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Venod Sharma’s contribution in Social Development: Venod Sharma has always said that a society can only march forward when there is social development and the underprivileged gets a chance to bring itself at par with the privileged class. He is one leader who believes in giving back to society. Venod Sharma has always highlighted the importance of healthcare infrastructure. He has emphasized that the availability and affordability of healthcare services is of extreme importance and that the government should pay maximum attention to the accessibility of quality healthcare. Venod Sharma has on many occasions exhorted the government to open more primary healthcare centers across the state so that healthcare reaches to all the sections of the society. He is someone who has shown great concern for the availability of healthcare facility to the marginalized sections of the society. He believes that if the citizenry is not in good health, it not only affects the productivity of the individual, but affects the efficiency and productivity of the state and the country. It is important to ensure the well being of every individual if we have a desire for growth. Venod Sharma a social worker at heart and whenever he sees injustice meted out to the people of Haryana, he raises his voice against it. Throughout the forty years of his political life he has took up the cause of underprivileged and poor people. In Haryana there is a provision for 10% reservation in government jobs for the economically weaker section of the upper class. Venod Sharma deserves the credit for getting this law enacted. This shows how Today Haryana is the only state in the country with provision for 10% reservation in Government jobs for the economically weaker sections of upper class .The credit for enacting this law goes to Venod Sharma and the enactment of this law goes on to show that Venod Sharma has deep concerns for the social development of Haryana. Venod Sharma believes in returning back to the society. He has done tremendous work for the underprivileged sections of the society under the auspices of Ambala Healthcare & Welfare Society. Organising health camps, blood donation drives and eye check-up camps in Ambala region are some activities which Venod Sharma keeps arranging on a regular basis.

Venod Sharma Social Activist and Politician from Haryana  

Venod Sharma @venodsharma Social Activist and Indian Politician from Haryana. http://venodsharm...

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