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Fit for the fight F-35 at Marham Football

UKAF boss it in Rostock

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London calling Historic flypast marks century

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Motor Sport

Drift racer aims for Scots glory

■ Top Guns over capital ■ Up to 100 aircraft in action ■ 25 RAF squadrons ■ 200 aircrew from

14 RAF stations

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Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P3


As the only athlete who completed both races I am now titled Slateman Savage

Sgt Scott Hill speaking after completing a duo of gruelling triathlons in Wales – P29

David Walliams on his new theatre show Awful Auntie, now on tour – R’n’R p 4-5

It’s a real thrill to hear audiences laughing, - one that never leaves you

We are a first tier air force, a global player and a force for good in the world

RAF combat chief AVM Gerry Mayhew on the new F-35 Lightning –p5

I don’t ever work to a script in radio or anything else to be honest

Millwall fan and radio star Danny Baker on his approach to work in general– R’n’R p4

FS Nick De-Long speaking after his UKAF footballers beat Germany 2-0 – p30

To perform like we did was a statement of how far we’ve come

Historic flypast marks 100th Next issue on sale July 13, 2018 Royal Air Force News Room 68 Lancaster Building HQ Air Command High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP14 4UE Email: Tel: 01494 497412 Editor: Simon Williams Sports Editor: Dan Abrahams Features Editor: Tracey Allen News Editor: Simon Mander Sport: Tel: 01494 497563 All advertising: Edwin Rodrigues, Tel: 07482 571535 Email: edwin.rodrigues@ Subscriptions: Adelle Johnson Sheffield Web Caxton Way Dinnington Sheffield S25 3QE Tel: 01909 517331

SUPERSONIC SPECTACLE: RAF Typhoons will be a big presence at July 10 Centenary flypast featuring upto 100 combat, transport and rotary aircraft over the capital

Simon Mander

ORGANISERS OF the RAF 100 flypast say the event will showcase the most impressive display of firepower ever assembled by the Service. The July 10 event will consist of up to 100 aircraft of 23 different types drawn from Air Force units across Britain. RAF100 Flypast project officer Wg Cdr Kevin Gatland said: “The Flypast is the most formidable mass of air power ever assembled by the Royal Air Force consisting of cutting edge technology and very

highly trained aircrew.” The spectacle, exactly 100 years and 100 days after the RAF’s formation, involves nearly 200 aircrew from 25 different Squadrons, operating from 14 air bases and three civilian airfields. “As the Flypast aircraft get airborne they will cover an area of 784,000 square km and when they converge over Buckingham Palace all 100 aircraft will be within 15km of each other,” said Wg Cdr Gatland. Planning has taken nearly a year and during the event, Air Traffic

Controllers will communicate with the aircraft on over 50 unique radio frequencies. Wg Cdr Gatland added: “Safety is the prime concern and for the flypast to go ahead on the 10th July the weather must meet exacting criteria even though some aircraft, such as the Tornado GR4 are quite capable of flying in cloud at 200 feet and 600mph.” The oldest operational aircraft taking part is the Hercules, which this year celebrates its 52nd birthday.

The newest are the H135 Juno, H145 Jupiter, 120TP Prefect trainers all currently entering active service. The lightest aircraft is the 120TP Prefect weighing 1440kg at take-off, the heaviest is the C17 at 265,350kg, 185 times heavier! The largest aircraft is the Voyager, 58.82m long with a wingspan of 60.30m. The fastest is the Typhoon at Mach 1.8, with the slowest being the helicopters. l See p18-21

RAF News accepts no responsibility for unsolicited features, pictures, products or other materials submitted. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the RAF or the MoD.

Who trains more aviation personnel in more places than anyone else?

We do. CAE is the global leader in live and synthetic training for military and civil aviation. We train more than 120,000 SLORWVDQGDLUFUHZHDFK\HDULQPRUHWKDQWUDLQLQJFHQWUHVDURXQGWKHZRUOG1RRWKHUFRPSDQ\RÎ?HUVDPRUH FRPSUHKHQVLYHSRUWIROLRRIWUDLQLQJVHUYLFHVDQGVLPXODWLRQSURGXFWVGHVLJQHGWRHQKDQFHVDIHW\HÉ?FLHQF\DQG readiness. Our people are the driving force behind some of the industry’s leading technologies and innovation for aviation training, such as integrated live-virtual constructive and distributed mission training. We are proud to have supported training for the Royal Air Force on a range of platforms, and look forward to continuing to earn our reputation as a training partner of choice to the RAF. Congratulations on 100 years of service and support to the people of the United Kingdom and allies around the world.

Your worldwide training partner of choice



Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P5


‘We are not holding new F-35 in reserve’ Lightning ready for frontline by 2019 THE NEW F-35 Lightning could be targeting die-hard Daesh fanatics in Iraq and Syria or supporting other UK combat operations anywhere in the world by the end of the year, Air Chiefs say. The first of Britain’s fifth generation stealth fighters touched down at Marham in Norfolk this month and are expected to be ready for frontline duties by December. RAF combat chief Air ViceMarshal Gerry Mayhew said: “When we declare that the F-35 has initial operating capability that is exactly what it means. “We will not be holding this aircraft in reserve. We declare that capability for a reason. “Circumstances will drive it but once we have that initial operating capability it can be called upon for operations.” Equipped with an array of advanced sensors and the ability to transmit huge amounts of data across the battlespace, F-35 is expected to produce a ‘stepchange’ in UK air power. The multi-role fighter will operate alongside RAF Typhoons on combat operations and trials. Integrating the two aircraft types are at an advanced stage, the RAF said. AVM Mayhew added: “This is a step-change. The F-35’s multi-role nature means it can be used from an agile basing concept with stealth and offers a huge data ability – to bring it on and download it. “It has stand-off capability and can operate in the joint environment, with land forces and with our Navy colleagues. “F-35 is not designed to operate in isolation. The key is bringing it together with fourth generation aircraft like the Typhoon. It opens our apertures more and takes us to another level of air power.” The introduction of the F-35 Lightning comes as the RAF prepares to phase out the 40-year-old Tornado, in March next year. The Project Centurion programme will see the Tornado’s

LIGHTNING STRIKE: The first four of the UK’s F-35 fighters arrives at Marham, below, Typhoon with full weapons fit, including Brimstone and Storm Shadow missiles

high tech weapons capability, including high precision Brimstone and Storm Shadow cruise missiles, transferred to the swing role Typhoon. The upgrade in UK combat air power is part of a range of defence moves to counter emerging threats, including those in the cyber realm and from space. AVM Mayhew added: “You can’t just look back over the last three decades and expect that to be the model for future conflict. “This is about air, space, cyber and a host of other things that are now in play. That is why we need spectrum of

capability and that includes Typhoon, F-35 and information gathering to ensure we can do what we are asked to do. “We are a first tier air force. We are a global player and a force for good in the world. To do that you need the technology and the mass.” RAF and Navy pilots with 617 Sqn will be the first to operate F-35 from a new £500 million facility at Marham. The aircraft is set for sea trials with the US Navy later this year and 24 aircraft will be operating from Britian’s two new Elizabeth class carriers by 2023.

COMBAT READY: Air Officer Commanding Number 1 Group, AVM Gerry Mayhew says F-35 is step change in capability



For further information visit


Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P7


Proud Luke’s floored over Rocky tribute THE GREAT DIVIDE: British troops on duty on the Falls Road in Belfast in 1969 PHOTO: PA

Staff reporter

BOXING CLEVER: Airman Luke Pearce, right with former UK featherweight champ Lee Selby who unveiled the statue of Dave Bomber Pearce in Newport

AIRMAN LUKE Pearce has described the unveiling of a statue honouring his uncle, former British heavyweight champion Dave Bomber Pearce, in his home town of Newport as one of the proudest moments of his life. A crowd of more than 1000, including civic leaders and figures from the boxing world gathered in the town centre as Fg Off Luke and former UK featherweight Lee Selby unveiled the life size bronze statue of Pearce, regarded as one of the best fighters the country has ever produced. Luke said: “To see so many people there was incredible. It exceeded my expectations. You could see in the eyes of the people who came the special place that Dave Pearce has in their hearts.” Henlow-based Luke raised more than £60,000 in just 18 months to commission the six foot bronze statue of Pearce who died at the age of 41 after battling epilepsy. His fighting career was cut tragically short shortly after he took the British heavyweight title in 1983 when a brain scan revealed abnormailites. During his prime, the hardhitting Pearce was one of British boxing’s brightest prospects, despite a height and weight disadvantage. The respected boxing writer Steve Lillis selected David Pearce in the Top Ten underrated British champions of all


Under starters orders at Ascot

time. Pearce lost his licence just after he had signed to fight for the WBA Cruiserweight title, when he was ranked seventh in the world and Number One in the British, Commonwealth Heavyweight rankings. The fundraising campaign was given a boost with donations from UK boxing legends Lennox Lewis and Tyson Fury, and the convict Charles Bronson who donated some of his artwork which was sold at a charity auction. Luke added: “The ceremony meant everything to our family and for me this project has always been about doing something for the community that Dave was always so proud to be part of. David was always true his roots and Newport. “There were times when I didn’t think it was ever going to happen but the town got behind the project to honour Newport’s Rocky. I will never be able to thank them enough for the support they have given us.”

BGT star Walliams pops the question to Rhianna... l See R’n’R p4-5

MILITARY PERSONNEL were out in force at the final day of Royal Ascot – designated Armed Forces Day by the trustees of Ascot racecourse. Among the posh frocks, top hats and tails, 105 members of the RAF, Army and Navy were in Service dress uniform officiating as stewards and collecting donations for three Service charities – the RAF Benevolent Fund, the Royal Navy and Marines Benevolent Fund and the Army Benevolent Fund. Last year racegoers donated £22,000 to the charities.

WADD A DAY: Youngsters enjoy the show

Family fun day HUNDREDS OF guests joined the fun at RAF Waddington for the station’s annual Familes Day as temperatures soared. The event inculded a flypast by the BBMF Lancaster




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Book quickly! Call 0800 018 2361 Email Visit *Entry fee required RAFA133 Colour Chaos 2018 Advert_265x333.5.indd 1

01/06/2018 13:38

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P9

News News bulletin

Photo of the week

HANDOVER: Gp Capt Monahan, left, welcomes Gp Capt Franklin at the Central Flying School

Flying training chief appointed

GP CAPT Tony Franklin has taken over command of the Central Flying School following a major £1 billion revamp of UK defence pilot training. Speaking after taking over the post from outgoing chief Gp Capt Fin Monahan he said: “I am honoured to have been chosen to lead this prestigious organisation particularly during the RAF’s centenary celebrations. It is an exciting time for innovation and development.” Formed in 1912, the Central Flying School is the oldest military flying school in the world.

UP BEFORE THE BEAK: The RAF Baton ruffles a few feathers with some Gentoo penguins on Bertha’s Beach in the Falkland Islands. The area is a haven for birdlife, including South American terns, flightless steamer ducks and ruddy headed geese. PHOTO: CPL ROB TRAVIS


Syria strike obliterates arms dump Typhoons hunt down die-hard Daesh

PRECISION STRIKE: RAF Typhoon in the skies above Syria, below left, laser guied Paveway IV bomb hits target PHOTO: CPL LEE MATTHEWS

fighters in Euphrates Valley raid Staff Reporter A PAIR of RAF Typhoons destroyed a terrorist stronghold in the Euphrates Valley as Syrian Democratic forces continue to move in on one of the few remaining Daesh positions in the country. UK Top Guns launched the attack after coalition surveillance teams tracked Daesh fighters to a large building north of the town of Hajin, close to the Syrian border with Iraq. In a separate attack Typhoons and Tornados destroyed a large compound being used as a command centre and weapons cache.

Across the border in Iraq RAF Tornados obliterated a safehouse being used by the terror group as part of a bid to re-establish its operations in the country after being driven out by Iraq troops, in 2017. A group of Daesh fighters armed with mortars were killed in a strike by an unmanned Reaper aircraft, 65 miles from Al Shadadi, UK Defence chiefs say attacks against what remains of Daesh will continue until the terror organisation is wiped out. Since joining the US-led coalition in 2014 RAF Tornados, Typhoons and unmanned Reaper aircraft have carried out more than 1600 strikes across Iraq and Syria.














