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April 2019

Dear Parents, The month of April is always a short month due to the Spring Break. I hope you all had a lovely break and made many memories with your family and friends. As we enter Term 3, we are always amazed with how fast the academic year has gone. The first year of Raffles Starters has had amazing growth, we started the year with 21 children and grew 100% by Term 2; we will be wishing 49 children a happy summer break this year. Thank you to the parents of our first cohort, you and your children have made Starters what it is and set standards for the coming years. We will be celebrating Ramadan this year from Monday 6th May, teachers will be speaking to the children about the importance of giving and the cultures of Ramadan. If you have anything you would like to share with the teachers, or be part of our ‘Circle of Culture’ please speak to your child’s teacher. Ramadan Timings – 8:30 – 1:30 Starters Gates Time – 8:15 am/8:30 am 1:15 pm/1:30 pm Nursery Gates Time - 8:30 am /9:30 am 12:30 pm/1:30 pm Please note, there will be no After School Activities during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem Susie

Springs Nursery April has begun by welcoming everyone into Term 3. Our final term of the year has started with the theme ‘Professions and Transportation’. So far the children are having lots of fun learning through this topic.

Occupations Role play is an excellent way to extend children’s imagination, develop social interaction and language whilst providing fantastic opportunities for children to identify with the adult world. ‘Dress up’ also provides a good chance for children to develop interest in self-care and self-expression.

Earth Day For Earth Day the nursery children helped create vehicles out of recycled products. They loved junk modeling in groups showing lots of enthusiasm in getting creative by transforming everyday home disposal in to amazing props, from cars to boats and fire engines to airplanes! The fun did not stop at making the vehicles, the children are still finding enjoyment in using the finished products to support imaginative play.


The casa children have been identifying where various types of transportation belong by sorting them to where they commute. These are great exercises to start discussions about the different types of transportation, relating them to the world around us and expressing our own experiences.

The children showed great pleasure in cleaning the toy cars in soapy water, the use of sponges helps develop motor skills as the children explore squeezing the water out.

By giving children the opportunity to explore different mediums of mark making, it engages them in sensory play and allows them to discover new exciting materials. This helps to enhance a child’s critical thinking, cognitive development and language development, which gives them the ability to build towards more complex learning tasks in the future.

Starters Welcome to term 3 at Raffles Starters! It was wonderful to see the children so eager to come back to school after Spring Break. This term is always busy academically. The children are in a state of readiness to learn and it is wonderful watch them become independent learners with more selfmotivation and focus. Our topic, over the last three weeks has been Transportation, definitely a topic wellliked by all the children. We discussed types of Transportation and the origins of different vehicles. We also explored science topics within our theme such as push and pull, forces and friction. We celebrated Earth Day, by discussing reducing, reusing and recycling and the importance of looking after our planet. We also enjoyed World Book Day; we talked about our favourite books and what books mean to us. We read ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, made maps for a Bear hunt and then went outside on a real Bear hunt. Our highlight for this month was Science week. We explored a number of experiments, some that we could manipulate and some that we just observed. We made a number of predictions and hypotheses and waited excitedly to see what happened.

Important Dates Sunday 28th April – Thursday 8th May Thursday 2nd May Monday 6th May Thursday 9th May Sunday 12th May – Thursday 16th May Monday 20th May Thursday 30th May

Parents visit to talk about their occupations Science Week Display Ramadan Starts – Shorter Hours – 8:30 – 1:30 Occupation Dress Up Day Science Week


Starters Open House Mid-Term Break – No School

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