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FADE IN: ESTABLISHING GOGO ICE -- DAY Surrounded by sleek, modern cafes sits a little rundown smoothie shop called Gogo Ice. It’s late afternoon and customers walk up and down the busy shopping district, going in and out of stores, not giving the little shop a second glance. CHAM (O.S) Go go go go! CHAI (O.S) Just one more! INT. GOGO ICE -- DAY A Latina girl, CHAI, balances four gallons of milk on her nose while a Chinese girl, CHAM, stands on a stool with a fifth. A dog, PANTS, runs in circles around them. Chai wears a backpack and a baseball hat. Cham wears a dress and glasses. Pants is a very round, white dog whose hind legs and butt are covered in black fur, making it look like he’s wearing pants. CHAI Careful. Slowly! CHAM Just a little bit and... CLOSE-UP: the bottom of the fifth jug touches down. It stays! CHAM It’s good! Don’t move a muscle, I have to get a picture. Cham runs to the back room to get her mom’s phone. Chai stays perfectly still but from the corner of her eye: CHAI Pants, no. I know that look. Pants is tapping his feet and wagging his tail excitedly. CHAI No, Pants, I only trained for 5 gallons! You’ll get hurt, no! I love you! Pants jumps up.


INT. GOGO ICE -- A MOMENT LATER Cham runs back into the room and sees Pants barely balancing on top of the fifth jug. Her jaw hits the floor. CHAI Picture! Picture! CHAM Oh, right! Say cheese! CHAI Woah! Oh no! Chai loses control. The gallons and Pants come tumbling down. CLICK! BOOSH! CLOSE-UP: picture of Chai catching Pants in mid-fall, surrounded by jugs spilling milk everywhere. TITLE: "CHAM AND CHAI -- SPILLED MILK" INT. GOGO ICE -- DAY Cham and Chai stand side-by-side, covered in milk, with their heads hanging low. Chai holds Pants in her arms. He’s just excited to be involved. An older woman, JASMINE, who wears an apron that reads, "KISS THE COOK AND BE DESTROYED", paces back and forth, angry steam puffing off of her head. She with a slight Chinese accent. JASMINE (To herself) I can’t believe you wasted all of the milk! I won’t have time to get more before tomorrow. We’re gonna have so many customers tomorrow and no milk to make drinks. (Softly) We need that money, I won’t have enough for rent without it. Jasmine continues talking to herself while pacing back and forth. Cham and Chai look at each other. CHAM Uh, mom?

3. JASMINE What Cham?! What? Just... clean this mess up or something. Chai awkwardly takes a step back. Cham starts to walk to the closet to get the broom but Jasmine stops her. JASMINE Actually, go play outside or something. I need some room to think. CHAM Uh, are you sure? I can-JASMINE Cham, just go. Chai puts Pants down. Cham, Chai, and Pants start to head out when Chai stops them. She holds her hands up. CHAI Wait! Chai reaches into her backpack and pulls out a leash. CHAI Leash laws. Chai clips the leash on Pants’ collar but puts her hand on her chin and stares at it for a second. She takes her end of the leash and puts it in Pants’ mouth. CHAI Perfect! EXT. FORTUNE DISTRICT -- DAY DING! Cham, Chai, and Pants walk out of Gogo Ice. Chai starts to walk down the sidewalk when she hears Pants whimpering. CHAI Hm? Chai looks back to see Cham sitting, back against Gogo Ice, with her head down on her knees. Pants is by her sie, desperately trying to comfort her. Chai walks up to Cham and places a hand on her back. CHAI Cham? You okay? Cham looks up at Chai and she’s ugly crying.


CHAM (Sniffling) Chai, mom hates me! CHAI Wha-! She doesn’t have you, Cham! She’s just worried ya know? We did kinda mess up pretty bad. CHAM Yeah but-! I’ve never seen her that mad before! CHAI Hmm... hey! How about we go get some milk for your mom? Cham stops crying to think. CHAM Yeah... yeah! Cham shoots up. With a hand on her hip, she puts her fist in the air. Pants mimics her pose but with his paw. CHAM Then she’d see that we don’t just mess everything up! Alright! To the store! EXT. FORTUNE DISTRICT -- A LITTLE LATER Cham, Chai, and Pants, pass by storefronts. They look disappointed. CHAI I still can’t believe all those cows went on strike. All of Nebula City is out of milk. CHAM Yeah... catchy chants though. "No justice, no cheese!" Cham mimics picketers. Chai stops and leans on a storefront. CHAI Hmm... milk, milk, milk. Where to get milk... Cham leans on a storefront next to Chai.