High Plains Drifter PALESTINE





Racer Coops gunning for glory l Sport p31


Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P10


Medics’ RAF personnel set to run vital field hospital Simon Mander RAF MEDICS are to deploy to South Sudan to support UN peacekeepers helping victims of a brutal civil war that has killed thousands of people and driven two million others from their homes. With more than 400 troops deployed, the UK contribution to the mission in the African country is Britain’s largest UN peacekeeping operation. And the Air Force will run a military hospital providing vital healthcare for international troops protecting Sudanese civilians and ensuring humanitarian aid gets where it’s needed. Sqn Ldr Scott Fitzgerald, who will be the Officer Commanding the RAF Field Hospital when the 29-strong team arrive, said: “Our recent experience has been in carrying out amputations and general surgery on patients from Afghanistan and Iraq, but the South Sudan situation is not an operational wartime mission, and there is a whole new range of conditions we will face. “There are tropical diseases such as malaria, cholera, typhoid, snake bites, and scorpion stings that are serious within that region, and we’ve had to prepare ourselves for that.” “We will be deployed to an isolated environment, in a country experiencing famine and there are well over 120,000 people within the displaced persons camp next to where we are based.” He said the refugees were cared for by US Aid, the World Health Organisation, Oxfam and other aid agencies under UN protection.

We are deploying to a country experiencing famine where there are more than 120,000 refugees in a camp next to the hospital

According to the UN’s refugee agency as of April there were 296,748 refugees in South Sudan and 1.76 million others in neighbouring states who had lost their homes after four years of bitter fighting. “Our primary role is to provide hospital healthcare for all UN personnel, civilian and military, so they can ensure that the nongovernmental organisations can do their work,” said Sqn Ldr Fitzgerald. British Army Royal Engineers are building a permanent medical centre in Bentiu camp next to the current tented field hospital, where the airmen and women will be based, to care for around 1,800 UN

RAF Field Hospital

QUK medics will provide emergency care and transfer injured UN personnel to larger hospitals in Juba. QSince July 2017 the UK field hospital has seen more than 600 patients including victims of a large fire near a civilian camp in Bentiu that resulted in 21 casualties. QThe Vietnamese are due to take over from the UK later this year.

personnel. Vietnamese personnel will take over the new building when it is finished. Since July 2017, the hospital has treated more than 600 patients including victims of a large fire close to the adjacent civilian displaced persons camp that resulted in 21 casualties. The RAF team has been rehearsing some of the scenarios it may face on Exercise Trenton Serpent at the Army Medical Service Training Centre near York. Sqn Ldr Fitzgerald said the Air Force had sought clinicians and nurses from its medical units from Plymouth, Frimley Park, Oxford, Portsmouth, RAF Brize Norton Tactical Medical Wing, Northallerton, and Birmingham to carry out the mission. And to be selected those chosen had to be not only clinical specialists but also capable of multi-tasking. “The uniqueness of our capability is that we have a smaller number of personnel providing the same level and standard services as a larger unit,” he said. He said a similar military hospital would normally have 78 personnel, but by merging individual roles the RAF team had reduced that number to 29. Radiographer Sergeant Tom

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P11

Sudan mission

Crisis timeline DISPLACED: Refugees

Maffia, who when not required to x-ray and carry out ultrasound tests on patients, will act as deputy operations officer. He said: “The training is a good opportunity for everyone to come together as a team and run through a few scenarios around setting up a hospital and getting it running smoothly. “I’ve got a lot of experience in the NHS in Defence Medical Group hospitals, but this is my first chance to perform in a different environment. “We’re as prepared as we can be there will always be that element of the unknown, but in terms of the training we’re pretty much ready to hit the ground running.” Nurse Cpl Luna Kur said the RAF team included a wide range of medical specialists including experts in emergency medicine nursing, intensive care, and aeromedical evacuation. She said: “This is my first deployment and I feel quite privileged to be involved in a UN operation. I think it’ll be really good experience and I am quite happy to use the skills we’ve got outside an NHS setting.”

Britain’s role ■ With more than 300 troops deployed, the UK contribution to the mission in South Sudan is one of Britain’s largest UN peacekeeping operations. ■ British forces are building a permanent hospital for the UN and providing engineering support at camps in Bentiu and Malakal. ■ British personnel are among 18,000 UN troops, police and civilians in the country charged with protecting Sudanese civilians, securing humanitarian aid, investigating human rights abuses, and supporting the regional peace agreement. ■ UK Engineering Task Force troops have integrated with soldiers from India, Ghana, Mongolia and Rwanda in fulfilling the mission.

EXERCISE: RAF medics training for the South Sudan mission at the Army Medical Service, near York (above and top right) PHOTOS: SAC BETH ROBERTS

■ July 2011 – South Sudan gains independence from Sudan after decades of war. ■ December 2013 – civil war breaks out in its capital, Juba, following an alleged coup attempt. ■ June 2014 – 1.4 million people have fled their homes and 4 million – one-third of the population – face critical food shortages as fighting disrupts the farming season. ■ February 2017 – famine is declared in what the UN calls a man-made catastrophe brought on by conflict and economic collapse. ■ May 2017 – a unilateral ceasefire is announced. ■ July 2017 – hunger and malnutrition continue, but famine conditions have improved. ■ August 2017 – More than two million South Sudanese refugees have fled to neighbouring countries, more than half of them in Uganda. ■ The UNHCR is calling on donors to provide US $834.9 million for the South Sudan situation in 2018, of which eight per cent has been funded as of April 24, 2018.

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P12


Be’Cos it’s a special Air show ‘best ever’ as it attracts record crowd

AN EXTRA-SPECIAL air show was held at Cosford to mark the RAF’s centenary year. The RAF100 Gold event was the biggest ever – with 60,000 members of the public attending – and the flying and ground displays were the most extensive ever seen at the Shropshire station. Proceedings opened with the RAF Falcons delivering the RAF100 Baton to Station Commander Gp Capt Tone Baker and what followed was six-and-a-half hours of some of the best flying ever seen at the annual event. Highlights included the Red Arrows, the Typhoon display team, the Chinook display team and the BBMF, who wowed the crowd with their Trenchard formation.

There was also a joint display by a Hurricane and Polish Air Force Mig-29, which commemorated the bravery of the Polish aircrews who fought with the RAF throughout World War II. Outstanding displays were also provided by other allied nations and included the Belgian F-16, French Rafale and Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757. On the ground, the air show team, with the assistance of the RAF Museum at Cosford, GJD Services, BAe Systems and private collectors, put together probably the most comprehensive display of RAF aircraft seen on an airfield in many years – some of which were brought to life by re-enactors who helped to tell the RAF story.

POLES APART: Hurricane and Mig-29 and, right, static displays

HANDOVER: Boy with RAF baton DAKOTA: Re-enactors bring the Berlin Air Lift story to life

I CAN FLY: Young air show visitor gets airborne, with a little bit of help

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P13

landmark for RAF..

BIG GUNS: Typhoons head to RAF Cosford INSET ABOVE: The Reds streak by INSET TOP: Spitfire is readied for action

ROOKIE: Is it us, or are the pilots getting younger nowadays?

DROPPING IN: RAF Falcons and, top, BBMF Lancaster and Dakota over a Spitfire

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Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P15


Province still split on support for UK forces Simon Mander SUPPORT FOR the UK military in Northern Ireland has risen since the end of the Troubles, but the Province still bares the scars of the sectarian divide, according to a new survey. More than 30 years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement and the end of the armed struggle, ex-Service personnel still express concerns for their personal safety. The report, funded by the Forces in Mind Trust, found 42 per cent of Ulster people had a high or very high opinion of the British military today with 12 per cent having a low or very low opinion. And while the figure is higher than the 33 per cent approval rating given when asked about how the Forces acted during the Troubles, opinion on both sides of the religious divide varies dramatically with 71 per cent of Protestants giving a high or very high opinion against only 13 per cent of Catholics. According to the British Legion around 56,700 veterans live in Northern Ireland making up three per cent of the population. But the survey highlights widespread misconceptions about those who serve including the belief that they are at higher risk of poor mental health because of their service. Forces in Mind Trust Chief Executive Ray Lock said: “It’s great to see the opinion of the people of Northern Ireland being heard in relation to the UK Armed Forces. Although we see improvements in

Odiham chopper crews box clever RESIDENTS IN the Hampshire village of Odiham took on their local RAF station at their annual box car race. Chinook crews from 18 Sqn paid a cheeky tribute to the early days of the Air Force hitting the track in a replica Sopwith Camel, outgunning rivals 27 Sqn in their elephant racer. First across the finish line were were the BAE team A Bunch of Tools, pictured below, who beat RAF rivals from 18 Sqn by just half a second.

News bulletin

THE GREAT DIVIDE: British troops on duty on the Falls Road in Belfast in 1969 PHOTO: PA


Parade tribute THOUSANDS LINED the streets of Uxbridge to watch RAF Northolt personnel and the Central Band of the RAF taking part in a Freedom of Hillingdon Parade to mark the RAF’s centenary. Hillingdon’s mayor, Cllr John Morgan, said: “We are proud of our long association with the RAF and its personnel, and their families are an integral part of our community.”

how people perceive the Armed Forces, there is significant work still to be done in relation to views on the mental health and alcohol misuse of ex-Service personnel, and on understanding and awareness of what the Armed Forces Covenant is.” The report recommends more integration to build relationships between veterans and the community. It also calls for a campaign WHACKY RACERS: 18 Sqn and 27 Sqn teams battle it out on the track PHOTO: SAC PIPPA FOWLES

to promote positive images of veterans’ mental health and address misperceptions of alcohol misuse. Other measures should also incude a campaign to improve understanding of the Armed Forces Covenant and its implementation in Northern Ireland. Principal investigator, Professor Cherie Armour of Ulster University, said: “For the very first time we have been able to explore public attitudes

in Northern Ireland towards the UK Armed Forces, veterans’ wellbeing, and service provision. “Key to our results are that most of the public reported they respect the Armed Forces and that many have a high to very high opinion of the UK Armed Forces. Many also reported that they would be supportive of a specialist mental health service for veterans living in the region.”

PROUD: Sgt Hooker with the RAF baton

Vet Fred joins the 100th celebrations FORMER HALIFAX gunner Sgt Fred Hooker joined the RAF Baton relay at a reunion of WWII aircrew recently. The Air Force vet spoke of his pride at celebrating the Service’s 100th anniversary during the recent Project Propeller event in in the West Midlands. He said: “I’m very proud to be able to hold this, very proud indeed.” The RAF100 Baton Relay, which has so far visited every region of the UK and military bases across the world, ends its journey on July 10 on Horseguards Parade, London.

Armed Forces day freebie

MILITARY PERSONNEL can tuck into a free breakfast or carvery meal at a Toby Carvery on Armed Forces Day. The offer is open to serving troops, reserves, veterans and cadets. To download the Armed Forces Day voucher visit: www.tobycarvery.

A ccentury centurry in the th he sky. sky. Wings Wi ings for foor the future. futuree.

Photos P hotos cr credit: edit: Isr Israeli aeli Air Force Force

Elbit Systems congratulates the Royal Air Force Force on a century of historic aviation achievements. ements. t TThrough hrough technology gy and innovation, innovation, Elbit Elbit Systems System ms is proud proud tto o support ssupport the Royal Royal Air A Force Force as it sets sets n ne new w rrecords. ecords. Visit us at Visit at The The Royal Royal International International Air Tattoo Tattoo 13 -15/ 7/2018 13-15/7/2018 Farnborough o International Air rshow Farnborough International Airshow 16-22/7/2018 16 -22/ 7/2018

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P17

News News bulletin


Nigeria steps up anti-terror campaign after UK training NIGERIAN TROOPS are stepping up operations against the Boko Haram terror group following specialist training from RAF Force Protection teams. More than 50 UK personnel have been stationed at Kaduna air base for the last six weeks, drilling more than 400 local troops in battlefield, security and counterintelligence techniques to combat the hardline Islamist group. It is the sixth tour in the country for the RAF’s 5 Force Protection Wing from Lossiemouth.

RAFA’s back in the saddle

The UK team was brought in by Nigerian military chiefs as part of a five-year training programme. Nigerian troops will join the fight against Boko Haram in the North East of the country. RAF Regt Provost Marshal Gp Capt Steve Horne (pictured centre right) met with senior Nigerian commanders before joining UK Force protection instructors at Kaduna. He said: “5 FP Wing are delivering high level training using the knowledge they have gained from years of experience on operations.”

A TEAM of 100 charity cyclists completed a 100-mile challenge to raise funds for the Royal Air Force Association. AVM Gary Waterfall launched the event which is hoping to raise £10,000 to support the group’s welfare programmes for serving and retired RAF personnel.

Hot stuff Gulf team brave desert heat

A family affair for Lossie band

to net £20,000 charity haul

DESERT RATS: The 100-mile desert cycle riders at the finish, above, main, the motorbike team take a breather

IT’S A family affair for three members of RAF Lossiemouth’s Pipe Band – a father, son and daughter and have all been chosen to play at the RAF100 parade in London on July 10. Dad, retired WO Armourer Geoff Allen, served with the RAF for more than 37 years, son SAC Sean is with 6 Sqn at Lossie and daughter Jodie is a cadet Cpl with 423(Elgin) Sqn. The Allens (above) recently took part in the Cosford Airshow.

