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FADE IN: EXT. GOGO ICE -- DAY -- ESTABLISHING The rundown little drink shop sits in its usual spot between significantly better looking food shops. DING! The door opens and Jasmine walks out. JASMINE I’ll be back later, girls! Kumara should be here in a couple of minutes. CHAM (O.S) Okay, bye! CHAI (O.S) Be careful! Jasmine walks off. INT. GOGO ICE -- DAY Chai sweeps the floor while a humanoid blue jay sits in the lounging area, drinking a smoothie. He’s the only customer there. There’s a feather sticking straight out from the rest of his head. Cham rises from behind him. She stares directly at the feather and slowly reaches out towards it with a mischievous look on her face. Chai grabs her hand and shakes her head disapprovingly at Cham, who looks sad. DING! Kumara, Gogo’s only paid employee, slugs in. She carries an apron and a cup of coffee with her. There’s something strange connected to her. A big, menacing figure floating above her head, looking angry. It’s effecting Kumara negatively. CHAM Kumara! Mom’s out right now so we’re... watching...-KUMARA Guh. Need. Coffee. CHAM (Whispers to Chai) Uh, Chai? do you see what I’m seeing? CHAI The scary thing? Yeah.


Kumara slugs to the back of the counter, puts on her apron, and takes a drink of her coffee. As she drinks, the being above her head gets less and less angry until it’s smiling really big, almost too big. Kumara finishes the cup. The being puts its hands on Kumara’s head and WHOOSH, suddenly she looks rejuvenated! KUMARA Ah! That’s the good stuff. Kumara tosses the cup across the room into the garbage can on the other side. KUMARA Kobe! Beef! It lands inside the garbage can. KUMARA Swish. (To Cham and Chai) Oh, hi guys! How goes it? I haven’t slept in 3 days and needed my coffee. Sorry about being a slug when I came in. Chai opens her mouth to say something, then walks off. KUMARA Alright. What about you Cham? CHAM (Points at the being) What the heck is that thing, Kumara?! Kumara stares for a second, then looks above her. She sweats. KUMARA Ha, what thing? CHAM That big, creepy thing right there! Chai walks back. KUMARA (Nervous) There’s nothing there? You’re messing with me, right? You guys and your imagination, haha. Anyways, I gotta start chopping (MORE)


KUMARA (CONT’D) fruit, so I’ll talk to y’all when I’m done, okay? Chai walks back holding something behind her back. CHAI Okay. CHAM (Overly polite) Haha! Yeah, sure, no problem, pal! Ole bucko! Cham grabs Chai’s face. CHAM "Okay"? What do you mean "okay"? That thing is doing something to her and she’s completely ignoring it! CHAI Yeah, I know, that’s why I got the cup. CHAM Cup? Chai holds up a cup with a logo on it that reads, "MOCHAMART". CHAM Oh, thank goodness. I thought you didn’t care. Chai pats Cham’s head. EXT. MOCHAMART -- DAY -- ESTABLISHING MochaMart is bustling with business. Busy people walk in and out of the chain. INT. MOCHAMART -- DAY BING BONG! Cham and Chai walk into the fancy chain store. Everything is sleek, stylish, and modern inside. They notice one thing above all else: CHAM Chai, it’s like my nose just fell in love.


CHAI This is the best smell I’ve ever smelled. What is it? CASHIER (O.S) You’re smelling our brew! Cham and Chai turn to the cashier working the register. She wears a teal apron, a matching hat, and a black shirt. She seems genuinely happy to be working. CASHIER Hi, welcome to MochaMart! What can I get ya? CHAI Well, we don’t have any money, but we have this. Chai holds up the cup. CASHIER Oh, you already bought something? Well we give free black coffee refills to customers who’ve bought something. Do you want that? CHAM I dunno what that is but if it’s what smells so good, I’ll love you forever if you give me some. CASHIER Okay, coming right up! Can I get your names? CHAI I’m Chai and she’s Cham. CASHIER Alright! Your drink will be served over there. The cashier points at the serving counter across the way. Cham and Chai walk over. They wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, until: BARISTA Order up! Coffee, black! Cham and Chai perk up.


