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Tolerance My sister has always loved body modifications. She has got piercing and tattoos, she has dyed her hair on so many colors too. But it has not been easy for her, to be whom she is in a world where people dislike and disapprove everything that is considered different. Tolerance is one of the values that is lacking the most and it should not. Because if it does, a part of our human essence gets lost.

People always fear what is different, and that fear is followed by disapproval which inevitable leads to intolerance. And that has filled our society with preconceptions and false judgments, and that drives apart people, cause all they’ve learnt is to be intolerant to what is different from them. And that is simply wrong, we as a whole society should learn how accept everything that we come

across with. Cause if not, where will we end? If we keep this mental path of not accepting others, we will end up completely apart from each other. It might sound dramatic, but we are living the basic problems of the Divergent series books. We are closing ourselves to what is known to us, and to people that shares our thoughts. One example is at recess, if you pay enough attention you will notice the different groups that formed. And that is not completely wrong, its find and normal for you to look for someone that understands you. The wrong part comes when someone tries to get into your group and doesn’t shares your way of thinking, and you almost by instinct rejects him. That is what is wrong with us, we don’t even try to be tolerant enough to listen and try to understand and accept other people’s thoughts. That is what as a society should set as goal, be tolerant. Cause at the end we are all one in the inside, we’ve shared so many as humanity to not accept that little things that differentiates us all. As a conclusion, we should make the effort of be tolerant with the ones we share the world with. That’s the least we own them for they accepting us first as they partners.


Oh Dear Earth Oh dear earth, you hopeful father You that has seen all and will keep doing it You that not mattering our flaws have keep by our side Sheltering us in your arms full of love

Oh dear earth, I can’t promise you change I can’t promise you better things to come It’s not up to me to tell what awaits in darkness of the future Cause that’s beyond us both

Oh dear earth, don’t be afraid of what’s coming Have faith on the unknown Trust on your children as you always have

Oh dear earth, you just hold on Wait till the light of hopeful future touch your face Let hope and happiness be your guide for what is yet to come


A Poison Tree BY WILLIAM BLAKE I was angry with my friend; I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow.

And I waterd it in fears, Night & morning with my tears: And I sunned it with smiles, And with soft deceitful wiles.

And it grew both day and night. Till it bore an apple bright. And my foe beheld it shine, And he knew that it was mine.

And into my garden stole, When the night had veild the pole; In the morning glad I see; My foe outstretched beneath the tree.


Short Story: Friendship Here in New Orleans there are two ways of living, one you have things come easy to you like if your father is the major or a boss of a huge international industry of something or two you work for it every day with the whole city against you. But there are some times and places where everyone is equal, where it doesn’t matter what’s on your pocket what it matters is having fun and I’m taking none other than the great parties at the French quarter. There is where I met my best friend Dan, ohhh good old fashioned Danny, he is the kind of way that at first sight you may think of him as a total wimpy and also at second sight, he’s physical structure doesn’t help much either he is tall, I can’t deny that, and he is not the thinnest man in the quarter but it’s not a human bolder either, the only magnificent thing about him, or at least that is how he describes it, are his green eyes oh my god, that eyes can kill anyone. But anyways, putting all that aside, he is a really good friend one I can count on always and I mean ALWAYS, he has always been there for me, in every fight, in every heart break (well that might be the other way around), in every performance of my life he hasn’t miss a single one, and well I could continue all day or maybe not, I’ve never really put that much brain in thinking of all the times that man has been there for me, maybe it’s

because I’m so used to seeing him by my side every day or I don’t know and I’m really not that interested in thinking about it, but what I love more about that man is his sister, Hope. Hope, nice name right, she is exactly that in our three headed gang. She has been the ONU between Dan and me uncountable times, and she is what has keeping us together all this time. She, opposite from her brother, she is small and thin, cute as hell, with a lovey long curly brown hair, and a pair of eyes as blue as the most beautiful ski you can recall. As I said she is the hope for all three of us, in more than way I must say. For obvious reasons she has pulled both Dan and me from dark deep places, but also she has earned the title of “hope” because she has de extraordinary ability of making everything that surrounds her shine, she can go to an asylum and make every single patient and doctor find their sanity. She is simply a little sun walking among us. And well, by this point you might be, or tired of hearing me describe this two lunatics or wandering when am I gonna tell you a story. And you right I’m about to begging with a kinda silly simple story that actually change the three of us forever, and for you it might mean nothing or less than nothing but actually for us three meant everything. Well to actually begin with this story you might be wandering you is “me”, well hello my name is Mathew but 5

everyone calls me Matty, I can’t really describe myself but the only relevant thing here is that I LOVE music. Music is my life for real. Now let’s truly begin our story. It all started one afternoon after school, when Dan and I were walking in our way to the garage. As always I entered the records store to see what was new, in that moment I saw an advertisement pasted on the door that said that a music producer was coming into town in the search of a new band or solo artist for a chance to record a whole disc and put it on sale, the auditions were tomorrow. I of course lost it in that second and started to scream to Dan: -OH MY GOD, Dan you know what this mean? I can finally show my talents to a real producer that can actually help me succeed in life-Yes of course I know what it means dude, and I know that you are a great singer and player, I’ve listened to it with my own ears. But Matty the whole town is going, every single guy that thinks it can sing or at least make a noise with their body is going, and most importantly every rich kid in town is going to pay millions for them to be chosen only to show it in your face to shot down your dreams, do you really think you have a chance?-Oh Dan, you man of few faith, let them come with all their tricks and with all their money, I’m gonna win that disc contract and before you know it we will be rich and we will be out of this city-