Mustang debut salute to RAF Rob Reeve Riyadh, Saudi Arabia AN RAF100 charity crusade by UK military personnel in Saudi Arabia has netted more than £20,000 for Forces charities. Hundreds of British personnel stationed in the Gulf state braved searing 40C heat to complete a host of endurance events including a 100-mile motorbike rally across

the Thumamah desert and swimming, cycling and running contests. Along with physical challenges military teams and their families boosted the fundraising tally with less demanding centenarythemed stunts such as moustache- growing and a family bake off event. Even six-month-old baby Zara

Cousins, (pictured left), joined the charity drive by crawling her way to the finish line of a 100-metre track. UK staff are based at the MoD’s Saudi Armed Forces Projects supporting UK procurement contracts with the Saudi government. A spokesman said: “We have taken the RAF100 celebrations to a new level. The determination,

effort and celebrations have been phenomenal across the Kingdom. “Families from Riyadh, Dhahran, Taif and Tabuk have tested their bodies to the limits in extreme physical challenges and have celebrated equally as hard.”

FORD WILL debut a one-off special edition Mustang at Goodwood Festival of Speed next month as a salute to the airmen who flew over the estate almost 80 years ago. The Eagle Squadron Mustang GT (above) has been dressed up in a unique paint job that honours the RAF Supermarine Spitfires of World War II.

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P18


Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P19

Red Arrows

C-17 Globemaster III

l The Tornado has been central to the RAF’s strike capability for almost 40 years and can hit multiple targets from long range, collect reconnaissance imagery and support troops with live video feeds of enemy positions and accurate weapons.

l In 2018, the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, are performing at more than 60 events, as part of the Service’s centenary year and the squadron’s 54th display season. Based at RAF Scampton, the Red Arrows first displayed in 1965 and have performed almost 4,500 times in 57 countries.

l The C-17 Globemaster III can transport vehicles, equipment and personnel across the world. The most powerful aircraft in the RAF, its engines can produce 161,600lbs of thrust. When fully laden, the C-17 weighs 585,000lbs – the equivalent of 200 family cars or two-and-a-half blue whales.

Sentinel R1

Hawk T1

Hawk T2

l V(AC)Sqn will fly the Sentinel R1 in the flypast. More usually found at much higher altitudes, it is the RAF’s only long-range, wide area battlefield surveillance aircraft. It has been used to assess flood damage in Somerset, search for kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls in Nigeria and hunt Daesh terrorists in the Middle East.

l Operating out of RAF Leeming, 100 Squadron is the RAF’s only Red Air Aggressor Squadron flying the Hawk T1 – identifiable by their skull and crossbones crest.

l All advanced fast jet training is carried out by the Hawk T2 – a fully aerobatic, low-wing, transonic, two-seater trainer with avionics similar to frontline aircraft. The T2 has a data link that gives the pilot synthetic radar for intercept training and sensors which allow them to practise combating surface-to-air missiles.


C-130 Hercules

l The Voyager aircraft is operated by 10 & 101 Squadrons in the Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling Role. Entering service in 2011, it replaced the VC10 and Tristar aircraft and immediately began supporting operations in Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands, and, more recently, in Iraq and Syria.

l Celebrating its 52nd birthday, the C-130 Hercules is the longest-serving operational RAF aircraft and is currently supporting Operation Shader in Iraq. The iconic transporter was the first British aircraft to land at Port Stanley at the end of the Falklands War, in Kuwait after the Iraqi retreat and in Tripoli during the evacuation of UK civilians from Libya.

H135 Juno & H145 Jupiter


l The H135 Juno and H145 Jupiter aircraft at DHFS Shawbury provide helicopter training for pilots and rear crew for all three Services and partner nations from basic training to advanced mountain and maritime flying skills.

l The Shadow R1 Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance aircraft has been almost continually deployed on operations since it entered service in 2009 as part of an urgent requirement to support Op Herrick in Afghanistan. Through its comprehensive suite of sensors, the aircraft can provide vital real-time information to commanders on the ground.

E3-D Sentry l 8 Squadron was formed in 1915, celebrated its own 100th birthday in 2015 and operates the E3-D Sentry AWACS aircraft from RAF Waddington. They are the only aircraft in the world capable of refuelling by both probe and drogue and boom methods.

Atlas C Mk 1


l The RAF100 display will be the largest formation flypast the Typhoon Force has ever conducted, with aircraft from all five frontline

squadrons taking part. For the event, they will operate from RAF Coningsby and it will take eight minutes to get all 22 aircraft airborne.

The flypast of the century

l The Atlas C Mk 1 is the RAF’s latest tactical airlifter and can operate from grass, sand or gravel. Its maximum unrefuelled range is 6000km, the equivalent of flying from London to Chicago, and it can carry a 35-ton payload – three times more than a C-130J Hercules.

TYPHOON FAST jets will take pride of place in the spectacular RAF Centenary flypast over Buckingham Palace on July 10, organisers have revealed. But RAF100 Flypast Project Officer Wing Commander Kevin Gatland said there would still be plenty for the crowds to see on the big day. “We’re certainly hoping to have up to 100 aircraft taking part, subject to operational commitments, serviceability, and weather conditions on the day,” he said. The Battle of Britain Dakota will be among the oldest aircraft taking part and the Juno H135 training helicopter will be among the





Grob Prefect

RC-135 Rivet Joint

l The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight of World War II aircraft is a living tribute to all those killed serving in the Royal Air Force or the Royal Flying Corps. Thousands of people see its iconic Lancaster, Spitfire (pictured), Hurricane and Dakota aircraft display every year.

l 72 Squadron flies the Tucano T1 as a Basic Fast Jet Trainer for all rookie Air Force and Navy Top Guns at RAF Lintonon-Ouse. The Tucano has served the RAF for over 25 years and goes out of service in October 2019, handing over to the new Texan T6 at RAF Valley.

l The RAF Bensonbased Puma helicopter is currently supporting the Nato training mission in Afghanistan. Ideal for landing in urban areas, two Pumas can fit into a C-17 and be delivered anywhere in the world, which proved invaluable when they were called on to deliver aid to hurricane-hit Caribbean communities in 2017.

l The Chinook squadrons at RAF Odiham are the workhorses of the Joint Helicopter Command, providing heavy lift at very short notice on operations worldwide and in the UK – where they delivered fuel and food to communities cut off by heavy snowfall in Cumbria earlier this year.

l In 2018 the RAF replaced the Tutor which has trained all of Defence’s pilots since the turn of the century with the Grob Prefect, a significantly more capable aircraft with well over twice the power, a digital glass cockpit and retractable undercarriage.

l The RC-135 Rivet Joint of Waddington-based 51 Squadron collects signals intelligence which is analysed and relayed to commanders on the ground. The aircraft has been operational since entering service in May 2016 and British and American crews can use each other’s aircraft under a unique comanning agreement.

newest. But the Typhoons will form the single biggest element with aircraft from six squadrons based at Lossiemouth and Coningsby displaying. Tornados A total of seven Tornados from the two remaining Marham squadrons will also participate in one of the veteran bomber’s last public appearances before it goes out of service in March. “It’s taken the best part of a year to coordinate all the different elements, military and civilian, to put this together with minimum

disruption to commercial aviation,” said Wg Cdr Gatland. He added that the Civil Aviation Authority had imposed its largest ever restricted airspace zone, stretching from the North Norfolk coast to central London and out to Oxfordshire, to enable the flypast to go ahead.



Win 100 Years of the RAF DVDs l p8

Regulars Announcements l p 6-7

Ross returns – Poldark l p5

Y O U TA K E C A R E O F U S . W E TA K E C A R E O F Y O U . T O G E T H E R W E G O F U R T H ER. C U R R E N T O R F O R M E R M I L I TA R Y P E R S O N N E L C A N S A V E U P T O 2 0%* O N A N E W F O R D .



C U S T O M E R S AV I N G .

TO FIND OUT MORE, VISIT FORD.CO.UK/MILITARYSALES Official fuel consumption figures in mpg (l/100km) for the Ford Kuga ST-Line range: urban 30.1-57.6 (9.4- 4.9), extra urban 44.8- 67.3 (6.3- 4.2), combined 37.7-64.2 (7.5- 4.4). Official CO2 emissions 173-115g/km. The mpg figures quoted are sourced from official EU-regulated test results (EU Directive and Regulation 692/2008), are provided for comparability purposes and may not reflect your actual driving experience. *Military Saving programme available to current and ex-Service Personnel. Including veterans and retired members of the UK Armed Forces. Customer savings of 4% to 20% off the Recommended On The Road price available across the Ford range (excluding KA+ and Focus RS) on vehicles contracted between 26th January 2018 and 31st December 2018 and registered between 26th January 2018 and 30th June 2019. Retail customers only. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other manufacturer promotions or incentives. At participating Ford dealers – for terms and conditions, including the eligibility criteria, eligible models and customer savings visit:

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R'n'R Competition

Win Dam Busters goodies

HAVING THRILLED audiences since its original cinema release 75 years ago The Dam Busters film returns in brilliantly restored fashion courtesy of Studio Canal. Michael Anderson’s 1955 film has become a British classic, ensuring the brave men of 617 Squadron will be remembered forever more and RAF News has teamed up with Studio Canal to offer three goodie bags to win. The bag includes a copy of the RAF Operation Chastise Lancasters poster, The Dam Busters by Paul Brickhill and five DVDs including Angels One Five, Aces High, The Cruel Sea, The Colditz Story and Ice Cold in Alex. Earlier this year, on the 75th anniversary of the raid itself, May 16, the RAF Benevolent Fund held a moving tribute service at the Bomber Command Memorial in London to the 53 men who were killed that night. The charity laid out 53 pairs of gloves, a pair for each man lost, and a minute’s silence was held. A screening of the film was held the next day at the Royal Albert Hall, compered by historian Dan Snow. Snow also provided a pre-show presentation on the history of the raid. For a copy of the restored The Dam Busters Collector’s Edition in DVD format visit: DamBusters. For a chance to win one of our The Dam Busters Collector's Edition goodie bags answer the following question correctly:

Win! 1

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

2 Hereditary 3 Solo: A Star Wars Story 4 Deadpool 2 5 Race 3 6

Book Club (pictured below)

7 Avengers: Infinity War 8 Sherlock Gnomes 9 Show Dogs 10

Blade Runner: The Final Cut – Secret Cinema



When was The Dam Busters film first released? Email your answer, marked


Win copies of Lightning Boys and Lightning Boys 2 by Richard Pike

Tales of an amazing aircraft IN AN international study, the Lightning was voted the fifth most popular aircraft of all time. Lightning Boys by Richard Pike relates the highs and lows, dramas and demands of those who operated this iconic aircraft from the sharp end. The book’s s e q u e l , Lightning Boys 2 continues the themes of tales from pilots and other crew connected with this amazing aircraft, giving a rare insight into post-war fighter operations. Both titles are now available in paperback for the first time, published by Grub Street (rrp £12.99).

UK Box Office Top 10

We have two sets of both books up for grabs. For your chance to win them, send us the correct answer to this question: W h o w r o t e Lightning Boys and Lightning Boys 2? Email y o u r a n s w e r, marked Lightning Books competition, to: or post it to our address on page three of the main newspaper, to arrive by July 13. Richard Pike became a flight cadet in 1961 and flew the English Electric Lightning in the early stages of his 40-year flying career.


Dam Busters competition, to: or post your entry to our address

listed on page three of the main newspaper. The deadline for competition entries is July 13.


Win tickets to RIAT 2018

By entering RAF News competitions you agree to us holding personal details for the purpose of sending out prizes.


Three full days for airshow

THERE'S SO much on offer at this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo – marking the RAF’s centenary – that Friday, July 13 has become a full day of activity, open from 7.30am to 7.30pm. On Friday there will be a continuity drill display by the Queen’s Colour Squadron, a Royal Review of Aircraft and an extra special RAF flypast to celebrate the Service’s first 100 years. The annual airshow – the biggest military airshow in the world – takes place at RAF Fairford, near Swindon from July 13-15. As well as commemorating past achievements, RIAT 2018 will also be celebrating the present and looking to inspire future generations. More than seven hours of flying on each of the Air Tattoo’s three days are promised, including the ever-popular Red Arrows and the RAF’s newest aircraft, the F-35B Lightning. Confirmed aircraft appearing include the Battle of Britain

FAB FOUR: The Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and, inset, Dakota

Memorial Flight’s Dakota, Hurricane, Lancaster and Spitfire, the Typhoon, Tornado G4, A400M Atlas and the A330 Voyager. We have three pairs of tickets to the airshow on July 13 up for grabs. For your chance to win a pair, answer this question correctly: Where is RIAT 2018 held?

