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PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE “Everything must change in order for nothing to change” - Christian Lacroix As Principal of Raffles College of Higher Education I am especially privileged to present “Unveil” our graduating cohort and their achievements. At the beginning and end of the many years of studying, there must be the desire to follow your obsessions and crystallize your ideas, whether they are vague and unformed, or crisp and certain. They must become evocative, every detail must be defined to propel you, the students, into a brave new world that is about to change for you. This change brings new adventures on which you will embark. These adventures can be familiar and nostalgic at times, yet extraordinary and new. Careers will develop, using original ideas that have been honed throughout the years of studies. Tonight is the time for Raffles College of Higher Education to “UNVEIL” a new the generation of graduates. It is that time once again to celebrate imagination, cause sensations and generate new philosophies and possibilities. The stage is set for the transformation to occur. On behalf of the staff of Raffles College of Higher Education, we wish them much success in their future endeavors.


Guiseppe Spinelli Principal

11-Principal Message  
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