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RAFFLES DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, MUMBAI. A premier education provider committed to afford quality education through our network of institutions in the Asia-Pacific region to develop industry-relevant skilled professionals. Our Head office Raffles Design International (listed on SGX-SESDAQ) is situated in Singapore since 1990. Raffles has 33 colleges across 13 countries in Asia-Pacific region: Australia, Singapore, India, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia & Sri Lanka. . Raffles Design International, Mumbai is our first design training centre in India. We are dedicated to provide professional design disciplines of • • • • • •

Fashion Design Fashion Marketing Graphic Design Multimedia Design Interior Design Product Design

Our lecturers are professional practitioners in their respective fields. Joining from Argentina, Egypt, Greece, Israel, India, Latvia, Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa, United Kingdom & the United States, they brought with them a wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, which they impart with commitment, creating an international learning environment that is rich in creativity and growth for the individuals. Our curriculum is constantly reviewed to keep our students at the forefront of design education and training. A unique combination of academic theory and hands-on experience ensures that all graduates possess the skills and knowledge demanded by employers worldwide as well as a sound foundation for advanced study. Raffles Design College Group is the only institution that offers inter-college transfer credits among our colleges in the Asia Pacific region Raffles Design International has always been at the cutting edge, and prides itself in grooming individuals into award-winners.


CENTRE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE As the first step of your journey with us here in RDI, Mumbai comes to close, you will be opening a new chapter of your life. Most of you had joined us with some knowledge of design and a keen sense of learning and now you will enter another phase which is a professional one. RDI as a part of REC, we provide a spread of design courses that covers a comprehensive study in the fields of Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing, Interior Design, Graphic Design & Multimedia Design. Our students had benefitted from it & will emerge well sought after by the industry. On behalf of all my colleagues in RDI, Mumbai. I would like to extend my congratulations to all our graduands of 2012. Thank you. EDMUND LIM Centre Director



The Pulitzer Prize winning author, William Hodding Carter said: “There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.” Education is arguably one of the most important gifts a parent can give a child. It grounds us and gives a sense of purpose and direction. Over the past years it has been an honour to be a part of this process. I have been in the privileged position to be surrounded by creative, gifted and talented individuals on a daily basis. It is truly an honour to be a part of this moulding process. And in this privileged position, I have become the pupil. I want to make use of this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me courage, strength, patience and humility. Thank you for allowing me to become a thread in the rich tapestry of your life. Now it is time to write the next chapter of your lives. To spread the wings that William Carter refers to. Do it with passion, do it with belief in yourself and your abilities, but most of all, do it because you can! CORNÉ COETZEE Academic Director & Programme Director - Fashion design




With a strong foundation in technical proficiency and a good eye for market trends, students will start to hone their individual styles and identities through their collections. Training students to be flexible in responding to ever-changing market needs, technological developments and trends, fashion graduates will be more than ready to assume professional work in this fastpaced industry.

The Product Design course offers students the opportunity to specialize or work in a wide range of product design disciplines. Students will develop the ability to design innovative products that effectively respond to commercial, cultural, social environmental, aesthetic, functional and technological considerations. They are encouraged to creatively develop a personal approach to product aesthetic together with a thorough understanding of materials, technology and the latest manufacturing processes.

The study of Fashion Design focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of fashion design through exploratory and experimental projects. This course takes the student from design concepts and processes through to final production, while teaching required business and contextual studies. It provides an integrated approach, combining creativity with applied technical proficiency.


Product Design involves the generation of ideas, concepts and prototypes for the next generation of commercial products. It involves consideration of all the suspects of a product or process including shape, form, colour, customer and user perception, function, usability and sustainability. Styling and function are crucial to the commercial success of a product.

The study of Fashion Marketing is an exciting field that opens one up to countless opportunities in the fashion industry. Students learn buying and merchandising practices, conceptualising, advertising and promotional activities. The course is tailored to blend creative fashion knowledge with a solid grounding in business, marketing and contextual studies.


The study of Graphic Design educates students through an in-depth exploration of a Graphic Designer’s role in history, society and research. Students will explore issues related to culture, economics as well as the social implications of graphic design solutions. Through major projects using the latest digital software, students will develop multi-disciplinary skills to offer creative and practical solutions, preparing them for challenging careers combining creativity, concepts and computer software skills in the highly creative industries such as editorial, advertising, publishing, packaging and even fashion industries.


This program will equip students with the multidisciplinary skills that bring together art, culture and design into the digital and multimedia world. Students will be designing with both 2D and 3D graphic elements while adding interactive interfaces and systems which integrate programming that they learn along the way. Students will also be trained to research of multimedia design trends and issues within society to produce an integrated suite of design solutions, taking into account aspects of culture, economics and social interaction.


The study of Interior Architecture encompasses the study of both architectural and design content within a built environment, while focusing on the human interface within a given space. This course provides intensive training for students to become professional interior designers. The syllabus features an intensive program which encompasses a wide body of knowledge on space planning, creative problemsolving, communication skills and knowledge of building materials, construction, computer-aided drafting and the history of design.




fashion design








SONIA RIJWANI My collection depicts how a Victorian queen would dress in India. The collection has the exaggeration of Victorian jackets, corsets and ruffles crafted in brocade and Chanderi fabrics of India. Likewise the Victorian silhouettes are blended with Indian accessories.



MALVIKA SHROFF My theme is Desi-Victoriana in which I have made six garments. I have used brocade, net and drill to complete my collection. My colour palette is grey, pink and gold. While deciding for a Victorian grey hair bands, for Desi look I settled for pearls on each garment.


SHIVANGI ANAND Desi-Victoriana according to me is about loud and exaggerated Victorian garments with an Indian touch. I mixed use of lace with hand embroidery. So the massive silhouettes, beautiful drapes, un-breathable corsets, jabots, lace, ruffles are done in a very heavy Indian embroidery on brocade.


GURLEEN GAMBHIR For the Desi-Victoriana look I drew inspiration from diverse colours and fabrics of India such as gold brocades and silks and fused them with lace and crinoline silhouettes with outrageous accessories influenced by the Victorian era.


FALAK BHATT My project is about Gardening Goddesses. To me “Goddess� denotes purity, divinity and infinity, whereas nature can be both beautiful and ugly. Through my collection, I have tried to draw attention towards the ugly beauty of nature and persuade people to have more eco-friendly ideologies.



NATASHA VOHRA The literal meaning of “Goddess� is a female deity. She represents beauty, elegance and power. Colours play a major role in defining elegance and authority. In my collection I have used bold colours and flowing silhouettes that define elegance and authority in a deity.


APOORVA SINGHAL My mini-collection is inspired by the theme, Gardening Goddesses. I consider the term Goddess to be pure, powerful and eternal. Through my collection I wish to bring out the eternal and sparkling beauty of nature while still being connected to its earthy elements.


RIDHIMA ODHRANI The theme of my collection is Gardening Goddesses. Hence my collection has bright colours to make the garments bright and natural. I have used soft fabrics like georgette, raw silk, and a netted flower fabric. The colours and fabrics are consistent in my collection as a whole.


ATITA PUN “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.� I drew inspiration from the everlasting beauty of nature. My designs have adapted and evolved through the colours and shapes, grace and elegance of nature. They also reveal the exceptional power of a diva in gold.


DANIELLA DANTAS Fashion is Architecture: It is a matter of proportion. My fashion model is infatuated by ribbed vaults and high arches and stands mystified in panels of laces and satins. There is a semblance of a grey Gothic night. My collection is inspired by majesty of Gothic churches in Germany.



AKSHADA KUNNUL Gothic Architecture is a Romanesque style of architecture using ribbed vaults and cloisters generally seen in cathedrals and churches of the Gothic period. My collection of garments includes panels which make them look very structured and edgy.


