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2012 Fall - 2017 Spring

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers


T i n g - Yu Lin

Enthusiastic about transforming abstract concept to architecture system. Curator and leader of a 8-member forum-planning team for one year in Tamkang University Architecture dept. Seeking an organized and creative way to build the relationship between ambience, activity, and architecture.



Address 4F., No.7, Ln. 151, Ren’ai Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221, Taiwan


Phone 0972290221 Email

Illustrator InDesign AutoCAD ArchiCAD Rhino Artlantis Lumion Sketchup PowerDirector

EXPERIENCE 2015 Jul. - 2016 Jun.

Curator & Leader

Forum-planning team of Student Association in TKUA dept. Led a team including 8 members to arrange forums of architecture department in each Tuesday afternoon, which contained curation, interview, promotion,etc. 2014 Jul. - 2014 Aug.


KHL Architects and Planners Learned the procedure of producing projects as well as collaboration and interaction with colleagues. 2013 Jul. - 2013 Aug.

A Part-time worker

H. P. Chueh Architects & Planners Help making practical models.

EDUCATION 2012 Sept. - 2017 Jun.

Bachelor of Architecture

Tamkang University / Tansui / Taiwan 2010 Sept. - 2012 Jun.

Senior High School

Zong Sang Girls High / Taipei / Taiwan


IELTS L 7.5/9 R 8/9 W 6.5/9 S 6/9 Overall 7/9






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I n s t r u c t o r | C h i , J r - G a n g

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Nuance Effect Stream of hetero-consciousness

The project tries to reveal what has existed from the past but covered by modern infrastructure through a new way. It is the operation of metaphorical system and code transformation. Urban environment contains any fragments in the surrounding , people’s memory , and atmosphere floating in the air .

A Whole Year

Page 11

Nuance Effect

Fragmentary urban condition In reality, fragments of architecture may be door, walls, or windows. So,how do we define the ‘fragment’ ? In realistic life, time in urban is continuous. However, memory and perception is formed of countless fragments. In daily life, environment is originally seen as background. If we consider some things to be separated, the other will be whiteness. Street light, bustling of cars, red wooden door mar be the scenery to home of some people.

Page 12

Nuance Effect

Urban Concealment Urban is developed so rapidly that a lot of elements of the past are covered by modernization. Human behaviour and activity also has been hidden for long time by concrete and skyscrapers.

Fragments in poetry When it leaves blankness between fragments, it comes out imagination within them. In the world of poetry, it selects fragments of text and combines with whiteness. When people are reading, they experience symbol and perception beyond what they can feel in the realistic world through the unfamiliar language system on the base of familiar logic.

Page 13

Nuance Effect

Nameless City Metaphor of the ‘ wall’

1. The walls along the stream have accompanied the dwellers for many decades, but these dwellers never see the face of the stream. They walk along the wall each day and sense the existence of it. 2. Windows on the stream-side walls indicate the direction of the stream but never show the phase of the stream. 3. If you stand in the alley on the slope staring at the wall , you will find a ‘window’ in there.

Page 14

Nuance Effect

Page 15

Nuance Effect

Tea Factory as site

It used to produce tea for over 100 years but closed a few years ago.

It was a hollow shell, a forgettable area, a covered history in the city.

Page 16

Nuance Effect

New Tea Place

I try to redeďŹ ne it as a tea place where we can place our own memory and share it with people.

As time releases from the tea, people’s memory is intervened again.

Page 17

Nuance Effect





5 15

3 16



4 15 15 14 6 9

11 10

12 13


|A Dynamic Network| First Floor Plan (second oor overlapping_blue line) |View Angle| 1 Tea saling place 2 Semi-public Tea Room 3 Space in-between existing walls 4 Parallel World 5 Meditation Space 6 Private Tea Room

7 In-between Dwelling Space 8 Stairs Space to House 1 9 Semi-public Space 10 Space Connected to the Backyard 11 Patio of House 3 12 Stairs to the Backyard

13 In the Backyard 14 Stairs Space to House 2 15 Dwelling Space 1&2 16 Tea Storage Space 17 Alley in-between Tea place & the Stream

1F & 2F Overlapping Plan & View Angle Independent spatial elements formed to be code:Making object to be independent of architecture system, doors are no longer the addition of walls. Page 18


Nuance Effect

Concept of the Whole Elements, as the code, when environmental situation changes, signify of code will transform. Page 19

Nuance Effect

existing roof & overlapping of

yard in rain stage


yard after raining pool


yard as pool mirror

standing water temporary mirror yard in the rain stage without performers

louvre curtain of the stage stairs to home stairs to stage

varenda seat in front of the stage

Page 20

Nuance Effect

existing openings eye of the past

& new roof f time

new doors extending of the past [shadow/light of reflection]

new openings born of the eye

existing doors eye of the past new doors extending of the past

new panel container of time tea storage tunnel of time [smell/light/people] existing machine mark of the past new panel container of time

new openings born of the eye

1 2


1. Metaphorical System 2 & 3. View Angle 16. Tea Storage light / leaves / wind Shadow is wreckage of time absorbed by the leaves. Page 21



[ people ]

[ urban environment ] past time---present time

the third person

Nuance [ object ]

[ objects formed to be space ]

temporary permanent

dynamical condition

[ social activity ]

[ immaterial factor ]

future time present time past time

present time

4. Occasional event Strong sunlight, cloud, rain, fog, oods, sunset, wind ,inuence of people ,etc. - these immaterial factors intervene space change the condition of objects. The identity ,area , atmosphere of space also change at the same time. 5. View Angle 7. In-between Dwelling Space light / wind / people Page 22


When the sun prevails...

condition (sun2)

condition (sun1) the glass curtain wall become... the tree appears... the road reflects...