CHAM Do you think dogs judge us? Pants saw me eat a sandwich in the bathroom once. Cham pauses for a second and looks at Pants, who’s licking himself. CHAM I’d judge me. Pants looks up for a second then runs to the storefront. He starts to scratch at the door, whining. Cham notices what Pants is seeing. CHAM Oh, Pants, that’s such a good idea! Let’s go, Chai. CHAI Huh? Whoa-! Cham pulls Chai into the shop she was leaning on. The door closes behind them. REVEAL: a cute logo that reads, "PAN’S BAKERY". INT. BAKERY -- EVENING DING! Our trio walk into a bakery whose walls are lined with buttery baked goods. At the opposite end of the shop stands a large, aproned man, PAN, putting freshly baked bread on display. Chai looks around and realizes: CHAI Oh yeah, if anyone has milk it’s Pan. CHAM Mhmm! (To Pan) Hi Pan! CHAI (To Pan) Hola Pan! PAN Oh, hola tiny friends and doggy who should not be in here but it is okay because we are "cool", as Chai says!


Chai finger-guns at Pan. Pants starts drooling at all the bread. Chai picks him up and puts him on top of her head. CHAI No Pants, maybe later. Be good. PANTS (Sad whimpers) Rruuff. PAN What can I get for you today? CHAI Pan, we need milk for tomorrow. We checked the store but the whole city’s out! Do you have some? PAN Of course! How much do you need? CHAI Five gallons? PAN That is a lot to just give away. I am not sure... CHAM Pan, please. We’ll pay you anything! CHAI (To Cham) We have fifty cents. CHAI We’ll owe you anything! PAN How were you planning on buying milk with fifty cents? A beat. PAN Were you gonna steal it? CHAI Look, don’t judge.


PAN Okay, okay. I can give you five gallons but first, a favor for me? Cham slams her hands down on the counter. CHAM Name your price, baker! Pan bends down under the counter and starts looking for something. PAN (O.S.) Girls, every year I bring a pastry to a very dear friend. However, this year, I cannot. Pan brings up a small pink box that he gently places on the table. It has a candle and matches taped to the side. PAN If you deliver this for me, I will give you your milk. Cham gets a mischevious look on her face and slowly brings her hand in to sneak a peek inside. Chai slowly pulls Cham’s hand back without even facing her. CHAM (Sadly) Aw. CHAI Who is it going to, Pan? PAN Her name is Ms.Presso. You will deliver this to her shop in the old abandoned part of Nebula City. Here is the address. Pan hands Cham a note with scribbling on it. PAN Just leave it at the door and light it for her, if you could. CHAM Abandoned? You mean Misfortune District? We can’t go there--

8. CHAI We’ll do it. CHAM Wha-! Chai! (Whispers) --you know there are ghosts there! CHAI We can’t be scared, Cham! We have to be strong. To make it up to your mom, remember? Cham breathes in. CHAM You’re right. PAN Girls, I can assure you there are no ghosts in Misfortune District. Cham breathes a sigh of relief. CHAM Oh, thank goodness. CHAI Yeah, I gotta say I’m glad to hear that too. PAN But... CHAI But? PAN But do be careful with the birds. Misfortune District used to be their home but, since the fires, they’ve become... strange. Cham and Chai share a worried look. Black smoke can be seen coming from the bakery’s kitchen. CHAI Strange how? PAN Well, you see-BEEP BEEP BEEP, the fire alarm goes off. Cham covers her ears. Chai covers Pants’ ears.


