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1. Out of the following four numbers, the perfect square is ____________. A) 100000 B) 6678 C) 3930 D) 55225 E) None of these 2. Which one of the triplets given below is Pythagorean triplet? A) (7,10,13) B) (9,11,13) C) (10,24,26) D) (5,7,6) E) None of these 3. The value of (65)2-(64)2+(1)2 = ____________. A) 130 B) 129 C) 138 D) 120 E) None of these 2 2 5 2 4. If (65) -(60) = [(55) -(50) ] × x is, then the value of x is ____________. 23 28 25 A) B) C) 21 21 21 27 D) E) None of these 21 857 5. The value of 52 is ____________. 2116 11 13 12 A) 7 B) 8 C) 6 46 46 47 11 D) 5 E) None of these 46 6. Out of the following numbers, _____ and ____ are the cubes of negative whole numbers. (-64, -2197, -1056, -3888) A) -64, -2197 B) -1056, -3888 C) -64, -1056 D) 2197, -3888 E) None of these 7. The value of {64 × (−2744)}3 is ________. A) 56 B) - 56 D) - 65 1


C) 65 E) None of these


8. The value of 9 2 ÷ (343) 3 is ________. A) 1233 B) 2133 D) 3133 9. If (x-1)2= (2x-3)2 then the values of x are ________. 2 4 2 4 A) , B) , 5 3 3 3 2 D) 2, 3

⎛ am ⎞ 10. The value of ⎜⎜ n ⎟⎟ ⎝a ⎠ A) one D) amn

m+ n

n +l

⎛ al ⎞ ⎛ an ⎞ × ⎜⎜ l ⎟⎟ × ⎜⎜ m ⎟⎟ ⎝a ⎠ ⎝a ⎠ B) half


C) 1323 E) None of these C)

3 ,2 2

E) None of these

l +m

is _______ . C) am E) None of these

5 7

11. The value of x ÷ x 1 A) x

12 7

is ________ 1 B) 1

C) x7





E) None of these m


⎛ 1⎞ ⎛ 1⎞ ⎜⎜ p + ⎟⎟ × ⎜⎜ p − ⎟⎟ q⎠ ⎝ q⎠ 12. Simplified form of ⎝ is________ m m ⎛ 1⎞ ⎛ 1⎞ ⎜⎜ q + ⎟⎟ × ⎜⎜ q − ⎟⎟ p⎠ ⎝ p⎠ ⎝ ⎛ p⎞ B) ⎜⎜ ⎟⎟ ⎝q⎠

A) (p+q)n


⎛ p⎞ C) ⎜⎜ ⎟⎟ ⎝q⎠



⎛ 1⎞ E) None of these D) ⎜⎜ q − ⎟⎟ p⎠ ⎝ 13. The value of x6 - y6 is ________. A) (x+y) (x-y)(x2-xy+y2) (x2+xy+y2) B) (x+y) (x-y)(x2-xy-y2) (x2-xy+y2) C) (x+y) (x-y)(x2-xy+y2) (x2-xy-y2) D) (x+y) (x-y)(x2-xy-y2) (x2+xy+y2) E) None of these 3 3 3 14. The value of (45) - (65) +(20) is ________. A) - 175500 B) 175500 C) - 175600 D) - 165500 E) None of these 2 2 9 x − 24 xy + 16 y 15. The value of is ________. 3x − 4 y A) 3x+4y B) 3x-4y C) 4x-3y D) 4x+3y E) None of these 5z − 3 8 = 16. If then the value of z is ________. 2z 9 29 27 29 A) B) − C) − 27 29 27 27 D) E) None of these 29 17. If the principal = P, rate = 10% C.I. per annum and time = n years, then the amount will be ________.

