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TIMES By: Rafaella Giraldo


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"Sunday June 23rds Supermoon The Biggest Since 1993" The huge moon that looks larger than normal is called the Supermoon by the scientists. The moon is closer to the earth which means that it appears bigger and brighter. Scientists thanks to the proximity to the earth or perigee as they call it, the moon will appear 12% bigger and 30% brighter. The last time a moon was this big was in 1993. Also full moons vary in size because of the oval shape of the moons orbit and the difference is in millions of miles.


Elliptical: Any shape that is uneven, when the distance from any two points to the center are added together. Perigee: The point in its orbit where a satellite is closer to earth.



4: One day I was in my grandparents house with all my family and all of a sudden outside of the window there was this huge and bright moon in front of us, it was gorgeous so we start taking photos to the moon and it was very similar to the supermoon. 2: Some people think that the effects of the supermoon could be earthquakes and tidal waves because the distance between the earth and moon is the smallest, thats why the gravitacional field its very high. That generates different effects like high tide.


"Danger in Dessert?" A new study in Utah reveals the toxic effect on sugar. The average of an american kid of sugar today is 20 teaspoons of sugar per day and adults eat 50% more sugar than they did in the 70's. A team of researchers used mice to conduct a study of negative effects of sugar and it does have some negative effects and some of them could be toxic. Different types of sugar have different effects on the human body. For example some symptons could be obesity, high blood pressure, fever,etc. Sugar isnt only in sweets an candies theres also in household items like pasta and crackers. Its important to know how much sugar you should have daily or else it could cause some problems. Vocabulary:

Underlying: Lying under or beneath. Consumption: The act or process of consume, waste, decay,etc.



1: The most interesting thing that I read from this article is that the researchers from the Utah university used a mice to see the dangers in sugar. Sugar does cause problems in your body like obesity but the mice didnt show any big problems. They do the test because each day kids and adults eat more sugar. 5: A new insight that I gain through this article is that each time the food is with more perfections. Now for people is harder to dygest in a healthy way the food. For example sugar, that each time people eat it more than usual. The negative effects that generate high glucose makes me reflect the important that is natural food and to dygest it. When Reading this article I've decided to eat more natural food.


"The Crisis in Egypt"

"Egyptians brace for more bloodshed after deadly clashes between protesters and military forces." Protests have been growing in Egypt since the country president Mohamed Morsi was removed from power in July, he was the first to be truly democratically elected and the ones that supported Morsi think that he was removed because of his religion. The police and the military were ordered to use deadly force because of the deadly force more than 600 people were killed during protests. Supporters of Morsi asked to take Morsi back in power. The use of violence against civilians surprised some goverment leaders around the world. The president Barack Obama criticized the Egyptian goverment and he announced that the United States would temporarily stop supporting the Egyptian military. Vocabulary:

Brace: a support that stregthens something else. Civilians: citizens that are not in the military.



2: The thing that caused this event is that the country president of Egypt Mohamed Morsi was removed by power and huge protests are invading Egypt. The effects of the protests are that the military and the police join together and they started using deadly force so many people has been killed.

4: I connect this event to september 30 of 2010 because that day the police of Ecuador was protesting against the president. The police was mad because a law goverment was going to take away a salary bonus to them so there was a big fight between the president and the police.


“Australian Park Rangers Discover Neon Pink Slugs"

Recently in New South Wales, Australia they discovered a pink slug. This slugs are quite large they measure eight inches long or about twice the size of the modern day counterparts. Scientists believe that these slugs are ancient creatures. They got extincted because the habitat changed but when the continent became dryer, the slugs survived thanks to the volcano eruptions at Mount Kaputar which is a remnant of an extinct crater. This slugs are very unique and important to the ecosystem.


Counterparts: a person or thing that has the same function or characteristics as another. Remnant: a small part that remains after the main part no longer exists.



4: I connect this event with a similar situation in the Yasuni reserve where indian tribus live. They conserve in their natural habitat making them selves a jewerly to humanity. In this natural habitats that indians live researchers can make studies like the neon pink slugs. 1: The most interesting thing that I learned from this article is that this ancient pink slugs got extincted and they survived because of the volcano eruptions and after all this years they recently discovered them in Australia.


"Love Cotton candy? Then You (And Your Parents) Are Going To Love These Grapes"

When the kids mention cotton candy most parents disapprove the idea because it isnt any healthy. David Cain and his team started experimenting some grape varieties in 2003 and they wanted to create new fruit without using genetic engineering. The seedless groes cannot reproduce on their own so each plant had to first be grown in a test tube. It took 100,000 test tubes to grow plants over eight years before one fruit tasted like cotton candy. The grapes are completely natural and sugar is 12% higher than normal grapes. It cost $6-$10 a pound, the next thing David Cain is going to do is straberry, pineapple and mango flavored grapes.



Viability: Capable of normal growth and development. Vinery: A farm where grapes are produced.


4: I connect this event when my uncle brought me chocolates but the chocolates were unique because they had very weird and interesting chocolate flavors. For example some of them had jalape単os, rock salt and tea flavor. Know people demand to have knew products with knew flavors, thats why in the market we see interesting products like the cotton candy grapes


2: This event was caused because a genetic change that introduced a new flavor in the grapes. It generate a knew product for people.


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