Email your answer, marked RIAT competition, to: competitions@ or post it to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, HP14 4UE. Hurry – the deadline for entries is July 9.

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Edited by Tracey Allen

The Big Interview David Walliams


Danny Baker UK tour

Danny's a right Charlie, but he has a good time


ANNY BAKER had it all worked out. He and wife Wendy were going to retire and move to sunnier climes in Portugal. Then something happened… The award-winning broadcaster, writer and performer explained: “I said ‘Let’s do a couple of shows in London, just telling the stories out of the books.’ “The books and the TV series were fine and great. But I still tell the stories first hand, and that’s how they work best. The shows sold out immediately.” In his first show, Cradle To The Stage, 61-year-old Baker covered only a fraction of his upbringing in south London. His new show, Good Time Charlie’s Back!, visits Salisbury on July 18 then goes to more than 20 other venues – finishing at the Swan Theatre, High Wycombe, on October 14. Performing live plays to Baker’s strengths. Responsible for the popular BBC2 sitcom Cradle to Grave, based on the first volume of his bestselling autobiography, he has been described as a supremely gifted off-the-cuff performer who has no need for direction or a script. Baker, who hosts an awardwinning BBC Radio 5 Live show on Saturday mornings, relishes the live experience. He said: “I don’t have a fear of public speaking. Onstage, I like knowing that I’m heading into a really good story. Along the way they’re funny, but I like

to know that they pay off. “I’m having a terrific time myself, and I hope that is infectious. I don’t laugh at my own jokes, but I do clap my hands and think, ‘Oh, you’ll like this, here’s something, this is great, let me tell you’.” It’s astonishing to learn that Baker writes nothing down before he goes on stage. He said: “They’re not written down. I’m like the Navajo; it’s all an oral history, passed down through the generations. It’s not a written language. But that’s the fun of it. If it were written down, the audience could tell, and it would take some of the vim out of it. I don’t ever work to a script in radio or anything else.” He added: “I have an ebullience that some people find annoying, but I’ve said it many times, I’m very shallow. That has become a bad thing, but it’s not in my book. “Too many people today affect a darker side. I can’t bear the word ‘dark’. I’m a euphoric, and that’s all there is to it. I’m stuck with it. “I had loads and loads of uncles and aunts. My wife is one of 10. Our house was always full of pushchairs and bikes and you had to be competitive to be heard. Our family was noisy. But even before I left school, I was fortunate enough to realise that when something funny happened, it would make a great story.” n Go to: dannybaker for ticket and venue details.

MADCAP: Danny Baker

David's Got Talent… and he's crazy for Rihanna


CTOR, COMEDIAN and Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams is now one of the country’s bestselling children’s authors. Four of his books have made the children’s top 10 charts, three have won National Book Awards and his titles have been translated into more than 50 languages, clocking up worldwide sales of more than 17 million. The stage adaptation of Awful Auntie – that topped the children’s book chart for seven weeks when it was published in 2014 – is now on a UK tour. It tells the story of Stella who, when she sets off to visit London with her parents, has no idea her life is in danger. Waking up from a coma three months later, only her Aunt Alberta can tell Stella what’s happened. But not everything Aunt Alberta tells her turns out to be true and Stella quickly discovers she’s in for the fight of her life against her very own awful auntie. Walliams revealed that, surprisingly, his story was inspired by a well-known horror film. He said: “I am obsessed with The Shining. I wanted to create a horror story where a child was trapped in a house with a dangerous relative, cut off from the outside world. “I had a lot of fun creating Aunt Alberta. Villains are always so much more fun than heroes. I wanted her to be funny as much as scary, something my literary hero Roald Dahl always did so brilliantly.” Fortunately, Alberta isn’t based on any of Walliams’ real relatives. He said: “I am lucky enough to have three nice aunties. So in writing the book I let my imagination run riot, which is normally the best way to go.” This show is the second time he has worked

with the Birmingham Stage Company – the first was an adaptation of his book Gangster Granny. Walliams said: “The company are really successful and have been making magnificent family shows for years, so I completely trust them. “You feel like a magician when, as an author, you see your book come to life. It’s a real thrill to hear audiences laughing, one that never leaves you even though I have been making comedy shows of my own for many years.”


e shot to fame with the TV comedy series Little Britain, working with partner Matt Lucas. Walliams went on to write and star in two series of the BBC One sitcom Big School and played legendary comedian Frankie Howerd in the BBC Four TV film Rather You Than Me. He has been a BGT judge with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon since 2012. What does Walliams hope children will take away from seeing Awful Auntie in the theatre? He said: “Stella is a pretty self-reliant heroine, and so I hope children will be inspired to find the strength within themselves to deal with bad situations. “Stella is posh and even has the title ‘Lady’, but by the end of the story she realises none of that is important and that all people should be treated the same. I believe that too.” With so many technologies and activities vying for children’s attention, why does he think children will still pick up a good book? “I think books are so immersive that children do like being alone with them. We all have JK Rowling to thank for turning children onto books in their millions. “A good children’s book should be funny and exciting and have a message that makes you think about it long after you have finished

reading it.” He called Dame Jacqueline Wilson ‘a genius’. “I read ‘Tracy Beaker’ and instantly thought I should give up it’s so brilliant. Michael Morpurgo is an astonishingly good writer who has found an exciting way to teach children about history. I love to read Julia Donaldson books with my son. Judith Kerr is a brilliant author and illustrator, and let’s not forget Michael Bond, who created ‘Paddington’. Walliams chose Mr Stink as the favourite of his own novels. “I think it has a strong message about how we



Poldark Series 4

WALLIAMS: Writer, actor, presenter, comedian and fan of Rhi Rhi (above)

Hero Ross is a man with the Commons touch…

treat people less fortunate than ourselves, and Sir Quentin Blake’s illustrations are absolutely magical,” he said. Is there one thing the phenomenally successful Walliams would like to do but hasn’t got round to yet? He answered: “I would like to meet and hopefully marry Rihanna.” n Awful Auntie tours to venues including Sunderland, Leicester, Reading, Aylesbury, Bournemouth and Cheltenham. Go to: for more details.


E HAVE four tickets to win to see Awful Auntie at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, on Friday, July 20. To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, send us the correct answer to the following question:

Email your answer, marked Awful Auntie competition, to: competitions@ or post it to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, HP14 4UE to arrive by July 13.

MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE: Ross Poldark takes his fight against Warleggan to Westminster


HE WAIT is over – Poldark how close they came to losing series 4 has returned to BBC everything they hold dear. London One with the eponymous hero back calls for Ross, whilst Demelza holds on smouldering form. the fort in Cornwall. Heartthrob Aiden Turner “For me the ongoing Poldark plays Ross Poldark, with Eleanor saga never ceases to excite, Tomlinson as his wife Demelza, in challenge and engage. As a story the latest series of the hit drama, with the portrait of a marriage at adapted by Debbie Horsfield from its heart, sometimes it’s made for Winston Graham’s novels. uncomfortable viewing. Winston It’s 1796 and Ross must defend Graham was writing about a real Cornwall from an empowered marriage, not a rose-tinted starryGeorge Warleggan (Jack Farthing), eyed version of one – but that’s what and risk everything he holds dear as makes it all the more rewarding to he embarks on a political journey bring to the screen. which takes him to the nation’s “The reconnection capital. between Ross and Demelza, Demelza finds her loyalties the renewed passion, the torn, Morwenna (Ellise forgiveness and redemption Chappell) continues to of their marriage has been be oppressed by husband hard won and is therefore Reverend Ossie Whitworth all the more to be valued and (Christian Brassington), and enjoyed.” the Enyses (Luke Norris and Poldark's rebellious Gabriella Wilde) are tested as character has taken never before. on the mantle of This series features responsibility. powerful new characters Turner said: “Ross including Lady Whitworth, realises that an the Rev Ossie’s formidable opportunity to get to mother, played by Rebecca London represents Front (War and Peace, The the only way he can Thick of It). make change happen. Horsfield said: “After Cornwall is too far the upheavals and threats away from where the to their marriage in series decisions are made three, series four sees and although Ross a major reconnection has a lot of influence between Ross and there and people Demelza as they realise to him, FRONT: Lady Whitworth listen


Tickets for Awful Auntie

What is the name of Stella’s awful Auntie? a. Aunt Augusta b. Aunt Alberta c. Aunt Arabella


Nightfall Berlin

change doesn’t happen fast enough. “He is starting to realise that people are attracted to his energy and listen to him because he is this bridge between the working class and the gentry; he is well-educated but understands the working man’s plight. “With the likes of George Warleggan setting himself up in Westminster, Ross realises he needs to go to fight these kinds of people. It is an important time in Britain; William Pitt has just gone into power at the age of 24, making him the youngest Prime Minister ever, William Wilberforce is pushing the bill to abolish slavery and to close some of the poor houses, to end child labour, there is a campaign to increase wages and the standard of living and these are all things that Ross cares about but it can’t be done from Cornwall so Westminster is where he needs to be.” He added: “It is always fun working with Jack but it is especially fun for us as actors to do it this time opposite each other in the House of Commons. It was nice to see him across the room and just think we have made it all the way from the first series, throwing ourselves around bars and taverns and now we are sitting in the Commons staring each other down. Those kinds of moments are always great.” n Poldark continues on BBC One at 9pm on Sundays.


Cold War thriller from award-winner

I TRAPPED: Stella with her terrible relative Terms & conditions: One entry per person. Prize is family ticket for four people to see Awful Auntie at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on Friday, July 20, at 7pm. Winner will be picked at random and contacted by the theatre. Prize is as stated and cannot be exchanged for any other show and there is no cash alternative.

N NIGHTFALL BERLIN by Jack Grimwood it’s 1986 and the news that East-West nuclear arms negotiations are taking place lead many to believe that Cold War relations may finally be thawing, but for British intelligence officer Major Tom Fox the reality looks starkly different. He is being despatched to East Berlin to bring home a traitor who defected to escape justice. But as Fox wades deeper into this climate of fear and deceit, it is clear that there is more at stake than an old man wanting to return home to face his crimes; powerful forces on both sides of the Iron Curtain stand to lose if the defector is given his day in court. Fox soon finds that in the duplicitous world of Cold War Berlin he’s operating alone, in the enemy’s

backyard, unsure who he can trust. If he’s going to succeed in his mission he will need to draw on the skills learned during a past he is trying to forget. Grimwood was born in Malta and christened in the upturned bell of a ship. He is a two-time winner of the BSFA Award for Best Novel and his work has been translated into 15 languages. Nightfall Berlin, published by Michael Joseph (rrp £16.99) is his second thriller. We have a copy up for grabs. For your chance to win it, answer this question correctly then email your answer, marked Grimwood thriller competition, to: competitions@ or post it to our address on page 3, to reach us by June 29. How many languages has Jack Grimwood’s work been translated into?

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 R'n'R 6

R'n'R Your Announcements

You can email photos for announcements on this page to:

Death MCILWAINE David James or ‘Digger’ to many of his family, close friends and associates, sadly passed away on May 30 at Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, aged 57, where he had retired with his much-loved wife Stacey. Father of Steven and Sarah, stepfather to Stephen and Samantha, brother to Sheila and Christine. David donated his remains to medical science and a wellattended memorial gathering and wake was held at Cultus Lake Golf Club, British Columbia. David served at Locking, Neatishead, Henlow, Benbecula, Goose Bay, Falklands, Northern Ireland and latterly at Ramstein, Germany. He will be forever missed – always remembered and loved – he lived with a smile on his face and twinkle in his eye and an outstretched hand to anyone who needed help. Any donations please to ‘Help For Heroes’.

In Memoriam FLT Lt Richard Credland.

March 10, 1980 - July 5, 2009 Dear Rich, remembering you especially at this time of year with much love and affection. So many wonderful memories of our special young man! Love always Mum, Vicky, Jo and Kieron all the family and friends.

to drop target indicators for that night’s operation.



