopt the perspective of life itself, earth is dominated by the genes of bacteria, fungi, and protozoa

which hugely outnumber any other life forms. This vast microbial genome is the foundation of life on the planet, and its aim, as with all life forms, is to adapt, survive, and foster diversity. To the life force that is in the 1030 bacteria in existence, a major threat— we would argue that it is the major threat—is coming from the widespread, indiscriminate use of antibiotics in agriculture via animal feed and the management of poultry, swine, and cattle. As the collective bacterial stress levels increases, Move easily with DNA “misspelling” Healthy Steps on (i.e., mistakes in reproduction) creates billions of trial-and error genetic variations. When a Healthy Steps is a gentle, therapeutic exercise survival advantage program for anyone wanting a slower/gentler pace. is discovered It is designed to improve flexibility, balance, and strength. (such as antibiotic resistance in a strain of bacteria), that Mary Jo Brown  beneficial gene Healthy Steps, CLM can be transferred in various ways More information across many species, HealthyStepsWithMJB@gmail.com but for maximum (530) 228 4753


Create J

impact over great distances, viral transfer is the vehicle of choice. Thus, millions of species of microorganisms work toward one goal, which isn’t to harm us, but to maintain a stable biodiverse ecosystem everywhere on earth. The upshot is the change of worldview mentioned at the outset. A viable, balanced, dynamic, healthy microbiome (the sum total of all microorganisms) benefits human beings far more than our self-centered, shortsighted focus on money, power, war, nationalism, endless consumerism chained to massive pollution, and the chemical degradation of our air, food, and water. Viruses have long dispersed their vital genetic information throughout the planet via air and water currents.  The messages they carry are picked up by many species, including us., Each individual takes up a viral load on the basis of its own stress levels. For many people there are no clinical signs or symptoms of acute illness as cells of various organ systems integrate or reject the new genetic data, while for others the viral stress signal can call up an immune response from cell populations. Life adapts, and we humans are made more resilient by the encounter. That is how viral communication has worked for billions of years, and the latest findings have revealed that our own genome was built by genetic data from bacteria, fungi and other multicellular species. In concert they created the profound complexity and resilience of human biology. But we have changed the playing field for the critical balance of viral communication, and COVID-19, when seen on a global scale, represents the continued effort of the four-billionyear-old microbiome seeking to put things right. In the old worldview, this is irrelevant. The only measure has been an either-or choice: Either things are good www.lotusguide.com


for human prosperity or bad for it. In the new worldview, there is no either-or. What is good for the global microbiome is good for the planet and for us. As selfaware creatures, we can support life or diminish its chance for survival. In short, a new world, if it emerges in the coming decade, will make choices that benefit the microbiome and us at the same time. It will take a shift in worldview for that to transpire. The separate elements for global healing are already present and known to everyone. But humans can be perverse as well as shortsighted. Achieving the abolition of global pesticides, herbicides, indiscriminate antibiotics, and carbon emissions is essential, and only our irrational resistance to reality, bound up with an outmoded, self-destructive worldview, keeps us on the downward path. The pleas for life-enhancing choices has proved ineffectual so far. In the name of healing and the salvation of life on Earth, no one can alter the course of destruction except us.

DEEPAK CHOPRA™ MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation, a non-profit entity for research on well-being and humanitarianism, and Chopra Global, a modern-day health company at the intersection of science and spirituality, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation. Chopra is a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego and serves as a senior scientist with Gallup Organization. He is the author of over 89 books translated into over forty-three languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. His 90th book, Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential, unlocks the secrets to moving beyond our present limitations to access a field of infinite possibilities. TIME magazine has described Dr. Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century.”

ZACH BUSH, MD is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to ecology, human health, and consciousness. Board certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice Care, his published biomedical research ranges from chemotherapy development to the role of the microbiome and agricultural toxins in human health and disease. He is founder and CEO of Seraphic Group, Inc., an IP development firm committed to developing root-cause solutions to bring balance to the biome of our planet. His non-profit, Farmer’s Footprint, is raising awareness of the synonymous nature of human and soil health, and working to create a roadmap to end chemical food production and ecologic destruction through the universal adoption of regenerative agriculture.

This information should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Consult your physician before making any health decisions.

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Dr. Gayle Kimball Tune in to KZFR 90.1, where “Ask Dr. Gayle” broadcasts 6-7pm the second Thursday of each month.

Q: Good gawd, this Covid has me painfully depressed. How do people deal with the boredom, lack of focus, and lack of purpose? A: I remind myself how fortunate I am not to live in Afghanistan or Syria to get perspective. Also, I enjoy hiking, my garden, and writing books. I asked friends how they find happiness: Taking walks in my neighborhood with my dog and admiring all of the beautiful trees and flowers. Helping people. Doing small secret good deeds. My garden, especially my bush beans, that give, give and give, even when they’re old and scraggly. Rocking my new granddaughter. My cat purring, happy music. Q: My boss creates almost constant chaos. I’ve been warned if I try to go over his head, I could lose my job. How can I cope? A: The Buddha said we should aim to meditate by a clanging bell. I’d put a bell in your office to remind you to practice grounding and centering, as explained in Essential Energy Tools. Imagine yourself on a boat; when a big wave comes at you from him, make the boat bigger, put down a huge anchor, and calm the wave. Amusement is very centering, so I’d make a game out of guessing how many times your boss will do something irrational. You could make bets on his behavior with a trusted fellow worker or make a bingo card