VIDHI SHAH The theme for my mini-collection is Gothic Architecture. Gothic Architecture is generally associated with the architecture of cathedrals and churches. My theme colours are grey and black and the design is inspired by domes found in European churches. All my garments have an appliquĂŠ design.


VAISHNAVI HARIVALLABHDAS Gothic Architecture inspires many a new design. My collection incorporates Gothic Architecture in the use of sharp lines and clean cuts that keep the garments linear and contemporary. My fashion philosophy is - less is sometimes more, and it is reflected in my collection.


SHAUNNA ORTON Mine is a collection embracing the staggering beauty of Gothic Architecture incorporating its angular arches and domes in a three dimensional silhouette, carving its way out of black satin. Italian lace pays homage to the intricate filigree lattice work and stained windows.



My collection is inspired by the ethnic identity of the Ancient Egyptian people, which is in fact a fundamental aspect of understanding who Egyptians were and their lifestyle and their style for fashion. The collection gives a clear glimpse of Egyptian jewelry and their fashion style.



My designs are inspired by aquatic ecology. Mystical Lagoon is a conceptual theme that combines underwater beauty with mystery. Corals, weeds and star fish have an important role in my designs. I have portrayed the mesmerizing underwater world through blue georgette and sequined fabrics.



REBECCA MATTHEW I drew my idea from, “beauty is but skin deep”. Despite the veneer of skin one can differentiate between outside and inside. My garments display macramé techniques with layers similar to those in our circulatory system. The colour scheme ranges from light nudes and browns to deep shades of crimson.



SHREYA AGARWAL Setting a tone of freshness (fresco) through alluring colours of violet, tomato red, whites and antique gold, my collection displays the theme inspired by boho-chic. The garments are an amalgamation of vibrant coloured georgettes, embroidered fabric, with sequins and an array of floral prints.



This collection is inspired by the famous Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette who was known for her style because of which she became a Muse to great artists and designers. Known for her bold and carefree nature, she always showed both male and female sides to her outfits.



ZAHRA BOOTWALLA My collection is inspired by the Indian festival of Diwali. I have used traditional Paisley prints. My colours are pastel green, pink and bronze. I have tried to play around using a lot of panels on different fabrics like raw silk, velvet, sequins, georgette and a little bit of brocade.



NAMRATA SHINDE The word, Saptapadi means “Seven Steps� which represent the vows the marrying couple make together. After tying the Mangalsutra, the newlywed couple takes seven steps around the holy fire. I have used seven different shades and seven different styles from seven types of diverse Indian weddings.



The water bodies of Kashmir boast of breathtaking Shikara that connects one with nature and recharges one’s soul. My designs capture the pure joy of Kashmir’s vibrant beauty and the rhythmic charm of tossing of Shikara. My designs bring about the ethereal beauty in a contemporary fashion.



KHUSHBOO RAJ The Taj Mahal is the jewel of India, a masterpiece of the world’s heritage. My collection borrows ideas from its intricate details and silhouettes its remarkable Jharokha. The ethnic arches and prints of the Taj Mahal add to the richness of my garments.



JESAL JOSHI A Shaman is a survivor of the pure, spiritual world. They are medicinal men and are known to have the ability to heal, control weather, interpret dreams and astral projections and travel to the upper and the lower spiritual world. My collection incorporates spirituality and purity of the Shaman.



ZENIA CHARANIA Inspired by the Louvre pyramids, my silhouettes depict unique panels through carnivorous prints. Motivated by Pyramoda Instinct my collection displays a fusion of wild themes with a mix of pleats, an earthy colour pallet of nude, blacks, browns and leopard spotted appliquĂŠ.



An Abaya is the Islamic equivalent of the little black dress. Gorgeous, beautiful, exquisitely feminine and stylish - Abaya and hijab are integral parts of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe. I stuck to the theme of less revealed, more left to guess by mixing intricate pattern embroidery with crystal and combining black with a little splash of colour.



Malice in Wonderland derives its inspiration from the book Alice in Acidland by Thomas Fensch. Unlike the magical wonderland Alice sees evil and sinister happenings. Malice brings to life different creatures from wonderland and transforms them into a runway collection with psychedelic colours.



Shapes can be reformed in any way to create a particular object of any size, be it a two dimensional or a three dimensional shape. I used squares and lines of an amphitheatre in my collection. I made prints of these geometric shapes.



SNIGDHA AGARWAL For a designer writing “Tomorrow” is to bring the future to the present through his/her collection. My collection is inspired by the futuristic shapes of Walt Disney’s Epcot Centre and a sense of space. The pop out hexagons compliment the metallic colour palette and print which are the shades of the rare night sky.



The dark side of fashion inspires this collection. It is a reflection of Emily’s character in the movie Corpse Bride by Tim Burton. Emily, waiting for her knight to rescue her from the portals of death, is depicted through silhouettes in tattered bits to show the imperfect side of a perfect fashion statement.



My garments are as colourful as nature can get, “Fading Her� is inspired by seven rare endangered species. A lot of structural silhouettes are created by combining different creatures and making them hybrid. The prints are hand-painted in exquisite shades reflecting the beauty of nature.



Alexandros of Antioch gave her strength by carving her in marble. Botticelli gave her grace on the frothy ocean. Dietrich gave her intelligence on the silver screen. She gave me purpose. She is beauty, she is elegance, she is Venus. “Darling, the legs aren’t so beautiful, I just know what to do with them.” -Marlene Dietrich-




fashion marketing




NOOPUR PATEL DIESEL® BARE ESSENTIALS Diesel has grown into a global household name for premium clothing but it all started from that one man wanting to do something unusual, something stupid. Stubbornly he stuck to his belief in doing the unusual and created a global company whose products are enjoyed by millions today. Being driven by passion and the desire to do something special I naturally tried to understand all the ropes of marketing mix. Understanding the brand management of a company like Diesel could otherwise be difficult, bearing in mind its range of Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Keeping pace with time a unique product line, Diesel Bare Essentials, was created to attract today’s men who are more concerned about their skin. Diesel Bare Essentials will build its existence in India allowing its consumers to experience the products for real. It is riveting to understand the passion of its founder, Renzo Rosso, and to communicate to the world about the company. Life breathes into each and every one of Diesel’s diverse products.


SHREEYA MANJESHWAR CONTOUR SHAPEWEAR Contour Shape wear is conceptualized and planned for a newly founded company that will provide high quality and comfortable inner wear meant for toning female bodies. TM

The company aims at supplying a wide array of shape wear to an enormous market that consists of fashion forward individuals seeking fresh and varied range of toning options to choose from. Contours products are strategically priced to target buyers belonging from the upper-middle class to the elite. The business plan is focused on summarizing and explaining in elaborate detail the strategic marketing and advertising activities. The company is required to spell its objective in order to gain the customer’s attention, boost sales, maintain a loyal consumer base and ultimately sustain business.


HEETIKA CHHEDA ONENESS Oneness is a brand that manufactures clothes and jewellery specifically focusing on the spirituality. According to a recent research the stress levels in India have increased to a 57% in the last 2 years. The survey conducted said that 45% of Indian workers are particularly stressed about profitability that has been affected by recession, leaving only 12% of stress level increase in other matters like, relationships, family matters, health, career etc. Thus, came the idea to bring to customer Oneness, a service company that focuses on solutions and spiritual products for overall wellbeing. It deals in life style products to enhance our environment and beautify the space. Material and lifestyle are of this world, quintessential, yet without the soul; they lack the joy, fulfilment and richness we truly long for... Body, mind and soul equal material, lifestyle, experience. For ensuring happiness in one’s life, one has to nurture all three elements. To a life filled with richness, harmony and ONENESS... Oneness is a brand linkage through the high quality, purpose and customised formulas and packaging of the product. It creates a retail linkage by showcasing specialised products with complete instructions. Special clothing is created for a particular segment that is not available anywhere in India. Mainly Spiritual clothing with embroidery gives a sense of relaxation and inner peace.


