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Don’t w Don’t wait ait for for Resettlement Resettlement to d isscover y our discover your p ension p otential. pension potential. JJoin oin us. us. Job done. do one. Iff yyou ou thinkk yyour our pension inc income om me is set in st stone, one, th think ink again. Y You ou o ha ve nume erous w ays tto o det ermine m wha ou’ll rreceive eceiv e e when yyou ou have numerous ways determine whatt yyou’ll lea ve; w e call c tha our pension n pot ential. A nd the best w ay tto o leave; we thatt yyour potential. And way ensur e yyou ou u rreceive eceive yyour our maxim mum benefit is tto o pla an as ear ly as ensure maximum plan early possible rrather ather than wait wait un til yyou’re ou’re in R esettleme ent. until Resettlement. A FP S chem mes ar e ccomplex omplex and d yyou ou migh m e than AFP Schemes are mightt be on mor more one ou ur Forces Forces P ensions C onsultants ar e her e tto o guide yyou ou one.. But our Pensions Consultants are here thr ough them th hem to to help yyou ou mak ke bett er choic es. through make better choices.

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Independen Independence nce is vital tto o our w work, ork, calling governments governments t to to account account whenever whenevver we injustice unfairness ourr w e spot inju ustice or unfair ness in n the system. system. And And this year year we we celebrate celebrate ou Anniversary supporting Armed Forces Community. 75th A nniversar e y of suppor ting the t A rmed F orces C om mmunity. We funded entirely byy subscr subscriptions from membership now more W e are are fund ded en tirely b riptions fr om our mem mbership - no w mor e strong growing. Any surplus than 60,000 0 str ong and g rowing. A ny sur plus helps fund fun nd our outreach outreach programmes free-to-attend Roadshows Webinars throughout pr ogramme es of fr ee-to-attend R o oadsho ws and W ebinaars aatt bases thr ougho out overseas, our CTP Employment the ccountry ountry and o verseas, and ou ur aattendance ttendance aatt C TP Emplo yment FFairs. airs.

Annual mem membership bership ffor or yyou ou and yyour our spouse/par spouse/partner tner iss just £41. Ass a M Member, have exclusive access Forces Pensions Consultants A emberr, you’ll you’ll ha ve e xclusive ac cess tto o our F orces P ensions C onsultantss informative Webinars and bi-annual enewsletters and our inf ormative W ebinars – an nd yyou’ll ou’ll rreceive eceive our bi i-annual enew sletters and magazine, magazine, Pennant. Pennant. You’ll have access from Y ou o ’ll also ha ve ac cess tto o our wide rrange ange of membership p benefits fr om discounts white goods,, tto insurances, disc ounts on new cars and whit eg goods o insur ances, llow-cost ow-cost money transfers more. tr ansffe ers and a good deal mor e.





Forces F orces Pension Pension e Society Society 68 S South outh Lambeth Lambeth R Road, oad, Vauxhall, Vauxhall, London London SW8 SW W8 1RL. T:020 T:020 7820 9988 E: me emsec@ffo www.ffo



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RAF News 16 July 2021  

RAF News 16 July 2021  

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