Gayle Kimball has a PhD in Religious Studies, UCSB. Author of Energy Tools book, DVDs, and CDs and a dozen other books. Her recent books are about how global youth are transforming our future. To ask a question for this column, contact EarthHavenChico@hotmail.com.

with his usual chaotic acts and keep track. When you end your work day, snap your fingers to separate from it and focus on homelife. Also, plan fun activities to balance out work stress. Q: I broke up with my girlfriend because she’s emotionally abusive, but part of me wants to go back to her. How can I stay strong? A: In an intimate relationship we grow subtle cords of connection. It’s painful to separate, so it’s understandable that you want to end the pain by going back. Remind yourself of why you broke up with her. Think of your attachment as an addiction. Take it one day at a time and find someone you can talk with when you want to contact her. Exercise and meditation are proven to elevate moods. Do energy psychology tapping with the problem statement “I can’t be happy without her” (look up Emotional Freedom Technique). Part of the loss is feeling like you failed and could have done something to make it work, but we can’t change other people. Focus on what you learned from the relationship. Q: I’m a working parent with two small boys with ADHD. I’m overwhelmed and depressed. A: Ask each family member to make a list of five or so fun things that make them happy. Take turns. So if you like to draw, on your day, we all join in. Because a long exhalation calms the parasympathetic nervous system, blow bubbles to see who can keep them up in the air the longest

with their breath. At dinner time, ask everyone to share what they liked about the day and record it in a gratitude journal. Do Brain Gym bilateral movements, like all of you crawling around the living room as fast as you can, and listen to “Kids’ Mind Power” CD. Have a funny temper tantrum where everyone growls like a lion and drums on their thighs. For you, when you’re driving alone, yell out your frustrations. Trade off complaining and letting off steam with a friend. Can you swap childcare with another parent to get breaks? Q: I suffer from insomnia. Any suggestions for how I can sleep? A: Besides consulting a medical professional about underlying causes, visualize a beautiful protective dome over your bed and focus on the sensations of breathing in and out of your nose. Focus on setting the intention to remember your dreams, the best view into your unconscious development. A friend suggests these books to help interpret them: The Dream Book Symbols for SelfUnderstanding by Betty Bethards and The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams by Wilda Tanner. I found it takes months before the repeated themes become clear. For example, I had many dreams about having to teach a math class, which I wasn’t prepared to do. After months, I finally told the administrators I’d teach anything in social science, but not math, and they said OK. I was learning to be assertive.



Herbal Medicinal Treasures in Paradise at Heavenly Herbs and Acupuncture

By Sheryl Sanchez


he past two years have brought a lot of change and upheaval for the community of Paradise and the surrounding areas. We have all been through so much! But it is possible to obtain herbal medicinal treasures in Paradise, just like you can in any major metropolitan area. Here is a quick list of herbal and natural medicine treasures to help you through these times:

Immune System Support

Astragalus root is a Chinese herb with the wonderful ability to boost the immune system, being rich in polysaccharides. Research has shown that it can prevent infections, both bacterial and viral. It will also help prevent allergic reactions, especially hay fever symptoms such as rhinitis and sneezing. It is combined with other herbs for improved efficacy in a traditional Chinese medicine formula for the prevention of colds, flus and allergies. This formula dates back to the 14th century. Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that has proven efficacy against bacterial and viral respiratory infections, has an ad infinitum number of health benefits, and is inexpensive. I describe

it to patients as “the Vitamin C of today” and that it is needed by everyone. As recently as 2019, research noted that Vitamin D deficiency is a major global public health problem in all age groups. Vitamin D can also be toxic in very high levels, which is only possible if someone has taken very high dosages long-term. This is due to several factors, such as the lack of our bodies to synthesize it as effectively as it did in previous times (when outdoors in the sun) and our typically poor absorption of foods that are fortified with it (‘leaky gut’ and other malabsorption syndromes are very prevalent). The many health benefits include improving our general defense against any infection, benefiting healthy gut flora (the ‘microbiome’), reducing inflammation and improving moods. I generally recommend to most patients to take 5000 IU/day and remind them to take it with healthy fats for improved absorption. Elderberry is a traditional herbal medicine, used by indigenous peoples in North America and in Europe, and is now widely used in Western herbal medicine. Research has shown it is high in flavonoids, which may be why it has shown to be effective against the influenza virus, including H1N1. Elderberry is native plant in Butte County and can be found in the mountainous areas, preferring to be near streams and creeks.

Adapting to Stressors

We all react to different stressors in different ways. In Chinese Medicine we believe that excessive emotions often lead to disease and illness by damaging our organs physically, energetically, or both. For example, some of us will become withdrawn and depressive or sad while others will become angry and reactive. Others will become more fearful or more worried. A pattern most of us can understand is when one is often upset or angry, that person ends up with hypertension (red face, ears, or eyes indicates anger rising in that individual, leading to the pattern of disharmony resulting in hypertension).

Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogens or adaptogenic herbs aid the body in adapting to or resisting the effects of stress, both physical and psychological. This means they have a calming effect on our brain by helping modulate the ‘fight or flight’ (adrenaline) reaction to stress and can offer a substantial ability to prevent and cure stress-related degenerative diseases. A Chinese herb Eleuthero, referred to in the past as “Siberian Ginseng”, is an excellent adaptogenic herb. It is mild in flavor and is not a stimulant, so it can be used by anyone. It is one of the superb herbs in a tea called “Spring Dragon”, formulated by a modern Chinese

Alpha Healing Digit al CD

It is a tantra meditation where you do not have to fight your mind, no judgments. Contact for info & online classes: Dhara@USA.com Do from the comfort of home!



Dhara Lemos

Practitioner of Healing & Meditation More than 30 Years Experience

Body & Mind Medicine scholar and now used widely for its healing benefits. Tulsi or Holy Basil is another revered adaptogen and comes from the Ayurvedic tradition. In India it is very popular and consumed daily by many, as it has numerous healing properties. Besides aiding in calming our adrenals, it is high in antioxidants, has antibacterial and antiviral effects, and normalizes blood glucose. In a sense, B vitamins are also adaptogenic. Our bodies utilize more of our B vitamins when we are under stress, and is why one sees versions of ‘Stress B’ complexes. Certain B vitamins will help support the adrenal system and immune system, while others help support our central nervous system. Ideally we should get enough of these in our diets, but we generally do not, even those that eat a healthy diet. So supplementation is important. Most people who are meateaters are considered deficient in vitamin B12 from a naturopathic viewpoint.

Anxiety, Depression or Insomnia Remedies

‘Xiao Yao Wan’ is a very commonly prescribed Chinese medicine formula for general stress, especially when irritability, frustration and anger issues are common and when these emotions affect digestion, pain or create insomnia. It can also be useful for depression. If anger leads to hypertension or headaches, another formula is more appropriate. For tension, anxiety and mild insomnia,

calming herbs such as chamomile, passionflower and lemon balm are Western herbs that can be found in many herbal tea formulas, in one’s own garden or at your local natural practitioner’s apothecary. Chamomile is known to be a mild sedative, often used in insomnia formulations. It is also a great antispasmodic, especially for the gastric tract. Passionflower is another mild herbal sedative, known for its gorgeous flowers. It grows easily in Butte County, both in the mountains and the dry valley. It is both drought and frost tolerant, being a native to the southwestern US. Lemon balm is another mild sedative that grows easily and has many healing benefits including a specific anti-viral activity against herpes infections. My favorite combinations using these herbs are two homeopathic remedies “BHI Calming” and Professional Formulas “Anti-Stress Drops”, as well as Metagenics “Myocalm Plus”. Keep in mind that herbal teas are an easy way to consume many of the herbs mentioned, either hot or cold, depending on the season. However, most herbal teas have only a small amount of the herb (unless specially formulated for medicinal purposes), so it is much better to consume daily in pills or tinctures to have a stronger medicinal benefit. Ideally, if one has chronic immune system issues, infections, anxiety or other chronic mental health issues, one should seek professional help with a natural

medicine practitioner who can prescribe to your specific case using differential diagnosis.

Heavenly Herbs and Acupuncture will be re-opening soon. Please call 530-877-7003 or visit www.Heavenly-Herbs.com/blog or more details.

This information should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Consult your physician before making any health decisions.

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Time to Manifest . . .

a New World

By Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker


egardless of what we are being told, taught, programmed, informed, or tricked into believing is happening, has happened or will happen in this 3D reality, you are eternity and life. You are not in or of this world; this world is in your mind, in your consciousness and is being reflected back to you and to each of us as our reality. Nothing appears in the outer manifestation effect without a prior suggestion (words, sounds, and images) about the event, thing, or whatever is happening. You can easily observe this.

This is why most everything, including all that is happening on the world stage, was already shown or told to us in a movie, photo, art piece, story or narrative, spoken or written down in words, as laws, rules, opinions of so-called authorities, and concepts discussed endlessly until enough spirit souls agree that it's real and will happen beyond a shadow of a doubt. Then the manifestation either happens, appears to happen, or doesn't, but we are told it did. This is called predictive programming, a sneaky way to get us to deny and abdicate our own crown, godlike powers, qualities and abilities by ignoring our inner divine wisdom as if untrustworthy. Instead, it gets us to have absolute faith in what we have been taught, programmed to believe, and conform ourselves to in order to be considered a success, valuable, and intelligent and, thus, enjoy in this world, not suffer or be a failure in the eyes of others. My book, What You Think of Me is None of My Business, deals with this issue.