⎛ 11 ⎞ A) P⎜ ⎟ ⎝ 10 ⎠


⎛9⎞ D) P⎜ ⎟ ⎝ 10 ⎠


⎛ 10 ⎞ B) P⎜ ⎟ ⎝ 11 ⎠


⎛1⎞ C) P⎜ ⎟ ⎝ 10 ⎠


E) None of these


18. At 5% compound interest per annum after n years the ratio of amount and Principal is ________. A) (22)n:(21)n B) (21)n:(20)n C) (20)n:(21)n D) 19:24 E) None of these 19. The cost of a refrigerator is Rs.10000. Every year its cost is depreciated by 25%. The value of it at the end of 2 years is ____________. A) Rs. 5625 B) Rs.4375 C) Rs.6000 D) Rs. 5000 E) None of these 20. The face value of each share is Rs.10. If dividend is 16%, what will be the income from 600 shares? A) Rs.6000 B) Rs.900 C) Rs.960 D) Rs.1060 E) None of these 21. It is given that l || m . In the same plane a line p intersects l and (i) p || m (ii) p intersects m (iii) neither p is parallel to m, nor it intersects m, then A) (i) is correct B) (ii) is correct C) (iii) is correct D) All are correct E) None of these 22. In Δ ABC, if AB || DE || FG || HI, then the number of trapeziums in the given figure is ____________.







E B A) 4 D) 7

B) 5

C) 6 E) None of these

23. A land ABCD is divided into three small parts as shown in the figure. If CD = 30m and AD || BC || PQ || RS, then the lengths of DP, PR and RC are respectively ______. 30cm R C P D R C

20 40 m, m 3 3 2 23 D) 6 m,20m, m 3 3 A) 10 m,

A 6m Q 9m S 12m B 40 20 20 40 B) m, m, 10 m C) m, 10m, m 3 3 3 3 E) None of these


24. Diagonals of a square ______. A) are equal B) are not equal but perpendicular bisector C) are equal but do not bisect each other at right angle D) are equal and bisect each other at right angle E) None of these 25. The diagonals of a rectangle are _______. A) are unequal and perpendicular bisectors of one another B) are equal and perpendicular bisectors of one another C) are equal but not perpendicular bisectors of one another D) all the statements are correct E) None of these are correct 26. A regular decagon is inscribed in a circle. Each side of the decagon will subtend an angle at the centre of the circle ________. A) 36o B) 72o C) 45o D) 90o E) None of these 27. The centre of the circle is O and PQ is its diameter. If ∠PQR = 60 o then minor arc PR and major arc PR are in the ratio of _________.


o .60 ( O


A) 1 : 3 B) 3: 1 C) 1: 5 D) 1:4 E) None of these 28. The base of an isosceles triangle is 48 cm and its perimeter is 108 cm. Its area is equal to______. A) 433 cm2 B) 423 cm2 C) 432 cm2 2 E) None of these D) 488cm 29. Area of a sector is equal to ________________. A)

sec tor angle × (area of the circle) 360

B) length of the arc × radius C) length of the arc × circumference of the circle D)

sec tor angle × (circumference of the circle) 360

E) None of these

30. A 36o sector of a circle has area 3.85 cm2. The length of the arc of the sector is __________. A) 2.2 cm B) 2.7 cm C) 2.5 cm D) 3.4 cm E)None of these 31. The diagonals of a rhombus are 10 m and 20 m. Its area is equal to _______. A) 150 m2 B) 80 m2 C) 100 m2 2 D) 200 m E) None of these




1 is_____ ( x + 2 x + 1) 1 x ( x + 2) B) ( x + 1) − C) ( x + 1) ( x + 1)

32. The positive square root of


+ 2x − 1 +


1 ( x + 1) 1 E) None of these D) ( x + 2) + ( x + 1) 33. If x% of y is z, y% of z is x and z% of x is 1, then which one of the following is not correct? A) x=10 B) y=100 C) x=z D) all of these E) None of these 34. If the length of the longest rod that can be placed in a cubical room is 4 3 m, then the area of the four walls of the room is ________. A) 64m2 B) 32m2 C) 16m2 D) 12m2 E) None of these 35. A valid reason for concluding that 635 is not a square is that _____. A) it is an odd integer B) it ends with 5 C) it ends with 35 D) its digits add upto 14 E) None of these 36. Four triangles are formed inside a triangle by joining the mid points. The triangles thus formed are congruent if it is _______. A) an isosceles triangle B) an equilateral triangle C) a right angled triangle D) any triangle E) None of these 37. A parallelogram is a rhombus if and only if its diagonals are ____. A) perpendicular B) equal C) bisecting D) Perpendicular and bisecting E) None of these 38. In the figure, O is the centre of circle; A o o ∠BCO = m , ∠BAC = n then A) m + n=90o . B) m + n=180o O o C) 2m + n=180 D) m + 2n = 180o E) None of these B C A) ( x + 1) +

⎛x 39. The value of ⎜⎜ r ⎝x


1 qr

1 rp

⎞ ⎛x ⎞ ⎛x ⎞ ⎟⎟ × ⎜⎜ p ⎟⎟ × ⎜⎜ q ⎟⎟ ⎠ ⎝x ⎠ ⎝x ⎠ r


1 pq

is equal to ____________.