PAN (Shouting) Ay mis panes! I must go, be safe girls! Pan runs to the back. CHAI (Shouting) Pan, strange how? CHAM (To Chai) He’s gone. (To the back) Bye, Pan! Chai grabs the box. Cham, Chai, and Pants exit the bakery. DING! INT. METRO RAIL -- EVENING Cham, Chai, and Pants listen to music while sitting down. Chai carries Pan’s package on her lap. Pants lays on Cham’s lap. A bird sits in the seat next to them. It tries to peck at the box but Chai shoos it away. The rail stops and a pregnant girl, KUMARA, gets on. She wears a fast food uniform. All the seats are taken and she’s left standing. She looks tired. Cham and Chai look at the girl. INT. METRO RAIL -- A MOMENT LATER Cham, Chai, and Pants ride the rail standing up. The pregnant girl sits in their seat, smiling and looking relieved. EXT. MISFORTUNE DISTRICT -- NIGHT Cham, Chai, and Pants get off of the metro rail into what looks like a ghost city. Caution tape blocks the path. A sign reads, "RESTRICTED". Cham, Chai, and Pants look at each other nervously, but enter anyways. The district is filled with tall buildings with whole sections burned down. Overgrowth, boarded windows, and graffiti litter the area. Walk for a bit when BOOSH, BOOSH, BOOSH, something shakes the ground beneath their feet, throwing them off balance.


CHAI What was that? CHAM Wrestlers? CHAI Wrestlers? Why would wrestlers be in a place like this? CHAM For their fans! BOOSH, BOOSH, BOOSH. Chai and Pants fall on their butts. Cham falls on her face, THUNK! From an alley ahead of them, a creature as tall as a building, with skin made of ash that flows like fire, walks slowly from one alley to the next, circling the area. It doesn’t notice our trio. Cham, Chai, and Pants huddle together. Pants starts whimpering. Chai holds him close. Cham looks terrified. CLOSE-UP: Chai’s face, sweating but focusing on the creature. CHAI (Whispering) Don’t move. If we wait for it to pass, we’ll be okay. A pause. CHAI Cham? CHAM (O.S) Pants, no! Doggies should listen to their owners! REVEAL: Cham runs after Pants who chases a bird. The bird is flying straight for creature’s feet. Cham’s really bad at running but that’s not stopping her from trying her best to catch Pants. Chai looks at the creature, then at Cham and Pants. CHAI Hold on, I’m coming too! Chai holds onto Pan’s package and dashes towards Cham and Pants.

11. Chai closes in on Cham and Pants quickly. As she runs, Chai notices the creature glance at Cham. It almost looks sad. Chai catches up to Cham. She doesn’t stop running as she picks up Cham with one arm while carrying Pan’s cake with the other. CHAI Cham! You okay? CHAM (Panting) Oh, hi Chai! Thanks for the pick-me-up! My legs are dead. We need to get Pants! He’s gonna get smushed! CHAI I’m on it. Cham reaches into her pocket and starts eating something. CHAM (Munching) Om nom, you’re really fast Chai. CHAI Cham, where’d you get those snacks? CHAM (Munching) They’re chips! I found a bag open on the train and put a bunch in my pockets. CHAI That’s so gross! CHAM (Munching) Chai, you know I eat when I’m scared! Also when I’m tired, mad, sad, or happy. I eat a lot. Cham and Chai are close to Pants who’s about to find himself underneath an ashy foot. CHAI (Shouting) Pants! Hearing Chai’s voice snaps Pants out of his dog-rage towards the bird. He stops right on the creature’s path to face Cham and Chai.

12. PANTS Woof! CHAI Pants, run! CHAM (Munching) Pants, over here! Pants blinks and then lays down, looking cute. CHAI No! CHAM (Munching) Aw. Pants looks up at a giant ash foot about to come down on him. CHAI Cham, grab him! Cham swallows the chips, GULP! She extends her arms out towards Pants. CHAM C’mere Pants! Chai dashes at Pants with everything she’s got. BOOSH, the creature’s foot comes down and ash and dust are kicked up, constricting the view. After a moment, the dust clears. Cham, Chai, and Pants lay on the other side of the creature’s path. BOOSH. BOOSH. BOOSH. The creature walks away. Cham rubs her head, then looks at Chai and Pants. Pants is trying to comfort Chai. CHAM (Coughing, then) That was -KAAK- awesome, Chai! No response. CHAM (Coughing, then) KAAK- What’s wrong? Chai avoids her gaze, the shadow of her baseball hat covering her face. Cham is worried.


