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“Outside the Shankly Gates I heard a Kopite calling” (The Fields of Anfield Road - Liverpool Supporters) We first met Chris because of Liverpool Football Club. Chris and James came to our home before the match and we would sit, chat, have a cup of tea and a sandwich and then head off to Anfield. They arrived quietly and cheerfully and the more we got to know them the more we enjoyed their humour, friendliness and warmth. Chocolates and Flowers for Gill were always lovely gifts. We liked the stories of how James and Chris visited newsagents and hid copies of the Sun newspaper and the LFC songs James was taught. Most importantly we found out how much everyone in James’ family loved and cared for him. We looked forward to them coming. We would go to Anfield in Tony’s car, or my car but not Chris’. That needed to be saved for the journey back to Oswaldtwistle and then to the North East. We parked in the Kirkdale Executive Car Park and the local community valet service would call, “mind your car mate?” If you’ve been there, you know it’s not really a question, more of a command. We would walk to Anfield. Past The Robert Frost, across Walton Road, up alongside Stanley Park, not stopping at the King Harry and then, at the side of the Kop and Main Stand, we would go our separate

ways only to meet up at the same point at the end of the match. Chris always made sure that James came back with a new flag or a programme or some posters or a badge from the club shop, all neatly packed ready for the journey back home....if his car made it! These special visits meant that our family and friends all met Chris. In our home, at the match, at Wembley. He was there the night little Charlie Ramsden went with his mum to his first match at Anfield. The Moore Spice at Wembley for the Merseyside FA Cup Semi Final was great (not only because we battered the Bluenoses!) but because Chris and James (although they had been in the posh seats!) shared the after match celebrations in a pub rocking to the sound of singing scousers. These all, were special times. Our final meeting was at the Liverpool v Swansea match. We did the usual match things. Chris was happy. He was our friend and we won't forget him. Peter Rafferty, Gill Rafferty, Stephen Rafferty, Luke Rafferty, Laura Ramsden, Neil Ramsden, Charlie Ramsen, Tony Boyham, Matthew Boyham, Paul Boyham, Gwladys Davies, Lois Bennett, David Cooper YNWA

We Went to the Match With Chris  

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