1 1 1 + +

A) x p q r B) 0 C) x pq + qr + rp D) 1 E) None of these 40. In a problem involving division, the divisor is eight times the quotient and four times the remainder. If the remainder be 12, then the dividend is ____________. A) 300 B) 288 C) 512 D) 524 E) None of the above 41. In a storage battery _________energy is converted into electrical energy. A) Chemical energy B) Mechanical energy C) Solar energy D) All the above E) None of these


42. The hottest part of the gas flame is known as the ____________. A) Luminous zone B) Dark zone C) Blue zone D) Non-luminous zone E) None of these 43. Addition of impurities into a liquid can ____________ boiling point. A) decrease B) increase C) not alter D) first increase and then decrease E) None of these 44. Velocity of sound is fastest in ____________. A) water B) air C) steel D) vacuum E) None of these 45. When an object is moved towards a plane mirror, then ____________. A) image moves away from the object B) size of the image decreases C) size of the image increases D) image moves closer to the mirror E) None of these 46. The image formed on the retina of the human eye is ____________. A) of the same size as the object B) laterally inverted C) magnified D) diminished E) None of these 47. A flying aeroplane is an example of ____________. A) linear motion B) oscillatory motion C) rotational motion D) vibratory motion E) None of these 48. When a ray of light enters glass from water, it bends____________. A) Towards the normal due to decrease in the speed of light B) Towards the normal due to increase in the speed of light. C) Away from the normal due to increase in the speed of light D) Away from the normal due to decrease in the speed of light E) None of these 49. Eye piece of a compound microscope forms a _________. A) real image B) virtual image C) both A & B D) real and inverted E) None of these 50. Dioptre is a unit of ____________. A) microscope B) Telescope C) power of lens D) eye sight E) None of these 51. Mountaineers suffer from nose bleeding due to ____________ A) high atmospheric pressure and low blood pressure of body. B) low atmospheric pressure and high blood pressure of body C) high atmospheric pressure and high blood pressure of body D) low atmospheric pressure and low blood pressure of body E) None of these 52. Which of the following is Fe3O4? A) stone B) sand C) magnetite D) clay E) None of these 53. If a bar magnet is cut in four equal parts then joined together with quick fix, the resulting bar magnet will behave as ____________. A) four bar magnets B) four normal iron bars C) a normal bar magnet D) a normal iron bar E) None of these


54. In dry cell the electrolyte is ____________. A) copper sulphate B) ammonium chloride C) zinc sulphate D) manganese oxide E) None of these 55. Rechargeable battery was invented by____________. A) Volta B) Gaston Plante C) Daniel D) Dalton E) None of these 56. A simple generator consists of a permanent magnet as ___________. A) Rotor B) Stator C) Both A & B D) Slip ring E) None of these 57. In electroplating, the object on which the metal is to be deposited is made of ______. A) cathode B) anode C) electrolyte D) All of these E) None of these 58. South Indian temples are made of _____________. A) Granite B) Sandstone C) Limestone D) Concrete E) None of these 59. ___________discovered cement A) Agassiz B) Albertus Magnus C) Joseph Aspdin D) Janseen E) None of these 60. Thermocole is made from_____________. A) polythene B) polystyrene C) perspex D) Teflon E) None of these 61. Heptachlor is _____________. A) Fungicide B) Insecticide C) Weedicide D) all the above E) None of these 62. Bacterium is regarded as a plant cell, because ___________. A) it has clear nucleus B) it has rigid cell wall C) it reproduces by binary fission D) it is a parasite E) None of these 63. The bacterial action in milk is ___________. A) alkaline B) Acidic C) Neutral D) Saline E) None of these 64. Typhoid is caused by ___________. A) Fungi B) Virus C) Bacteria D) Protozoans E) None of these 65. Edible fungus is ____________. A) Morchella B) Agaricus C) Lycoperdon D) All of these E) None of these 66. Mushroom is a type of _____________. A) Yeast B) Algae C) Mould D) Protozoa E) None of these 67. The process of immunization is known as __________. A) Pathogenesis B) Sterilization C) Immunity D) All the above E) None of these 68. Jam and squash are preserved by adding ___________. A) Acetic acid B) Sodium benzoate C) Hydrochloric acid


