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AY17/18 Issue 2

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Lights of RH

Lights of RH Professor Yu Haoyong BY NG YAO XUAN

Full Name: Professor Yu Haoyong Position at RH: Our newly-appointed Resident Fellow for Block 7! Department and position: Associate Professor from Department of Biomedical Engineering.

1. What do you think of our residents? I have just started to become an official resident fellow from July. So far, I find it very impressive that most of the residents are talented and active. I attend all hall activities that I can, like musical production, inter-block games. I find that the residents are all very energetic. Some of the residents have specialized talents, like singing and dancing and I often find people practicing in our dance studio. And the com hall is always full of people at night. Most of the residents are very committed in their CCAs and are willing to invest their time and effort. I am also impressed by the organization capability demonstrated by the residents. They organize all the events by themselves and most of the events and activities I see are done pretty well, in terms of logistics and organization, like mobilizing people. 2. What are your CCAs during your schooldays? During our time, we did not have formalized, organized CCAs. All the activities in university were self-organized among friends, like sports, games or outings. Sports-wise, anyone can just come and join, it does not matter whether you are good at it. Occasionally, we also played some friendly matches with other universities. I was more into outings during my schooldays. Sometimes, I would go for outings with friends, be it from the same university or not. I studied in Shanghai where there are four seasons. During spring when everything is green and fresh, we would go to the field, play some simple games and have fun. When winter came, we would go skiing. At that time, our goal of taking part in CCAs was very simple. We just wanted to cam get out of the classroom and do something non-academic.The bonus of CCAs was that we also got to interact with people from diverse cultural, regional and family background. All the activities we had were quite simple, one would not have to have a specific talent, and anyone was welcome to participate, because it was the process of organizing it and bonding and interacting among your friends that counted. I was always in charge of logistics during schooldays and as a result I got to know a lot of people.


Lights of RH

3. Is there anything you would like to share with our residents? I decided to become an RF because I want to gain insight into how young people interact among themselves and how they lead their college lives. I strongly encourage the residents to actively participate in hall activities. Right now you may feel mentally drained to juggle between studies and CCAs, but after graduation, all the activities you joined during school days will be fond memories to you although you may not realize that now and I am speaking from my own experience. Your four-year gain of university will definitely be different if you join a hall instead of just coming to school to learn academic content. Precious memories come from activities you do together with your peers as you get to forge strong bonds with your fellow students or committees.

Interesting fact about Professor Yu Haoyong! He is currently doing research on medical robots. Because of the shrink in manpower in the future and also the need for a more established medical system, medical robots will become a global trend and necessity throughout the world. If anyone is keen in this field or wants to do it for FYP, grab the opportunity to talk to him when you see him at RH. He is approachable and friendly.



IBG 2017


The annual Inter-Block Games, also known as “IBG”, are meant to draw together both new and current residents, to compete against each other, while also cheer for the athletes that valiantly compete for their blocks’ glory. Kicking off the new academic year, the games were a great opportunity to meet interesting people, bond over a common interest, or show your friends who really rules the court. It might be a rushed event for most of us, especially since it happened in between school days. However, participating in IBG may even get you a head start to join one, or even two of our halls prestigious sports teams.

Phoenix Press is honoured to have the Internal Sports Director himself, Sean Hui, share his thoughts and opinions on this year’s IBG. Sean was overall “rather happy with this year’s turnout”, noticing a massive improvement to the already great attendance over the last few years. Phoenix Press has also noticed the overwhelming enthusiasm displayed by the residents in their participation and cheering of their fellow blockmates. 4

IBG Although many Rafflesians were busy with their CCA trials and interviews, attendance was “much better than expected”. Elaborating on the purpose of IBG, Sean replied that the events are not only “great opportunities for bonding”, but also “an easy way for sport captains to scout for talents”. Similar remarks were made by Nelson, head of Block 3, who felt his tremendous effort to get his block’s residents to participate in the games paid off. When asked what his thoughts on the outcomes of the hall games are, he responded that “through IBG, you identify the sporty ones, but also meet and get to know other blocks’ [residents] as well”. In an effort to feature varied viewpoints from people who had the opportunity to experience IBG for the very first time, Phoenix Press reached out to one of our exchange students from Princeton University, David, who competed for Block 3. He was intrigued to “finally get to play something outside of American football, baseball and [ice] hockey, which are the three big sports in the USA”. He competed in th floorball and handball. For David, the Inter Block Games turned out to be a great way to connect with our local students.

