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IBG Although many Rafflesians were busy with their CCA trials and interviews, attendance was “much better than expected”. Elaborating on the purpose of IBG, Sean replied that the events are not only “great opportunities for bonding”, but also “an easy way for sport captains to scout for talents”. Similar remarks were made by Nelson, head of Block 3, who felt his tremendous effort to get his block’s residents to participate in the games paid off. When asked what his thoughts on the outcomes of the hall games are, he responded that “through IBG, you identify the sporty ones, but also meet and get to know other blocks’ [residents] as well”. In an effort to feature varied viewpoints from people who had the opportunity to experience IBG for the very first time, Phoenix Press reached out to one of our exchange students from Princeton University, David, who competed for Block 3. He was intrigued to “finally get to play something outside of American football, baseball and [ice] hockey, which are the three big sports in the USA”. He competed in th floorball and handball. For David, the Inter Block Games turned out to be a great way to connect with our local students.

Even though “NUS is such a big school” he was delighted that Raffles Hall provided a way to make “such bonding experience[s]” possible. These comments serve as a shining example for what the IBGs are, rewarding the effort our seniors and fellow residents put into organizing the events. To conclude, Phoenix Press would, one the one hand, like to express gratitude to all the persons involved behind the scenes, who once more managed to create the possibility of connecting with our fellow residents, but, on the other hand, also thank our esteemed Hall Master, who promoted our immersive cheering culture with a special Master’s prize. We also hope to see all of our participants return to IBG next year, continuing this year’s successful run!


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