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Game Concept Document By Rafael Scandian

1- Introduction_______________ As the bonds between humans and dogs, our best friends, have explicitly tighten through the last few decades, the need to understand and become closer to our pets has grown simultaneously. The experience the pet lover seeks nowadays is that of really entering their pets minds. Dru is the first game where the player can impersonate a dog. Feeling all the thrill of being a man's best friend in an unstoppable drive to fit in a world that's not made for you. Dru is the mystic journey of a dog in his search for answers about his role in this world. This is not another game about petting animals, feeding them and watching them grow. In Dru, the player must look for clues that will help him solve a wide variety of puzzles with the purpose of making humans satisfied or not. The character evolution will lead him to unlock new game features with the purpose of gaining the trust or despise of people, aiming for a unique narrative to discover the secrets of his soul. It all takes place in the small and quiet suburb of New Lavish, where children play on the streets and good people still know everyone's names. Dru starts as a family's dog with the freedom to explore the world around. He can enter rooms, interact with humans and other dogs and perform quests to get prizes, that may be in form of new game areas unlocked, mysterious items and new abilities. The mystery grows as the player finds out about new stories and as the game flows, some humans don't seem so perfect and adorable anymore, while Dru discovers about non-player characters (NPCs) darkest pasts and the relation between many of the town conflicts. Dru is all about the different love and respect levels between man and dog, it's about self-awareness, mystic discoveries and the unbelievable truths behind animal and human instincts, like how they go against for the sake of people and how the humanization reflects on the dog's way of thinking. Dru makes exceptional use of the latest game interfaces, such as Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation Move and the Wiimote. The player acquires new moves throughout the story, that can all be performed mostly through the use of the motion detector/controls. It detects simple player moves like walking, jumping and standing, but also requires player direct commands, like grabbing and using things. In an

important note, to walk as a dog, it's not required to actually crawl, but the game grants this option. The game level is a single open world, also known as “sandbox� type of level, where the player is encouraged to roam freely, though with some locked areas, places Dru is not allowed to enter, that require evolution in the narrative to get unlocked. This concept of open world can be seen in a wide variety of game franchises nowadays, such as the Grand Theft Auto and the Assassin's Creed series. Dru has the most simplistic screen and controls, inspired by games like Flower and Journey, from the developer Thatgamecompany, but with a slightly more complex narrative. Its main purpose is to enchant the player with its beautiful and innovative graphics, heartwarming familiar sounds, not to mention its deep and mysterious story.

2- Background_______________ Unlocking game areas: Some game areas will be inaccessible at first. The access will be granted as the player evolves. It may happen after a quest/mission is completed or through the use of a specific item.

NPCs: Non-player characters. Any character not controlled by a player, but by the computer through artificial intelligence.

Motion Detection Games: Games that make use of motion detectors to interact with players. Motion detectors have become a sort of evolution from controllers/joysticks in the last few years.

Sandbox Games: Also known as “open world” or “free roam”. Any kind of game where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives.

3- Description_______________ Imagine you are a dog. Life is perfect, you've got a nice roof to sleep under, your owners are lovely and the food is always there when you're feeling hungry. The neighbors are friendly, at least most of them. Many of the children love you, some not so much and a few of them love to throw things at you, but you can always run from them and, thank the dogs God, your insticts and skills are far better than theirs. You have your dog friends, your dog crush and even your dog enemies. You are allowed in a few places and strictly banned from many, but only when spotted by humans, that don't seem such best friends when you go against their will. Dru is a dog like any other, with the exception of having a human soul, who can control his actions and instincts, comprehend humans and have a fastantic undogly curiosity for life and the infinite questions related to it. The player can either follow his owner's imposed rules or brake a few of them to achieve his objectives. It doesn't take a long time of play before he starts to discover the connections between the many conflicts and weird behaviours around. By solving these misteries, he gets immersed in a journey for answers regarding humanity, tragedy, love and even faith and spiritual issues, like death and reincarnation. All of this is achieved by the fun and lovelly will of an uncommon dog. You'll be able to run, jump, play, bark, dig, carry things around in your mouth, feign death, spy and even try to communicate. This will lead the character to inumerous fantastic and sometimes awkward situations, that will slowly reveal truths behind the natures of all living beings, while teaching beautiful life lessons to the player.

4- Key Features______________ Dru features the unique experience of really entering in a dog's skin. It provoques the human psychological need to understand the mind of a creature and uses the new generation user interfaces, like Kinect, Move and Wiimote, to best approach the player to this feeling of impersonation. The game also teaches many lessons about nature, instincts and humanity. It invites players of all ages to discover the secrets of New Lavish and enjoy all of its small pleasures and terrors. Dru is a lovelly story, which is fun not only to play, but also to watch and be appreciated by the entire family.

5- Genre____________________ Dru is an action adventure, full of puzzles to solve and subtle edutainment. It offers the player both first and third person viewpoint. Freely changeable during gameplay. It takes place in the modern utopic suburb of New Lavish, where life is nice and perfect like the good old family tv series. The game focus on single player and the immersive narrative potential of an open-world sandbox game allied with motion detection technollogy.

6- Platforms_________________ Xbox 360 (Kinect required), PlayStation 3 (Move required) and Nintendo Wii.

7- Concept Art_______________

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Dru Game Concept Document