Cham looks over in front of Chai and sees what made her upset. CHAM Oh. REVEAL: a small pink box from Pan’s bakery, on the ground and broken. The cake inside is smushed against the pavement. EXT. MISFORTUNE DISTRICT -- A LITTLE LATER Cham, Chai, and Pants turn a corner into a group of burned down shops. Chai carries the broken pink box with the smushed cake inside. Cham reads the note and looks at the addresses on the buildings trying to find Pan’s friend. CHAM The note says this way but my brain says "HOW!" They stop at an old shop named PAN AND MISSY’S. It’s burned down worse than the rest of the neighborhood. A wooden cross and wilted flowers that sit at the front of the shop that reads "MARISSA ’MISSY’ Presso". The cross is surrounded by old candles and cakes from Pan’s bakery. Next to the cross is a picture. The picture shows Pan and Missy happily posing in front of their old shop and, behind them, a flock of birds. Pants whimpers and gets close to Chai. Cham and Chai look at each other sadly. EXT. MISFORTUNE DISTRICT -- A MOMENT LATER SHCK! She strikes a match, lights the candle that sits on top of the broken cake, and steps back. Cham nudges Chai. CHAM Chai, we should say something. CHAI Oh, sure. Chai walks in front of the cross and closes her eyes. Cham notices and does the same. CHAI Uh, hi Ms.Presso. We’re Pan’s friends. My name’s Chai, this is my best friend Cham, and our dog Pants. It’s nice to meet you.


CHAM Oh! Ms.Presso, wanna see Pants do a flip? (To Pants) Pants! Wanna do a flip, boy? Pants runs around in a circle and does a doggy flip. Cham wipes a tear from her eye. CHAM Sick. CHAI Totally. Anyways, I... I’m really sorry about what happened to your cake. Pan worked really hard on it. I think he misses you a lot. I’m sure he wanted to be here today, please don’t be upset with him. Chai opens her eyes and looks down. CHAI I’m really sorry. Strange birds start settle in the area around Cham, Chai, and Pants, staring at them. Cham and Chai dont notice. Cham taps Chai on her shoulder. CHAM Chai, I really need to pee. CHAI Oh, okay. (To cross) It was really nice to meet you. Pan says hi. We gotta go now, enjoy your cake! VOICE (O.S) Oh, she won’t be enjoying that cake, but we will. Cham, Chai, and Pants look around confused. CHAM (To Chai) Did you hear that? Or are my ears going crazy?

15. CHAI No, I heard it, too. VOICE (O.S) Up here. Cham and Chai look up but only see the birds sitting on top of nearby buildings, lamp posts, and old power lines. CHAM Is there someone up there?! All we see is birds! VOICE (O.S) Exactly! The birds’ eyes start to glow. They fly down in front of Cham, Chai, and Pants. The same flock that stood behind Pan and Missy faces Cham, Chai, and Pants. Pants starts to growl. The flock’s leader, BARTLETT, speaks. BARTLETT We’ll be taking that cake, now, thank you very much. CHAM How are you so cute and so rude?! Can’t you birdies see who this cake is for? BARTLETT We aren’t just any birds, girly. We’re-Bartlett and the rest of the birds part the feathers on their chests to reveal glowing red holes where their hearts should be. BARTLETT --the Bleeding Heart Doves! Me and my friends have been here since before the fires took this neighborhood. Everything and anything in here belongs to us now, so we’ll be taking that cake. CHAI Over my dead body! BARTLETT (Menacingly) Birdy well then. The flock of birds charges at Cham, Chai, and Pants.


Chai grabs Pants and jumps on top of Ms.Presso’s cake. She holds Pants close. The flock swarms Cham and Chai, pecking and cawing at them mercilessly. Cham gets separated from Chai and Pants. Cham looks around her. CHAM I know you’re trying to hurt us and you’re really rude but I can’t get over how cute you are! Cham plucks one of the birds right out of the sky. DOVE Heywhat’sthebigideayadumbwhoseawhatsit-The bird talks in a high-pitched voice, saying things you wouldn’t say to your worst enemies. CHAM Look at you! You’re so angry and small! C’mere! Cham hugs the bird and WHOOSH, the bird glows bright in Cham’s hands. Cham closes her eyes. When she opens them, the hole in the bird’s chest is filled. All that’s left of the hole is a patch of red feathers. COO, the bird is calm and peaceful. Cham stares at the bird. CHAM (Softly) Hugs are the answer. DOVE Coo. CHAM You’re staying with me, little guy. Cham puts the bird safely in her hair. She starts grabbing every bird she can and hugs them. One by one they glow and bird-walk away. Despite her efforts, she doesn’t make a dent in the flock. Chai can’t see through the flock. They peck at her. Pants tries to fight the birds but they’re too fast for him. Occasionally, Chai sees bright lights that cut through openings in the swarm but they quickly disappear. She desperately looks around for Cham.


