RAF News 5 Nov 2020, Edition 1523

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Royal Air Force News Friday, November 5, 2021 P21

Crew View

Sqn Ldr Paul Williams, Imagery Intelligence Staff Officer

I arrived in Izmir with my wife and two young children in March 2020 and have made the most of the opportunities in this wonderful country. My primary role is providing specialist Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance advice to the Command Group Intelligence Division. I write new policies and advice used across Nato and join exercises such as Thessaloniki, in Greece, to develop the intel capabilities of the Georgian Defence Forces in Tbilisi. As the Senior RAF Officer here I provide single Service advice to the Army-heavy Chain of Command, so my fellow airmen get the development opportunities they deserve. This has been one of the most rewarding times of my 18year career and I am looking forward to what the rest of the tour will bring

Land Command Nato

RAF PERSONNEL working alongside Nato counterparts at Land Command in Izmir, Turkey, are playing a crucial role ensuring the Alliance is battle-ready to combat landbased threats across the world. Working within the triService British contingent at Land Component Command, the six-strong Air Force team deliver strategic and tactical oversight on air operations, develop interoperability and command, and control capabilities.

FS Martin O’Hara, G1

Staff Assistant

I started a three-year tou interesting time, especially r in September and it’s been an restrictions that has broughhaving to deal with Covid and the As lockdown comes to an t. experiencing what this beaend, I am really looking forward to Nato can be frustrating at utiful country really has to offer. am used to back in the UKtimes and is very different to what I The mix of different nationbut I am really enjoying it. language really brings us togalities and cultures sharing one environments I have worke ether and it is one of the friendliest My role is within the Co-O d in and the weather only helps. rdination Cell, allocating and completing tasks in time and ensuring people are where need to be, to ensure a sm they ooth running Division

Flt Lt Robert Pritchard Future Operations an , Plans Staff Officer d

nt to Chief of Staff

Sgt Patrick Dougan, Staff Assista

it has been an interesting, challenging I began my tour in January 2018, and and rewarding posting. g its frustrations but I enjoy it, with the mix Working in a Nato environment can brin ugh some struggle with my Glaswegian of differing cultures and nationalities, altho accent. ever been in, and Turkey and its citizens Izmir is one of the friendliest cities I havet kind-hearted you will ever come across. are especially helpful and among the mos nds and implements the Chief of Staff’s I am responsible for ensuring HQ understa and Commander’s directives. s and making sure everything is allocated That means tasking of the 13 Division Command Group are where they need to and completed on time and that the fullish and American three-star is complex but be. Working for a Turkish two-star, Brit I manage to pull it off

FS Mark Coates, Configuration Management

I enjoy the joint and multinational environment and the opportunity to learn about other cultures. With the recent Covid lockdowns life has been challenging in Turkey, the strict measures imposed denied any travel both overseas and in country during the last 18 months. My main role is to plan and implement the CIS requirements for exercises and evaluate other HQs’ capability to be interoperable when communicating with each other. Beside Nato commitments, there is also a need to support the UK contingent in various roles

I am coming to the end of my three-year tour and it’s been a very interesting experience; from an Air Force perspective coming into the Land environment has presented challenges like terminology and culture. As Communications Engineer it’s surprising just how much we have in common and I have successfully contribute to the planning of future d operations and exercises. My role is Graduated Response Planning, Exercise Planning and Military Trainin teams, which has given me theg opportunity to travel to many amazing countries. Exercise planning is the most satisfying element. I get to see all the hard work and planning come together in the exercis problem solving as we go. e, Response Planning feels like the most important work we do and a great opportunity to work with people from all over Nato. It has been a great experience