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Issue 312


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- What Sophie’s Choice? This export comes all the way from the exotic country of India

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- Lead singer of Atanda tell us about their new plans and why their not upset on not winning our “Brand New for 2013” competition.

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CONTENTS Brand New For 2013 20 3rd Place act for Brand New for 2013 – Paper Chasers


We also have a little chat with the hottest up and coming rappers who didn’t quite get the title of “Brand New for 2013”

26 2nd Place act for Brand New for 2013 Atanda

Souful girl group Atanda tell us why their not “fazed” about not getting the title of “Brand New for 2013” and tell us what they got planned.

Brand New for 2013 WINNER – I.M.A.N

Our winner talks to us about taking us to church, her world domination plans and who she looks up to in the music indtry. Plus theHOTTEST pics

of I.M.A.N

Editors Note If you havent noticed the winner is .... I.M.A.N! And boy is she ready to take on the world. We also have the hottest tracks and albums for 2013 - if you thought 2012 was a good year wait to be proved wrong , {Kelly Rowland take over] might as well just tell you know. And how about the infamous brawl between Chris Brown and Drake. The Hype is the only place where you’ll get BOTH sides of the story. In other news Beyonce is gearing up towards a new album and we catch up with how the SuperBowl rehearsals are going and get a quick catch on Blue Ivy.


Photography by: Ria Poscano Interview by: Rage Ali


BRand New For 2013 I

nnovative.Fresh.Regenerating the game with something that no one has ever heard of. These are phrases often used to describe I.MA.N. From the heart of Croydon to being booked as the main act to perform at Madison Square Garden on new years. We talk to The Hype’s brand new for 2013 winner I.M.A.N about their recent win and how she sets to take on the world with her sound, look, and her worldwide stadium tour. Rage: So I.M.A.N how does it feel being The Hype’s brand new for 2013 winner? I.M.A.N: [giggles and then sighs] it feels amazing. I’ve always loved The Hype – it’s one of those magazines that I’ve always read. EVERYONE read The Hype on my estate, I think it was on a small list that people read (because most people did not want to read anyway) but The Hype was just a cultural exception to that. And now being the winner it definitely feels like one of the dreams that I’ve accomplished. Rage: So how would you describe your sound in a nutshell because you get called labelled so many different things, so I want to hear what you describe your sound as? I.MAN: Errr… I think that’s hard because I want to say R&B / pop but as a music lover myself, because you want to portray every single sound that’s possible without it looking like the album was made over a lunch period! I also think people are a bit unsure when it comes to my sound. To be honest I don’t mind what I’m labelled as long as there’s no comparison. I hate when artists are compared to one another. Like Eminem and Professor Green. In the past couple of months I’ve been compared to artists that I personally would never

compare myself to. Did I just get off topic? [Laughs] yeah the album’s mostly r&b, pop, jazz and a touch of grime – to pay tribute to my childhood. Rage: Well….I think you just interviewed yourself there? [Giggles] but how did you get started in music? Where’d you get the ambition from? I.MA.N: I’ve always been watching my sister sing and watch her achieve her dream. But there was one particular moment when I knew I wanted to be a singer. I was around 8 years old and my sister was performing at a benefit put on to raise money for the homeless. And she was singing a ballad. And there everyone was weeping. It sounded so angelic it was unbelievable. Weeks later she was invited back to see how much money they had raised and she handed it to one of the people that lived in the shelter that was getting the money and he said “you’ve made me so happy”. It was from that moment I knew I wanted to sing. When I knew that with doing what a singer does, you could make someone happy. You can give someone else joy. And I think that’s the sole reason why I started to perform. Rage: speaking of your sister how is she?

