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Welcome to the Spring edition of Update, the interactive Learning Resources magazine. Each section is packed full of useful tips and resources to help you with your studies, assignments and research. Click the images on each page to find out even more. The magazine is split into several sections, each focusing on a different curriculum area. We also have a general information section for resources and tips which could help everyone in the college. If you can’t find what you are looking for within the magazine, please contact a member of Library, RBL or e-Learning staff who will be happy to assist you further.

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LEARNING RESOURCES Get the Blackboard App! Download Blackboard Mobile™ Learn and get instant access to your course materials, assignments and more straight from your phone, iPod or tablet.



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This is a free service that allows users to review an annual report in an easy and convenient manner. It boasts that it has the most complete and up-to-date listings of annual reports on the internet. It provides access to annual reports in their actual format in one single location saving the need to search each company’s corporate website. Click the logo above to access the service.

This collection contains carefully selected video clips from the British Film Institute’s National Archive capturing diverse perspectives on events, developments and debates. They are supported by informative and authoritative commentary by BFI curators and other specialists. You are able to watch and download rarely seen government films, written documents, newsreels, TV documentaries, discussion programmes and parliamentary recordings. Click the logo to access the site. You’ll need an Athens username and password - ask a member of library staff for more details. This website contains news and articles on a wide range of topics including: business, computers, current events, economics and science. Here are some useful business journals that you will find there: Journal of Supply Chain Management contains coverage and analysis of management issues, leading-edge research, long-term strategic developments and supplier relationships. Product News Network An American journal that provides complete, up-to-date product, service and supplier information. Clicking the logo above will take you to the Athens log-in page. Ask a member of library staff if you don’t already have a log-in.



LEARNING RESOURCES Access to Higher Education Issues and Issues Online covers 60 topics looking at contemporary social issues suitable for those students studying social policy and welfare. They provide a wide range of information including: articles with news and views on each topic, key facts, key statistics, lobby group links, newspaper archives, reference sites, research guides and glossaries plus assignment/ debate suggestions. Why spend hours trawling the web when Issues Online provides articles, statistics and links at your fingertips? Click the logo above to access the site now. Follow the library link to find the library catalogue at We have created book lists for various Access topics.


1. Log in here with your student number to view the book lists. 2. Now click here to look at the book lists relevant to Access courses.

Below are some of the titles relevant to the social welfare modules on the Access course. Click the pictures to go straight to the catalogue record and find out whether the book is available to borrow now.



Tips for practical exam preparation Practical exams are very different to written exams and demand skills in a variety of areas that you may not have much experience in (e.g. problem solving, responding to questions). Like any skill, developing practical exam skills takes time and a lot of practice so leaving things to the last minute is not recommended. However, engaging enthusiastically with your class tutor, following their advice and being prepared is a good start. To improve your performance further, there are many things you can do to strengthen the process that has begun in class. Be smart - make sure you know how marks will be broken down. Look at previous examination papers and if most of your marks are going to come from demonstrating skills, applying theory etc, make sure you are well prepared in these areas. Look at the module learning outcomes in the course handbook. These are statements about what the student should be able to do at the end of the module, so reading these will help. Work on problem-solving skills. One of the major skills that you are being tested on in practical exams is your ability to apply your knowledge of theory to the case presented. When studying, think about how the learning materials relate to practice situations and try to come up with problem-solving type questions and scenarios. Make up a prompt sheet to prevent ‘mind-blanking’ in oral exams. If your practical exam includes a presentation, devise a prompt sheet and use it on the day if you are allowed (if not, memorise it). Flash cards also help you to remember good responses to possible questions. Practise using technical language as much as possible (say it out loud to yourself if you have to). This will help difficult terms become part of your vocabulary and come easily to you when you are in an exam situation. If your nerves get really bad… There is always more help. If you are prone to extreme anxiety, you might need to develop some anxiety management techniques. Speak to your tutor about this or speak to the college mentors about the Dudley Buddies scheme.



LEARNING RESOURCES Studying for AM2? These books are available in the library to help you. Click on the pictures to find out where they’re kept and whether they’re available to borrow now.

7 New in the libraries!


Clicking the pictures below will take you directly to the library catalogue.


Audio Books We have a range of talking books available for loan from the libraries. They include popular titles such as Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Ghost by Robert Harris and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.Visit the talking books sections in Broadway and Castle View libraries or the online catalogue to view the whole range of audio books. Click on the pictures below to find out whether they are available now.


