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Lights of RH

3. Is there anything you would like to share with our residents? I decided to become an RF because I want to gain insight into how young people interact among themselves and how they lead their college lives. I strongly encourage the residents to actively participate in hall activities. Right now you may feel mentally drained to juggle between studies and CCAs, but after graduation, all the activities you joined during school days will be fond memories to you although you may not realize that now and I am speaking from my own experience. Your four-year gain of university will definitely be different if you join a hall instead of just coming to school to learn academic content. Precious memories come from activities you do together with your peers as you get to forge strong bonds with your fellow students or committees.

Interesting fact about Professor Yu Haoyong! He is currently doing research on medical robots. Because of the shrink in manpower in the future and also the need for a more established medical system, medical robots will become a global trend and necessity throughout the world. If anyone is keen in this field or wants to do it for FYP, grab the opportunity to talk to him when you see him at RH. He is approachable and friendly.


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