RAF News 17 June, Edition 1538

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Royal R oyal a Air F Force orce N News ews Fr Friday, iday, JJune une 17, 2022 P10


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A REFO REFORMING RMING chaplain, chaaplain pandemic demiic h hee tturned urned iitt tto o a Covid Covid nurse nurse and and n an advantage, adva v ntage, ttaking akin i g his his a former former A Air i F ir Force orce ministry mini i istry online onlin li e apprentice app p renticce w who ho ro rose se He He said: said: “As “As to to head head up up the R RAF AF chaplains, haplains, we we often often just just Benevolent Beneevolent F Fund und are aree quietly quiettly gget et o on nw with ith tthat hat among among thos thosee rrecognised ecognised which which w wee ffeel eel ccalled alled to to in the llatest ateest Q Queen’s ueen’s do and and as as such, such, I find fin i d Birthday Birrthd t ay Honours Honours List. List. myself elf absolutely abs b olutely de delighted, ligghted, LI S LLI EL VM VM E AV A A Air ir V Vice-Marshal ice-Marshal (The ( but completely mplet l ely h humbled um mbled with with Venerable) Veenerable) JJohn ohn R Raymond aymond Ellis Ellis iiss such such an an award. awa w rd.” promoted promoted to to the the Military Military Division Division In In both both the the Princess Princess M Mary’ ary’’s R Royal oyaal of of tthe he Most Most H Honourable onourable l Or Order der of of Air AirF Force orcceN N Nursing ur u sing SService erviiceaand ndD Defence effeence the the B Bath ath aass a C Companion, ompanio on, Wg C Cdr dr Medical Medical Services Services Wg Cdr Cdr Nina Nina Rose Ros oe Nina Nina R Rose ose iiss aawarded wa w rded tthe he R Royal oyal relentlessly relentlessly aand nd det determinedly erminedly de dealt alt Red Red Cross Cross and and former former charity charity with the Covid Coviid crisis. crisis. chief chief Lawrie Lawrie Haynes Hayne Her Her leadership leadership in becomes becomes a CBE. CBE. clinical nical areas areas inspired inspired A Ass C Chaplain-in-Chief haplain-in-Chieff thee workforce workforce and and her her of of tthe he R RAF, AF F, AVM AVM V Ellis Ellis innovations novaations aare re cr credited edited led led the the modernisation modernisation with th repurposing repurposing wards wards of of p professional rofeessional ccareer areer to deliver deliiver ssurge urge ccapacity, apacity, fields, fiields, rresetting esetting tthe he defence effeence c cchiefs hiefs ssaid. aid. chaplaincy chaplaincy sstructure, tructurre, Wg Cdr Cdr Rose Ros o e said: said: S training aand nd ccareer aree aavviing nursed nursed for for 33 years, years, training “Having OSE RO DR R CD WG C progression. have h ad tthe he p rivilege progression. I have had privilege H olding tthe he jjob ob d uring tthe he of of leading leading tteams eams o cep ptionally Holding during off ex exceptionally


dedicated dedicated n nurses, urses, p prepared repared tto o ccare are ffor or our our Service Service personnel. personnel.” Former Former e aircraft aircraft technician technician Lawrie Lawrie Haynes Haynes has has recently recently stepped stepped down down after after 16 years years on on the the RAF RAF Benevolent Benevoleent Fund Fund B Board, oard, tthe he llast ast eight eight as as C Chair. hairr. He He said: said d: “The “The work work do done ne aatt R RAFBF AFB A F touches touches aand nd im improves mprovees tthe he lilives ves o off sso o many many p people, eople, I am am so so p proud roud to to have have been been aassociated ssociated w with ith iit. t.” Cdr Manjeet Manjeet Ghataora, Ghataora, the the Wg Cdr most ssenior en nior SSikh ikh in the the Armed Armed most Forces,, is is aawarded warded an w an OBE OBE for for Forces,

outreach work outreach work w with ith unr unrepresented epresen nted ra raising ising aawareness wareness o off tthe he im impact pact communities, co ommunities, promoting promoting o off ssexual exual offending, offeending, and and doing doing engineering en ngin i eerin i g careers careers to to young young people. people l. o our ur utmost utmost tto o ssupport upport o our ur p people eople l H Hee ssaid: aid: “This “This has has been been such such a tthrough hrough the the in investigation vestigaation and and sshock, hock, b but ut I aam m u utterly tterly h humbled umbled b beyond. eyond.” tto o b bee rrecognised ecognised in this this P Platinum latinum u XI (Fig (Fighter) ghter) SSqn qn C Controller ontroller FS JJubilee ubilee year. year. Chris C hris Bell Bell also also received received the the MBE, MBE, for for ““Having Having aalso lso sserved erved in tthe he R RAF, AF, p AF promoting romoting tthe he rrecommendations ecomm mendations I want want tto o de dedicate dicate this this award awa w rd to to my my o off tthe he W Wigston igston R Report eport in into nto F Force’s orce’s llate ate father, father, w who ho instilled instilled in me me the the b behaviour ehaviour aand nd aattitudes. ttitudes. vvirtues i tues of ir of humility, humility, selfless selffles l s service, service i , Alongside A longside his his ssquadron quadrron duties duties aand nd tthe he im importance portance o off eequality. quality.” he he h has as aalso lso ttaken akeen o on n tthe he rrole ole o off A Also lso honoured honoured is is RAF RAF a mental mental health health and and science scien c ce aand nd Policewoman P olicewoman FS Adele Adele Good Good who who ttechnology echnology aambassador. mbassador. wass aawarded w wa warded the the MBE MBE ffor or h her er Hee added: H added: “I “I am am shocked, shocked, pioneering p i neering work io work ttargeting argetin but b t honoured honoured to to have have had had ssexual e al offending exu offeending and and myy work work ffor or m mental ental ssupporting upporting those those health ealth and and STEM STEM aaffected ffected by by the the issue. issue. alongside alongside myy years years of of SShe he ssaid: aid: ““II aam m sservice ervice rrecognised. ecoggnised. sshocked hocked aand nd h humbled. umb bled. ““It It would would not not IItt iiss a h huge uge p privilege rivilege have have b been een possible possible aand nd one one that that means means sso o without without the the support support much m uch tto o m mee personally, personally, and d de dedication dication that that my my OD S GOOD FS F b ut aalso lso in rrecognition ecognition of o eagues, fa m ly aand mi nd but colleagues, family tthe he efforts effforts b he R AF Police fr h ave aafforded ffordeed me, me, and and byy tthe RAF friends have SSpecial pecial Investigations Investiga g tions Branch Branch in ffor or tthat hat I aam m ext extremely remely ggrateful. ratefful.”