ISHIRA BUBBER ACTIVE SPORTSWEAR After a detailed study on the active sportswear industry for women, it can be said that the industry is a wonderful marketplace to test and exploit their ideas. With the excitement of sports participation, the desire to look better, keep fit, the sports area can get a very fair reception. A detailed study on the target market of the sportswear industry including market segmentation was done, along with a questionnaire on active sportswear in Mumbai. An in depth situational analysis on the four major players of the active wear industry has helped obtained accurate information on the active sportswear industry, concluding that it has a niche market for itself in Mumbai. The analysis shows that factors of brand loyalty, repeat purchase behaviour, competitors, market trends, market size, market type, political, social, economic and technological factors affect the industry and the buying patterns of the consumer. The environment and legal aspect of the sportswear industry were also studied along with an in depth study on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the sportswear industry.


JAHNVI SHAH MR DEBONAIR This project report is an implementation of a men’s accessories store. The project discusses the objective and vision of the brand Mr Debonair and other key brand elements. A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the store is done. It also consists of User profiles of the luxury consumers, therefore gives us a better understanding into the psyche of the consumers. The analysis includes detailed study on the 4Ps which are product, place, price and promotion. A mock website is made of the brand which includes the web development plan, logistics, return policy, privacy policy, sizing charts and legal policies. The packaging of the store has also been designed which includes bags, business cards and pens. A personnel plan is made of the store to be more specific about the job descriptions and responsibilities of the staff. A Financial Analysis is done of the store starting with the Budget, Cash Flow, Income and Expense Statement and Balance Sheet. A Gantt chart is also made to understand the timeline of Mr Debonair.


KARIMA JIWANI DIGI DÉCOR A well decorated luxury home has become the need and desire of every individual residing in a city or a town. After spending a stressful day at work everyone wishes to be at a place which is peaceful well organized and pleasant. Apart from our own home nothing can fulfil these desires. So after conducting an in-depth research and analysis of the current scenario of interior design industry, I thought of coming up with a website which can fulfil dreams of those working professional who wish to have a dream home but due to lack of time they are not able to transform their dreams into reality. Digi Dé is specially designed for such individuals who can easily get their homes decorated without any worry. Value for money, consumer satisfaction and fulfilling deadlines are the main purpose of Digi Dé . Busy life, increasing expenses, high competition in the market, demand for something better and new, satisfactory work can be the biggest reason why Digi Décor can have great scope in Indian market. E-commerce and interior design industry are highly growing markets in India. In near future concepts like Digi Décor can have tremendous success in the India industry.


KARTHIK KANTHARIA SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF FASHION This subject had brought to light how various fashion trends are spotted, created and sustained. In this area students are expected to do a thorough environmental scanning in terms of political, social, technological and environmental study. This study is global as well as bound to the country for which a trend forecaster is forecasting his/her trends. All these factors affect the growth and decline of markets including fashion. It was important to do an in depth study of all these factors to come out with the correct trends. References from various fashion magazines, blogs, websites, runway shows etc. are collected to study the pattern, flow and acceptance of the trends as some can be repetitive and some can be fads. With the help of all these references various images are put together to create a visual look of what the future in fashion looks like and trends for spring summer 2013 were created.


KRITI SUD KIS This business Plan provides detailed strategic information necessary to heighten and play up the marketing strategies of KIS India in order to increase its market share in the country. It also provides information about its Products and Services in the country. The Company History, Company Analysis, SWOT have been made in an overview of the company. Product and Market objectives, Target market & Point of difference have been stated in order to make goals to increase the market share clearer. The plan is to increase the target market, i.e. the fashionable crowd and the middle class besides professional sportsmen, which is their current target audience. A new USP/Point of difference will be added, i.e. fashionable sportswear. Focus will be on promoting the product and accordingly strategies will be formulated. Promotion will be more vigorous with more celebrity endorsements and more events having sportsmen endorse the brand. Digital Ads will be increased to reach a vaster audience. A budget for the development of new products and promotion has been planned. Evaluation and Control Strategies for the change of plan has been stated with 3 possible outcomes and controls of the new marketing plan.


SMITAKSHI HAZARIKA BENETTONŽ E-COMMERCE While discussing an online retail project we zeroed on a plan for United Colors of Benetton for the Indian market. The project encompasses the present e-fashion scenario of India and the current status of United Colors of Benetton’s market growth and strategies in India. The project specifies the consumer and the marketing strategy. It also consists of an alternative plan to the business, in case the site does not perform up to expectations. The project does the SWOT, PEST, analysis. It takes a realistic view of its competitors and the market conditions at present and expectations in future. A website is also designed for online shopping, targeting the Indian customers. A market survey has been conducted to understand the target market better.


SONAM BABANI MAISON DE DIOR BRAND MANAGEMENT This Project provides a detailed strategic business plan and information necessary for initial establishment of The House of Dior furniture line of Maison de Dior. Today most of home furniture buying concerns not only necessity but also fashion and design. The advantage of foreign furniture style over the local one is the former’s ready acceptance by younger generation. Word of mouth publicity plays an important role in buying imported furniture from a particular store. Maison de Dior will debut with a line of 27 products including sofa, dining and lounge sets, loose furniture and some home accessories and personalized furniture. With time Maison de Dior will collaborate with established product designers and architects such as Frank Gerry to design limited edition furniture. Maison de Dior will be the most expensive and luxurious line by The House of Dior till date, even more expensive than Christian Dior Couture. Therefore the furniture will be priced at a vastly premium price and the stores will be extravagant too as it will represent the brand in a big way. The promotion will be based on the lines of all promotion done by the House of Dior - very niche and sophisticated. It will focus on Print ads and PR


AYUSHI NAGORI THE WINE CELLAR - IN VINO VERITAS The Final Major Project focuses on the Business Plan with all Marketing, Management and Fashion aspects of a business. The Wine Cellar - InVinoVeritas. The tag line is Latin for: “In wine you can find the truth�. This project is based on the concept of good wine for every discerning consumer. Traditionally the wine consumers formed the niche segment of the society. Good wine in India was very expensive and the less expensive wine was of very poor quality. Wine was never meant for the masses. However, growing awareness and changing lifestyles have changed this scenario and suppliers today are forced to offer lower prices to the consumers. The capacity increased is also responsible for the downturn of the prices.


ESHITA KANSARA BOTTEGA VENETA® Bottega Veneta is a brand well known for its very peculiar intrecciato weave. Today, the brand is known for several aspects that are remarkably different from any other luxury brand; but the brand is still expanding and its product line is still far from complete. Hence Bottega Veneta Horologe Femme was created ingeniously, stepping forward to encourage the brand’s genres of products. Hereafter the brand attracted customers solely for their much-desired requirements, perhaps inspired by Bottega’s jewellery and luxury line. Bottega Veneta Horologe Femme, is designed to beat the growing demand of luxury watch. Demand in this industry would bring an edge to the company’s foray in the coming years. It is believed that the company will continue to satisfy the consumer’s demand better than other brands in its league. However, adding definition to the craft are several co-laterals such as mood boards, mock products with appropriate packaging and an instillation. Also, samples of print ads have been designed precisely in order to suit the brand’s standing in the repertoire.


