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Lic. Rafael Arias H.


1- Hello game Game Type Aims Age Group Size Time Materials Procedure

Movement Game Names, Grades introduction and greetings 4+ 6-15 10 min A drum or any noisy maker and a soft ball 1.- All the Ss sit in a circle the teacher is in the middle. 2.- Go up a child and shake hands saying “hello, my name is..� 3.- The rest of the children start doing the same thing introducing each other. 4.- Once everybody is moving around the class the teacher make a noise with something and everybody must run and find a seat. 5.- The person with no seat must go to the middle of the circle and start the game again.

2.- Identity swap Game Type Aims Age Group Size Time Materials Procedure

Role play Game Information questions 7+ 8-15 10-15 min Identity cards 1.- The children stand in the center of the room. Step towards one child and introduce yourself. 2.- The child introduces him or herself in the same way. 3.-Move to another child and introduce yourself as the first child. 4.- The first child introduces himself with your name. 5.- They continue introducing each other with a different name. 6.- Once they finish Ss will introduce themselves with their real name.


3.- Blind date Game Type Aims Age Group Size Time Materials Procedure

Guessing Game Asking and answering questions 8+ 6-12 15-20 min A blindfold, a scorecard 1.- The children sit in a line at one end of the room. Blindfold the first child, who stands a few meters away from the other children. 2.- Choose another child to be the “blind date”. He or she stands the opposite the blindfolded child at a distance of about 2 meters. During the game the other players must be silent. 3.- The blindfolded child now asks the blind date questions like: how old are you?, do you like apples?, etc. 4.- The answers of the blind date must chance his or her tone of voice. 5.- Ones the blindfolded person discovers the identity of the other person will ask “is your name….?

4.- Bean Toss


Game Type Aims Age Group Size Time Materials Procedure

Movement Game Revising numbers 4+ 4-8 5 min Bean, eggs, cartons. 1.- Show the children how to throw the beans to the egg carton. The distance to the target will depend on the size and throwing abilities of the children. The number of beans should be the same as the highest number in the egg carton. 2.- In turn, the children throw the beans one by one, into the target. Keep the pace fast, so there are no long waits. 3.- Once children have thrown all their beans, they count out the number of beans which landed in the egg carton. Then they place the beans in the right hole.

5.- Goal! Game Type Aims Age Group Size Time Materials Procedure

Board and team Game Numbers and colors 6+ 4 (in pairs) 10-15 min Game board, dice, one counter, and old sport magazines. 1.- Place the counter on the space in the middle of the board. A player from team A rolls the dice and moves in the direction of team B’s goal. The other children chant the number of spaces. 2.- A player from team B rolls and moves the game figure in the direction of team A’s goal. Then another player from team A takes over, and so on. 3.- The first team to cross the opponents’ line (goal) wins.