CHAI That’s us. Chai grabs the drink. They look at the cup. The names read, "Jammin’ Thigh". Cham and Chai give each other a look. Cham takes off the top and takes a big whiff. She blows on it before slowly taking a sip. CHAI So? How is it? She holds it in her mouth a second, then: CHAM Buhh. Cham let’s the coffee dribble out of her mouth. Chai takes the drink from Cham and takes a sip. She spits it out. CHAI Peh! Ugh, poison! CHAM This is the grossest thing I’ve ever tasted! This is so gross! I just... I... Cham runs off. Chai runs after her. CHAI Cham, no. Cham goes up to a man enjoying his coffee and smacks the coffee out of their hands. CHAM Ha! MAN Hey! CHAM Why do you do this to yourself?! Cham runs off. Chai chases Cham but stops in front of the man. CHAI (To the man) I’m so sorry.


Cham smacks away another customer’s cup. CHAM You deserve better than this! CUSTOMER What’s the big idea?! CHAI (To the customer) I’m sorry. She gets like this sometimes. The cashier notices the commotion they’re stirring. CASHIER Hey, you two! The cashier jumps over the register and runs to Cham and Chai who have stopped and are staring at something. CASHIER Hey, what’s the big idea?! Am I gonna have to kick you out? No response. CASHIER Hey, are you even listening? What are you staring at? Hello? CHAI Uh, sorry ma’am. It’s just-REVEAL: Everyone inside the store has little beings, like Kumara’s, hanging above their heads. However these are significantly smaller. CASHIER Huh? I don’t see anythi-A hand pats the cashier on the shoulders, stopping them. MANAGER I got this, Amanda. Go and take a break. The manager, an imposing woman in a button-up shirt with the MochaMart logo embroidered into it, motions to Cham and Chai.


MANAGER Girls, step into my office. Cham and Chai look at each other. INT. MOCHAMART -- MANAGER’S OFFICE -- DAY The managers office is lit dimly by a halfway broken fluorescent light. The manager walks over and plops down in her old, raggedy desk chair. MANAGER Girls, I saw the way you looked that those nice people out there. The manager leans in. MANAGER You can see them too, right? CHAM Wait, you see them?! MANAGER Yes! They’re called vices and most adults have them. Usually they’re alright, they give people something and in turn they take something away from them. I’ve been able to ever since I was younger. But the more people indulge their vices, the more they need them. Vices can really mess someone’s life up. CHAI How can you sell people stuff that hurts them? MANAGER I don’t want to! I’m trying to study these things and see how I can help people! CHAM You’re like a spy! CHAI Ma’am, we came here because our friend has one of those things on her, but it’s not like the ones outside.


MANAGER What do you mean? CHAM It’s huge! And a lot scarier than those! And buffer? It’s nuts! The manager gets a horrified look on her face. MANAGER How big? EXT. GOGO ICE -- A MOMENT LATER Dark clouds have gathered around GoGo Ice. Thunder crackles and wind wooshes as Cham and Chai run inside the shop. INT. GOGO ICE -- A SECOND LATER DING! Cham and Chai burst into the shop. It’s empty save for one person. Across the room they see Kumara on the ground, unconscious. Standing above her is the vice from early, but this time it’s even bigger and somehow buffer. It’s still connected to Kumara, sucking up all her life force. CHAM We have to get her away from that thing. CHAI But how?! Cham looks around. Fruit? No. Chair? No, Kumara could get hurt. Blender? Maybe but that’s Gogo’s only blender. Cham looks at the back table and sees her answer: CHAM Fruit! Chai, I’ll distract it and you get Kumara away from that thing. Chai nods. Cham runs to the fruit, grabs an armful. She throws one at the vice, then eats the next. SPLAT! MUNCH! SPLAT! MUNCH! It diverts its focus to Cham. The vice begins floating towards her. CHAM (Muffled) Fruit is so good. (To Chai) (MORE)