When it rains...


condition (rain2)

condition (rain1)

[ new whole ]


When it is foggy... condition (fog1)

When ...

4 5


6. View Angle 15. Patio light/water/stage During the no man performance, it highlights the presence of the door. We are even aware of the existence of home. Page 23

Nuance Effect

View Angle 6. Cloud_Tea Room light / steam / fragrance As the sunshine passes through the cloud, shadows see themselves, and people disappear.

Page 24

Nuance Effect

Occasional event Strong sunlight, cloud, rain, fog, floods, sunset, wind ,influence of people ,etc. - these immaterial factors intervene space change the condition of objects. These’outsiders’ make fragments be the space which is a dynamical networld. The identity ,area , atmosphere of space also change at the same time.

Page 25

City in the Sky

View Angle 17. Backyard

View Angle 5. Meditation space light / water / cloud Close the door, it’s too silent to hear nothing but your own breathe.

Page 26

View Angle 4. Parallel light / mirror / being Real and unreal things are mixed together by these frames.

City in the Sky



Strong sunlight, cloud, rain, fog, floods, sunset, wind ,influence of people ,etc. - these immaterial factors intervene space change the condition of objects. The identity ,area , atmosphere of space also change at the same time. It’s a dynamic network built of three kinds of scale. Fragments of city, architecture, objects. The walls hatched black are existing. The new intervenes with a light way. When we see objects as independent presence, people, environment, and time give them new meaning which is not for practical function.

Page 27

Nuance Effect

Pe r p e n d i c u l a r t o t h e s t rea m

S e c t i o n

Page 28

Nuance Effect

Page 29






S n o w a n b u l i s m Instructor|Hideki Hirahara

Impression Perception Instructor|Yu,Ying-Chang

Page 31

Organic systems In Contemporary architecture

Page 32


Snowanbulism Theatre & Community Center in Jiufen

It was an experimental design which I transformed concept from material of snow to make a balanced environment with residents & tourists in Jiufen .

2 0 1 5

F a l l

Page 33


Concept from snow The nature I observe is snow. It can stay on any shape in the world.

Page 34


Atmosphere in snow In the snow,we are like walking in an amazing dream , because it has various faces and create an experience coexisting opposite condition.

Page 35


Study Model

Design model 1:200

Study Model

Page 36


Design model 1:200 For make a balance between dwelling & tourists , I create a theatre & community centre for them . It is like condition of layers of glacier , surface of that is soft , and the under is hard , I use the feature of material to place the program and to let people feel their in the snow because of the change of the sounds.

Page 37


Changes of interface


White concrete


White concrete





Metal Fabric


+ Fabric(White)



Page 38






C o n c e p t I analysis these four kind of snow , and ďŹ nd four kinds of element that form the different snow. Transforming these four kinds of element to different medium of interface. And recompose these interface to respond the quality of element in snow . After that , I create different composition of interface that can affect the sounds and make it be absorbed or reected .

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Page 40


Ground Plan

Page 41


Make a balance between tour and dwell

My site is in Jiufen. It's a very noisy place. The noise of tourists always disturbs residents. So I use my system to build a theatre . Not only let people have open space which can communicate with others but also make the sounds stay in the place , not to disturb residents .

Page 42


Page 43


I m a g e

o f

t h e a t r e

S e c t i o n

S c a l e

1 : 4 0 0

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Page 45

S Y N E R G Y L a b o r a t o r y

Page 46


Impression Perception Taoyuan International Airplane Terminal Four Design

I tried to consider my design with theory of synergy , producing a concept prototype , changing parts of prototypes and then composed all of them.

2016 Spring

Page 47

Impression perception

Concept W h at I s Th e Fi r s t C h a p t e r O f Tra v e l ?

Essence of airport:the medium of current condition before fast changing. Traditional airport just designed for transportation . We consider airport as the ďŹ rst chapter of trip.







Page 48


rp o

ar t

Impression perception B


Page 49

Impression perception


Foreseeing the possible activity as ďŹ rst chapter of travel.

Page 50

Impression perception

I consider the theory of transparency to be a way creating interface .

Page 51

Impression perception

Prototype of serving space


Construction of flora

Page 52


Impression perception

Concept Unlike linear space of traditional airport , I think new LCC can break up the limitation. People can go where they want to go by intimation of space .

Page 53

Impression perception

Change of prototype

Page 54

Impression perception

Plan 1:2500

Page 55

Impression perception

Model 1:50

Model 1:200

Model 1:200

Page 56

Impression perception


Concept of flora to build a shape of continuously foreseen space My concept is to change perception of people , which can be changed by design . If perception of sight and consciousness is connected with symbol of possible activity , people will know where they want to go or where they are going to arrive.

Page 57

Impression perception

Page 58

Impression perception

Sec ti on

Page 59

and death like autumn leaves. _ Ta g o re