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Rafaella Barahona, Ana María López, Alfonso Laso y Bernardo Calderón PAC CAMPAIGN | 8TH GRADE “A”

PAC Campaign

All about the Energy Type of Energy Uranium is nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is energy stored in the nucleus of an atom, and it is a kind of potential energy.

Renewable or Non-Renewable? Uranium is a Non-Renewable Source, uranium is a nonrenewable resource. Although nuclear energy itself is a renewable energy source, the material used in nuclear power plants is not.

Where does it come from? Nuclear energy comes from uranium, a very heavy metal. Uranium is found in rocks all over the world, however, nuclear power plants usually use a very rare type of uranium, U-235, which is a non-renewable resource.

How does it work? A nuclear reactor creates energy when fission happens. Fission is the atom is split into smaller particles and an enormous amount of energy is released in the process. “Uranium is used as the fuel for the reaction as it is radioactive, and is therefore unstable enough to be broken down into smaller parts� (Nuclear Power). After, the uranium atom absorbs a neutron and splits into two equal parts, this way creating energy.

How can it convert to other forms of energy? Nuclear energy transforms to a lot of other energy sources. For example when you have the nuclear power, then you heat water to make stream that is heat energy, then steam turns turbines that is kinetic energy, after that turbines turn generators and then electrical power that produces light to homes that it travels throughout cables until it reaches homes and fabrics etc.

Affecting the World? Pros of the Energy Nuclear energy is a reliable source, which is way better than fossil fuels. First, the source is really cheap, almost as cheap as coal. Also, it is a lot more environmentally friendly than other sources of energy that we currently rely on. During the process of creating this energy, accidents rarely happen and it provides secure jobs. Uranium is safer to obtain, not dangerous like obtaining coal. Finally, power plants take care of the environment and do not produce as much pollution.

Cons of the Energy However, nuclear energy has some cons against it. The creation of this energy, relies on a rare element, Uranium or plutonium. Also, it can be dangerous, when accidents rarely happen, they can be severe, even though, if you follow the rules and do everything as you are supposed to do, and you can prevent these. Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste, which is extremely toxic. Finally, the nuclear power plants are hard to maintain and it requires more time to produce the energy.

How your source interact with these areas? Our source, nuclear energy or uranium will affect, the economic area of the country. The energy is cheap and better, so this way it will help the country. Also, it will interact in an environmentally way, it is more environmentally friendly and does not produce as much pollution as other sources.

Nuclear Efficiency Company How will it address the energy needs of Ecuador? In Ecuador, people will use a lot of energy, so using nuclear one, will better for everyone. First, thanks that there is a lot of poverty, having cheap energy will be a great help. Also, Ecuador has a lot of diversity on its environment, so by having nuclear energy they are preventing all kind of pollution that will help the local environment. Uranium can address the energy needs of Ecuador because this type of energy is cleaner than petroleum or other energy sources. Uranium will help solve energy problems because this process may take a while to transform to electricity but is worth it, when is transformed then the energy is more efficient than other energy sources. Uranium energy by electricity can also heat a house so when it’s cold the house could be warmer.

Where will it be placed? Our nuclear power plant in Ecuador will be set in a place where there is not much of a population. They can be built in rural or urban areas, and do not destroy the environment around them. For example, it can be settled near the inactive volcano, where not much nature or vegetation is found. This way, we can have less problems and accidents and while we have one, not affecting the environment so much. Also, because of the radioactive waste, it has to be a little bit isolated.

Helping the world is all we want to do.

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