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Seeking a challenging position in a reputable company where my academic background and Interpersonal skills are well developed and utilized. I appreciate working in team work, having the attitude of learning, ready to work under pressure and I want to be innovative in my career.


Currently studying: Pre-Master of Science degree In urban design field , Architecture department – Faculty of Engineering , Cairo university Graduated from: Faculty of urban and regional planning. Graduation year: 2013 Degree : Bachelor Degree in Urban and Regional Planning Department: urban design General Grade: (C +) good ( GPA 2.3) Last year grade: (C +) good Project grade: (B) Very good Graduated from school: El Nasr English School with grade 91%

Projects Previous projects in Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning ( 2010 -2013): • Graduation Project (2012 -2013) : Enhancement of pedestrian movement in Heliopolis district in the context of the third line Metro stations’ impact • Design of Business park in 6th October city : grade (B) • Pedestrian enhancement in Portsaid st, El Attaba district: grade (B+) • Redesign of a desert settlement in contemporary method: grade (B) • Design of communal service center in Imbaba : grade (B+) • Landscape design of a Theme Park : grade (C) • Redesign of the old Imbaba airport in context of the upgrading mater plan: grade (B+) • Analyzing the perceptual image of el Hussein district: grade (B+)


Language Skills: • Native language: Arabic. • Very Good command of both spoken and written English Computer Skills:  very good user in AutoCAD.  Very good user in photoshop.  Good user in GIS application  Good user of Sketch-up  Excellent user of Microsoft office (Word-Excel-Power point).  Very good user of internet application. Soft Skills: • Good ability of presentation and communicating • Effective teamwork member • Organizing • Interactive and fast learner • Time management

Practical and Academic Experience •

• • • • •

Workshop activity of Egyptian-German students participation in workshop made by the cooperation between Brandenburg technical university (BTU) and Cairo university (CU) in Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning . In 2013 Summer training with ESRI (learning about Geo-Design concept in GIS application ) in 2011 Summer training in GOPP ( general organization for urban planning ) in 2012 English Courses ( El Nasr English School) AutoCAD 2D Course . In 2010 3D Max Course . . In 2010

activities •

free hand sketching drawing Photography

• •

Comic story boarding and writing in an Egyptian team Video production

Urban Design Selected Projects (2010-2013) This section includes projects done during the academic years in the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning

This is my Graduation project which was about studying the impact of the Metro third line’s impact on the historical district of Heliopolis , focusing on promoting sustainability in scocioeconomic , Urban and ecological aspects . Several walks and surveys were carried out in the historical core of Heliopolis , documenting the buildings of architectural value and suggesting solutions for maintaining the activities commercial corridors

Before impact

After impact

Diagram showing the area of impact ranging from 400-800 m and dealing with this area as a planning unit

Current state of commercial corridors , no safety for pedestrians ,

The effect of the metro line on the land’s prices and building’s heights

The issue of the project was how to deal with the complexity of the current situation in Heliopolis study area, and drawing a scenario to an additional factor for a more complexed state ,which is the Metro third line project, that is considered by many of the district’s residents as an interior body or a stranger to their historical place . Recognizing the metro line as a development corridor to the places it serves is an approach for this project to reconcile between the metro line and Heliopolis’s commercial core , and to bound together the district’s various potentials to integrate with places that are going to be a major hub for transportation and commercial activities , those where the stations are going to be implemented .

Promoting walkability in the commercial corridors that are in the critical spots being in the core of the historical district , and adapting to the new metro line project in the middle of these corridors . So ensuring the safety of the pedestrians as they move along those corridors as they buy from the retail stores and spend some good time in the outdoor coffee shops and restaurants .

Action Area redesign layout Dealing with three Metro stations

Master plan of the study area putting design solutions to reconcile between the metro’s project and the commercial corridors

This project is about studying the pedestrian movements in the city networks in Downtown – Attaba district specifically – and the levels of analyzing the pedestrian – automobile network and what factors affecting their function . Ending with the conclusion of the standards that should be found to provide a safe environment for pedestrians’ movement .

The district is considered a main commercial hub for many kinds of retail cargos and shipments in Cairo . Also we should consider the particular historical sites such as Opera square , Azbakeya garden , Attaba square , Azhar and Hussein districts .