CHAI (Shouting) Cham! Are you okay? CHAM (O.S) (Shouting) Yeah, I’m here! These birds are so cute but I’m mad! Cham hugs another bird. COO, it flies away. CHAM I just wanted-Hug. COO! CHAM --to make it up

to mom--

Hug. COO! CHAM --and prove to her-Hug. COO! CHAM --that we don’t just-Hug. COO! CHAM --mess everything up! Cham misses a bird and loses her balance. The birds start to focus their attacks on Cham, pecking her mercilessly. CHAM Ah, stop! Help! Chai! Cham gets pecked in the forehead and falls over. She tries to shield herself from the swarm. CHAI Cham! (to Pants) Pants, we need to help Cham. Let’s go! Chai kisses Pants on the head. Pants licks her face. She grabs Pants and Pan’s package and runs.

18. Chai and Pants burst their way through the thick cloud of birds attacking Cham. Pants jumps out of Chai’s arms and barks at the birds, scaring some of them off. Chai gets on top of Cham, shielding her from the birds. Chai looks at Cham who’s bleeding a little from the peck to the forehead. Cham realizes she’s not getting attacked anymore and opens her eyes. Chai’s eyes start to water up. CHAM Oh, hi Chai! You okay? Chai wipes her eyes and hugs Cham tight. CHAI I was so worried. CHAM Aw, it’s okay! I’m okay. I took all my rage out through angry-hugging some birds. Actually, you look worse than I do. Chai breaks the hug and looks at Cham. Chai furrows her brows as tears roll down her face. CHAI Shut up, I was so scared that you got really hurt! CHAM Chai, if you cry I’ll start crying too. Cham smiles and starts to tear up. She digs into her pocket and starts to munch on her pocket chips as tears run down her face. CHAI (Sniffs) You know, this has been weirdly fun! If helping out your mom is this exciting this all the time, maybe we should ask her if we can do this more. CHAM (Sniffs and munches) Yeah, we should! If we make it back to Gogo, that is. Cham drops a chip next to her. A dove flies down and starts eating them. Chai stops crying for a second. She looks at the bird, then at the swarm.


CHAI (Sniffle, then) Cham, I think I have an idea. Gimme your chips. CHAM Okay, hold on. Cham continues stuffing chips into her mouth. MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH... MUNCH. CHAI Cham! CHAM Okay, here, sorry. Cham hands Chai the pocket chips. From inside the swarm, the chips go flying out in the distance. CRUNCH, the chips land and the flock rush towards them away from Cham, Chai, and Pants. PAN (O.S.) Cham! Chai! EXT. MISFORTUNE DISTRICT -- NEARBY CHAM AND CHAI Pan comes rushing into the heart of Misfortune District, out of breath. PAN Cham! Chai! Little doggy! I came as fast as I could to warn you about the bir-Pan spots the thick flock of birds swarming in front of his old shop. The minute the birds hear his voice, they all turn in unison towards Pan, their eyes glowing ominously against the streetlights shining down Misfortune District. Pan winces. PAN Oh, geez. BLEEDING HEART DOVES/BARTLETT Pan. Together, the swarm flies up straight into the air, leaving Cham, Chai, and Pants sitting in the middle of Misfortune District. The birds glow in a brilliant light that shapes itself into an egg, then POOF, explodes out into the shape


