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How to deal with DryWaste Welcome to the world of Recycling, Upcycling, and Reuse

What do you change? From this‌

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recycling plastics

asphalting (plastic roads)

dry waste recyclables

secondary sorting





Photo: Karan Ananth, article on Kasa Rasa, Bangalore, The Hindu (online ed.)


What is Dry Waste? Plastics

 Plastic bags  Plastic bottles  Plastic packaging  Broken toys  Bubble wrap  Take-away containers*  Food packets*  Pickle packs*  Milk Sachets* * Food packets, pickle packs and take-away food containers have to be thoroughly rinsed and dried before disposal * Food covers that are too oily should be discarded with debris waste


 Tickets  Bills & statements*  Envelopes & Covers  Notices  Pamphlets  Paper wrappers  Computer Printouts  Paper plates Papers that are oily and soiled tissue papers should be discarded with debris waste * Tear any confidential papers such as bank statements/notices before disposal. Newspapers can be collected on a monthly basis and donated to NGOs who make bags for sanitary waste.

Metal, Glass & Others

 Aerosol cans  Aluminum cans/foil  Metal bottle caps  Glass bottles & Jars  Incandescent Bulbs,  Tetrapack  Thermocole/Styrofoam WARNING: Do not crush aerosol cans Rinse and dry glass bottles before disposal Dispose broken glass/ceramic with debris waste after placing in a thick plastic/paper bag


What is NOT Dry Waste x x x x x x

Wet waste (yuck! ruins the waste carefully segregated by others) Sweeping dust, wood waste etc. (dispose with debris waste or with wet waste) Human/Animal hair (it’s of course dry but sadly not recyclable, dispose with sanitary waste) Soiled food covers/containers (rinse and dry them before disposing with dry waste) Sanitary Waste such as napkins and diapers (dispose used/unused diapers etc. with sanitary waste) Cigarette butts

Do not dispose take away containers with food. Dispose food in Wet Waste bin, rinse and dry the container/cover and before disposing with dry waste

Do not dispose Human or pethair with dry waste. Dispose these in Sanitary Waste

Do not dispose ear buds, waxing strips etc with Dry Waste. These should go with Sanitary Waste.


Dry Waste Do’s 1

Food in a cover?


Rinse cover if food contents were wet. Dry at kitchen sink before disposing in your Dry Waste bag

Dispose food contents into Wet Waste bin



Squeeze your toothpaste facewash etc to the last before disposal. Use an old toothbrush for this …saves at least a week’s worth of stuff Empty and rinse out remnants in shampoo or moisturizer bottles.

Open up and crush/fold paper cartons before disposal. Saves a load of space


Dry Waste Collection

Collection: Collect Dry Waste in bag* hung in your kitchen or utility area.

Collection: Fix a bin on the cupboard door of your sink. Use this to collect your Dry Waste

Collection: Rinse and dry milk covers. Collect in a box to dispose monthly to your local scrap dealer

* Do not use thin polythene bags to store Dry Waste at your home Plastic woven bags or cloth bags are sturdy and reusable 6

Dry Waste Sorting@ Home

Once a week sort dry waste collected in your bag into Plastic, Paper, Metal & Others. Dispose to common dry waste collection (see next slide)

Best Practice: RWA to provide residents with woven plastic bags labeled with house no and sorting categories as per requirement . Please check with your Dry Waste collector on categories of sorting required. Apartments having adequate space and labor can have a post collection sorting established. 7

Dry Waste Disposal

Dry Waste Sorted into Plastic and Paper

Bins at Common Collection Location

Metal and glass are small amounts can be carried together in the “Paper” bag and disposed into the “Metal, Glass & Others” bin

In apartments weekly/fortnightly doorto-door collection of sorted Dry Waste by housekeeping is a best practice

Metal 5%

Glass 3%

Others 2%

Paper 40% Plastic 50%

NOTE: Your Dry waste contains around 15 types of plastic, paper, metal and glass. Sorting at home will be really helpful to make the post-collection sorting that much easier

Dry Waste Composition (note: %ages are approx)


Dry Waste Recycling

Weekly collection by nearest Dry Waste Collection Center (DWCC)

Kartavya, Dry Waste Collection Center, Domlur Call BBMP Control Room to locate your nearest DWCC

080-2266-0000 Bangalore Dry Refer attached Waste Collection Centers list of DWCC


Reduce your Dry Waste Your resource directory for ways to reduce/upcycle/recycle your waste Thunk India: Buy upcycled items made from hard to recycle Dry Waste Reduce – Practical Guide Recycle, eh! : Practical tips to reduce, reuse and repurpose … Donate old clothes, blankets, bedsheets, books , stationery, and other useful items In Bangalore

RK Foundation: 080-6559 4809;; Sri Rakum School: 080-25215253;; Goonj: Mr. Chandan ; 9663798026 ;; Sell Old Furniture and other stuff Quikr: Ebay: 10

Happy Segregation, and Recycling! more solutions and ideas mail:


How to Deal with Dry Waste  

Dry waste constitutes up to 40% of the total waste generated in a typical Indian household. The presentation deals with all aspects of segre...

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