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BASH Bash opened with performances by RHockerfellas and Unplugged and everyone was immersed in their songs! Following which, the contestants were up and each pair performed a series of scenarios which mainly revolved around the push and pull between a guy and a girl during the chasing stage of every relationship before the guy successfully “gets” the girl. Scenarios ranged from an older guy chasing a girl to cute puppy school love. The audience had a great time watching their performances and they received thunderous claps which was a testament that everyone enjoyed their night. Games such as charades were also played pl to facilitate audience engagement and we got to see the dorky sides of the contestants while the audience on stage were rewarded with free drink coupons for their participation and bravery to go up on stage. While the 10 contestants showed their moves and grooves, RH dance was not lacking either as they put up an alluring performance for everyone! The night had to come to an end but not without announcing the Hall King and Queen. The various titles were decided by a panel of judges consisting of Hall Master, SCRC and Mr Leong, together with the physical and online votes. With that, Hall King and Queen for 2016, Zheng Tai and Ang Teng passed on their crown and tiara to Ian Tay and Kaylea Wang, our Hall King and Queen for 2017! Before concluding Bash, let us hear what Bash PD Zheng Tai has to say, “Thinking back, my committee and I encountered so much setbacks and disappointments but I am so happy we pulled through! I need to thank the rest of my bash comm for taking part in this wonderful journey! I hope y’all made awesome friendships, discovered something new about yourselves and had a lot of fun along the way! Besides that I want to thank everyone that supported Bash in one way or the other because without all of you BASH wont be possible! :D” It was a night to remember and congratulations to all the contestants! Thank you contestants it takes more than just courage to stand up on that stage but all of you shone in your own contestants, way! Lastly, thank you Bash Committee for organising such a wonderful night - which was a timely break from the heaps of submissions and looming midterms for all of us!


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