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How to Choose Purple Bridesmaid Dresses?

“First, let’s explore the meaning on purple.”


Purple feels warm, yet cool simultaneously. When it’s used on dresses for a solemn occasion, it does well in accentuating royalty, spirituality and mystery. Intriguing nobility on such a naturally elegant color usually makes the wearer feel rather royal.

“Then, what’s the difference among different purple colors?”


Light purple  Light purple like lilac and lavender are absolutely trendsetters on today’s fashion clothing. They feel dolce, romantic, joyful, nostalgic and a little whimsical. Light purple bridesmaid dresses will greatly fit simple garden or park wedding themes.

Dark purple ďźš Dark purple is undoubtedly wonderful symbolism for wealth, nobility and royalty. On formal wedding ceremonies, bridesmaids with dark purple dresses usually feel like queens. Deep purple bridesmaid dresses are often matched with rich gold or dark reds. Vivid color shades are eyecatching.

Pale purple: Pale purple: much lighter than light purple, pale purple feels sweet, imaginative, feminine, sensuous, aesthetic and ethereal. Sage, gold or taupe sash is paired in most cases. Chic & dolce neckline patterns like sweetheart, off the shoulder and strapless helps girls show their best.

“How to Match a Purple Bridesmaid Dress?”


Lipstick: If you are fond of a dark purple bridesmaid dress, remember it’s a primary color. For lipstick, just seek for a complimentary color. In most cases, neutral colors are more appropriate. While choosing the lipstick color, it’s necessary to consider your skin tone. Dark purple will seldom look great with fair skin. Just choose a lipstick to balance the two.

Jackets: Purple bridesmaid dress and silver shoes are the first option most girls tend to choose. Then, when the wedding is held in a cold season, which color to select on a jacket? First, I don’t think a purple jacket will look harmonious with a purple dress. Why not try to add another shade onto your look? A nice yellow always goes well with purple. And it will be deadly if you choose a metallic jacket when a pair of silver shoes has been worn.

Shoes: Actually speaking, it’s a must to consider the wedding theme while choosing the color on any attachment you would like to put on. If you wear a purple bridesmaid dress for a traditionally formal wedding, shoes with classic colors like white, black or gray should be great options. Besides, metallic hues like bronze, gold and silver are wonderful.

Small Accessories: If your purple bridesmaid dress is not too reddish or too indigo, just choose some exquisite accessories in lime green please. A sash, halter, necklace or clutch in lime green is believed to look great with an average purple dress.

Flower: Like them or not, yellow, white and some green fillers will be wonderful choices for purple bridesmaid gowns. Lilies, calla, dahlias, rose and peas can be all used. Sweet, romantic and formal sense on them goes well with the consecrate atmosphere on a wedding.

“Discover 2011 Fashion Mainstream Led by Purple Bridesmaid Dresses from T-stage” GO ON…

V-neck has never gone out of fashion. Seeming dolce, romantic, mature, mysterious and sexy, this v neck purple bridesmaid dress from Amsale draws most attention once appearing on the t-stage. Delicate flower decoration goes well with the graceful theme on such a smooth dress. Simplicity, elegance and sophisticate are well expressed by the unadorned style and also by the tranquil color.

V neck shaped by spaghetti straps seems rather unique. It ideally accentuates the wearer’s femininity and makes every breath the girl takes charming enough. Knee-length style seems rather nifty. Dreamy and lightsome fabric looks great with the exquisite floral embellishments. Without a lot of sparkling accessories or overdoing luxury, this purple dress has been gorgeous enough.

A perfect combination between off-the-shoulder and spaghetti straps is shown here. Mature grace and femininity are detected from each breath she takes. Dress reaching to the instep wonderfully matches with the formal sense on the quiet and sophisticated color. Once again, overpowering elegance is expressed by an understated motif.

Probably, sweetheart will continue to be prevailing in many years to come. Feeling fine, romantic, dolce, graceful, mature yet temperately mysterious, this purple sweetheart bridesmaid gown is an eye-catching hit on the tstage. Can it be much simpler? I really don’t think so. Ruffle and flower decoration on the bodice are exquisite. Lightsome and aristocratic sense on it really makes the wearer feel like a queen!

Bateau is a new arrival on fashion bridesmaid dresses. Breaking away from conventionally luxurious or feminine rules, it seems rather simple, clear and modish. Without stealing the show on the bride, the bridesmaid also gets a chance to show her own personality. Don’t you think the purple dress looks so harmonious with the silver high heels?

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