of a giant dove. A red, glowing heart-shaped hole sits inside of its chest as it flies down to meet Pan face-to-face. Pan looks up at the giant dove who, in turn, looks down at him. PAN Hi... The dove closes its eyes and lowers its head to Pan. Pan touches the giant dove’s forehead. PAN Pajaritos, I’m so sorry. When the fires started, I didn’t have time to get to your coop. I didn’t mean to leave you behind. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself, but I think we both need to move on. For the sake of ourselves, and Missy. We both need to move on. Pan leans his head down and touches his forehead with the forehead of the bleeding heart dove. The dove glows in a magnificent white light as we: FADE TO WHITE INT. GOGO ICE -- NIGHT DING! The door opens. Cham and Chai hobble to the front counter where Jasmine is pacing back and forth, worriedly. Jasmine realizes who just walked in and looks relieved. JASMINE Cham! Chai! Do you know what time it is?! You’ve been gone for hours and I was worried sick! Pants trots in happily after Cham and Chai. Cham and Chai collapse back-first onto the floor of Gogo Ice. Cham and Chai are both exhausted and beat-up, covered in feathers and cuts. Pants lays down on his back next to Chai. Cham and Chai look up at Jasmine. CHAM Mom. We wanna talk to you. Jasmine kneels down next to the girls.


JASMINE Sure but first let me say I’m really sorry about how I treated you guys. It wasn’t right for me to talk to you like that even if I was upset. Being upset is no excuse for what I did. I hope you can forgive me. CHAM Of course, mom. We did mess up pretty bad. CHAI Yeah, sorry Mrs. C. Pants is sorry too. PANTS Woof! JASMINE So what did you guys want to talk to me about? Cham and Chai look at each other. CHAM Mom, we wanna work for you. JASMINE Work for me? Where’s this coming from? CHAI We want to help you keep the shop open. Jasmine looks down at Cham, Chai, and Pants for a moment. She sighs. Jasmine kneels and lays down on the ground with them. Jasmine, Cham, Chai, and Pants look up at the ceiling tiles and florescent lights. JASMINE So how do you wanna help out? I don’t want to make you do something you don’t want to. (Mumbles) And I can’t really pay you. CHAM We could work inside!


CHAI Bad idea. The shop would explode in a week. CHAM We could rent an airplane and write "This airplane is brought to you by Gogo Ice" in the sky! JASMINE No. CHAI How about we just go around running errands and telling people to drink at the shop? CHAM Oh, yeah! What about that, momma? JASMINE That might work, actually. Advertising. CHAM We could hand out flyers! With fireworks. PANTS Woof! CHAI We could teach Pants how to make smoothies! They’d have to come here to see that. Jasmine stands up. JASMINE So it’s settled. Cham, Chai, and Pants, you’re officially hired to help me save Gogo Ice. It’s too bad we still don’t have milk for tomorrow tho. Cham and Chai look at each other. Their eyes widen. CHAM/CHAI We forgot the milk at Pan’s! Cham rolls onto her stomach, face on the ground, sobbing.

23. CHAI I can’t believe the shop died. And on our first day. Chai picks up Pants and puts him next to her. She rolls onto her stomach. CHAI Goodbye Gogo. Sleep well, sweet prince. Chai smooches the floor. CHAI Bleh! Bad idea. JASMINE Oh, you went to Pan for the milk? Good thinking! I have his cell, I’ll just call him. Jasmine takes out her cellphone and taps on the screen. She walks back behind the counter. Pants walks on top of Chai again and sits on her butt. POOT! PANTS Woof! Cham picks up her face from the puddle of tears that’s pooled under her. CHAM (Sniffles) Ew, Pants, gross! CHAI Wasn’t Pants. CHAM Ew, Chai, gross! CHAI I farted on his butt. That means true love in doggy language. CHAM Nu-uh! CHAI Yuh-huh. You see it’s simple dogologyTheir banter slowly trails off as we focus on Jasmine, phone in ear, and smiling at Cham and Chai.


JASMINE Thanks guys. (To the phone) Hey Pan, it’s Jasmine! We IRIS OUT on Pants. FADE TO BLACK

Cham and Chai (Pilot)  

Cham and Chai spill the last of the milk in Gogo, so they must go on a quest to find more. Their journey leads them to a bad side of town.

Cham and Chai (Pilot)  

Cham and Chai spill the last of the milk in Gogo, so they must go on a quest to find more. Their journey leads them to a bad side of town.