Seeking SEEKING information about Plt Off EC Wearing (178339), a member of my uncle, WO Peter McKee’s wartime crew. WO McKee, a mid-upper gunner and his 614 Squadron crew were one of eight aircraft to take off on the evening of October 20, 1944

Their Halifax II JP232 never came back and five of the crew were reported missing including WO McKee. Only one of the bodies was subsequently found and buried in the Gordian Civil Cemetery – the others have never been found and are commemorated at the Malta Memorial. Edward Charles ‘Ted’ Wearing survived the incident and was captured unhurt in South West Hungary. He was held in various POW camps and then finally in Stalag Luft III. On his release he travelled all the way to Fife to tell WO McKee’s parents not to

How to use our service There is no charge for conventionally-worded birth, engagement, marriage, anniversary, death, in memoriam seeking and reunion notices. For commercial small ads contact Edwin Rodrigues on: 07482 571535. Help us to avoid errors by typing your announcement or using block capitals. We cannot, under any circumstances, take announcements over the telephone. They can be sent by post to: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, RAF High Wycombe, Naphill, Buckinghamshire, HP14 4UE or by email to:

Important Notice The publishers of RAF News cannot accept responsibility for the quality, safe delivery or operation of any products advertised or mentioned in this publication. Reasonable precautions are taken before advertisements are accepted but such acceptance does not imply any form of approval or recommendation. Advertisements (or other inserted material) are accepted subject to the approval of the publishers and their current terms and conditions. The publishers will accept an advertisement or other inserted material only on the condition that the advertiser warrants that such advertisement does not in any way contravene the provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act. All copy is subject to the approval of the publishers, who reserve the right to refuse, amend, withdraw or otherwise deal with advertisements submitted to them at their absolute discretion and without explanation. All advertisements must comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice. Mail order advertisers are required to state in advertisements their true surname or full company name, together with an address from which the business is managed.

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hope for Peter’s return as it was extremely unlikely that he had survived. The rest of the crew were as follows and Ted Wearing was the only survivor: 151290] Flight Lieutenant I.H. Bruce, Captain; [178339] Pilot Officer E.C. Wearing, Navigator; 1548832 Flight Sergeant E.J. Sharp, Wireless Operator; 1523004 Sergeant H. Dunn, Flight Engineer; J87615 Pilot Officer J. Earl, Tail Gunner; J87867 Pilot Officer J. McCormack, Bombardier; 1057959 Warrant Officer P. McKee, Mid-Upper Gunner. The visit for Ted must have been horribly painful but the whole family have always remembered his kindness in visiting them and would like Ted, if he is alive, or his family to know how much they all appreciate his actions and that they will forever be grateful to him. Please email Eileen McKee: if you can help. SERVICES Caravan Club (Germany). Exiles searching for ex-members who served in Germany from the mid Sixties which included serving members of the RAF, Army, Navy, PSA, NAAFI and all other organisations involved with the Armed Forces in Germany. Please email: Geoffrey Cropper on: THE British Liaison Officer at the German Armed Forces

Staff College (GAFSC) Hamburg, Lt Col David Hercus, wishes to make contact with a number of RAF students who attended Advanced Staff Training at the GAFSC. The GAFSC is keen to maintain links with former students and update them on developments in Hamburg. The officers in question are as follows (and they might well have retired in a higher rank than that shown below, particularly those shown as Squadron Leaders): Gp Capt (Ret'd) RL Joyce (Richard), student 196971; Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) JN Landeryou (John), student 1973-75; Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) D Merriman (Don), student 1974-76; Gp Capt (Ret'd) JD Lunt, student 1975-77; Wg Cdr (Ret'd) RC WillisFleming (Robin), student 1976-78; Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) MJ Purdie (Michael), student 1977-79; Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) MA Gaynor (Malcolm), student 1979-81; Sqn Ldr (Ret'd) C Whitaker (Charles), student 1981-83; Wg Cdr (Ret'd) A Sawyer OBE (Alan), student 1987-89. Please email Lt Col Hercus on: or email: davidhercus@bundeswehr. org. Information on the final rank attained, final appointment in the RAF, the date they retired and what they did after leaving the RAF would also be useful. Some potential students are put off by the prospect of

undergoing Advanced Staff Training overseas and it can be useful to reassure them graduates of the GAFSC still have a career ahead of them. SEEKING information on Cpl Jeff G Smith who served in the 10th Squadron at RAF Brize Norton from 1968 to 1970. Please call: 01443 492063 after 6pm. SEEKING Bill Roche Corporal 1956/57 stationed around North Wiltshire area. Contact Doreen Freegard née Nolan doreenfreegard@ 7 Glevum Close, Purton, Wiltshire SN5 4HA; 01793 770178. Any information. SEEKING my uncle John Leggate from Strathaven who served at Campbeltown, Scotland. If anyone has information please email: Ricky1690stewart@yahoo. com or call: 07490 083693 as I wish to contact him and Susan his wife. SEEKING RAF Boy Entrants of the 43rd Entry RAF Saint Athan from 1961-62. Contact: don43rdentrysaints@yahoo. com or via our website: 43rdentr yrafstathan. RAF Administrative Apprentice Association. Seeking all Administrative Apprentices who trained at RAF St Athan, Bircham Newton, Halton, Ruislip

Top aviation art on show AIR CHIEF Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy, former Chief of the Air Staff, will officially open the 2018 Aviation Paintings of the Year exhibition next month. The show, at The Mall Galleries in London SW1, features 388 original works of art on display from 122 artists – the largest event of its kind in the world. The annual exhibition is now in its 48th year. All eras of aviation will be represented, from the earliest hot air balloons through to current airliners and combat aircraft from

ANNUAL EXHIBITION: Above, Cold War Cats by Steve Chard and below, left, detail from Biscay Surprise by John Wynne Hopkins, both GAvA members

the world’s air forces. The free exhibition is open to the public from July 10-14, when senior Guild of Aviation Artists members will give informal demonstrations of aviation painting in oil, watercolour or gouache. Exhibits cover a wide range of techniques and styles in watercolour, oil, pen and ink, pencil, gouache, pastel and acrylic

from Guild members and other artists. Prospective purchasers can apply to the Guild Office to attend the Buyers’ Preview on July 9. A commentary on exhibits by senior Guild member, former chairman Graham Cooke, will be given on July 12 at noon and at 6pm. l Go to: for more details.

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CSDE F4J(UK) Project reunion. Interested? Please contact Ted Stickley: 01271 377159 or: 07889 680041.


Memorial service

45TH Entry C Flt 3 Sqn Suppliers reunion July 13 and 14 at Three Counties Hotel, Hereford. Anyone interested please call Dave Bell in Hull on: 01482 377625. 249 Sqn's final Association reunion on the 100th anniversary of the Sqn's formation is at North Weald on August 18. Please contact the Hon Sec Tommy Cullen on: 01914550229. VANBRUGH Castle School Reunion – Sunday, September 2. All former pupils and their families are welcome. If you are interest in attending, please email v anbr u g h c a st l e s ch o ol @ 313 Entry RAF Hereford Supplier General. 50 years since we were at Hereford. Interested in a reunion? Please email: David Johnson: DCJ440.313@btinternet. com

SERVICE to unveil VC commemorative stone for Major Edward 'Mick' Mannock –11am, July 24, Old Steine War Memorial, Brighton, BN1 3OQ. All welcome. Contact: diane.

RAFA service NOTTINGHAM RAFA are holding their annual Battle of Britain service and parade on Sunday, September 16 at St Mary's Church and would like to hear from Commonwealth veterans in the Nottingham area who would like to take part. Please contact: Mrs M Bell, 107 Leyton Crescent, Beeston, Notts NG9 1PS.

RAF Changi Assoc RAF Changi Association (inc. HQFEAF), looking for


new members, all ranks and civilian personnel who served 1946-72. Call Malcolm Flack on: 01494 728562; email: for details.

Ldr Wilmot on: 0207 218 7907, Mon -Fri, 8-6pm.

Food festival returns

SOE Memorial service DIANA Rowden (pictured right) was a courier and secret agent in France working behind enemy lines for the Special Operations Executive during World War II. She was the only English woman to be killed at Natzweiler Concentration Camp – a camp for men only. It was just one month after D-Day and when the end of the war was in sight. She had been betrayed by a double agent. There will be a remembrance service at Natzweiler Concentration Camp on July 6, the anniversary of Diana's death. It will be the very first time Diana's English family and her descendants, plus the French family who helped to hide her and her radio operator and their descendants, will gather there to pay tribute. For enquiries please contact Sqn

ARAFWO THE Association of RAF Women Officers (ARAFWO) has been providing opportunities for women officers to maintain contact with the RAF and each other since its formation in 1955. Membership is open to all serving and former serving women officers of the RAF, RAuxAF, RAFVR(T), WRAF, WAAF, WRAuxAF and WRAFVR. All eligible ladies are invited to join and will be given the warmest welcome. Please email: suearnold474@; call: 07740 86565.

MORE THAN 90 local producers of artisan food and drink will be exhibiting at the annual Cosford Food Festival next month. Held at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford on July 21-22, the market will be packed with favourites on the food festival scene, with plenty of new local producers at this year’s event. Foodies can feast on a line-up of street food with flavours from around the world. The diverse menu on offer will include African, Indian, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Now in its sixth year, the Cosford Food Festival attracts thousands of food fans. Tickets to the festival are available in advance via the Museum website: O You can keep up to date with the latest Cosford Food Festival info by following the event on Facebook @ CosfordFoodFestival.


,ĂǀĞŶKĨīŽƌĚĂďŝůŝƚLJ Think London think Union Jack Club

zŽƵƌDŝůŝƚĂƌLJ/ŝƐĂůůLJŽƵŶĞĞĚ ƌĞĂƚĞLJŽƵƌƉƌŽĮůĞ at For online bookings and Member ƐƉĞĐŝĮĐĞǀĞŶƚƐ͘ &ƌĞĞ'LJŵǁŚĞŶƐƚĂLJŝŶŐ



General enquiries: 020 7902 6000 ϮϬϭϴ&ƌŝĚĂLJͬ^ĂƚƵƌĚĂLJ




















Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 R'n'R 8

R'n'R Prize Crossword No. 229

Solve the crossword, then rearrange the nine letters in yellow squares to find an RAF station.

Name.................................................................................................................... Address................................................................................................................ .............................................................................................................................. ..............................................................................................................................

No. 238 Fill in all the squares in the grid so that each row, each column and each 3x3 square contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

Across 1. Enthusiastic queen embraces maturity (5) 4. Tentative proposal maybe frees the Spaniard (7) 8. One rib used in any Indian dish (7) 9. In Edinburgh a national from this country appears (5) 10. Primate cross at summit (4) 11. Made a high-pitched sound and moaned about Northern Ireland (8) 13. Is back with additional remark about drinks (4) 14. Losing nothing, noisy party goes to seed (4) 16. Show mercy by dispensing heavy tip (4,4) 17. Goddess of training helicopters (4) 20. Girl who is almost typical (5) 21. Noticing point James Bond spills his gin (7) 22. Hammers Frenchman, everyone set aside (7) 23. Obvious 100 attended Shakespearean king (5) Down 1. Oh, membrane rep destroyed by trainer (7,6) 2. Overindulge pointless Royal prince (5) 3. Actual Madrid outfit (4) 4. And 5 Down. Frightening Lee into becoming a member of the crew (6,8) 5. See 4 Down 6. Uncle, say, loses his head with joy (7) 7. He spreads rumours about camel, grandson (13) 12. Spot high-flier on reconnaissance mission (3,5) 13. A few chop off middle of azalea (7) 15. Emphasise this type of anxiety (6) 18. Bring together football team endlessly (5) 19. In sleep I conceive lengthy poem (4)

Prize Su Doku

Solutions should be sent in a sealed envelope marked 'Prize Crossword' with the number in the top left-hand corner to RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4UE to arrive by July 13, 2018.


The winner of Crossword No. 226 is Mrs J Banthorpe from Harleston who wins a copy of SOE Heroines by Bernard O'Connor ( Solution to crossword No. 226: Across – 6. Bristol 7. Greed 9. Cigar 10. Sopwith 12. Beaufighter 14. Iron Curtain 18. Roundel 19. Smear 21. White 22. Fast Jet. Down – 1. Trail 2. Escape 3. Pop 4. Growth 5. Beetles 8. Goliath 11. Sutures 13. Brioche 15. Ninety 16. Inmate 17. Camel 20. RAF.

RAF station.......................................................................Crossword No. 229

Solutions should be sent in a sealed envelope marked 'Su Doku' with the number in the top left-hand corner to RAF News, to arrive by July 13, 2018. Su Doku No. 237 winner is Mr J Curtis from Chippenham who wins a copy of Liberators Over The Atlantic by Jack Colman and Richard Colman (fonthillmedia. com).

................................................................................. Address................................................................... ................................................................................. ....................................................Su Doku No. 238

Solution to Su Doku No: 237

Aviation term – Dog Fight



On tour

Forces TV

Sun Records – The Concert

100 Years of the RAF DVD

Whole lotta shakin' T HE RECORD label that brought you Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Rufus Thomas and many more rock’n’roll pioneers comes to life on stage at the New Theatre, Oxford on Saturday, July 14. Theatregoers can revisit the recording studio where the distinctive Sun sound was crafted by musical visionary Sam Phillips. His trailblazing Memphis studio brought us That's Alright Mama, Great Balls of Fire, I Walk the Line, Whole Lotta Shakin', Bear Cat, Blue Suede Shoes, Good Rockin’ Tonight – hundreds of hits that would influence the world of music. Featuring the musical instruments of the era, starring a multi-talented cast of singers and a supporting cast of great musicians, the officially-endorsed concert show takes you back to the birthplace of rock'n'roll. We have five pairs of tickets to give away to the Sun Records Concert Show. Simply answer the following question to be in with a chance of winning: Sun Records discovered the King of Rock and Roll, better known as:


a. Elvis Presley b. Liberace c. Shakin’ Stevens Send your answer, marked Sun Records Show competition, by email to: competitions@rafnews.