Upcoming Exam Dates: 1st March

Communications L2 Key Skills ICT

7th March

Key Skills ICT



LEARNING RESOURCES David Beckham – My Side “I’m sure Mum could dig it out of the pile: that first video of me in action. There I am, David Robert Joseph Beckham, aged three, wearing the new Manchester United kit Dad had bought me for Christmas, playing football in the front room of our house in Chingford...” In Broadway Library we have many different autobiographies on various sports stars, including David Beckham. Click on an image below to see whether it’s available to borrow now.


E-books Have you discovered our e-book collection yet? We have several sports titles available to read online through ebrary. Once you have an Athens log-in you can read these books wherever you have an internet connection -including in the classroom. Ask a member of library staff to set up your account today or ask your tutor to book the Athens Essential Bytes session to learn more. If you already have an Athens log-in, click on these pictures to go to the Athens log-in page. You will then be taken to the books themselves.


Hairdressing e-books All of these books are available online on ebrary and Dawsonera through the Athens portal. Please note you must have an Athens username and password to access them. Clicking on the pictures below will take you to the Athens site where you can log in to view the book:


Clicking on the contents page allows you to skip to the chapters you’re interested in. Use these buttons to turn the pages



LEARNING RESOURCES Level 3 Beauty Focus on Aromatherapy

These books are all located in the Health and Beauty section of Mons Hill Library. Click on the pictures to see whether they’re available for you to borrow:


Check out these websites for techniques and products:


BIOPICS All of these great movies are available to borrow from Dudley College Library. Click on the pictures to see where they’re kept. If anything is not at your site, please ask a member of library staff for more information.


Chaplin Coco Before Chanel Control Ghandi I’m Not There Nowhere Boy Ray Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll Walk the Line


LEARNING RESOURCES What’s on: local theatre

Planning a theatre trip? Here’s what’s on locally. Click the pictures to access the site for ticket prices and availability. Waiting for Godot 13-17 March Birmingham Rep Oliver! 13 March - 21 April Birmingham Hippodrome

Chicago 5 - 10 March Birmingham Alexandra



The King and I 27 - 31March Wolverhampton Grand

The New Art Gallery Walsall There is a Place… A free exhibition showing until 14th April, bringing together work depicting urban and suburban views by several artists: Christiane Baumgartner, Graham Chorlton, Laura Oldfield Ford, George Shaw, Barry Thompson and Paul Winstanley. Click here for more details on the New Art Gallery Walsall website. Select “What’s On” at the top of the screen to find out about all exhibitions there.


Issues books The Issues series contains information on a wide range of subjects to support your studies. You can borrow them from all three libraries or view them online via Athens. Here’s a selection of what’s available in the libraries - click the pictures to see where to find them.


To view these books online, go to Once logged in, click Issues Online on the Resources list.

Information is arranged by subject area. Click a topic to see relevant titles.



LEARNING RESOURCES We have several books in the library to help you write CVs, complete job applications and to succeed in interviews. Click the pictures to check the library catalogue.


The Tourism Skills Network for the South West of England website has useful tips on CV writing, covering letters, work experience and job applications. Click below to find out more


Health and Social Care Students! This book will be of use to you when you are looking for information about cell structure and tissues in the body. It incorporates clear colour diagrams to help you. Click the pictures to find out whether we have any copies available. You can find it in Castle View Library at 612 WAU where you will also find other books to assist you, such as this workbook: It contains black and white line diagrams and exercises that can be photocopied for you to complete to reinforce your research.


Counselling Check out these online Counselling resources: This e-book is available through ebrary. Ask a member of library staff to find out how to access it. If you already have an Athens account, click the picture to log in. You can find journal articles in Therapy Today. It’s kept at Broadway Library but it’s also available online here:

The NHS website contains several pages on counselling and therapies. Click the logo to access them.



LEARNING RESOURCES If you are interested in the Police Service, we have the following books on the Public Services shelves. Click the pictures to find out whether we have any copies available.

17 Police Careers If you need information on a career in the police force, look out for these books:

The Police Recruitment website contains up-to-date information on a career in the police force. Click the picture to access it:

LEARNING RESOURCES Business and Computing Access and HE Construction Foundation Studies and ESOL Sports Studies Hair and Beauty Arts 6th Form Travel and Tourism Care and Early Years Public Services

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Learning Resources Magazine - Spring  
Learning Resources Magazine - Spring  

Welcome to the spring edition of the Learning Resources Magazine at Dudley College. You will find general information about Learning Resourc...