D) Sulphuric acid

E) None of these

69. The spice which is called as Allepey green is ____________. A) Cardamom B) Clove C) Pepper D) Olive E) None of these 70. Bonsai plants are ____________. A) Herbs B) Shrubs C) Artificially made dwarf plants D) trees E) None of these 71. Wings of birds and insects are _____________. A) Homologous structures B) Analogous structure C) Vestigial organs D) Artificial structure E) None of these 72. All fuels are mostly compounds of __________. A) Carbon B) Ammonia C) Nitrogen D) Oxygen E) None of these 73. Plant and animal wastes on bio-degradation, give ___________. A) Biogas B) Water gas C) Hydrogen gas D) All the above E) None of these 74. __________ is a xerophytic plant. A) Banana B) Tamarind C) Mango D) calotropis E) None of these 75. __________ flower is sessile. A) Mustard B) China rose C) Sunflower D) Rose E) None of these 76. __________ flower is bisexual. A) Parwal B) Papaya C) Pumpkin D) China rose E) None of these 77. In birds, DDT causes ___________. A) Food poisoning B) prevents the formation of egg shell C) visual defects D) Nervous paralysis E) None of these 78. Leaves of which of the following plant is provided with drip-tip? A) Palm B) Calotropis C) Mango D) Banana E) None of these 79. After fertilization, ovule is transformed into __________. A) Fruit B) Seed C) Embryo D) All the above E) None of these 80. Pashmina wool is obtained from __________. A) Kashmiri sheep B) Kashmiri goats C) Both (A) & (B) D) Southern goats E) None of these 81. The number of electrons in fourth shell of any atom can be _______. A) 18 B) 32 C) 52 D) 36 E) None of these 82. Orbit is defined as __________. A) the space around the nucleus where electron can be found B) fixed circular path around the nucleus where an electron revolves. C) space around the nucleus where no electron can be found


D) fixed circular path around the nucleus where a proton revolves E) None of these 83. Two protons are found in the nucleus of ____________. A) hydrogen B) helium C) lithium D) boron E) None of these 84. The mass of an electron is ______. A) 1837 times the mass of proton 1 th times the mass of hydrogen atom B) 1837 1 th times the mass of oxygen atom. C) 1831 1 th times the mass of carbon atom E) None of these D) 1837 85. Noble gases do not react with other elements to form compounds because ______. A) they are unstable B) they are gases C) they are stable D) they are already compounds E) None of these 86. ___________ method is not used for the preparation of acids. A) Reaction of water with the oxide of a metal B) Hydrolysis of non metal halides C) oxidation of non metals D) direct synthesis E) None of these 87. __________ is an acid. A) NaOH B) NH4+ C) H2SO4 D) OH E) None of these 88. Salts are formed by __________. A) Neutralization process B) decomposition C) hydrolysis process D) dehydration E) None of these 89. A metal may have an atomic number_______. A) 9 B) 18 C) 35 D) 37 E) None of these 90. Horn silver is ___________. A) AgCl B) Ag2S C) AgNO3 D) AgBr E) None of these 91. Match-head contains __________. A) N2 B) I2 C) P D) C E) None of these 92. Eating away of metals by water, oxygen and other chemicals is called ________. A) carbonization B) amalgamation C) oxidation D) reduction E) None of these 93. Which of the following statement is not correct? A) CO2 represents one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen B) CO2 represents one molecule of carbon dioxide C) CO2 represents one atom of carbon and two molecules of oxygen D) CO2 represents 44 parts by weight E) None of these 94. Swimming pools are disinfected by bubbling through water a controlled amount of _______. A) air B) oxygen C) bromine D) chlorine E) None of these