TRAILBLAZING: Elvis Presley's hits feature in the Sun Records Concert Show or post it to our address on page three of the main newspaper. The winners will be drawn at random. Editor’s decision is final and there is no cash alternative. Hurry, the closing date for entries is July 11.

Win centenary film TO MARK the release of 100 Years of the RAF out now on DVD, RAF News has five copies to give away. Officially endorsed by the RAF Benevolent Fund, this new documentary celebrates a century of the Royal Air Force. For 100 years the Service’s courage, perseverance and innovation has secured freedom, survival and safety for the many – at home and abroad. Since its infancy, the RAF has d emonstr ate d the power behind its o r i g i n a l mission: to embody an agile, adaptable, capable air force. Formed in 1918, the Service has continued to develop r adi c a l ly, responding to the demands


put upon it and embracing burgeoning new technologies. Narrated by Sir Martyn Lewis the DVD (rrp £9.99) includes extraordinary and unseen historical footage of World Wars I and II. The film is produced and directed for Forces TV by Andromedia and in association with Octopus TV. For your chance to win a copy, just answer this question correctly: Tell us who narrates the 100 Years of the RAF DVD? E m a i l your entry, marked 100 Years DVD, to: competitions@ or post it to our address on page three, to arrive by July 13.





Queen Ethelburgaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

â&#x20AC;&#x153;To be the best that I can with the gifts that I haveâ&#x20AC;?

Queen Ethelburgaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s has a long standing relationship with the British Forces,

We pride ourselves on our wrap-around specialist pastoral care for our

welcoming students from military families for over 100 years. We currently

students, providing a secure and supportive home from home. We are focused

have over 300 such students living as part of the QE family.

on creating the right learning and living environment so that every one of them can thrive.

We welcome day students from 3 months to 19 years and boarders from 6 years to 19 years. We are CEA accredited and in recognition of our

For further information or to arrange a visit contact our admissions team on:

commitment to Forces families, we offer a significant reduction in fees. In 2017/18 this meant that our Forces families paid just 10% of fees, around ÂŁ925 per term. Fees for 2018/19 are to be confirmed.

Tel: 01423 33 33 30 Email: Thorpe Underwood Hall, Ouseburn, York, YO26 9SS |

Puma HC2 Chinook HC4 Juno H135 Jupiter H145 Dakota Lancaster Spitfire Hurricane Prefect T1 Tucano T1 Shadow R1 Hercules C-130J

A400M Atlas

C-17 Globemaster

BAE146 Sentinel Voyager

Rivet Joint RC-135W

E-3D Sentry Hawk T1 Hawk T2 Tornado GR4 Typhoon FGR4 Red Arrows


SSAFA S SAFA P Personal ersonal S Support upport and and Social Social Work Work Service Service provides em otional a nd p ractical ssupport u p po r t provides emotional and practical to Regulars, Regullars, Reserves Reserves and and their their families. families. to Contact C ontact o our confidential, confidential, independent service s service on:

Call Ca all 0 03000 300 00 111 7 723 23 Available A vailable a 24-hours 24 4-hours hours a day, day, 365 da days ys a y year ear psswsR RAF@s A Email Our offices offic ces are are also open Monday-Friday M Monday-Friday 08.30-17.00 08 8.30-17.00

Registered as a charity in England and Wales Num mber 210760 in Scotland Number SCO38056 and in Republic of Irela and Number 20006082. Established 1885. S266.0318

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P23

Post: RAF News, Room 68, Lancaster Building, HQ Air Command, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP14 4UE Email:

Q Please note letters must be a maximum of 300 words and any accompanying pictures sent as attached, hi-res jpeg files


at CAS proud? Of Cos he is! Marvel Manston

HAVING ATTENDED Star Cosford air show recently for the first time in many years, letter drawn largely by the promised 100-aircraft static display, I would like to congratulate the organisers on delivering such a fantastic show which will be long remembered (see pp12-13). The static display totally fulfilled my expectations, being one of the best I’ve seen in many years – especially the Age of Uncertainty section with several generations of interceptors, ranging from the Meteor to the Tornado F3. However, it was also imaginatively presented in a series of time capsules and whilst some NOSTALGIA: Re-enactors helped make show special. Right, CAS might argue that contemporary exhibits such as the steam loco and Similarly, the many re-enactors, that was missing the galloping horses roundabout who are often over-employed these was the smells. distracted from the aircraft, I felt days, fitted in perfectly at this Perhaps castor that they lent an authentic sense of event. Thus we had the sights and oil sprinkled about the period and I attach a photo to sounds, and even the tastes, of the around the World War I illustrate this (above, right). period in the vintage village. All aircraft or Woodbine smoke

Chance to win bottle of spirits THE WRITER of our star letter or email of the month wins their choice of either a bottle of Spitfire Heritage Gin or Supermarine Vodka

‘built to be the best’ from www.spitfireheritagegin. com. Spitfire Heritage Distillers support the Spitfire Heritage Trust.

wafted across the Battle of Britain dispersal, where a couple of the reenactors sported pipes which did not appear to be lit. Had my late father been there, who was never without a pipe, I’m sure he would have taken a delight in offering them a light from the collection of lighters he always carried. The flying programme was also very good. The Hurricane/ MiG-29 formation was a much appreciated bonus and best of all was the perfect weather. On my way out I passed the Chief of the Air Staff, who seemed to be taking a close personal interest in the running of the show. He can take comfort in a first-class job, well done. Mick Britton, Rotherham

The Airman’s Hymn is on song RE Colin Cummings’ letter (RAF News No 1445) about ‘The RAF Hymn’. It is no more RAF than the one he refers to as the Navy’s. For Those in Peril on the Sea and The Airman’s Hymn are both generic titles, not Services specific.

They are for all who sail the seas or fly in the air. The Airman’s Hymn is popular and appropriate, particularly when played by one of the RAF bands, and I see no reason for change. Ted Bates, Honorary Secretary, Aylesford & Malling RAFA

SOMETHING VERY strange happened when I was at RAF Manston in 1940, waiting to be posted to 1TW EFTS (Tiger Moths) and eventually to Canada. One night at Manston a friend and I were sent on patrol around the surrounding little lanes and told to report anything suspicious. It was a clear night with a full moon. Suddenly, standing at the top of a lane that sloped down for a quarter of a mile, I saw a black cloud shadow to the south east. Puzzled, we watched the cloud, about the size of a football pitch, moving slowly towards us. We could also hear a strange noise, like the distant sound of the sea. The cloud reached the lane and flowed over it like black water, spreading out into a field to our right. Suddenly, a small bit of this cloud broke away and was going to cross the road about 20 yards away. We then discovered what this cloud was – it was made up of thousands or indeed hundreds of thousands of migrating rats. The Flight Sergeant was astonished when we told him what we had seen. We never heard any more about it. If anyone else knows about such a strange event, I would like to know. John H Vaux, former navigator, Herne Bay, Kent

Three tools to help you monitor your pension

BENEFITS Information Statements (BIS) were first sent out in August 2015 to those with birthdays in that month. Thereafter, all serving personnel should have received a fresh BIS annually, shortly after their birthday.

The idea is to provide a concise statement of your pension earnings up to the date of the BIS and offer the opportunity to identify and correct any errors you find. The BIS is a snapshot of your pension as if you were leaving service on your birthday that year and the spouse or civil partner benefits which would become payable if you were to die in service at that point. It separates the benefits clearly so that you can see which pension benefits result from membership of which scheme, and when they are payable. It does NOT show benefits transferred in from other schemes, the value of any Added Years or Added Pension purchased, or the impact of divorce-related orders on the pension. Further, it does not mention the benefits payable for dependent children or unmarried partners. These are omitted is to keep the BIS simple. The eligibility rules for children under AFPS 75 differ so markedly from those of AFPS 05, AFPS 15 and RFPS, and AFPS 75 does not feature pensions for unmarried partners. To cover everything would make the document too complicated, and discourage the owner from reading it! The BIS will only be as accurate as the data used to compile it and you are responsible for auditing that data. The information used to compile a BIS is taken from your service record on JPA and, if you find

The MOD provides you with three tools to help you monitor your pension earnings. In this article Mary Petley of the Forces Pension Society explains what they are and the difference between them. an error, you should raise it with your Unit HR. If they can’t sort out the anomaly, they will pass it to JPAC for investigation. So, in a nutshell, the BIS, is a welcome and useful tool but it does not offer a forecast of benefits payable at an exit date in the future and should not be used for financial planning. It is currently being reviewed with a view to making it more user-friendly. The Pension Calculator Its accuracy depends entirely on your ability to input data that is meaningful and, like the BIS, it has some limitations. For example, if you have benefits in AFPS 75 it will assume that your rank for pension is the rank that you have told it you hold. The problem is that under AFPS 75 rules your rank for pension is: For Other Ranks - the highest paid rank held for two years in the last five; or For Officers – the highest substantive rank held for two years or acting rank held for three years. Periods of more than one year of the two or three required, a proportionate uplift in the pension is applied. The Pension Calculator cannot deal with this and will always assume that the AFPS 75 rank

qualification criteria has been fulfilled. It cannot deal with split service, transfers in, Added Pension/Years or Pension Sharing Orders. The message here is that the Pension Calculator is a terrific tool in many respects, but it is not fool proof and it comes with a disclaimer! Formal Pension Forecast calculates your benefits using your data as held by DBS and the actual rules of the scheme or schemes in which you have accrued benefits. Everybody is entitled to one free formal pension forecast a year and to get it you must apply on an AFPS Form 12 (while still serving) or an AFPS Form 14 (once discharged). If you require the pension value for divorce purposes, you should apply using an AFPS Form 2 (CEV). Again, when you receive your forecast check it – errors can occur. So, to sum up, you have three methods of pension monitoring available to you – the BIS annual snapshot, to whet your appetite, the Pension Calculator to give you a self-help forecast and the formal Form 12 pension forecast provided by Veterans UK on request. All are useful in their own way but the most useful one to rely on for financial planning is the formal pension forecast – but even that contains a disclaimer. Of course, the fourth tool at your disposal is us, and we come with the advantage that we can talk back to you. If you are a Member of the Forces Pension Society and have any questions on this or any other pension issue, please contact us on . If you are not a Member but would like to know more about us, visit





Being a Vauxhall Partner means exclusive savings on a shiny new Vauxhall for you and your family.


To find out more visit: Call 0344 875 2448 or visit your local Vauxhall Retailer.

Official Government Test Environmental Data. Vauxhall range combined fuel consumption figures mpg (litres/100km): Urban: 24.6 (11.5) – 74.3 (3.8), Extra-urban: 39.8 (7.1) – 91.1 (3.1), Combined: 32.5 (8.7) – 85.6 (3.3). CO2 emissions: 199 – 88g/km.# For Partners Terms, Conditions and Exclusions go to #Fuel consumption information is official government environmental data, tested in accordance with the relevant EU directive. Official EU-regulated test data is provided for comparison purposes and actual performance will depend on driving style, road conditions and other non-technical factors. Vauxhall Motors Limited reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw this offer at any point in time. Correct at time of going to press 16/05/2018.

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P25

News NOT QUITE DONE: More details are to be added to the cake

Chef puts icing on the cake of centenary celebrations... Instructor Cpl Ian Mark is a Top Bun NO BIRTHDAY party would be complete without a cake and the Air Force’s centenary celebrations will be no exception. RAF chef instructor Corporal Ian Mark and eight students at Worthy Down Barracks near Winchester have put together a one-anda-half metre high, six-tier dessert which will be cut by the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier. “It’s a fruit cake so it has

quite a sturdy structure and its made with three litres of sherry and brandy so it should be nice and moist,” said Cpl Mark. The top ‘bun’ is to be elaborately decorated with five types of aircraft – a biplane, a Red Arrows Hawk jet, a Spitfire, a Chinook helicopter and a Typhoon. And for the finishing touches it’s festooned with the RAF 100 motto, roundels, poppies and even two layers of combat camouflage colours. “The students and I mixed

up the ingredients based on a recipe for a Royal wedding cake and it took a day-and-a-half to cook,” said Cpl Mark. “It’s still something of a work in progress and I’ll be taking a week’s leave to finish off the detail ready for the flypast.” A wooden box is being specially made to safely transport the cake to Horseguards’ Parade in London ahead of the RAF100 Flypast over Buckingham Palace on July 10 (see pp18-19 for more on the flypast).