After that we just stared at each other for a while and then we laugh for a minute with everyone looking at us as the lunatics we are, then we went in the store. To be honest I couldn’t stop thinking about what Dan said, the whole town is coming. I’m a great player and I know that, but maybe I’m not the best in town. Maybe he was right and I don’t have a chance of winning this at all. And maybe I was thinking too much or too hard, because when I turned my head to Dan he was looking at me with the exact same face he puts at Hope when he knows she is concerned about something. He approached to me and told me: -Matty you are worried about the producer thing right?-Yeah men, maybe you are right. I don’t stand a chance against the whole town-Dude, we both know you can. You are great in what you do. No one that I’ve ever heard plays with the same intensity as you do, plus you write your own songs and they are pretty amazing. So don’t you worry you are gonna rock in that audition. Just wait until Hope knows about this, she is going to be so excited. And you know you always count with me dude.-Thanks Dan, you are a great friend.-I know men. Now let’s go, it’s getting dark outside.-


After that small talk we headed straight to the garage to meet up with the Hope.

Once we entered the garage Hope welcomed us as usual with a huge hug and a kiss on the chick. And also as usual we chat about what happened in the day in the couch drinking a beer. First Hope started telling us about how a girl in gym class tried to do some complicated jump and ended up falling with both her arms bleeding, but the funniest part was that she didn’t just landed on the floor, she landed on another girl that was drinking water so she spread the water in everyone, and when the teacher tried to help them both to get up she fall over them because of the water on the floor. The three of started to laugh super hard about what happened for like 10 minutes. After that Dan told us about how he was starving at school all day, because when it was lunch time he went to the cafeteria and asked for a sandwich and when he was about to pay he realized that he forgot his money at the other jeans he used yesterday. After hearing this Hope grabbed her bag and gave Dan a piece of her sandwich to him. Then while he was eating it I told Hope about the producer thing. She was so excited that she ran to me and hug me, but she was going so fast that both of us felt into the ground. She didn’t care, she was so happy about the news. She told me:

-I’m so happy for you Matty, this is the opportunity you’ve always waited for, I completely and absolutely sure you are gonna win that contract.-Thanks Hope, with your support and Dan’s I know I will win it.After drinking a few more beers, the three of us felt asleep. I was still worried about what might happen at the audition.

The next day I woke up early to do a small practice about what was I gonna play for the producer. And I think I played too loud because I woke up Dan and Hope. Both of them stared at me with a look in their eyes that said “we are going to kill you”, so for my sake I decided to stop playing. After that the three of us were fully awake, we decided to go for some breakfast at a dinner near were the audition was taking place. But it looks like everyone had the same idea because it was full with people with instruments, so we decided that Hope and I will go to get in line for the audition while Dan went out looking for something to eat. Here is where the ugly part begins.

Hope was trying to calm me down for the audition, but I think she was trying to calm herself too. She always gets nervous when big things happen to me and Dan. 7

And thinking of Dan, he has taken a lot of time finding food. He usually finds food everywhere, his like an expert finding food. He knows all the restaurants in the quarter, so it’s weird that he isn’t back yet. That’s when Hope received a call from the hospital saying that Dan was involved on a car accident and that she needed to get there fast. She started to cry and she was panicking, so of course we left the line and ran to the hospital. Once there they explained that Dan was walking on the street when a car hit him and send him to the floor. He wasn’t so badly but he has a broken arm and to ribs where broken too, and that he will be needing surgery. Hope started to cry again, we didn’t had the money to afford that. We didn’t know what to do. That’s when the man that ran over Dan approaches us and tell us: -I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t saw him. I was in a hurry, I had to get to do some auditions in town and it was getting late. I’m so sorry.Hope then looked to me and said:

-This is the man you were going to audition to?-Yes, I guess so.Then the man looked at me: -You were in the audition?-Yes.-Well let me set things straight, I will pay for everything here at the hospital and I will hear you right here. This will be your audition.So I played, I think he liked it cause after hearing me he smiled and then he apologized again and then he left. We didn’t heard from him in weeks and I started to lose faith in that he will call me for the contract.

But one day at the hospital room of Dan the producer showed up and told me that he wanted me to record the discs. I was so happy. Weeks later Dan got out of the hospital and my first disc was on the way.


Acronym Love what you do, and put your heart on things you like

Imitate no one, be as unique as you can Faith in the ones you love gives you strength in bad moments

Embrace your true self, accept you as you are