RAF News 17 June, Edition 1538

Page 11

The Forces Pension Society exists to help you make better pension choices. Join us. Job done.

Making choices affecting your pension income is unavoidable. But making the choices that work best for you and your family can involve complex pension calculations. For example, even choosing the best time to leave can have a significant influence on the value of your pension. Deciding whether to buy pension top-ups, opting for commutation, tax planning considerations, all are among the many decisions to be made. In addition, there are significant career decision points – resettlement grants, early departure payments, medical discharge - all involving choices. And now even greater complexity has been added as a consequence of the McCloud Remedy. This affects all those serving on or before 31 st March 2012 and on or after 1 st April 2015 (including service leavers). You will have to choose between the entitlements of your legacy scheme and AFPS 15 for the Remedy period. This decision will need to be made from October 2023 onwards.

Independent, not-for-profit Independence is vital to our work, calling governments to account whenever we spot unfairness or injustice in the system. We also give you a voice where it counts, on the representative bodies for Armed Forces and Public Services Pensions. We are funded by our Members’ subscriptions. Any surplus helps fund our outreach programmes of Roadshows, Webinars and our attendance at CTP Employment Fairs.

Visit: forcespensionsociety.org/join-now/ Annual membership for you and your spouse/partner is just £42. You will have exclusive access to our Forces Pensions Consultants, our informative Members’ Webinars and you’ll receive our bi-annual e-newsletters and magazine, Pennant. You’ll also have access to our wide range of membership benefits from discounts on new cars and white goods, to insurances, including our latest range of Covid- protected travel policies, plus a great deal more.

So it’s reassuring to know when faced with pension choices, that our Forces Pensions Consultants will be there to provide individual guidance to our Members. Job done. Scan to join





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