WORK OF ART: Camouflage cake bears roundel, RAF emblem and RAF100 logo (above) KITCHENS: Where the spectacular sweet treat was created by Air Force instructor (left)

Your WelComE account card... A WelComE account card is assigned to you for your entire military career and can be used to access telephone and Internet services whilst deployed. You should receive it after basic training. If you haven’t been given it, speak to your HKTPUVѝJLY For more information visit: Lost your account card?

No worries! Speak to your

HKTPUVѝJLY^OV^PSSILHISL[VWYV]PKL`V\^P[O`V\Y>LS*VT, account number and a password to reset your PIN.

WelComE Customer Contact Centre |


Find out how we can help you become better equipped for civilian life visit

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P27


Nuclear Bomber pilot who joined CND


IR CDRE Alastair Mackie, who has died aged 95, commanded a Vulcan nuclear bomber squadron. In retirement he became a committed member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. He joined the RAF in 1940 and trained as a pilot before joining 108 Sqn in August 1941. Based at Fayid in Egypt, his first operation was against Tobruk. Over the next few months he attacked targets in support of the British 8th Army including Benghazi and Tripoli. He converted to the US-built four-engine Liberator bomber and his first raid was a daylight operation against a harbour in Crete. In addition to regular attacks against Tripoli, he flew daylight anti-shipping sorties in the Mediterranean. In December 1942 he attacked the Tunisian port of Sfax. After dropping his bombs on the quays, he descended to 400 feet and made three runs to allow his gunners to strafe the warehouses and shipping. In mid-January he flew his fiftythird and final sortie, bombing Tripoli. He was just 20 years old and was awarded the DFC for his ‘great perseverance and tenacity’. He returned to the UK and became an instructor on Dakotas. In February 1944 he joined 233 Sqn prior to the D-Day landings. On June 5, 1944, Mackie was

piloting one of 24 Dakotas that took off from RAF Blakehill Farm near Swindon as part of the Allied air armada heading for Normandy. On board were men of the 3rd Parachute Brigade who were dropped near Toufreville.Throughout the summer of 1944, he flew many re-supply sorties into hastily prepared landing strips in Normandy, returning with the wounded On September 17, Operation Market was launched with the 1st British Airborne Division tasked

to capture the bridge at Arnhem. Mackie towed a Horsa glider and released it over the landing zone west of the town. Over the next few days, the anti-aircraft defences intensified and he dropped supplies to the beleaguered force. On the final day, his crew encountered difficulties over the drop zone and he was forced to make three runs against intense enemy fire before all his supplies were dropped. He finally escaped at low level

only to discover later that the area was partly in German hands. He was awarded a Bar to his DFC. In March 1945, he flew on Operation Varsity, the airborne landings across the River Rhine. At dawn on March 24, 1945, he and crews of 233 Sqn took off from an airfield in Essex, each with a Horsa glider in tow. The gliders were released over Wesel and landed on the east bank of the river. After the war, Mackie flew Dakotas on worldwide routes before becoming a flying instructor.  He served on the Examining Wing at the Central Flying School and was assessed as an A1 instructor. After an appointment in Singapore with the Joint Intelligence Staff, he returned to flying in 1956 as a Wing Commander at RAF Waddington. In October 1957 he took command of the second squadron of Vulcan bombers to be formed, 101 Sqn. He found it an exhilarating aircraft to fly and he showcased its capability in Nigeria, Kenya, the Far East and Canada. Mackie, an intellectual man with an enquiring mind, began to have doubts about Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent which he saw more as a tool for domestic politics rather than a viable threat to the Soviet Union.  This view was reinforced during his next appointment on the directing staff of the Joint Service Staff College. Serving as the Deputy Secretary

of the Joint Intelligence Committee Secretariat, his contempt for the British nuclear policy increased. He was then appointed to command RAF Colerne near Bath, which housed two squadrons of Hastings long-range transport aircraft. He flew regularly including weekend sorties with Air Training Corps cadets in Chipmunks With the support of his wife, he made major welfare improvements and oversaw a base modernisation programme. He was appointed CBE. In April 1966, he became Director of Air Staff Briefing, keeping RAF chiefs briefed on policy and operational capabilities. He became increasingly frustrated by inter-Service rivalry, the overt ambitions of some fellow officers of little ability and disillusioned by cuts masterminded by civil servants. He retired in 1968 at the age of 45. Prompted by his Christian faith, his experience of war and his disillusionment with national policy, he became a vocal member of CND and later served as its Vice President. In his memoirs Flying Scot published in 2012 he reflected: ‘Man’s inhumanity to man has given place to man’s suicidal inhumanity to the planet and his determination to destroy it. My shame at having been part of it is mitigated only by membership of CND’. He died on May 19.

Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P28


PRIDE: Graduates and presentation party

They’ve earned their stripes New sergeants for the RAF

ON THE UP: Sgt Bellamy gets the Training Trophy for showing the greatest improvement


THE DEPUTY Commandant RAF College Cranwell, Gp Capt Gordon Bettington, was the Reviewing Officer for the recent non-commissioned aircrew and controllers initial training course graduation at the station. The following cadets completed course 275 and gained their sergeants’ chevrons: Air Traffic Control l A J Ahmed l E J Harte l J H Milner Weapons Systems Operator l J Ballinger l N J Bellamy l E S J Callow l B Clark l J Drummond l D P Glass l A M Lenthall l D J Linley l S M O’Neill l C T Pitches l J S Perring l J S Sigsworth

TEAM SUPPORT: Sgt Ballinger is presented with the Butler Trophy

Weapons Systems Operator (Linguist) l J E Bolton l A Crombie

CADETS’ CADET: Sgt Glass receives his trophy from Gp Capt Bettington

Prizewinners l Sgt J Ballinger – The Butler Trophy, awarded to the cadet who has demonstrated the highest levels of team support and followership. l Sgt DP Glass – The Cadets’ Cadet Trophy, awarded to the

cadet who, in the opinion of his or her peers, has made the greatest contribution to the course. l Sgt NJ Bellamy – The Training Trophy, awarded to the cadet who has demonstrated the greatest improvement.

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Royal Air Force News Friday, June 29, 2018 P29


Email: Telephone: 01494 497563


6 pages of RAF Sport CRICKET

T20-rrific win

RAF CRICKET captain Flt Lt Adam Fisher, above, helped navigate his charges to a stunning Inter-Services T20 win at The Home of Cricket, Lord’s, humbling the Royal Navy in 93 balls for a total of 103 having posted 145.

The light blues then struck a second innings score of 149 for the title-holding Army side to chase. In pursuit of a seventh victory in a row, the Army charge was halted by some excellent captaincy in the field and

performances from the team as they limited the Army to 106 in their 20 overs, to secure another title in what is proving a hugely successful RAF100 year of sport. For full story see page 35:


Snow go

Hill conquers Wales duo challenge FOR MANY, one tough triathlon in a day is enough, for Service Iron Man Sgt Scott Hill, pictured right at an event last year, two fits the bill securing first place and fifth place as he tackled the Snowdonia National Park. He said: “The area around the North Wales park is not to be underestimated. These two events were the sprint and the classic and having competed in both you’re officially titled a Savage Athlete.” Race One consisted of a 400 metre lake swim, 20km bike ride followed by a 6km run. Hill said: “The race is short and sharp, from the start it’s just maximum effort. The swim course was only 400m, but I knew

I had to work hard to get the best possible position taking me onto the bike. Swimming is not my strong point although I am seeing small improvements, those natural swimmers seem to open the gap with ease. As we exited the water I knew I was in about 13th position out of 200, not bad but now the hard work was to start – picking off the faster swimmers as we climb up over Pen-Y-Pass over a 1000ft of elevation and climbing for about four miles.” Falling back on his extensive training in Mallorca with the Service team, Hill found himself in first coming to the descent. He extended his lead coming into the second transition.

He added: “Getting off my bike and putting my running trainers on my innersole gathered up and I did not have time to fix it. It made the section particularly troublesome.” Hill then pushed on, aiming to break any pursuers with a punishing pace. The run stretched over the edge of the slate quay through the woods over trails and was a gruelling 6km. “Fortunately, I emerged from the woods still in first place with a time of one hour and 13 minutes, taking the overall win.” Race two consisted of a 1km swim, 51km bike and 11km run, which was not only longer, but featured a larger field of 800 athletes. Hill said: “Due to the

fatigue from the day before, my aim was not to win, but to hold the lead for the overall outcome of the two events. “Again the swim was first up and this time it was 1km. “I managed to get onto the back of a train of swimmers and stay there, meaning I came into the first transition stage close to my rivals from the previous day.” The bike ride once again visited Pen-Y-Pass, where Hill managed

to open up a gap, holding eighth coming into the second transition. Aiming to break the runners with some hard hill climbing, the RAF man turned up the pace working his way up the switchbacks, before a steady descent to secure fifth overall. Hill added: “Due to my positions over both days and being the first athlete in both events on both days I was awarded the Slateman Savage winner.”

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UKAF Rostock and rollers Historic 2-0 sets up summer schedule Daniel Abrahams Rostock, Germany SPEAKING AFTER the stunning 2-0 UKAF victory against the German Defence Forces in Rostock, Cpl Michael Goddard said: “Best game I have ever played in, especially with that result, never felt anything like this, I am so proud.” The RAF midfielder added: “Two up at half-time and they didn’t have a sniff, the lads came out with the right mentality from the off.” Goddard epitomised the views

of every player involved in the team managed by FS Nick De-Long, who dominated in front of a bumper crowd of 5000 supporters at the Ostseestadoin, home of 3.Liga side FC Hansa. In only his second game for the team, the RAF man shone with some excellent play, setting up numerous chances. Head coach De-Long said: “The team has earned the right to perform on that type of stage. “To perform like we did with and without the ball was a real statement of how far we have come and as an airman seeing the very best of the UK’s military footballers

ALL STAR DISPLAY: Top left, Cpl Alex Woodhouse, above, under the pile of bodies is goal scorer MNE Drysdale, below left, Cpl Gopddard just cannot connect in front of goal, below, FS De-Long shows his delight after the opening goal PHOTOS: SAC BETH ROBERTS

adopt and deliver an almost perfect European performance it was an absolute honour.” The clash was sealed by two brilliant first-half strikes from MNE Mark Drysdale and Spr Danny Stoneman. In control throughout the match, De-Long’s charges started brightly exposing the hosts’ weaknesses outwide with brilliant probing runs from Stoneman and AET Danny Earle, while Cpl Alex Woodhouse kept the midfield ticking over

beautifully. A constant willingness to overlap or receive the ball had the hosts in all sorts of problems, and in the 14th minute Drysdale, who was being shown out wide by host midfielder Martin Pett, jinked inside, to cause havoc with no German player seemingly willing to close him down. Drysdale pushed forward and from 20-yards out curled in a wonderful strike, that gave host keeper Sven Steingråber no chance. Now fully in control, the visitors

calmly played out on 35 minutes where a mix-up in the hosts’ defence was eagerly pounced on by Stoneman who lobbed the German keeper from 30-yards. There could and should have been more before the break with Earle seeing one effort saved. Just before the break Cairney somehow grew an extra couple of inches to den a cheeky Florian Stahl lob. A bright start after the break from the hosts fizzled out after a further brace of Cairney saves. The first, following a poor back pass, saw him stranded as the ball fell to pace man and substitute Enrico Karg. Using the moving bodies to shield his run cut inside 20-yards out and shooting into what seemed an open net, Karg was denied as the Army keeper somehow cleared. Two minutes later, following a goalmouth scramble the ball dropped to Stahl, who, two-yards out, could not find a way past the diving body of Cairney. Further great work in the 73rd minute from Stoneman and Goddard set-up Sgt Mike Campbell, but his shot was well saved, with the hosts’ keeper making another good block from SAC(T) Greenwood in the 79th minute, following a Goddard shot that rebounded off the right hand upright from 18-yards. A third could have come in the 88th minute, but Campbell’s shot was cleared. Follow the team on Facebook @ukarmedforcesfootball and Twitter @UKArmedForcesFA.

