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Raenear Yap transfer portfolio

city college of san francisco 2010 - 2012

Raenear Yap

City College of San Francisco School of Architecture 29173 Lonetree Place Hayward, CA 94544 (415)728-3256

table of contents arch 29a pg. 4 arch 29b pg. 7 arch 22a pg. 8 arch 102 pg. 10

arch 29a: freehand drawing

weekly assignments

final assignment

arch 29b: freehand drawing (class currently in progress)

arch22: delineation and rendering

site plan water color pencil

product rendering color pencil

arch102: architecture design studio 2 A second design studio course in a sequence that expands upon fundamental architectural principles and concepts within Architecture and Design. Students explore topics related to design process, site, program, place, order, space within simple architectural problems.

pre-site gestural models

summmit pavilion ravine based site

design must allow attendees connect and be part of the natural environment open air when possible. responsive to the major site features


excavation, earth, sky, and circulation. the ascention of human beings from light to dark.

programmatic elements main gathering group spaces meditation space

balance of density and complexity without compromising clarity to work with the gestural form of the structure, creating flow from top to bottom


Transfer Portfolio  

city college of san francisco

Transfer Portfolio  

city college of san francisco