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? manifesto This subject, Projects 4 has been a really challenge for me. Ch Chronologically, the rst assignments were a good point to introduce the subject. A point of view to see the course is that we need to know the stories of the houses, and rewrite them with the requirement to do it to a person with a mental disorder. So, starting to see another’s stories of houses, studying them and sharing with our mates is a good idea, also to know each other’s, which is important to the Erasmus. Show the work we do in our universities was also a good assignment to know each other’s and to know how work others uni universities. This was not directly linked with the nal project, but was a good start to see how we can work with each history of the houses. Also, the video which we said what is Architecture for us was an interesting submit. This is not linked with the nal work, but is a necessary question we, as architects, need to ask ourselves. I feel comfortable with this work and I’m very satissed with it. Then, we started to work with the house and the mental disorder we choose. The house was very intuitive, and, we could contact with the architect an assist to a conference about this house. So, we understood quite perfectly this house. After a deep study of the Casa Almacén, the questions we had about the house were already answered in the conference. The architect said all the valuable part of his house and I appreciate it. The chosen of the mental disorder was the key decision that this project started to be difficult and a challenge for me. At rst, we thought a lot of disorders. The other one we nearly use was claustrophobia. Now, at distance, I can say that that disorder would be one of the most interesting disorders to use in terms of architecture. But paranoia, was a complex disorder, with so many variants and harder to understand than claustrophobia. We really needed to understand the disorder to create something related with it. Anyways, when we started to work with it, seems to us a good choice. But, because we were doing things not related with Architecture. The rst exercise with Paranoia was to nd the positive aspects of each kind of paranoia disorder. We really nd these positive facts, we did a good work.

109 - Manifesto


Bu after that, we were asked to a micro-architecture with it. I understood the But, reason of assignment. At last, in every subject of projects, what we learn is tools to do in our future projects. But in our case, in our mental disorder, wasn’t as productive as in others. Was hard to gure out how a paranoiac person can improve his positive aspects with a microarchitecture. Probably, if we thought rst about how to do it in a real scale, we could have had a better microarchitecture. But in our case, we didn’t learn so many things about it mic doing this microarchitecture. We spent a lot of time on it and it didn’t worth at all. The steep to approach the new story of houses has a low content, but we proot it at all, also adding good ideas. When we started with the individuals’ proposals we discovered and developed individually new concepts of paranoia in the architectonical way. With that, we supplied the work with new ideas and we started to really think about how can work this house with this paranoiac person. We did a big change in that week. At rst, we started to design with just our individuals’ proposals and we mix them in our house. But later, we needed to develop more the ideas, so we delimited the aspects of the paranoia we’re going to show. At that point, we have all the tools to make the project and a good proposal. Finally, the work have all the points we wanted to develop: the polyvalent rooms linked with the movements of the walls and also with the mirrors, the use of this mirrors in each functionality of the house, the optative control of the mother on each room with the use of the glasses and the cu curtains, the connection with the exterior with the acetates windows to focus in each object… We did a good work and I’m happy with it.

Manifesto - 110

Manifesto by Rafa Muñoz  

Work of the course of the subject Projects 4, Architecture, University of Alicante.

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