So, without having a strong spiritual practice and absolute faith in one's inner guidance, and one's research so as to be able to discern truth from false, it’s easy to be overwhelmed, confused, and even depressed over all the stories and opinions as to what the media and their ilk are broadcasting for us to believe. Fear shuts down one's immune system and tends to immobilize us, unless we are centered in our heart, knowing the truth of what is happening, and continue doing our spiritual practices and life's work. Your future sits in your now, this moment, as to where you focus your attention; and where you are focusing your attention is where your future will be. You will know what to do in the exact moment you need to. Be of good cheer and take up thy bed and walk, go forth. The mind is transformed when you fill it with the truth that always is, and cast aside self doubt, the boulder on the path that has been stopping divine beings from their full self expression and their liberation from

Inspiration, organization, direction & action! I want us to live in a world where people FEEL ALIVE and where INSPIRATION IS CONTAGIOUS! To give you a taste of what I do:

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Special Interest suffering. Do the thing and the power is yours; don't do it and you don't have the power. Manifesting power flows where focus goes. Chaos and distractions are used to keep us confused, stressed, terrorized and willing to do whatever we are told to do, instead of doing our own research and developing or spiritual powers, qualities and abilities—the greatest and only valuable work in the world. Claim your inheritance, by knowing you already innately have it. Stop arguing for your believed limitations and open up to your basically unlimited divine powers, qualities, and nature by using, trusting, and developing them. “For it can be assumed, and probably correctly so, that a sense of powerlessness is proportionate to the existence of powers and energies which the individual does not yet recognize within self and which, therefore, have not undergone the unfoldment process.” Ingo Swann Our specific condition as a spirit soul, a Jiva according to the Vedas, is that we are in a marginal position like on a fence between two possibilities. Each of us is choosing in each moment where we place our attention, trust and confidence—within ourselves or with the mind that has to be programmed to function. Gnostics are a most valuable resource for our sleuthing—looking for

clues as to the cause of what appears to be evil and how to eliminate ourselves from this madness. Much of the work of the Gnostics concerned the Archons, inorganic entities, and cyborgs that they witnessed had constructed a

virtual world to trap and exploit us as the energy and creative source of their virtual reality. I highly recommend John Lamb Lash's book, Not in His Image and also the Nag Hammadi Library as these offer us what is remaining after the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the knowledge of the Gnostics who recognized these entities taking over humanity through the mind/AI/leftbrain computer or some kind of a mind virus and parasite that perverts our perception in the way insects take over their hosts and consume them.

Remember, you and I as our authentic divine self, are each a manifesting, creator master of individual intentionality and not an information processor or biological computer. Remember the #one illusion is to believe that you are this temporary meat stick that is born and then dies, when your nature is eternity and you have a beautiful spiritual body that has been dormant in order to give focus to this reality. Any AI (artificial intelligence) has to replicate, copy or simulate our actual Divine intelligence, vibration, and reality and has to get us to imagine, emotionalize, and believe what isn't true and to accept simulation as reality, when phantasmagoria, and perhaps merely pixels on a flat screen are brought to life through our ability to conjure up a hypnotic trance into an experiential happening. A conscious, questioning, and spiritually awakened man and woman are the enemies of the creators and maintainers of this AI mind generated virtual reality. Within you, as your authentic self, is the power to put an end to everything that has been conjured up by no longer giving your faith and trust to anyone, or anything other than our own inner guidance and the spiritual Truth that always is and never changes. Stand strong in yourself and never waiver and you are already victorious. Visit: TerryColeWhittaker.com



The Corona Transmissions: Alternatives for Engaging with COVID-19― from the Physical to the Metaphysical The Ayurvedic Reset Diet: Radiant Health through Fasting, MonoDiet, & Smart Food Combining

By Sherri Mitchell ISBN-13: 978-1644113073

The Lotus and the Bud: Cannabis, Consciousness, and Yoga Practice

By Vatsala Sperling ISBN-13: 978-1644111307 (Healing Arts Press-2021)

By Christopher S. Kilham ISBN-13: 978-1620559406 (Park Street Press-2021)

With a variety of perceptions about this COVID-19 thing that has turned our lives upside down, this book will let you see the recent events from many angles. It’s brought to the surface a few things we would do well to remember, one is the “fact” that if you are healthy and have a strong immune system the virus simply does what it’s done for millennia, upgrade our genetics to adapt the environmental changes. It’s my personal point of view that it’s also a way to thin out the herd, which may seem insensitive but this is nature. We need to find alternatives and this is a great place to start.

We’re living in times when terms like the Great Reset, which applies to global finances, should be applied to our health. I think we’re all, or at least a good portion of us, are catching on to the implications of the danger of our food resources and “modern” medicine when it comes to our health. Ayurvedic information has been around long before GMO Foods, Big Pharma and modern agriculture and will be here long after our modern world fades away. We need to go back to our roots and this book is a great step on that path.

Who would have ever thought of using cannabis and yoga together? Well…it was thought of thousands of years ago by societies in India and the Himalayas who knew through experience the science behind nurturing the rise of Kundalini and how the chakra system works to facilitate health. Increasing personal health should go hand in hand with increasing our consciousness. Another instance when we are reaching back in history for ways to heal and survive.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

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Special Interest

Liberating Yourself from Lyme: An Integrative and Intuitive Guide to Healing Lyme Disease By Vir McCoy & Kara Zahl ISBN-13: 978-1644111550 (Healing Arts Press-2021)

The Lost Colonies of Ancient America: A Comprehensive Guide to the PreColumbian Visitors Who Really Discovered America The Lost Book of Remedies By Claude Davis ISBN-13: 978-1732557109 (2020)

You may need to forgive me but I’ve all but given up on traditional allopathic medicine to handle disease so this book on ways to treat LYME Disease with a blend of intuition and science using what nature is providing should be a welcome blessing to anyone dealing with LYME Disease. Whether it’s LYME, cancer or memory problems, mushrooms keep stepping up to the challenge. Don’t let this information pass you by.