95. Out of the following _______ is lighter than water. A) Potassium B) Sulphur C) Iodine D) Graphite E) None of these 96. ___________ is used as a decolorising agent. A) Charcoal B) Coke C) Graphite D) Coal E) None of these 97. Annealing is _______. A) slow cooling of glass B) fast cooling of glass C) blowing the glass tube safe D) connecting of two glass plates E) None of these 98. C12H22O 12 C+11H2O. The carbon obtained in this reaction is ______. A) Animal charcoal B) sugar charcoal C) coke D) wood charcoal E) None of these 99. Natural gas mainly consists of __________. A) C2H6 B) CH4 C) C3H8 D) C4H10 E) None of these 100. Fossil fuels provide heat which is converted into electricity known as _______. A) hydral electricity B) thermal electricity C) geothermal energy D) All of these E) None of these

Incase of a Tie, Questions from 101 to 120 will be evaluated 101. __________ are built on mountainous regions. A) nuclear reactors B) geothermal stations C) tidal power stations D) Hydropower stations E) None of these 102. Fuels are present in __________ forms. A) solids B) liquids C) gases D) All of these E) None of these 103. Plants use nitrogen in the form of __________. A) N2 B) Nitrates C) NO2 D) NO3 E) None of these 104. With increase in the moisture in air, atmospheric pressure________. A) decreases B) increases C) remains same D) all of these E) None of these 105. Milk is _________. A) fat dispersed in water B) fat dispersed in milk C) fat dispersed in fat D) water dispersed in milk E) None of these 106. Mass of 1 mole of a substance is called its ___________. A) molar mass B) molar volume C) molar concentration D) all of these E) none of these 107. Environment friendly chemistry is otherwise known as ________ A) Green chemistry B) industrial chemistry C) organic chemistry D) all the above E) None of these 108. Water pollution is mainly due to _______. A) CO2, CO and SO2 B) Nitrous oxide, Nitric oxide C) Oxygen, chlorine and nitric acid












D) Ozone, Chloride & SO2 E) None of these Atom is a _______ word. A) Latin B) Greek C) Spanish D) Tamil E) None of these Hard water is not fit for washing clothes because ____________. A) it contains Na2SO4 and KCl B) it gives a precipitate with soap ( Ca+Mg stearate) C) it contains impurities D) it has acidic character E) None of these The fourth quadrant is the set ____________. A) {(x,y)/x>0 and y<0} B) {(x,y)/x>0 and y>0} C) {(x,y)/x<0 and y>0} D) {(x,y)/x<0 and <0} E) None of these If 2s = 9, then the value of s2+(s-1)2+(s-3)2+(s-5)2 is _______. A) 9 B) 25 C) 45 D) 35 E) None of these The number of carpets (1.5m x 2 m) required to cover the floor of a hall ( 15 m x 6 m) will be ________. A) 24 B) 26 C) 28 D) 30 E) None of these A cuboid (3 cm x 4 cm x 5 cm) is cut into unit cubes. The ratio of the total surface area of all the unit cubes to that of the cuboid is ________ A) 180:3 B) 180:9 C) 180:36 D) 180: 47 E) None of these The solution set of the equation x+2 =0, x being positive integer, is ______. A) {-2} B) -2 C) φ E) None of these D) { φ } The area of an equilateral triangle with base 2 cm is __________. 2 cm2 A) 3 cm 2 B) C) 2 3 cm2 3 1 cm2 E) None of these D) 3 a2 + b2 + c2 If a + b + c = 0, then the value of is ______. (bc + ca + ab) A) 2 B) -2 C) 4 D) -4 E) None of these In the diagram , P Q 70 T



R 40 S o PQ || TM || RS. If ∠PQR = 70 ∠RTM = 140o then the ∠QRT is equal to ___________. A) 35o B) 30o C) 25o D) 20o E) None of these


119. If 18225 = 135, then the value of ( 182.25 + 1.8225 + 0.018225 + 0.00018225 is _______. A) 1.49985 B) 14.9985 C) 149.985 D) 1499.85 E) None of these 120. The largest number using three 2â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is _________.

( )

A) 2 2 D) 22 2


B) 2


C) 2 22 E) None of these



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LEVEL - IV 1 10. The value of _______ is a 11 5 E) None of these 6. Out of the following numbers, _____ and ____ are the cubes of negative w...