9. CHAM (CONT’D) Mmph, now, Chai! Chai sees an opening and runs at Kumara and sweeps her up over her shoulder and bolts for the door. The vice sees Chai and gets angry. It phases between the door and Chai faster than the girls can see. It takes a swipe at Chai. Chai leaps back and looks around, trying to find a way around. CHAI Uh... Look over there! Chai points away but the vice doesn’t look. From behind Chai, Cham shouts: CHAM I don’t think he speaks English! Chai thinks for a second. CHAI Hmm... hablas español? The vice looks confused. CHAI (Sighs) Dang it. Chai backs up next to Cham. She turns around lays Kumara down gently, being careful not to hit her head against the hard tile. CHAM So what do we do now? CHAI The only thing we can do. Chai turns back towards the vice and puts her fists up in a fighting stance. Her hands are shaking but she stands her ground. Cham follows her lead and stretches her arms out, using her body as a shield. The vice looms over them menacingly. It raises its hand, about to swipe. Cham closes her eyes and looks away. Chai doesn’t avert her gaze, when: DING! Behind him, the door to the shop opens and the silhouette of Cham’s mom, Jasmine stands at the door. JASMINE You. The vice freezes in fear.

10. INT. GOGO ICE -- A LITTLE WHILE LATER FIRST PERSON VIEW: Eyes open to three very blurry figures. The vision clears and we see Cham, Chai, and Jasmine looking down. Kumara jolts up. KUMARA What happened?! Did I faint again?! Oh no. What time is it? I need to check on the babysitter. Am I at work? She sees Jasmine. KUMARA Ms. K! I’m so sorry, I left the shop unattended! I still need to mop the floor and clean the tables and-Jasmine puts an arm around Kumara and pulls her head into her shoulder. Kumara stops talking. Chai walks away for a second. JASMINE It’s okay. Relax. I checked up on your babysitter, the shop is fine, and you’re safe. You should have told me it got this bad again, Kumara. KUMARA I know, I’m sorry. Cham jumps in and hugs Kumara tight. CHAM Kumara I was so worried, we walked in and saw you on the floor and that thing was right there I wanted to cry and fight and run and-Kumara puts her hand on Cham’s head. Chai returns with a glass of water and hands it to Kumara. CHAI Here, drink. KUMARA Thanks, Chai. Kumara takes the cup and chugs it down.


KUMARA Ah! Thanks, Chai. (to Jasmine) So what happened to it? JASMINE Well... REVEAL: The vice is tied up and restrained behind Kumara. They’re still connected. KUMARA Oh. CHAI I thought you couldn’t see it? CHAM Oh, yeah! KUMARA I can, I just... I just don’t like to acknowledge it. JASMINE These things don’t go away just like that, you know. It’s a long and hard process. CHAM We’ll be here to help you through it, though! CHAI Mhmm. Chai slumps over Kumara. Cham and Jasmine embrace her harder. Even the vice, all tied up, is feeling the love. KUMARA Thanks guys. A beat. Kumara starts to snore. CHAM Kumara? CHAI She fell asleep.


CHAM Does this mean we can’t move? CHAI We’ll die here and I’m okay with that. JASMINE We won’t die here. CHAM (Yawns) Actually... I’m kinda sleepy too... JASMINE No, wait. Cham starts to snore. JASMINE Oh no. Chai, help me with them. Chai snores. JASMINE What am I gonna do with you? IRIS OUT on Jasmine’s tired face. FADE TO BLACK

Cham and Chai - Mocha Madness  

When Cham and Chai notice a strange creature hovering around Kumara, they go to the local coffee chain to investigate.

Cham and Chai - Mocha Madness  

When Cham and Chai notice a strange creature hovering around Kumara, they go to the local coffee chain to investigate.