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ZRO Designs Rafael Moses Garcia

“Overcoming Adversity Through Versatility”

Mission Statement: To overcome all adversity, both external and internal, through my natural and learned creative passions that show all that versatility will always overcome in the end.

Core Values: •








Creative Process: In the beginning, I like to get to know my client so a face-to-face is a must. Video-chat is acceptable. During this initial meet-n-greet I will be essentially attempting to get to know what exactly the client desires from their product. Then I will be getting to know the clients persona so that it can be later used in the creation. Afterwards, a few mock-ups will be created and shared with the client to ascertain what direction to head in. After the client chooses then a refined end product will be made and presented for final approval. If acceptable then good, if more tweaks are needed then notes will be made and implemented.

Target Audience: ZRO Design’s target audience is a broad yet specific one. Any company or start-up that is in need of assistance is our target audience. We offer many services so that we can be utilized in as many ways as possible. Men or women from 18-50 are our target group. We can help those just starting out to organize while helping those in their later years to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Services Offered: As previously stated ZRO Designs offers many services. •

Brand Creation

Brand Marketing

Brand Editing

Advertising and Marketing

Logo Creation

Website Creation

Website Management

Promotional Video Ad Creation

YouTube Channel Creation and Management

Service Pricing: Here is our pricing for services rendered: Standard creation and/or editing


Management services


* Pricing depends on number of services required.

To see my projects, certificates please visit my portfolio site at:

Contact Info: If you have any questions or inquiries for my services, please feel free to contact me. Please include your name and brief description of your query. Also, make sure to include all info pertaining to question or service request. Contact me at: Email: Phone(Text): (832) 867-5425

Media Kit  
Media Kit  

My professional Media Kit for my Project & Portfolio V: Media Communications class through Full Sail University. Any feedback will be apprec...