It’s only been in the last century or so that we have fought tirelessly against nature only to see that we can no longer live with the consequences. It doesn’t take much critical thinking to see clearly that we can no longer live the way we’re living which is detached from nature in every way possible. If you are an herbalist or simply a mother who loves her children, this book needs to be on your shelf. Filled with detailed photos of herbs along with their description and what they can be used for.

Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

By Frank Joseph ISBN-13: 978-1601632784 (New Page-2013)

At the same that the “Cancel Culture” is erasing our past history, there are others who are deepening our understanding of who we are and the amazing human history we rest our civilization on. As we go deeper into history it’s easy to see that the beginnings of America have deep roots with the Phoenicians, Egyptians, and the fearless Vikings who came here centuries before Columbus. Don’t even start me on the Lost Tribe of Israel that disappeared from Biblical History. A great book to stand back with and look at a wider perspective of humanity and the Americas. Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide

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WHO’S RUNNNG THIS SHOW? Time for Us to Take Charge!

By Jack Allis NOTE From Lotus Guide: The responsibility lies heavily on our shoulders to always be a trusted voice in the community and we know most of our readers are well informed, but we also know there are many who may not agree with the perceptions put forth in this article. All we ask is to do what we always do, research the evidence and read what, at this point, are thousands of doctors and researchers well-thought-out-peerreviewed research papers and testimonies. Unlike certain social networks we believe in open and honest dialogue that offer different fact based opinions so you, our readers, can have the opportunity to widen your perceptions and come to your own conclusions.

I am an author and spiritual teacher, in the tradition of the indigenous people of this planet, including virtually all the Native American traditions. My message emphasizes the vital importance of breaking free from the illusion of the old paradigm matrix, which is a prison for our minds and our spirits, and focusing instead on creating our own world, in harmony with Mother Earth and the spirit in all things. But lately, I have been compelled to focus on the “not so proportional response” to the pandemic. This is too big an issue, and one that is being used as part of a major power play by the powers-that-be, operating behind the scenes, the purpose of which is taking a giant step forward in the creation of a global government, at the expense of our liberty as free and sovereign beings. We can’t allow this to happen, and the first step is to understand it and not play along. I have done my due diligence over the last nine and a half months to try to understand what is really going on with the alleged pandemic, as opposed to the lies we are fed by the mainstream media, under the control of the pharmaceutical cartel, and the politicians who play into it. After all this time, the answer is really

These are GeoEngineering aerosol spray trails.

Visit our website for our next meeeng or more info. 24


quite simple, and can be summed up in a few sentences. It has been proven to my satisfaction, by investigative reporter Jon Rappoport (nomorefakenews.com), among others, that the response to the pandemic is mostly a hoax. I say mostly because there does appear to be a real virus out there that’s been identified. People are getting sick and people are dying. Rappoport presents evidence that it is not the Covid-19 virus, which he shows was never isolated and never actually discovered. But whatever it is, in addition to typical flu symptoms, there is also severe respiratory distress, pneumonia-like. But this is nowhere near the magnitude and severity that we are being told. Rather than a pandemic, it is more

Rahasya Uncensored akin to a bad flu season. How and why does something like this happen? It all begins with the diabolical picture painted in the mainstream media and by the politicians. We must continually remind ourselves that the mainstream media is owned and controlled by the global elite, those behind-the-scenes powers mentioned earlier, and it is the primary tool of their mind control. It is never to be believed. If you want the truth, you must go to alternative sources, like EPOCH News, Project VERITAS, and many many more. Add to this the huge inflation of the numbers of those infected or who die by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), which are considered the foremost authorities on the subject. As I understand it, most of those who die or become seriously ill are people, most elderly, with already existing chronic medical conditions, which could just as well be reported as the cause of death. Those with the Covid-19 Virus alone make up about 10% of the total. And the numbers are further skewed by a testing procedure that spits out false positives at such a high rate that it loses all credibility. What about the CDC and the WHO? Do they deserve our trust? Afterall, they are the ones who have assumed the power to make all these decisions, along with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Pfizer. But who are they, and where do they get their power from? Today, mainstream medicine has been completely taken over by the pharmaceutical cartel, controlled by the Rockefellers, and part of the global elite. The CDC and the FDA are

