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Introduction to speaker An abridged history of striptease based entertainment Defining contemporary forms of SBE The delivery formats of SBE in Scotland Perception/delivery/definition – SBE providers


“Around the world we find aphrodisiac dance, whose intent rages from promoting male selection and procreation to soliciting for prostitution. Dance is embedded in divine sanction for sex and erotic fantasy, in sex role typecasting, in rites and passage, in gender metaphors of movement, and in sexual instruction through dance � (Hanna, 1998)

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Bussles and Bawdiness – burlesque in Music Halls Lost in translation – American interpretations of British Burlesque Exotic dance in late 19th century America Wardrobe malfunctions = early striptease The Golden Era of American Burlesque and the Taxi Dancer The Great British Reserve Post-war years: › “in the mid 1950s, strippers became the living embodiments of a

parody of vital statistics, a display of the extraordinary and outsized” (Jarrett, 1997)

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Russ Meyers and ‘the Losers’ Censorship in the UK; SBE ‘works it’ The Go-Gos The Stripper The ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs’ › ‘a form at Adult Entertainment evolving from burlesque – the

genre of exotic dance: striptease dance and its offshoots, including, stripping, topless dance, table dance, couch dance and lap dance’ (Hanna, 1988)

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Socio-politically situating SBE Sex industry or Adult Entertainment – misrepresentative and misleading › Lewis and Tyndale (2000) report AE refers to ‘...escorts, the

casinos and strip clubs’ › Linz et al. (2004) refer to AE as ..’sex related businesses (that) may include pornography, massage parlours, and topless or nude dance clubs’ › And according to the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 ....

“adult entertainment venue” means any premises, vehicle, vessel or stall used for a business which consists to a significant degree of providing relevant entertainment before a live audience; and, for the purposes of that definition – “audience” includes an audience of one “display of nudity” means – in the case of a woman exposure of her breasts, nipples, pubic hair, genitals or anus in the case of a man, exposure of his pubic area, genitals or anus; “relevant entertainment” means – any live performance: or any live display of nudity. Which is of such a nature that, ignoring financial gain, it mist be reasonably assumed to be provided solely or principally for the purpose of sexually stimulating any member of the audience (whether verbal or other means)

Non-Fixed Venue Based Services

Exotics Dancer › Kiss-O-Gram › Stripper

Burlesque Performer

Venue Based Services › Table Dance › Lap Dance › Pole Dance › Stage Dance

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Venue based SBE Tiering of clubs › Upper tier clubs › Middle tier clubs › Lower tier clubs

The operational practices of Scottish strip clubs › Delivery of SBE › Commerce in clubs

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Article 14 Human Rights Act – Freedom of Expression Discrimination in SBE Perception of ‘art’ in SBE by non-service providers/users Perception of SBE providers as to what they ‘really do/are when at work’

Tits, Tassles and Ten Pound Notes: A History of Striptease in Scotland