VIDHI KAPADIA ELISIA My magazine, Elisia, is a digital fashion magazine for men and women that serves fashion directory for everyone browsing through the internet. ELISIA means popular and up to date in Spanish. The magazine offers (us) publishers the unique opportunity to optimize our publications with audio-video and hyperlinks while on we get to save money traditionally on printing. I have named the publishing company, Elisia Digital Publication Private Limited. The magazine will update the readers in elegant style, runway coverage, fashion trend reports, designer collections, couture, celebrity news, fashion news and features, beauty, collections, culture, exclusive access to celebrity photos, seasonal fashion must-haves and beauty product reviews, trends accessories, exclusive photo shoots, health, skincare and entertainment, I have also conducted a survey and analyzed the survey and have accordingly incorporated the above features. The editorial will feature several other items such as behind the scenes of fashion weeks, photo shoots, advertisement, styling shoots and much more insights into the brand, fashion shoots, style tips. The Magazine will also put on its panel various celebrity ambassadors, and makeup and hair experts, who will give useful advice on recreating professional beauty look just sitting at home.


“Today you have to run faster to stay at the same place� Philip Kotler




interior design




ADITI SHARMA ABSTRACT After an exhaustive discussion with my mentors and colleagues I short-listed elevated Metro Station as my final major project. My preparation began with making short trips in Mumbai’s crowded locals. I experienced utmost chaos in the compartment and at the stations. I gleaned two problems behind the chaos, i.e. unsafe journey and under utilization of public space. Designing the metro station was a challenging but fun filled experience. I thought of a design that could ensure safety and aesthetic appeal and be a benchmark for future Mumbai Metro Projects. I decided to utilize space in natural light and make ample entrys and exits. The focus was on image building, brand positioning and high-tech design in the public infrastructure. The overlapping mesh like pattern was the key motivation behind the structure. It provided me with an amazing opportunity to experience the ups and downs of a design project, its practicality, technicality, landscaping and architectural factors. Securing a degree in Interior Designing from Raffles Design International is a very enriching experience. The institute and the professors encouraged me to realise my goal – to make a mark in the field of interior design.


ANKITA SUKHADIA THE WEB My project was to design an office space for an architect. The design for the 100m x 50m x 30m space had to be inspired by some element from nature. Since the firm was in its beginning phase the requirements were very basic - a reception-cum-waiting area, a couple of workstations, a cabin, a pantry, one storage room and a washroom.

The interior with white walls and white flooring and the custom made furniture offers light and space. Thus a complicated spider’s web becomes model for a perfect office space.

A spider’s web is the inspiration for this project. The most important feature of a spider’s web is its centre. A spider lies in wait in the centre for its victims. The threads that make up the web are extremely small in diameter and difficult to detect the web visually. The premise was to make the architect’s office at the centre and the rest transparent. The designing process started by making a scaled down model of the office block. Holes were punched on all six sides of a box made up of mount board. A grid pattern of 1cm x 1cm was made with a long thread passing through the holes at random, intersecting and connecting different sides of the box. This model is incorporated in the design for office where partitions of transparent glass with the exception of some opaque glass for privacy are used. Following the transparency of a spider’s web, all glass partitions create different zones and intersect at some point. Thus the glass partitions for reception, library, waiting area, workstations, pantry and washroom make the façade appear transparent, well-lighted and open.


ANUSHKA RASHADA THE MUSHROOM PROJECT The Mushroom Project’ is situated on a 5m x 10m site. The space is designed for an interior designer’s design studio. This design was conceptualized keeping in mind that three sides of the space is closed off by walls and only one side has a glass façade. One must imagine this site to be situated in the confinements of a mall or an office building. As the title indicates, this project is inspired by mushrooms. Mushrooms posses the textures and the organic quality required to inspire the abstract fluidity for the mushroom project. The main focus of my design came from the striations that form on the under-side of the mushrooms. These striation became my point of departure thusly. As every interior design refers to material, a material library was of the utmost importance to this project. The materials are cladded onto panels that run from the ceiling to the floor. One can choose their materials by sifting through these panels that move along an axis. The waiting area also includes the library which is meant to create a sense of design curiosity. This space also has small single seaters designed in accordance to the mushroom striations. There is a sleeping space situated between the two workstations and is at a height of seven feet. The space sort of emulates a pigeon hole like hollow space floating above the rest of the structures. To go up to the berth, one must climb up small ladder that is situated on the side of a striation that joins to a workstation.


In total there are nine zones in this small 50m/sq space. These soaces are the library, workstations, reception, pantry, storage shelves, washrooms, material library, sleeping space and the waiting area.

BINA CHAUHAN THE BOUTIQUE HOTEL The Boutique Hotel is located in Kenai Fjords Nation Park, Alaska. Based on the concept of Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye it has been made closely following five points of the Villa Savoye. The hotel has five features that Le Corbusier conceptualized for Villa Savoye. They are: pillars, free floor plan- no load bearing walls, long horizontal windows, freely designed facades, and functional roof (the only feature I did not include in my project). Implementing the concept, the hotel was placed both on land and water. Rooms are elevated from the ground on pilotis, and are in a curved manner making it different from the Villa Savoye. Kenai National Park offers a wide range of activities that give an opportunity for constructing a hotel in the midst of the wilderness. People from all over the world visit Alaska because of its scenic beauty, adventures and aura. Home is what the guest is escaping from on holidays. Hence the concept reflected topography and landforms of the Alaskan wilderness, expressing waves, layers and fjords. With a modern look for a boutique hotel in the wild, people will not only look forward to the Alaskan beauty but also the hotel’s architecture.


BINITA SHAH LE SALON Le salon is a floating lounge located on Powai Lake, Mumbai. The lounge will be situated in the middle of the lake, thus giving a great view of the surrounding from all sides of the lounge. Access to the lounge will be via a boat, allowing free and quick access to the lounge. The lounge is based on the concept of bubbles on water. The project represents what happens when a cluster of bubbles come together and form an abstract shape turning into one large bubble with each bubble being of different size. The lounge is a lot of bubbles coming together to form one big bubble of abstract formations. Each bubble has a designated area of its own. The total area of the lounge is 34,240 sq ft. This creates a great atmospheric ambience as the lounge is completely surrounded by water and mangrove around the lake. The lounge consists of areas like reception, kitchen, bar, banquet, storage, AHU, coffee bar, restroom, 2 family rooms and dining space. The entire lounge is transparent because of its glass cladding. It creates a feeling of openness and the heights of the bubbles give a feeling of hugeness. This offers a unique feeling of chic dinning. The project has explored many dimensions of design through research and analysis in its designing phase. The two main learning aspects of the project have been creating the bubble structure through different technologies and the floatation technologies. While designing the project it was felt that inspiration can be obtained from the simplest things.


CHUMBENO EZUNG THE STRING PAVILION The Gateway of India is one of the most important heritage structures of India visited by thousands of locals as well as tourists. Keeping this in mind, the idea to design a Pavilion for Musical concerts was conceptualized. In order to give a whole new experience, the pavilion was designed on the waterfront. As the pavilion was meant for concerts, its design was inspired by strings of musical instruments. The structure of the pavilion was conceived by connecting the spherical lines to each of the dome of the gateway, from the top view (Fig 1.1). This brings together the past and present elements, which was the requirement for the project. These simple lines formed a shape. This shape was used as the plan for the pavilion. The whole structure was designed by following these lines throughout, intersecting at some point. The idea being, from the top view, one can only see simple geometric lines, but from the front, back and sides, these lines show volumes. The lines become the ceiling, the walls, and the railings. The structure was also designed in such a way that it does not take away too much attention from the Gateway. The Gateway being a monumental architecture was required to remain the focal point. The pavilion can also be used for various other exhibitions and shows. The pavilion measures 88”X37” and stands at the height of 20”. It is supported by truss on the water. A pathway leads to the pavilion from the Gateway.


