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The event then progressed to a segment of musical box where a box was passed around as music played. When it stopped, the person holding on to it received a gift taken from inside the box. It was really heartwarming to see the look of happiness on their faces when they received their gifts. We were pleased when they finally made small efforts to sway along to the beat of the music. We then moved on to a one-on-one coloring segment with the elderly. Some of our volunteers pointed out that it was actually hard for the elderly to control the coloring pen. This was something some of us had never thought about before and led us to ponder about how much of our ability to move freely were taken for granted. We reflected on the kind of activities that were more suitable for the elderly and will improve on them during the next RVC event.

Indeed, it was truly a day to remember, especially for the participants who had not done volunteer work for a long time. Raffles Volunteer Corps is immensely grateful for the opportunity to visit and interact with the elderly of Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home.


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