I.M.AN: She’s good she’s just taking time to rest up from tour. Rage: I saw when she performed at the 02. Does it not worry that whatever you do will always be compared to what your sister does? I.M.A.N: I suppose so. But with my sister it’s nothing more than sibling rivalry. Which we have fun with. Because as artists – we’re completely different. And she’s more of a performer, and I like writing and producing my own music. But no, we never take the comparisons to heart. Because the media always like to portray siblings in two different lights. One sibling is always made to look like an angel and one is always off the rails. But yeah I genuinely am a fan of my sister’s work – especially her new album; I’m in love with her voice and the way that it sounds on her new album. We want know what you plan on doing in 2013? I heard there’s talks of a tour? I.M.AN: Yeah well of course there’s my new debut album which people can buy or download – whatever way they want to get it, just want to make sure that they get it. A tour? I think it’s too early in my career to do a tour. To be honest I want to make sure that home my craft of


singing before I move onto other elements like performing because I feel that artists nowadays are always looking for the quick money and the one hit. Because artists before use to do tours as a form of celebration of the album’s success. Where as now a tour is a method of promotion rather than the celebration. However I think that I might do a couple of open mic nights – purely because I think that it would be fun to visit my hometown after the whirlwind 6 months I’ve experienced. Yeah why not? I’ll go do some open mic nights! It’ll be fun! You wanna join? Rage: [laughs] I think I’ll leave the singing to you I.M.A.N: Why? Is someone uncomfortable with a large crowd? Rage: no I just think that my shower voice should stay where it belongs! Drowned out by the sound of my shower. So

you. Our next question comes from our friends at @chartshowtv and they wanted to know what’s the weirdest thing you’ve done? I.M.AN: well I’ve done a lot of strange things over the years. I’ve been stranded at Amsterdam’s Red Light District. That in itself is a story entirely. I’ve been to India and ridden an elephant. But I think the weirdest thing I’ve ever done is pet a lion. I was so scared and I remember hearing that they can smell fear – so naturally I got even more scared – but when I did pet it, it was so sweet and furry. It reminded me of my cat. So yeah I think definitely petting a lion. Rage: Daredevil much? Ok so @ Nostalgic85 wanted to know growing up who did you think was an inspiration and played a part into the making of your sound today? I.M.A.N: Sooooo many people. Aaliyah for starters, Destiny’s child,

“And now being the winner it definitely feels like one of the dreams that I’ve accomplished.”

we got some twitter questions here for you to answer. Be prepared as I think you’ll be a bit…lost for words I.M.A.N: OK I’m ready fire them at me!

Rage: ok so our first question comes from @i_kiah and she asked “if you weren’t a singer what profession would you see yourself doing?” I.M.A.N: that’s a tough one. I think I’d see myself being a lawyer? Rage: A lawyer? I.M.A.N: Yeah a lawyer. I think partly the reason for me being a singer is that I am able to voice the voices of people who often may not be heard in society. Rage: that’s pretty righteous of

Missy Elliot, Ciara, Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, The Clash, The Who, La Roux. A broad range of artists really. And I wanted to make sure that I pay homage to inspirations. Rage: @heyimalexwbu asked if you had one superpower what would it be and why? I.M.AN: Easy. The ability to make clones of myself because I’ve never had a twin and I always wished I had a twin. Plus it allows you to be in more than one place. Rage: @itrage95 (no relation) asked what advice would you pass on to a someone who is trying to get started within the music industry? I.M.A.N: Find a sound and stick to it because so many people will

Fact File: Name : I..M.A.N Age : 21 Genre of Music : “Freedom of Expression” Pets: 3 Goldfish Guilty pleasure (music): SClub Favourite shop: Brothers and sisters : 2 Sisters Favourite Place: My Bed MOJO Awards: 1 Ideal First Date: KFC Inspirational female figure: Oprah Winfrey What do you look for in a guy? :I’m not into guys who spend longer in the mirror than me

try and tell you that they need to find your sound and make you somewhat marketable. Image is not everything but it does play a part so make sure your image reflects your sound otherwise it will be very hard for people to understand your artistry.


Age 8: First listened to her sister singing in church and then signed up to join the church and was a frequent attending member. Age 12: signed up to 7 different music groups at the beginning of high school and it was then that her ability was truly noticed. Age 14: Decided to apply for The BRIT school - only to be put on the waiting list but was later accepted for sixth form Age 16: dressed for prom , she delivered a “stand out” Age 17: Felt like she wanted the instant stardom that made celebrities like Kim Kardashian but wanted to be known for her music so started modelling and started to do vocals for underground rappers Age 18: Signed by XL Recordings (who also signed Adele) Age 19: Started to make her solo album Age 20: Released her debut efforts to rave reviews and started to get more commercial success. Age 21: Being crowned The Hype’s “Brand New for 2013” winner and winning a MOJO award.


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