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Lights of RH

Lights of RH Professor Yu Haoyong BY NG YAO XUAN

Full Name: Professor Yu Haoyong Position at RH: Our newly-appointed Resident Fellow for Block 7! Department and position: Associate Professor from Department of Biomedical Engineering.

1. What do you think of our residents? I have just started to become an official resident fellow from July. So far, I find it very impressive that most of the residents are talented and active. I attend all hall activities that I can, like musical production, inter-block games. I find that the residents are all very energetic. Some of the residents have specialized talents, like singing and dancing and I often find people practicing in our dance studio. And the com hall is always full of people at night. Most of the residents are very committed in their CCAs and are willing to invest their time and effort. I am also impressed by the organization capability demonstrated by the residents. They organize all the events by themselves and most of the events and activities I see are done pretty well, in terms of logistics and organization, like mobilizing people. 2. What are your CCAs during your schooldays? During our time, we did not have formalized, organized CCAs. All the activities in university were self-organized among friends, like sports, games or outings. Sports-wise, anyone can just come and join, it does not matter whether you are good at it. Occasionally, we also played some friendly matches with other universities. I was more into outings during my schooldays. Sometimes, I would go for outings with friends, be it from the same university or not. I studied in Shanghai where there are four seasons. During spring when everything is green and fresh, we would go to the field, play some simple games and have fun. When winter came, we would go skiing. At that time, our goal of taking part in CCAs was very simple. We just wanted to cam get out of the classroom and do something non-academic.The bonus of CCAs was that we also got to interact with people from diverse cultural, regional and family background. All the activities we had were quite simple, one would not have to have a specific talent, and anyone was welcome to participate, because it was the process of organizing it and bonding and interacting among your friends that counted. I was always in charge of logistics during schooldays and as a result I got to know a lot of people.


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