Even though “NUS is such a big school” he was delighted that Raffles Hall provided a way to make “such bonding experience[s]” possible. These comments serve as a shining example for what the IBGs are, rewarding the effort our seniors and fellow residents put into organizing the events. To conclude, Phoenix Press would, one the one hand, like to express gratitude to all the persons involved behind the scenes, who once more managed to create the possibility of connecting with our fellow residents, but, on the other hand, also thank our esteemed Hall Master, who promoted our immersive cheering culture with a special Master’s prize. We also hope to see all of our participants return to IBG next year, continuing this year’s successful run!




making a difference no matter the size

BY Jun Ho

On the 27th August 2017, a group of 40 volunteers from Raffles Volunteer Corps (RVC) took time off their precious weekends to spend time with a group of people even more precious – the elderly at Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home. The event kicked off with an engagement session where our volunteers first get to meet and interact with the elderly. This proved to be challenging for some of our volunteers because of the differences in their spoken languages or dialects. However, this did not stop our volunteers from approaching the elderly in a warm and friendly demeanor. The volunteers gave their 100% as they communicated with the elderly in dialects. Although initially they were rather “rusty�, it did aid in bridging the gap between them. It was a little disappointing that we were not able to engage all of the elderly in the conversations. Still, the lack of conversation topics did not affect our 6

volunteers as they were determined to engage the elderly and make a difference no matter the impact. Also, there were some who were especially energetic and participative in our activities. They were eager to play and learn and both the volunteers and the elderly had an enjoyable time together.


The event then progressed to a segment of musical box where a box was passed around as music played. When it stopped, the person holding on to it received a gift taken from inside the box. It was really heartwarming to see the look of happiness on their faces when they received their gifts. We were pleased when they finally made small efforts to sway along to the beat of the music. We then moved on to a one-on-one coloring segment with the elderly. Some of our volunteers pointed out that it was actually hard for the elderly to control the coloring pen. This was something some of us had never thought about before and led us to ponder about how much of our ability to move freely were taken for granted. We reflected on the kind of activities that were more suitable for the elderly and will improve on them during the next RVC event.

Indeed, it was truly a day to remember, especially for the participants who had not done volunteer work for a long time. Raffles Volunteer Corps is immensely grateful for the opportunity to visit and interact with the elderly of Sree Narayana Mission Nursing Home.



RH Bash 17 The Mavericks

BY Evette Fun and Melissa Soh At Clarke Quay F.Club on a Friday night, Raffles Hall annual bash event was teeming with RHesidents.The girls let loose their hair, decked in heels (or shoes for some) accompanied by stunning dresses and skirts which are a 180 degree change from their usual “Nexus” T-shirt and denim shorts. The guys came to the event with sleek hairstyles and stylish dressing which was definitely a breath of fresh air from their daily singlet and army PT kits. True to the name of the club F.Club or also known as Fashion Club, everyone was a fashionista that night. However, the true stars were the 10 contestants that shone on stage - Ian, Kaylea, Shao Wei, Cassandra, Shao Ming, Shermine, Yin Min, Megan, Jathniel and Christie. After nights of Ka endless preparation, their big day arrived and all of them put on stunning performances for everyone.

A week before D-day, on the 5th of September, the Bash contestants came together to put up short dance performances as well as interactive stage games, such as hangman, in an attempt for RHesidents to know our fellow contestants better. Through the games, the contestants introduced themselves with a word that well represented them. Meanwhile, the short dance performances gave us a sneak peak on what was to come during the actual event, and definitely, we weren’t disappointed!