DINIKA MORDANI FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT I always nurtured the desire to be an interior decorator. But I did not know how to make any headway. Raffles turned that desire into reality and made it my lasting passion. For my final major project I chose to design a restaurant. While I was looking for some ideas, I chanced upon the picture of a tree in all seasons. The tree depicted summer, winter, autumn and spring on its body. The transition through these four seasons made a great impact on my mind and I decided to capture these changes in my design for a restaurant. After much thought and many sketches I decided on contour undulations. I used contour lines to show ups and downs of different seasonal temperatures. The lowest part in the design would portray ‘summer’ as it marks the inner most heated core of the earth, whereas the highest point in the design would portray ‘winter’ as it moves away from the earth’s core. It marks the highest distance from it. Spring and autumn just play the tricks above or below ground level. The Four Seasons restaurant consists of a sophisticated dining space for 250-300 people, with a bar, and a rooftop park. Keeping in mind the climatic conditions and modern technology, as well as the harm caused to the earth by extreme modernization, I decided to keep my design as sustainable as possible. I have used wood for each of the undulating levels and for some of the support system including the application of a green roof and an enclosed structure with glass.


JYOTI JHUNJHUNWALA STRINGS APARTMENT Architecture and designing are not just about aesthetics but also about functionality. My project was to design a house in Santacruz West or Bandra for the visually challenged. As the chosen site is congested and close to the suburban station I had to think of issues related to mobility of the inmates.

which helps the visually impaired people, read and write.

The scope of the project is constructing the interior and exterior of a two bedroom house at two levels – the underground level and the ground level with a courtyard. For a smooth movement of the visually challenged the partitions or walls between rooms and doors should be dispensed with. Such design need to blend with a sense of touch and sound through different gradients and creating a grid or a Braille system so that hearing through use of strings and dome structure can amplify sound. The idea is to make path within the house with strings which help the blind person move around using his sense of hearing. The mechanism used in stringed instruments is used for the paths where strings are placed with varying tension and distance between them helping to produce sounds of different pitch. The designed house has a basement with a ramp leading to the house. The structure is made up of dome like modules in a grid pattern forming the exterior which helps amplify sound produced by strings. The same grid pattern is reflected on the floor with varying gradients helping the blind person move around without any difficulty. The flooring is based on the Braille, the system


KARISHMA PATEL COASTAL PREFAB HOUSE My project is to build prefabricated structures on beach with all facilities for tourists. The project will be developed on three different scales; firstly, to reduce the visual impact of the new structures. Secondly, the design principle of the module will be created to maximum flexibility so as to increase its portability. And finally the materials proposed will be a modern reinterpretation of traditional and existing construction materials suited for aggressive coastal climate. The prefabricated structure will have all facilities of a hotel, viz. Rooms, entertainment area, mini bars, restaurants and rest rooms. There will also be added prefabricated structures with mini bars and restaurants. Altogether there will be around 12-15 prefabricated structures on beach which will be designed as per the above specification. The idea is to build prefabricated detachable foldable, portable and comfortable holiday homes for tourists. The site of my project is located in Daman with an area of around 40,000 sq ft. The inspiration is sea rocks. The scope of the project is to build 20 holiday homes on beach for tourists. The material used for building is carbon fibre. Each structure is of different height and width. Apart from these holiday homes, there will be four single unit structures for large groups consisting of bed room, living room, kitchen and wash room.



I was always inclined towards designing, especially space designing. However, learning technicalities is simple but learning the process behind designing, idea development and production is somewhat difficult. At Raffles we were trained to do both. Guided by our talented teachers, sharing and understanding their experiences helped me tremendously to grow as a designer.

I would never have evolved as a designer if it had not been for the guidance of these amazing teachers here at Raffles.

DESIGN STUDIO PROJECT My project was to design an interior designer’s office. The design was supposed to represent the designer’s abilities as well as character. My design was inspired by the Arizona rock formations. The process of the rock formations was studied and the same was applied to the design. The office has no walls or partitions except for the two converging walls, which have various folds like formations to provide for the space division. Another inspired and deciding factor of the design is my use of LAYERS. The two walls mentioned here are made up of multiple strips of wood of varying thicknesses, which represent the layers. These strips fold in their own ways and are designed in a manner to provide for the furniture also. The waiting area, the reception, cabin, working table, library- all of it are extensions of these layers. When the design is viewed as a whole, it looks as though the space has been carved out.


MANALI MULANI RESIDENTIAL PROJECT My training at Raffles has been a wonderful journey during which I gone through various phases of learning several skills of the Interior Design. For the final Major Design Project, we had been given the task of selecting the subject of our choice. After much deliberation I decided to design a Residential Project with a difference. My Residential Project was for an artistic and physically challenged middle- aged couple at an exotic site along the Worli Sea Face. I chose the name Aashiaana for my project. The guiding ideology was to provide a dwelling for the challenged couple with due considerations to all likes, dislikes and challenges. An authentic Aashiaana will be the one which gives them space, peace and happiness and brings out their creativity to the utmost. The project enabled me to work on the design from conception to execution supported by an in depth research and creativity at all stages. The reviews and critical comments hurt me a lot initially; but now I realise that they have broadened my horizon to view the matter with an Out- Of- The- Box perception coupled with an eye for details. At Raffles the emphasis on using various designing softwares was challenging as well as rewarding. The deadlines provided an apt perspective for time management and innovations.


PRIYANKA PODDAR MEDICAL RESEARCH CENTRE After much discussion with an ever supportive faculty members at Raffles I chose Medical Research Centre as my Major Design Project. For my design I drew inspiration from the form and structure of a Uterus, which has the ability to change shape according to the foetal growth. I tried to bring in these features in my design. The design for my Medical Research Centre has three levels keeping the anatomy of Uterus in mind. The uterus consists of three main layers. The inner layer is the most active layer which responds to ovarian changes. Therefore the ground level of the hospital has been submerged into the ground, consisting of important functions like ICUs, Operation theatres and patients’ rooms. The middle layer is muscular in form and consists of smooth muscle cells. Thus the main entrance is located at this level along with the Emergency, Pathology and Radiology departments. The pharmacy is also located at this level. The outer layer is a thin layer of tissue that envelopes the uterus. This is inspiration for the shape and facade of the Medical Centre, which is spherical with glass panels and metal members running along the surface, providing natural light throughout the space. My idea is to create and maintain balance in all the three levels, using the same form as the uterus. It is a symbol of balance and symmetry as the two fallopian tubes placed on either side open into the cervix which is placed perfectly between the tubes. This formation of balance has been abstracted and translated into design; and forms have been created using spheres.



CLOVER - THE SKYWALK My Major Design Studio project was based on designing a pedestrian bridge at Hill Road. The bridge starts from the junction of Hill Road and Water Field Road to St. Stanislaus School. Since Hill road is one of the busiest roads in Bandra west having many pedestrians and hawkers, the aim of the project was to lift up the shopping experience to another level and helping the commuters to have free way traffic. The Skywalk design is inspired by a clover, which gives it enough space at the ends for the shop. It is designed for all seasons keeping Indian seasons in mind; hence it has a glass shell under the mesh. The design is basically a clove, which is rotated at 90 degree. Each curve of the clove rotates and the outer most ends have the shops in them. The Sky Walk covers 1500ft in length of Hill Road and is 20ft above the ground level. There are three staircases for the pedestrians to walk in and out of the skywalk, each at a distance of 500ft. It is 12ft wide in width as it has stalls and shops for the pedestrians, giving enough space for the commuters to walk through the skywalk. The idea of having a shopping street cum a pathway for commuters should be supported as this will encourage people around to use the skywalk to decongest the road.



