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SYNOPSIS - Lockhart James Lockhart was a young peasant who had their land invaded by the family Hamsik, cruel vampires who roam for centuries practicing their crimes, a powerful family that acts in all segments of European society, Lockhart was turned into a vampire and enslaved, and his wife dead, but managed to save his daughter, a girl of two years, he hid in the barn and she was adopted by a neighboring family, the attack James discovered that his wife was endowed with special gifts, she had called GRACE, like vampires call, a creature of light that lives immune to evil and corruption, and so it is immune and also harmful to vampires, to attack someone protected by the blessing, it will run a serious risk of dying was what almost happened with Ilfrit Hamsik, the clan leader, nearly died and was weakened needing to be hibernating after he was attacked by Lockhart. Before the attack, Lockhart spent decades as a slave until he discovered why Ilfrit be so powerful Ilfrit caught sucking vampires and their energies, an act that is prohibited by the laws of the vampire, and Ilfrit acted in secret, so Lockhart went on to study elders and attack them becoming so strong has been freed from slavery and also thanks to Tina, the daughter of Ilfrit who falls for him, that then search for the descendants of his daughter, as the blessed Hamsik hunt, Lockhart is became a legend, a vampire who faces his own race and almost destroyed the family Hamsik, who is now seeking a way to awaken Ilfrit, is the point where the story begins, Lockhart finds Lara, whose blood runs in your veins is his daughter Marie, a blind girl of 9 years who is now in the sights of cruelty Hamsik family, and Lockhart will use all its forces to prevent the tragedy that befell her family reach the little Lara.

There’s a legend that runs in my family…

Can we go inside yet? It’s getting late, honey! Time for bed! …that is passed on across generations.

What are you still doing there, you little cunt? Get over here a nd wash my fucking clothes!! now!!!

Legend has it that we are persecuted and cursed. But it is also said that an angel watches over us. Hidden in the shadows…

Hurry up you brat! You’re as lazy as your mom!

Go do your chores, dam-

…always ready to stand for us, and defend us. I don’t know if it’s true. But I wish it was. Huh?

Go get me a beer while I count this money!

Shut up! you bitch!

I wanna make a deal!

What the hell do you want, you bums?

That they shiver when his name is said.

Asshole! Today he didn’t get past that.

Souless bastard! It is said that those who persecute us fear him.

Lara!! Get down here!!

Shut up! And turn that radio off!

I’m here, stepfather. What is it?

That guy wasn’t lying, this is a lotta money! I’m rich!! A legend. Nothing else.

But today, there is nothing to fear.

What are you doing? You promised mom you’d take care of me!

I said turn the radio off!! Lockhart, The Angel, won’t let you!

That’s not the radio, you moron! They’re playing outside!

There! Got rid of that little cunt! “Angel”… Hah! She’s nuts just like her mom!

What the hell do you want? For this kinda dough, I’d even sell her ass any day!

Today, he didn’t come to save me.

That’s just some fairy tale your mom made up to get you sleeping, you

I still can’t believe you sold the little girl!

What the fu…

And if he’s not real, then…

…what’s to become of me?

...LOCKHART! I don’t want to feel this fear! I don’t want to live like my mother did! So, where did you hear that name?


Lockhart! Where did you hear that name, girl? Do you know him?

Aww! Such a cute story! But I guess he’s an awful guardian angel, don’t you agree? After all, you’re with me now!

And I’ll tell you something else, James here ain’t no angel!!

Hello! I’m looking for a girl who lives here.

What’s your business with her?

N-no… It’s just a story that my mom used to tell me. She said he’s an angel who watches over our family!

I really wish he was here.

Do you know him?

That he felt the fear I’m feeling.

She dropped this on the street the other day. I’m here

That’s all right, can you give it to her, please? This must be important. She’s not here! She’s over at a friend’s house!

That this evil man would pay for all that my mother went through.

Sure, sure. Now beat it!

Si, si! I do! But when I meet him again…

You’re lying.

…I’ll make sure he remains a fairy tale!

That he’d shiver to the sound of his name…

Creating, Writing and Art

Rafael Dantas Support: Impacto Quadrinhos

Klebs Jr Manager


Read the preview of this comic book project that will soon become reality.

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