BASH Bash opened with performances by RHockerfellas and Unplugged and everyone was immersed in their songs! Following which, the contestants were up and each pair performed a series of scenarios which mainly revolved around the push and pull between a guy and a girl during the chasing stage of every relationship before the guy successfully “gets” the girl. Scenarios ranged from an older guy chasing a girl to cute puppy school love. The audience had a great time watching their performances and they received thunderous claps which was a testament that everyone enjoyed their night. Games such as charades were also played pl to facilitate audience engagement and we got to see the dorky sides of the contestants while the audience on stage were rewarded with free drink coupons for their participation and bravery to go up on stage. While the 10 contestants showed their moves and grooves, RH dance was not lacking either as they put up an alluring performance for everyone! The night had to come to an end but not without announcing the Hall King and Queen. The various titles were decided by a panel of judges consisting of Hall Master, SCRC and Mr Leong, together with the physical and online votes. With that, Hall King and Queen for 2016, Zheng Tai and Ang Teng passed on their crown and tiara to Ian Tay and Kaylea Wang, our Hall King and Queen for 2017! Before concluding Bash, let us hear what Bash PD Zheng Tai has to say, “Thinking back, my committee and I encountered so much setbacks and disappointments but I am so happy we pulled through! I need to thank the rest of my bash comm for taking part in this wonderful journey! I hope y’all made awesome friendships, discovered something new about yourselves and had a lot of fun along the way! Besides that I want to thank everyone that supported Bash in one way or the other because without all of you BASH wont be possible! :D” It was a night to remember and congratulations to all the contestants! Thank you contestants it takes more than just courage to stand up on that stage but all of you shone in your own contestants, way! Lastly, thank you Bash Committee for organising such a wonderful night - which was a timely break from the heaps of submissions and looming midterms for all of us!




Malaysian Night




& Raffles Hall: Bonded by Kueh was the games I used to play with my friends. Coming from an all-boys’ school, it was common to

the most striking images of the nights was when the lights were dimmed for a Chinese song that was being sung. The crowd akin to a crowd for a

use every day stationery items to our advantage to play a myriad of silly but imaginative games.

Coldplay concert, decided to whip out their phones and turned on their torchlights, slowly swaying to

One of the immutable memories of my childhood

the beat of the song. Thus, it would be an understatement to say that the Thus first part of this year’s Malaysian Night was nostalgic, for I managed to relive the moments of my teenage years. Gone were the FIFA and PES videogames. In their place was a blank paper with 2 people drawing imaginary goalposts, pushing their pencils in an attempt to score goals. Instead of battling via their phones or game controllers, people were playing with erasers, vying for supremacy by placing their eraser on top of the other person’s eraser with the mere push of the index finger. The transcendence of these games resonated with many residents who poured in to show their support for their Malaysian brothers and sisters. And soon, the games ended and the performances began. Singing, dancing and instrumentals were done for Malay, Chinese and English songs making it a truly multicultural experience. What a pleasant sight it was to see exchange students become a part of this melting pot, supporting their friends, and understanding the cultures of Malaysia and Singapore. Perhaps one of

But an unmistakable highlight of the night had to be the plethora of kueh that was available for the ravenous eyes of hall residents. Kueh is a Malaysian dessert cake typically made from glutinous rice. Contained within these cakes are coconut, pandan leaves and palm sugar known as Gula Melaka; all of which make for a scrumptious dessert meal. People who entered the Comm Hall late would direct their eyes to the buffet of kueh guarded by only one person from the Malaysian Night team. Unable to be stopped, Rafflesians grabbed kueh after kueh; sometimes causing their plates to bend in the process. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One can tell that no matter where we come from or what our identity is, food inevitably brings us together and keeps us that way. Malaysian Night was truly representative of this. Malaysians came from all parts of NUS to lend support in the organization of this event and in the true Raffles Hall spirit, it turned into an unmistakably unmistakab pleasant memory.



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Delve into the latest Raffles Hall happenings; celebrating the vibrant RH spirit with our bi-weekly newsletter publications!

RAFFLES HALL PHOENIX PRESS (RHPP) AY17/18 Semester1 | Issue2  

Delve into the latest Raffles Hall happenings; celebrating the vibrant RH spirit with our bi-weekly newsletter publications!