Raffles has helped me in translating my imagination onto paper. At Raffles I evolved as a designer. Today I can have a conversation with experienced interior designers and not feel lost. It has helped us not only to create but also to critique each other’s designs. Criticism is not something everyone can take in his/her stride but through our years in college we have begun to look at criticism in a positive way and let it bring out the best in us. DIAL The images above show one of the studios we had worked on. They are images of a store that is surrounded by competitors. The most important question is how to make it stand out? Curiosity of the human mind is one of its most important feelings and can drive one to do a lot of things. This thought process leads to the design concept.


SHIRAZ KHAN THE KARAOKE BAR My journey through Raffles has been an amazing experience. It has given me the right tools to step out into the world as an interior designer. I can safely say that my childhood dream of being an interior designer was made possible by Raffles Design International. For my Major Design Studio I had to design a restaurant that was on water and connected to the beach by a pier. I chose to design a karaoke bar that was connected to the beach. My inspiration came completely from music. I wanted to create a karaoke bar where as soon as a person enters the restaurant he/ she feels as though he or she is submerged in the world of music and is floating on the water. Karaoke can be a form of expressing through music; so the task at hand is to create an environment that would encourage a person to get on the stage. The bar is divided by small levels starting from the interactive kitchen and bar table which is the 1st level. The next two levels have provision for seating two and four people at a table. Then comes the stage for karaoke that is at the other end of bar which is visible from any point in the restaurant. The back wall is completely covered with lights that act as a visualizer and synchronise with the music in the bar. It is the same on the opposite wall while the other two sides have a complete glass facade providing a view of the sea and the beach.


VIDHI GADA OFFICE DESIGN My office design was awarded as the best visualization design, by RDI Mumbai in 2011. The inspiration for this Design project is an element from nature, waterfall. Waterfall depicts a stage in nature when it rains water runs off into a body of water. How does water flows from one place to another? Where does the water get collected? My main idea was to take the shape of the water and put it into my design. My design is symmetric on both the sides because water has an effect where you see reflection and mirror on both the sides. Walls are constructed due to the flow of water which has an impact of wave. Ceiling and flooring are one element which looks transparent like water. From the entrance to the end of my office all the furniture in the room is one element like water has. Sand has an effect on water. Where one does not see the sand clearly, the effect is a blur. This is why I have taken a material nickel where all the effects get connected to my design. I have chosen colours which are cold, connected to the environment of water and clouds and floor.




product design





Raffles taught me how I could harness and satisfy my inner creativity to cater to the needs of the customer and the masses without compromising on both. (Left)OUT DOOR SHOE WITH LIGHT/PEN KNIFE The first product is a shoe that can double up for light and for pen knife. The shoe has a LED light on the front, which starts at the pressure of the heel and switches off/on by pressing feet. One does not have to carry a torch. Secondly, the right shoe has a pen knife, thus easy to pull out in case of any danger. While making this product, I learnt the importance of knowing how to make a product within a given budget and not just design it. (Middle) THE LEAF LIGHT CHANDELIER My belief in nature and in being eco-friendly led me to use the fallen leaves for lighting system. A simplistic design where leaves are dried naturally, coated with a preservative and stringed, so that they can be made aesthetically appealing. This project taught me the value of recycling, looking at natural resources and making use of the same in designing everyday products. (Right) THE WATER BOTTLE CUM WEIGHT DUMBBELL This product is designed primarily for old men and women who like to work out indoors with small weights. But they are not hard core body builders or gym enthusiasts. So they can easily use water bottles as dumbbell.



At Raffles we learnt to design research based projects like light, furniture, electronic, sustainable products, transportation at diploma level. At the degree level we were exposed to several management disciplines, which helped one understand how a product can be established, manufactured and marketed.

proposed materials for the entire table are wood, glass, aluminium and stone as per the environment. It can also be rearranged in multiple ways to enhance the design.

(Left) PATHWAY LAMP One of my projects at Raffles is pathway lamp. This pole lamp was designed to light the path ways of gardens. It was inspired from a plant stem. The idea was to keep the design form simple and suitable to the outdoor atmosphere. The two sets of light were inserted in order to illuminate the environment as well as the ground surface at the bottom of the pole lamp. It was designed to be manufactured in materials like stainless steel or fibre glass, as they can sustain well in the changing climate. (Middle) CEILING LAMP I designed ceiling lamp using the material polypropylene. It was inspired by the concept of layers, which helped in highlighting the design using the opacity of light and its shadows. It can be rearranged in 4 for styles and is easy to assemble. (Right) MW TABLE MW table was designed for a coffee lounge. The form of the table was inspired from the alphabets W and M derived from a slogan ‘what’s up at Mocha’. It is made in three basic profile- a glass top, 2 main structure (in W or M shape) and, 16 supporting pipes. The



At Raffles I did different types of work, ranging from initial amateur work to the work of better quality. Starting from sketching techniques to 3D softwares and understanding art and culture to understanding design and people, I learnt about different things related to the design world. Product design being a vast field, I was exposed to designing products like electronics, transportation, furniture, stationary, etc. All in all, I found a family at Raffles. Learning to design was just a part of it. Graduating from Raffles is like going away from a family. I will surely miss the place and especially the people there. (Top left) AUTO RICKSHAW RE-DESIGN (Bottom left & right) COLLAPSIBLE CAMPING TENT



Design is a balanced methodology between functionality and aesthetics. I am a believer of both. People are the base for any kind of design involved and to solve their needs of certain products or systems, functionality and aesthetics are negotiated with one another. It can be achieved by re-thinking and recreating the stereotypes of the ones that do exist. (Left) SPEAKERS (Middle) BMW速 ROCKING CHAIR (Right) NORTHFACE速 CAMPING GEAR



Being passionate about cars I enrolled myself in product design at Raffles. The course widened my horizon not only in transportation design but also in different design fields. Having studied at Raffles, Singapore as well as Raffles, Mumbai I got a lot of exposure. (Left) BMW® POP UP STORE I designed BMW POP UP Store to be placed at the airport, exhibition centres and malls. The underlying idea is to promote the brand not only by its primary product, automobiles, but also through its lifestyle products like BMW caps and other consumer goods. The shape of BMW Kidney Grill inspired the design and colour combination of the store -black, blue and white as in BMW logo. (Top middle) TATA® SUV DESIGN Looking at the current demand for a compact SUV and the boom created by Mahindra XUV 500 I got an idea to design a new generation compact SUV for Tata, inspired by the styling of the Range Rover Evoque and the new generation Tata. I combined the Indian design with the European one, keeping in mind the brand identity of Tata. (Bottom middle) HUMMER® TURNTABLE I created a turntable inspired by the styling of Hummer. It keeps the brand essence in tact; each design has a function that conforms to the proposition, form follows function. (Top right) X CHAIR The X chair is made out of recycled wood. It’s a more


sustainable chair made out of waste wood. The form of the chair is inspired by the letter X and gives it a rigid form. (Bottom right) MINEWORKER A 3D rendering for the Mineworker project.

DIVIJ JHAMB CHEMILUMINISCENCE LAMP The word ‘chemiluminiscence’ comes from Chemistry. Chemiluninescence is the fusion of two liquids which react together to produce light and not heat. This unique phenomenon turned out to be my inspiration for this project. We know that light propagates in the form of particles and waves; but through this project I wanted to show propagation of light in the form of a liquid. I had the choice to achieve the desired result, either by creating a product directly inspired from nature or to create an object which is connected with Science in some form. Human emotions was the first thought I had when I thought of a nature inspired product but eventually I decided to create something more scientific. When we think of Science or of laboratory equipment, we have a boring, emotionless image in our mind. That is what I wanted to change through this project. I looked at the equipment present in a chemistry laboratory and tried to conceptualize a design along those lines which would be a mesmerizing experience for consumers. Finally, this lamp was done with just spheres and a base. The versatility of this product is such that it can either be used as a screen or a standing structure in itself or even be used as a ceiling or wall mounted lamp.


