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It is said that there are more canals in Birmingham than in Venice. The network of canals that connect Birmingham to Wolverhampton, and stretch back past Selly Oak, were once used for heavy industry. Nowadays they make for scenic walks to and from town. The Selly Oak canal entrance is located opposite the train station and depending on which direction

you walk, it can take you all the way into the city centre or past Bourneville and towards Redditch. When walking from Selly Oak to the City Centre, you will notice that the walls, buildings and bridges are completely covered from top to bottom with graffiti. The walk is visually stunning and if you get there for around sunset, the beauty of the area is amplified heavily.

The perfect area for any skater or graffiti writer to get away from it all.

Birmingham will always be a massive part of Bradley’s career as he remembers buying his first ever mixer from Mathews Electronics in the City Centre.

1. Your band name is very unusual, where did it come from? It came about accidentally in way. Double Drop is a nickname Dave got during the summer; Double Drop Dave has got a pretty good ring to it and me and miles both like flatcaps! 2. What are the names and ages of the band members? Dave, Ben & Miles and we are all 19. 3. How did the band members meet? How long has the band been together? We go to University together and started playing together just over 4 weeks ago. 4. What’s the bands past experiences been? Least and favourite venues? Any upcoming events? Ben - I’ve played in a few bands back home in Ireland, I’ve been pretty lucky with venues so I don’t have a worst, my favourite was playing in the Downpatrick’s arts centre; great room and great sound. Miles - Mine was wearing dark sunglasses on stage and instantly regretting it when I couldn’t really see my guitar or band members at all!

Dave - I played in various orchestras and bands since I was at high school, playing in concert halls and cathedrals. I started playing solo stuff last year at “open mic nights”. 5. What are your songs? Favourite and explain why? We love playing the John Mayer Trio track, “Good Love Is on the Way” as it has so much energy. We recently have written 3 or 4 tunes that we’re equally proud of - they’re all so different they are not so comparable. 6. Who write the songs and decides on the covers? We all write and contribute to the writing process; we all love the same kind of music so it’s not too hard to decide what we play. 7. What are the main themes in your songs? Our experiences, our past and the people who influence us. 8. How often do you practise? Where? Usually once or twice a week; acoustic jams in Miles’ kitchen and then we go out to Miles’ practice space on weekends for electric practice.

9. Any advice you can give bands starting out like yourselves? Find a group of people like you, not just musically (genres/bands etc) but people who share the same outlook on life, that’s one of the main reasons we have gelled together well as a group. 10. What’s been your biggest challenge so far? Answering these questions! 11. How has your music evolved since you started? We are all getting more inspired to write, with everyone bringing ideas to the table we are really starting to develop our own unique sound. 12. How can your fans/our readers learn more about you? By coming to our gigs, chatting to us afterwards, having a drink or a cigarette with us. We’re not going to go on about ourselves because people might not be that interested. 13. What’s the bands ultimate aim? Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

Trial 9. Coming to an end.  

Like over 40 pages, need only 24. Hope this all pays off.

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