non-elected agencies of the US Federal Government. Like everything else in modern medicine, they are under the control of the pharmaceutical cartel. As such, they have a vested interest in the pandemic and in the vaccine. Of course, this all started with the FDA quickly and carelessly rubber stamping the approval of the vaccine. One need only look at the FDA’s track record for the last 50 years, which is notorious for approving medications, including vaccines, which later proved to be harmful, some lethal, and not approving other remedies, many of them natural, which were proven to be successful in other countries, not to mention all the toxic and genetically modified food that fills the supermarkets. The WHO is precisely the same, with the single exception that it is not a branch of any national government. Like the UN, it consists of member nations, but it claims jurisdiction over the entire world. Agencies like these tend to become autonomous, as in rogue, because they are not accountable to anyone but themselves. So, it is the global elite, through the pharmaceutical cartel, who are calling all the shots here. They are using the media and doctoring the numbers to paint a picture that is far worse than it actually is. They are making the decisions to lockdown our world, to destroy our economy, to make America a pawn in the new global order, and to change our world forever. They are introducing a vaccine, which will make them a boatload of money, and though it may not be officially mandatory, those who refuse to take it may be deemed public health risks,

and denied access to many public places, making living a normal life impossible. What can we do to stop this? It’s very simple. Sufficient numbers of us need to see through the disproportional response. And then we need to say no to it. There needs to be peaceful and massive civil disobedience. We need to say no to the lockdowns, no to the vaccine until they prove it to be safe. We need to reclaim our lives. They are counting on us to fall in line with their authoritarian policies. If enough of us don’t obey and submit, the whole thing will fall apart. And then anything can happen, which turns all this into a blessed opportunity. For more information visit JackAllis.com This information should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. Consult your physician before making any health decisions.

Transform the World by Transforming Yourself

A Tale of Ancient Prophecy Unfolding the Modern World

Creating the New World In Times of Paradigm Shift



Rahasya Poe is an author, publisher, and has a tenacious appetite for the truth no matter where it leads. In today’s world the truth hides in plain sight within the disinformation that is generated by the many organizations we have traditionally trusted. To watch his interviews with cutting-edge scientists and researchers visit www.YouTube.com/LotusGuide or email at Rahasya@usa.com.


A WAKE UP CALL It’sTime To Ask the Right Questions

’ve been sitting here for almost an hour attempting to figure out how to start writing; although I know ‘what’ to start writing about. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s nothing I can say that won’t offend someone’s sensibilities or their beliefs. I’ve given up posting on Facebook because it keeps getting deleted. One of my last YouTube videos was taken down because it didn’t align with YouTube policies, which is basically to say that no one is allowed to question the ongoing rhetoric of a certain political party or the media. I mentioned in the Editorial that Free Speech should protect the public from a moron screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater,

but what if there really is a fire? What if there really was widespread deception in the voting system? I don’t want to get into the politics of this but there is such a thing called “facts” and our political



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affiliations don’t change them. Diving deeper into this I think that most rational people would admit that anything that close to seventy million Americans believe to be true should be looked into. This is so much larger of an issue than Trump or Biden but this is where most people get stuck. This is about bringing America back together again and it’s not going to happen by ignoring half the population. Big tech recently banned Ron Paul for basically saying the same thing and he has been an outspoken critic of Trump for a while. I learned a long time ago when someone says, “Don’t look here” that is the exact place you need to start looking.

Rahasya Uncensored How in this world did we get here? I’ll tell you how…it’s because we’ve been asking questions that we all know the answer to hoping someone else will answer and take responsibility for it. They say there’s no such thing as senseless questions; I beg to differ with that statement. Most of the questions I hear in today’s world are senseless, not because the question itself is, but it’s the fact that we all know the answer but don’t want to speak out and take responsibility for our point of view. Leave your preconceptions behind for a moment and think about this slow progression we (meaning globally) have been on. Large portions of our population have stopped reading newspapers and watching corporate media. Most of our research is done on alternative media sites and we were communicating through social media. So what is happening? The Internet is being heavily censored now, so much it would make George Orwell roll over in his grave. This is dividing our country into two sides that no longer communicate and it will continue to get more polarized until something breaks… that “something” is our country. I have intelligent friends who no longer talk with each other and I can see that both sides are missing enormous amounts of information because they get their limited views from their particular news outlets. I watch and listen to everything, yes, it’s maddening to say the least; but when you open up to all points of view you can see clearly that censoring and editing is happening on a

Washington Post). The U.S. Air Force is giving their pilots permission to release some of their private photos taken of unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon and the Department of Defense released the statement that they have “off world vehicles” in their possession (MSN, Popular Mechanics, etc). Yet, thirty percent of Americans don’t believe it because of cognitive dissonance, which is a mental disorder by the way.

mass scale. Even now, there are words I cannot use. This is in large part the source of most of my sadness, to see close friends go into such a state of anger and separation. Here are some questions we know the answer to and still ask:

Are UFO’s real? We all know they are; yet there is almost 30 percent of the population in the USA that still ask. How do we know? That’s another question we know the answer to. The United States government is telling us now that there are unidentified objects flying around in our atmosphere. The former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist and are collaborating with several world governments and Trump is fully aware of this (as reported at NBC News, New York Magazine, FOX, Breitbart, and others). Then there’s the Tac event off Happy Feet. Healthy Body. Blissful Soul. Tic the San Diego coast when objects - Reflexology were coming out - Foot Massage of the ocean, - Functional Medicine hovering fifty feet over the water - Aromatherapy with and accelerating Essential Oils to sixty thousand Elizabeth Daniels feet in less than a second for Solutions.Elizabeth@gmail.com over two weeks (front page of the 530-321-6897 • 305 W. Lindo Ave., Unit C