JEEL DELIWALA ROVER CONCEPT (CELLPHONE FOR SEIKO速) I have designed a concept cell phone for the company SEIKO. The aim behind designing this cell phone was to bring a new element to the experience of using a cell phone. There are two inspirations to my concept: 1) Adding the vintage pocket watch element to the design, and 2) Working of the device is based upon the conversion of kinetic energy to mechanical energy which was innovated by Seiko itself. The main feature of the cell phone is that it has got a kinetic movement mechanism inside that produces energy with movement and stores it in the cell phone battery. This feature sorts out the problem of your phone running out of battery. The second is that the size of the device is very handy and easy to fit in your pocket. The third is the indent given right at the centre of the cell phone is for your finger to fit so as to help you get a convenient grip of the cell phone and giving a whole new interface where one will tend to play by rotating it. This will help in creating more kinetic energy that would save more power in the battery. It is a flip phone, clearly inspired from a pocket watch. The mechanism is shown at the back side of the cell phone to add an aesthetic value as well, as it gives you a different experience with your cell phone. There is a LCD screen given on top of the cell phone displaying 4 basic contents- time, incoming calls, messages, and the battery life. My experience at Raffles Design International has been very rewarding. My professors helped me explore a whole range of ideas like furniture, transportation, electronics, spatial, exhibition, etc.


JIVITESH RANGLANI (Top left) E-BIKE TENT This project was part of a design competition where the task assigned to us was to design an electric bicycle of 890 mm in length. I added another function to e-bike where its frame could be pulled out to form a canvas tent.

bolts were provided to counter theft. The bus stop, too, designed to be self sustainable. Provisions were made for water harvesting and for solar panels for lights.

(Bottom Left) SKATEBOARD FOR MONT BLANC The idea behind designing skateboard was to study two contrasting cultures, analyse and develop a product that would fit both. I chose the design philosophy of Mont Blanc. It uses rich materials, though its design looks simple, clean and minimal, for example, black colour for all its pens and watches. I incorporated these features in my skateboards (Middle) INFORMATION KIOSK FOR TOURISTS I concentrated on the kind of information a tourist would seek. Accordingly I worked on three concepts of kiosks, (a) a device where a tourist could buy maps and camera scanner etc. at the airport, (b) the concept of kiosks placed at short distances mapping out the path to the final destination, (c) a spherical kiosk at airports to provide information on various subjects like tourist spots, weather forecasts, maps, historical sites, emergency numbers, restaurants etc. (Right) BUS SHELTER + STREET FURNITURE I tried to blend the aesthetic with functionality of street furniture like chairs, dustbins. The furniture had to be self sustained, vandal proof and not misused. Hence they were without any flat surfaces so that bills could not be stuck. Hidden security cameras and custom made


MAYURI WANI FAUCET CONCEPT Brief for this project was to design a series of taps which fit into the design philosophy of Grohe. TARGET MARKET- Design was developed for business executives who can afford expensive lifestyle but lack time for its maintenance. This concept developed a very basic idea to reduce clutter in kitchen. Soap dispenser or soap sachet which could get misplaced, was to be eliminated. The idea was to aim at improving the way existing tap worked. A user friendly innovation was introduced in a faucet that had its own integrated soap dispenser. The four taps designed were kitchen faucet, basin mixer, bidget mixer and bath spout. The taps/faucets in kitchen and bathroom have an assembly of 6 parts as shown in the image (bottom right) : 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Soap dispenser Glass separator Water outlet and Hot water lever Cold water lever Soap refill slider

Glass separator is added to avoid heat transfer to the soap liquid. Along with its functional purpose the material glass also adds to its aesthetic appeal. MATERIAL- Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is the most widely used material for faucets due to its resistance to soft-water corrosion and hard-water calcification. This model is then plated with chrome and gives a chrome finish.


All these innovative ideas would not have been possible but for our professors at Raffles who encouraged us to optimise our creativity by blending aesthetic with functionality while designing a product.

“When I design, I don’t consider the technical or commercial parameters so much as the desire for a dream that humans have attempted to project onto an object.” PHILIPPE STARCK




multimedia design



(From the left) UTTAM KUMAR, SANU MANA

CHETAN DESAI I completed my bachelor’s course in multimedia design from Raffles Design International, Mumbai. As a person I always enjoyed the randomness of things which inspired me to be the designer I am today. Design has to be simple because that is exactly what I would to describe myself- simple. As a kid I watched cartoons and thought of how the designer would have made the characters walk & talk. As I grew older my curiosity, too, grew. It drove me to become the multimedia designer that I am today. (Left) CHARACTER ILLUSTRATION (CHESHIRE CAT) (Right) TYPOGRAPHY POSTER


ESHAN PAAREKH (Left) BHARWADS VS. MAASAI My project module was Design & Subculture. In this module we had to select a group of sub-culture and research on them and compare them with the international sub-culture. So I had selected the Massais of Kenya and compared them with the Bharwads of Indian Gujarat. For, signs, symbols and tattoos are common to both cultures. I chose Pixel Art for this project. This project was made in Adobe Illustrator using only pixel illustrations along with pixel fonts.

creating them in the shape of a dice and as seen in the top picture the dices get jumbled to form the logo of AXN.

(Middle Top) PUB MAGUS I did a lot of logos that came from a company called Pub Magus which is currently coming up with an application on Android and iPhone smart phones. In this application you can download any magazines available and will convert them into an e-book into your cell phone. This logo was designed in Adobe Illustrator. (Middle Bottom) HITMAN POSTER I designed a Hitman poster in Adobe Illustrator. This poster was not for any project, as it was just for my creativity. I thought of doing this poster after I saw the Hitman film for the 12th time. I gave the red outline to the figure as the film features a lot of violence and blood shed. Hitman is one of the greatest action films to be watched. (Right) AXN AXN logo created in 3D Studio Max software for my 1st module in Degree year, Graphic & Multimedia Studio 1. AXN logo was created using Chamfer Box tool, applying the AXN logo material on the Chamfer Box tool and


GAYATRI PATEL DIGITAL SETS Digital environment is a world created within the computer. Digital sets involve recreating natural landscapes within a 3D environment for digital sets. Here are some renders of digital scenes I created using softwares like Maya, Photoshop and Blender. (Left) DARK ALLEY SCENE The first scene is a Dark alley inspired by the Kowloon walled city. Once thought to be the most densely populated place on Earth, Kowloon has 50,000 people crammed into only a few blocks. The Kowloon walled city was a densely populated, largely ungoverned settlement in Hong Kong. With no government enforcement from the Chinese, the Walled City became a haven for crime and drugs. (Right) MOUNTAIN TEMPLE SCENE The second scene that I chose for my project is a mountain temple. This scene is inspired from the famous Meteora Monastery in Greece. The Monastery is built on natural rock pillar on the edge of the Pindus Mountains.


Settings for hue and saturation of the colour seletcted

Threshold window to set the colours for webcame motion detection

Open sourse software in visual studio ++


As I think back on the 3 years I spent at Raffles International, Mumbai. My mind is filled with unforgettable memories, Sittings in the canteen and munching on Bunties snacks, playing games in the classroom, running like lunatics around the campus and singing the birthday song out of tune. Every one of us went through good times and rough patches. But I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything else. Everything that has happened to us, everything that we have been through, has made us into who we are today. It’s these experiences, these life lessons that we will take with us into the next steps of our lives. The choice we make and the chance we take determines our destiny. For my major studio project which also happens to be my last project at Raffles I presented an interactive wall application with the help of motion detection. The idea behind this project was to move a virtual object with the help of a particular colour. We also learnt character development, illustration of images and 3d modelling which in the later stages at Raffles helped us a lot with our projects.