Public transit means to reach the district

Visual perception


The first level of the Huge density of Example for Informal Cargo Storage project is analyzing retail market( moski) rooms some points such as ; pedestrians through retail markets Land uses , the road network for automobiles and pedestrians , activities and their kinds (formal and informal ) Merchant Employees Resident , and deducing the &Buyers relations between -storage land using is very common with high percentage each one of them to in the northern part of the district where workshops lie the other , to have the there ( tailors , shoemakers ..etc ) SWOT analysis as a -while in the core and southern parts linear retail product of observing markets are found ( formal and informal ) where these relations . pedestrian’s activity is very high

Movement density analysis

Economic for Cargo shifting analysis

Activities analysis

blow up for the goods displayed in the narrow path of Darb el Barbra

Darb el Barbra path

Portsaid is selected as the study area to redevelop it to be safe for the pedestrians use

N Selected hardscape materials used for the redesign implementation

Current state layout of Portsaid St as the informal rows of parking and market infringement

Cross section in the PortSaid Street showing the no. of the car lanes ( traffic density after the redesign)

A detailed layout of the streetscape redesign of Portsaid St. ( sidewalks , medians , green area )

Elevation for the renovated commercial center on portsaid st. as part of upgrading the corridor

This project is about a land in 6th october was chosen to be a business park that would serve the needs of the city’s residents needs and also the industrial activities in various fields , also some company agencies , community service offices and administration buildings and companies , also a conference halls , and libraries , and to keep the place vital , there is some integrating commercial activities found in the various kinds of retail stores and recreational facilities , gardens and open spaces .

Approach : 6Th October city is an industry activities based city . The business park consists of research facilities and companies to help in developing the industrial potentials in this city ( main function ) Proximity : 46 km is the distance between the business park and the international Cairo airport. Public transit available to reach these two destinations : Taxi , Private car , public bus / microbus

Location of the business park in the touristic zone

Land values from highest 1st value 2ND value 3rd value 4th value 5th value

north 6Th October city master plan .

Landuse Analysis : from this point of analysis , the business park’s one of the main objectives is to be compatible with the surrounding community services to provide the people’s needs.

Site analysis.




Exposure meter Retail / recreation

Companies & research offices

Users analysis retail

Business park location

Residential towers and hotel

Administration towers

Decision making : concept

Landuses analysis

Major space

Minor space




2 4


Components of the project :

1- residential towers 3- firms and administration towers 5- offices buildings 2-hotel 4- hyper market 6-Retail/ recreation area

Elevation of the companies buildings and research centers

Elevation of the administration towers

This project is about the design of landscape to this land of a motel over viewing the sea in the northern coast . The factor of amusement and carefully chosen places for the pool, artificial lake , auditorium ..etc , is to guarantee the pleasure of the user /customer who would stay in this motel for a couple of days to enjoy the summer days of north coast .

Components of the project : 1- restaurant 2-pool 3- the lake 4-children’s zone 5-cafeteria 6-roman stage 7-motel rooms

6 5 3 2

4 7


Cross section of the project

This small project was about a given 3 acres of land for a residential landuse . According to some standards for the residential landscape and the measurements required for this small area to be suitable for its users including a handicapped user that need some special treatment in the slope of the ramps , and the kind of materials for the flooring ..etc . Also the visual aspect is very important in choosing the kind and colors of trees and flower pots and boxes to ensure the relief of the eye , and the efficiency of the design to do its function .

The concept of the design included lawn as the main ground cover in the area around the house , and the main ( only ) pedestrian path of 120 cm width goes around the house to link to every landuse in this project including swimming pool , kids zone , grill deck , seating area and some plazas to distribute the circulation to different directions . Concept of the design

Cross section for the yard viewing the sea shore

Detailed layout for the area around the house

This project is about analyzing the space of El Hussein and the nature of it’s physical environment and the socio-economic effect of this area . El Hussein space as one of the most vital and active places in Cairo , best known as a religion related place appears in annual events and also a unique tourism attraction hub for what it contains of historic buildings of Islamic style . So a study should be made for the visual qualities and image perception of the users in this place , and learn about their diverse experiences as they go to this place.

entrances El Hussein space

Goheir el Qa’d st El Hussein district located in Islamic Cairo region and it is linked to many pedestrian touristic paths

Space is overloaded with users of different kinds from merchants , buyers , tourists ,passers by ‌etc

The possession of some activities like the recreational spots of Egyptian folk cafes

The engagement of the activities and their mixture gives the unique vitality and essence of the place

Human proportions to the monumental in heights and space

Personality of the place appears in the relation between the buildings and between the activities and each other

Parts of the space components and materials used softscape and hardscape .

This section includes photo shots taken by me during city walks in different places .

El Sultan Hassan Mosque / School

Antique store in Moez St.

El Sultan Hassan Mosque / School

El Darb El Ahmar district

Azhar park

El Hussein space

El Sultan Hassan Mosque / School

El Refai Mosque

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