911: Terrorists that attacked The World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Flight 93 were the sole cause of that horrific day on September 11, 2001, and the evidence disappeared along with the Black Boxes; well, there was the miraculous anomaly of the passport of a terrorist that was found in pristine condition. Most opinion polls say that almost half of the American citizens now believe individuals within the U.S. government knew beforehand about the attack and did nothing. That whole day made no sense on so many levels, yet we are told to basically pretend and ignore the facts. Keep in mind also that over 2,000 engineers and architects submitted sworn affidavits saying what happened had to be an intentional demolition, Building 7 being the most obvious. The Kennedy Assassinations: It’s difficult to get a recent poll but as of 2013 over sixty percent of Americans no longer believe the story of the lone gunman regarding JFK, which means forty percent still do believe in the “magic bullet”. I still meet people that believe Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy when it’s been proved that all eight bullets have been accounted for and none of them hit RFK. I could go on with how it was the (one of the alphabet agencies) that was responsible for the widespread www.lotusguide.com


Rahasya Uncensored dissemination and use of LSD in the 60’s, or the Gulf of Tonkin that never happened that started the Viet Nam War, or the 600 black men that went untreated for syphilis for over forty years just to see what would happen, or tobacco companies and our government telling us for many years that smoking tobacco is perfectly safe. Then there are things like Operation Paperclip, Operation Mockingbird, Operation Highjump, and Operation Popeye (look them up, they are public records, not conspiracy theories). In 1960 it was released that between 1955-1963, nearly 100 million children were given contaminated polio vaccine causing human brain, bone, and lung cancers in children and adults.

neighborhood of adult races; stop falling into divisive groups according to race, politics and ideologies that have the sole purpose of dividing us and causing conflict. Here’s another question we all know the answer to…Why do we still use war to solve conflicts and bring peace? Watch the documentary “Why We Fight” or read the book, War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler, who by the way is the reason we didn’t lose “We’ll know our disinformation our government to a conspiracy by a program is complete when major bank in today’s world and other prominent business people like Prescott everything the American public Bush to overthrow the Presidency of believes is false.” Franklin D. Roosevelt in a coup d'état; William Casey-CIA Director, 1981 of course that could never happen in our time…right? The reason I’m bringing this up Living in times of advanced is to ask another question we all know technology, war and hate need to be the answer to…Do you really think behind us before we completely destroy big government, the pharmaceutical the planet we all live and breathe on. If companies, corporations, media and we ever want to be welcomed into the the global elites have seen the light and Galactic Neighborhood we must start changed their ways and are now telling loving each other, respecting and even us the truth? It’s time to stop feeding welcoming our differences, caring for into the lies and deception on our the elderly and the young, cleaning up planet and take our place in the cosmic our environment even if it means giving up some of our comfort. If you are still with me at this point it means we have a chance to stand back as Americans The Seven Sacred Flames and look at the SAVE ON 3-BOOK PACKAGE larger picture and

remember why and how this country came into being in the first place, which is a place where different cultures and races could come together as one nation to explore the greatest social experiment in human history. And let’s not forget the many men and women who fought and died for us to have the right to disagree and not cancel out and destroy each other. I will leave you with one last question that most of us know the answer to already, “Why was there no Proportional Response to COVID-19?” I’ve already answered this on my podcast and taken my share of heat, now it’s your turn. No matter what your views are I think we can all agree on one thing… something is systemically wrong on this planet and is tearing us apart, and we will only be able to figure it out and heal ourselves if we work together as a nation and light the way for other nations the way we always have.

“Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future. And we are all mortal.” John F. Kennedy

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Special Interest

Will Human Civilization

Survive Its “Metamorphosis?” NOTE From Lotus Guide: As we look at what’s happening on a global level it’s easy to see that we have pushed our society, financial stability and our environment to the brink of collapse, this marks the end of the caterpillar era and the dawn of something trying desperately to be reborn anew. Now, more than ever is when we need those “planetary imaginal cells” that hold the genetic cosmic code of a new way of Being. It’s so easy to get bogged down on the superficial levels of politics and old world perceptions, but now is the time to let all that go and look inside ourselves for the code that’s locked up in each and every one of us to manifest a new world.             In the May/June/July/August issue of Lotus Guide we will have our interview with Bruce on the deeper aspects of what we are going through as individuals and collectively.

By Dr. Bruce Lipton


ivilization can get to that higher level of evolution but only if we change our rapacious ways. The potential positive future for our species is analogous to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. A caterpillar’s body is comprised of several billion cells. In the body of the growing caterpillar, the economy is booming and the cellular community is actively employed. The voracious appetite of this organism leads to their devouring the leaves of the plant on which they are living. Caterpillar growth slows and eventually comes to an end as the available resources are consumed. Within the pupa, the caterpillar cells are out of work and their highly structured community begins to fall apart.