My experience at Raffles was fun, I have learnt a lot from the faculty and friends; I cannot believe how 3 years flew by so quickly. My interest lies in creating colourful and attractive illustrations, animations, graphics and posters. I love and enjoy everything related to design and want to explore new areas and excel in them. I enjoy browsing and getting inspiration from various graphic and multimedia artists from all over the world. (Left) THE GARDEN ANIMATED This is a snap shot of my animation illustration that I did for Major Studio Project. I got my inspiration from an artist named Joan Miro, and his painting that I recreated was The Garden. (Middle) TYPOGRAPHY POSTER This is one of the posters I enjoyed creating its textures and effects. This poster was created from an audio, where we had to listen and understand and design a poster that portrayed the voice tone and the wordings. (Top Right) FILM POSTER I designed this Film Poster for the horror film “The Undead�. (Bottom Right) PAINT APPLICATION This is a snap shot of my Paint application.


VIRAJ NEMLEKAR (Top & bottom left) GIVE ME EVERYTHING TONIGHT The particular screenshot is an interactive equalizer for windows media player. The songs contain treble and bass in which the heart plays the function of the bass and the kaleidoscope which is there on the background plays the function of the treble. (2nd bottom left) TIGER TRIBAL DESIGN The tiger tribal design defines the design in the interior of the tribal era. It is a hand drawn sketch with a micron marker pen. It is rendered on a white wooden box. (Right) PHOTOGRAPHY SNAPSHOTS There are two photography pictures in which the cat describes loneliness in the picture and similarly the squirrel describes agility in the picture.




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ADITI DOKANIA (Left) MAJOR STUDIO PROJECT : TAPEOGRAPHY Good design always conveys strong messages. Graphics speak out loud, of course. But I believe that typography alone can do just as much, or more. I have always been interested in typography, and this project was my chance to experiment with it. It contains three art installations which depict three different themes using what I call ‘Tapeography’ - a combination of illustration and type created from cassette tape. Each installation is inspired by a movie/book/song, and driven by one key line that I have crafted with tape. It was a difficult, but a fun project and turned out to be an exciting final assignment. (Right) DEFACE: MADONNA In ‘Deface’ we had to create an art installation of a famous music artist. The installation should bring out the persona and music of the artist chosen. The artist I chose was Madonna. The installation had 10 different layers which made up her hair and facial features. The popping colours, pink and purple were chosen keeping in tune with her music. It was very difficult to cut the layers with precision but the end result was worth it. At Raffles we have learnt a lot, from creating basic illustrations to creating art installations. It has been a continuous growing process and an enriching experience. We have all grown as individuals as well as designers. Each year was a milestone. There is still a lot of learning and experimentation left; but our foundation has been set.



Drawing, painting and doodling have always been my hobbies. Later on I developed interest in typography too. As a kid I would be fascinated by hoardings on the road and packaging of various products. Over the years this fascination got translated into passion for graphic design. Only I did not know how to foray into this field. Then some of my friends told me about Raffles Design International, Mumbai. I researched on the courses offered by the institute and got enrolled in Graphic Design. In three years at Raffles, I got a chance to sharpen my skills in sketching, illustrating and designing. Raffles brought out my creative side and my passion for design. It taught me to work under pressure, meet deadlines, work in a team, face competition and above all, focus on features that make a good designer. I was introduced to animation, print and packaging design, web design and illustrations. My lecturers guided me all through to put in our best in whatever we do. The course and thereafter the internship taught me a lot about design, improved my skills therein and broadened my creativity and innovative thinking. I am thankful to Raffles for making me a good graphic designer, ready to face challenges outside in the field of graphic design.



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My first assignment at Raffles, to create a country in a shoebox, baffled me no end. Slowly I learnt to go step by step on every assignment, starting from brainstorming to sketching and so on. The end result was startling – Raffles brought out my dormant creativity and made me a much confident person. (Left) TYPOGRAPHY With the advent of @font-face and services like Typekit, Webtype, Fontdeck, and Google Web fonts, one cannot go much further in typography. Yet one can easily create wonderful designs with one font. More font selection could complicate aesthetic appeal of a design. It is possible to create a wonderful design without use of images at all. (Middle) LOGO DESIGN Logo design is one of the most difficult features of graphic design. I had to design an elite product and create its brand identity. I chose perfumery as the product with a brand name ‘bogue’. I gave it a bold and elegant look and named the company ‘Hardcore’ as it made limited edition perfumes only for the elite. (Right) PUBLICATION DESIGN It is tough to create a publication design that would make print publication effective. I had to create a magazine name, its brand identity and one issue which would have a cover page and one spreadsheet. Being fond of technology, I chose a gizmo category. After a lot of brainstorming I came up with the brand name ‘Techipedia’ which is a mix of technology and


Wikipedia. Techipedia is one magazine, which would be like Google to the technology world.


Our growing global reach and effective use of technology has encouraged me to think differently about communication and design. Graphic designing is not mere print; it is a visual mode of interaction between printed material and individuals. This visual mode brings about value to everyone and to the world at large.

who consider sports as enjoyment and like to live the experience. Actual photographs of people playing were taken to enhance the real game experience of PS3. The tag-line, ‘Play it your way’, sums it up.

My experience at Raffles, Mumbai, has been marvellous. The professors were very supportive and friendly to interact with. They made me aware of my interests in brand identity, packaging design, paper crafts, hand drawn illustrations, print media, and canvas painting elaborated as under: (Top left) IKEA® BROCHURE The Ikea Print work is a foldable pocket size leaflet portraying a selective product range of tea & coffee mugs. The colours, checkered patterned graphics are inspired by the product range. The folds and cut out squares help the consumer know different colours/ design available in a particular product. (Bottom left) ICED TEA PACKAGING The Iced Tea Packaging Design incorporates use of colours, shapes and hand drawn illustrations. Different colours portray different flavours of iced tea along with hand drawn illustrations of fruits. The attractive and compact hexagon shaped package brings about a change in the Indian shelf stacking system. (Right) SONY® PLAYSTATION 3 MAGAZINE ADS. The product displayed in the Magazine Ad for the launch of Sony’s new Playstation is for Indian users



Being a science student I was not very familiar with forms of art and design. Raffles, Mumbai introduced me to Graphic Design. It helped me understand my creative side and my passion for design. The three years at college gave me a chance to develop my latent skills in sketching, illustrating and designing. It opened up many avenues in design, i.e. installations, illustrations, animation and visual effects etc. I learnt a lot from my professors who pushed me to do better thereby extracting my full potential in design. The college and the internship thereafter sharpened my insight in design and broadened my creativity and innovative thinking. I am indebted to Raffles for making me a good graphic designer, ready to face challenges in the design world. (Left & middle) RENAISSANCE RE-ILLUSTRATED My final degree project was based on digital painting, i.e. re-illustrating three famous Renaissance paintings using Manga Style of Art, a Japanese form of art, known for its specialized characters with big expressive eyes and long hair. In the paintings the Renaissance characters were changed to Manga ones. However, the positioning of the characters and the background remained the same. (Right) 3D FACE INSTALLATION My other work is d-face i.e. a 3D face installation of Eddie Vedder, the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band, Pearl Jam. Different colour shades used to make the face illustration were separated into different layers. These layers, when arranged one behind the other in an order, formed the face of the artist.


“Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.� Paul Rand





















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