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Scotland target for Cooper Drift racer ready for action Daniel Abrahams HQ Air Command SERVICE DRIFT racing star Sgt Ross Cooper is hoping for a podium place finish in the third round of the British Drift Championship in Scotland. The Leeming-based driver was in with a shout of points in round two in his Nissan Skyline R33, in the fast-paced sport that involves not only racing, but sliding out the rear of their cars while cornering. The races which last one lap at a time, sees two cars compete against each other. In the previous round at Teesside Aerodrome Cooper suffered mechanical issues following a bright start in the 2.6 litre modified turbocharged car. Having encountered clutch

problems, Cooper then saw his gearbox blow up during the first practice lap. Running with a temporary repair to a cooling system problem Cooper made some inroads before further gearbox troubles scuppered his hopes of a rousing finish. He said: “I am really aiming for a less dramatic time in Scotland, mechnically anyway. “I will really look to complete the event without breaking anything else, and I obviously want to secure a podium spot. It will be just reward after the issues from Teesside.” Cooper, who can be followed online at: Facebook @coopsdrif, Twitter @Coopsydriftand on Instagram at Coops_Drift, will compete in Scotland on July 13-15. The races are streamed live online at: thebritishdriftchampionship.

SPEED MERCHANTS: Above, Dixon and Weaving in action at Snetterton, Dixon secured two podium finishes at the Norfolk track, while Weaving crashed out before the racing began


Twin peaks at Snetterton for Dixon as he secures fourth in BSB IT WAS double podium joy for RAF Regular & Reserve Kawasaki rider Jake Dixon after a superb weekend at Snetterton. Second and third place finishes for the RAF Marham-based team resumed their challenge for the British Superbike Championship after their road racing exploits at the North West 200 and Isle of Man. Despite a spill during Friday’s free practice session, Dixon recorded the sixth fastest time overall. He said: “I felt great all weekend

and the lap times were fast throughout practice and qualifying so we wanted to convert that into two quality results. It was a bit of a scary moment when I went on to the grass in the first race, but I felt that Josh Brookes was holding me up so was desperate to get by him. “To be honest, I thought I could win the race, but it just took too long to get by Brookes as he was strong on the brakes, but I managed to get by him on the last lap to take third.” Improving his speed throughout

on the Kawasaki ZX-10R, he arrived on the grid in confident mood. In warm conditions the 22-year old moved up to third following a quick start, but was soon pushed back to fourth by Brookes, but as the race wore on, the front four riders began to close up once more. An overtaking manoeuvre on Brookes by Dixon on the penultimate lap saw him run onto the grass at the end of the back straight, but he clawed back the ground to put in a great pass at Coram on the final lap to seal

third place and the final podium position. Race two followed a similar pattern as Dixon held onto third in the opening stages and, although he slipped back to fifth, he was promoted back up to third on lap nine when Bradley Ray and Glenn Irwin crashed out. Having closed on Brookes and Leon Haslam, Dixon was able to squeeze into second place at the chequered flag. The results now mean Dixon lies in fourth in the championships

table. Team-mate Jordan Weaving was also back in action in the Pirelli National Superstock 1000 Championship after recovering from shoulder injuries and a good performance in qualifying on the Briggs Equipment Kawasaki ZX10R saw him line up in ninth place on the grid for Sunday’s 14-lap race. His return to racing was halted following a crash sustained in the morning warm-up which resulted in his bike receiving major damage and he was unable to take his place on the grid.

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Loaded team just off target Collingwood visit ends in brave fight Staff Reporter HMS Colllingwood HMS COLLINGWOOD saw another battle royale in the annual Field Gun competition, with RAF Cosford’s crew, the only single service team involved, just coming up short. The team were drawn against MOD Abbeywood, the Royal Engineers, JFC Naples, HMS Audacious and DMS Whittington. The Cosford Crew ran well with the track times slowly coming down over the four heats, and by the end of the day were positioned at the top of their group. Knowing the strong position the Crew were in, skipper Sgt James

Palmer and Sqn Ldr Ian Gould, No 1 Trainer, instructed the crew to dig deep for the final day’s three runs and imminent final. Glorious weather welcomed the teams on the Saturday of the event, with the RAF team knowing three good runs would see them in the final. It was either a combination of the heat and pushing themselves but it just wasn’t meant to be with HMS Portsmouth nudging the crew into the first Plate Final. The final act of the day saw the Cosford crew battle against HMS Sultan ‘A’, DMS Whittington, HMS Collingwood ‘B’, HMS Prince of Wales and the Royal Engineers. Following a blistering start Cosford were just pipped at the

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post by the Royal Engineers who secured victory by just four tenths of a second. A team spokesman said: “The Brickwoods competition is a unique experience, and one no one ever forgets. “The RAF Cosford Field Gun crew areproudly sponsored by our friends at the RAF Charitable Trust who enable the crew to keep running.” Anyone interested in finding out more about the Field Gun crew should call Sqn Ldr Gould on: 95561 x7838, or Sgt Palmer on: 95561 x7219 or Field Gun Officer, WO John Taylor on: 95561 x7240.

For further information visit

HIGH SPEED action will definitely be on the cards at the RAF wakeboard cable championships between August 6-9. The event, hosted by the RAF waterski and wakeboard association, is open to all abilities, but entrants are limited to 50, with the championships being held at the club’s excellent Box End Park lake facility in Oxford. Anyone interested in attending the championships should email: uk or call: 95951 x 6337 or follow the association on Twitter @ RAFWakeboard.

LOCK AND: Above, action from the sun-soaked day at Collingwood WOODLAND


Duathletes hit record high for Great Britain selections Staff Reporter HQ Air Command A RECORD eight Service duathletes have represented Great Britain so far this year, ensuring the RAF’s centenary year is one to remember for the sport and association. Competing at Continental and World Championships over age group and elite level, in the sport that involves contests over various distances from the sprint (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km run) all the way up to long distance (10km run, 150km bike, 30km run), the RAF athletes have produced some impressive finishes. SAC Luke Pollard finished 11th in the Elite World standard distance championships in Canada after an outstanding Bronze medal at the British Elite Championships. While WO Lou Simpson came sixth at the gruelling European age group middle distance championships (Germany), with Sgt Oz Ellis 20th in the European Elite middle distance (Germany) and 23rd at the Elite World Long distance Championships in Switzerland. He was also competing in the Elite Powerman World Series,

finishing seventh. Adding to the achievements FS Matt Allen, Sgt Helen Cooper, Cpl Daymian Underhill, SAC Andy Stenson and SAC Dan Blyth have also qualified for the British age group team. Ibiza has been selected as the location for the European multisport championships in October where Blyth is set to debut race in the off road duathlon. Cooper and Underhill will also be travelling to Ibiza where they will debut in the Sprint distance championships and be joined by returning International Stenson. Allen has been selected for the World Standard distance Championships in Denmark after an outstanding season where his running prowess from 5km to marathon puts him amongst the favourites. Ellis has been selected for the British Elite team for the third year in a row, having already competed strongly in Malaysia as part of the Asian middle distance championships.He continues to impress in the Powerman World Series with a win in Michigan, USA and bronze medal in Panama. Visit sports/raf-triathlon-association/

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RL A graders simply Dunn-believable

Cruise control win sinks Hull Dockers in consummate style STRENGTH IN depth was what head coach Chf Tech Garry Dunn was looking for and he found it in spades as his much-altered side ran out 54-25 winners against Hull Dockers. A hat-trick of tries for RAF Captain Cpl James Hutchinson, along with touchdowns from SAC Juite Tupua, Sgt Harry Marks, SAC Conal Barningham and Cpl Nathan Barker helped run up the impressive total against the East Yorkshire side.   Injury and work commitments had led to Dunn making wholesale changes, but a strong start from the visitors in the middle of the park allowed the RAF to gain

initial dominance and banished any concerns, with UKAF representatives SAC Ben Mellor and SAC (T) Jake Starbuck carrying strongly and relentless in defence. This allowed good build up play and some positive execution of a couple of early tries, but a breakaway try from the Hull winger brought the score to within four points quickly afterwards. Showing good aptitude, the RAF Hooker Jack Edwards made inroads around the ruck utilising his forwards well and aside from a poor five-minute spell that allowed Dockers to run in another score, it was a solid half from the light blue side. The second half of the game

became a rather scruffy affair, but thankfully a couple of early tries from the light blues had put the game out of reach of the Hull team. Dunn said: “We conceded two close range tries that may highlight some faults within our goalline defence that will need to be addressed if we are to be successful in September, but in general our defence was quite pleasing. In attack we executed our game plan well, but we did display a naivety that didn’t allow us to progress past the most basic of processes with the ball. We scored some very good tries with good support; more off the cuff than planned and our right edge looked dangerous.”


MATESHIP: Above main, Tuipua hands off a Hull player’s efforts, below left, Cpl Nathan Barker breaks clear, below, FS Garry Dunn holding a marker flag, shares a joke with his backroom staff PHOTO: SBS


Service stars Lord is a IST20 Stunning wins for title Continued from page 35: It was a second stuttering start from the Army openers Wiseman, who hit four runs off 20 deliveries and Cpl Jordan Relph who was out for 12, both succumbed to Watson. The only notable innings came for their impressive captain Cpl Jay Boynton (26) and Pte Tade Carmichael (35), who eventually fell to Sgt Ian Sinclair with the required run rate ticking up around an improbable 19 an over. Watson topped off the day with the wicket of bowler Sgt Denson Narayan for fantastic second innings figures of 4-0-16-4 and the historic win was in the bag, leaving Boynton at the crease to rue .

Reds Lions FOUR-MIDABLE: Above, Cpl Ash Watson celebrates snaffling a fourth wicket after a hugely impressive day with bat and ball to wrestle the IST20 title away from the Army PHOTO: SAC TIM LAURENCE

THE ENGLAND football squad’s good luck message from the skies courtesy of the Red Arrows may well have inspired the side to their 2-0 opening World Cup win.

The Reds completed a flypast over St George’s Park, the National Football Centre, as they returned to their RAF Scampton base from the RAF Cosford Airshow. Wg Cdr Neil Hope MBE said: “We were pleased to be able to complete a flypast as a good luck gesture to Gareth Southgate and his squad.”

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Sport Heaven in Hull as RL stars sink dockers

UKAF rock and roll in Rostock to sink Germans

Ready and cable at Wakers lake day

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RAF stump ‘em

Stunning Lord’s win ends Army stranglehold on IST20 Daniel Abrahams Lord’s Cricket Ground INSPIRED BY the impressive string of Inter-Service wins from RAF associations since the start of the centenary year, the cricket fraternity, led superbly by captain Flt Lt Adam Fisher, regained the T20 crown in some style at Lord’s. The back-to-back wins over the Navy and Army title holders featured brilliant performances throughout the team, with a brace of four wickets in both matches from man of the series Cpl Ash Watson along with a top score of 35 in the first game against the Navy, taking top spot. Captain Fisher said: “I think on the balance of play we deserved it, we knew the wicket would pay a certain way at different times of the day and the lads played to the game plan, especially in that second game and I am really happy about it. “We have seen the rugby lads win their IS title and others doing the same and it inspired us. Why not us, we know we can play, some things worked perfectly, better than I could have imagined, to win this in the 100th year makes it even sweeter. “We will enjoy tonight and then focus on the 50 over version of the game as we will be aiming to win that as well.” Having seen the Army win their opening clash over the Navy who were bowled out for 103 chasing 145, the omens looked ominous for a seventh win in a row for the team led by Cpl Jonathan Boynton, but Fisher’s team had other ideas. A steady start between the two openers Cpl Rob Diver and SAC Tom Shorthouse frustrated the Navy bowling attack and when Diver fell for 29 the light blue team were 81-2 and looking well placed. Captain Fisher got the scoreboard rocking from the off after arriving at the wicket and with the excellent Watson at the other end quick singles and boundaries were coming from either end. Unphased after seeing a ball fly up into his helmet guard Cpl Andy McGeorge played superbly for 22 falling to Sgt John Grasham caught Sgt Alvin Pollard with his team sat at 139-4, with Watson finally

DRIVING ON: Above main, A crisp drive pushes the RAF scoreboard against the Royal Navy, below right, Cpl Andy McGeorge comes face to face with a delivery after playing onto his face guard PHOTOS: SAC Tim Laurence

going soon after the team cruised home to 149-5 and then set about dismantling the Navy batting. Brilliant captaincy from Fisher in the field saw his bowlers stifle the Navy run rate, aiming to build scoreboard pressure as the innings went on. The introduction of former captain Flt Lt Jim Iago could not have gone any better with two wickets from two deliveries, the second a caught and bowled Pollard for a duck, shattering the batting team who were 56-5 when SAC Tom Fairclough bowled Mne Sam Radford with a run rate of 9.4 needed, they were limping along at 5.6. Taking just 93 balls to wrap

up their opening win Fisher’s men went in to bat in the best conditions of the day and they ticked along comfortably with Diver eventually falling for 35 as the opening partnership went for 67. Fisher applied his same hustling style, but was undone by a magnificent puck up and throw down run out by substitute fiddler Lester. Sitting at 88-4 in the 12th over nobody could have foretold the fireworks to come as McCabe blasted a superb 40 not out, hitting 10 runs in two balls with a huge six and four to punish Sgt Ross Dearden’s bowling and reach 147. Continued on page 34:






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