Specialized imaginal cells within the ensuing chaos provide organizing information and direction to create a different, more sustainable future. Metamorphosis is complete when the non-sustainable caterpillar civilization transforms into the ecologically sensitive butterfly civilization. The global crises we face today are Nature’s wake-up call for humans to realize that civilization needs to undergo a “metamorphosis,” — the current environmentally destructive “caterpillar” version of civilization must transform into a “new” sustainable organism, Humanity. www.BruceLipton.com

Activist Podcast SpiritualQuestioning Our Answers Podcast Interviews To Inspire Change YouTube.com/LotusGuide to watch Interviews

LotusGuide.com/podcast or search “Rahasya Uncensored” on your Podcast App. www.lotusguide.com


Spiritual & Metaphysical

Tools of Transformation

By Pamela Jamian


umanity has an unquestionable opportunity to undergo both collective consciousness and cultural transformation. We can simply turn on the television, read a newspaper, and search the Internet to see the overwhelming gaps in consciousness and culture that exist in our collective lives. Human beings are still starving to death, have no access to clean water, and are losing their health and liberties. Others are celebrating the enlightenment of spiritual awakening, building multimillion dollar vacation homes, or winning the lottery. All on the same day! We are privileged to live on this Earth at a time when evolution decrees a significantly increased influx of spiritual, metaphysical, and transformational intelligence, readily available to transform collective consciousness and heal our

cultural gaps. We can become aware of this intelligence (evolutionary energy and information) through spiritual and metaphysical disciplines and learn from it through self-development and spiritual practices. And we can offer our personal transformation in service to our circles of influence (family, friends, work groups, communities, and nations). In times of peace and in times of turmoil, the spiritual and metaphysical arts have provided paths for participating in the evolution of consciousness and culture. And the culture-shaping contributions of restorative healers, wisdom teachers, transformation messengers, inspirational artists, and will-to-good contemplatives are needed now more than ever as we emerge from our current times of upheaval and gain foothold on the enlightened world that awaits us. The opportunity to serve and

Š Zuberka/Dreamstime.com

provide through transpersonal spiritual awareness is wide open. This requires a shift in perception as we work alongside each other. We realize that we are part of a whole whose collective growth, influence, and impact are totally dependent upon how well we contribute through our individual awareness, roles, and responsibilities. We align our individuality with our emerging spiritual intuition and the emerging group synergy of our colleagues and communities.

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Body & Mind So, how do we do this? First, keep up our individual spiritual practice no matter what. Second, align with friends, colleagues, and communities whose missions and values are harmonious to the missions and values of our souls. And third, learn and apply spiritual and metaphysical tools to the work that we do in the world. There are numerous spiritual and metaphysical tools that we can use to bring spirituality and practicality together in service to others. Suggested reading in this area includes The Laws of Manifestation by David Spangler who explains that the laws of manifestation are not meant to serve endless consumerism, but to express our infinite creativity, compassion, and love; Walking Between The Worlds by Gregg Braden who explains that we must shift within our bodies to accommodate the change in our world; Spiritual Solutions by Deepak Chopra who shares that by rising to the level of the solution in our own awareness, we can transform obstacles into opportunities; and The Inner Guide Meditation by Edwin C. Steinbrecher, who brought together the Western Mystery Tradition with Astrology,

Tarot and Jungian Concepts to help us learn about inner dimensional processes and their relations to outer world reality perceptions. Together, these works help attune the consciousness of the reader to the bridge between spiritual awareness and transformative contributions within our relationships and our world. Other spiritual and metaphysical tools include using what we simply observe in our lives as an opportunity to evolve our individual influence within collective consciousness through meditation, transpersonal psychology, and the metaphysical arts. It is taught that “the world is within us”, and what we observe, think, say, and do influence what happens in our experience. This applies to both our individual and collective experience. Part of who we are is an aspect of a collective being (the human race). Spiritual awakening includes recognizing that the “self-serving politician”, the “corporate giant”, and the “unseen enemy” are aspects of our being, particularly if they bother us. And yet the “cure for cancer”, “earthfriendly energy”, and “1,000 years of Peace” are aspects of our being as well, particularly if they inspire us! Each bothersome and inspirational aspect of our being is waiting in its true form for our personal attention and attunement! What is within us can be transformed to emerge in service to others and as transformation for humankind.

Peace Ananda Music

This “within us” life view may be new for some, but those on a spiritual path have long recognized this theme. And it is not necessarily the presence of unwanted behaviors and conditions that are the real problem; rather it is the absence of empowering higher qualities and conditions that need our attention and expression in order to fulfill our lives. We can look to the spiritual/ metaphysical arts of literature, music, meditation, yoga, and healing to teach us how to enhance our resonance and increase the manifestation of higher qualities and peaceful conditions for everyone. As a human race, our spirituality finds ultimate fulfillment in the dance of life while we are here on this earth fully engaged with our circles of influence, living our lives as spiritually empowered human beings, and always doing the best we can where we are now! Om Namaste! Metaphysics, as used in the context of this article, is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, between the seen and the unseen, and between potentiality and actuality. Pamela Jamian worked for 30+ years in Texas and California as a professional musician and health plans business leader. She has an avid interest in diverse spiritual practices, music, the practical application of spirituality to everyday life, and sociological evolution. Pamela lives in Canyon Lake, Texas. More about Pamela at PamelaJamian.com.

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