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bronzed eyes TIPS

1 Prep the eyelid, making sure it is well

Because you’re applying

powdered all around; this will help you

the eye shadow wet, you

to blend eye shadows better. Using a

must not look up for at least

wet medium brush, apply antique gold

30 seconds, as it will cause

eye shadow to the entire eyelid. Wetting

the makeup to crease.

the brush will minimise fallout and

opposed to a yellow gold looks more elegant. Use powder on the eyelid to blend the rest of the eye shadow.

intensify the gold. 2 Overload the inner rim of the eye with an antique gold eye pencil—don’t be afraid to load it up. Make sure the pencil you use is not waterproof. Eye pencil used in the inner rim disappears

Once your eye is complete,

quickly due to blinking, etc., so ensure

take the same gold you

constant reapplication for a lasting look.

used on the lid and apply to the inner corner of the eye and to the cupid’s bow of your lips. For a more dramatic look, apply single/individual false lashes to the outer corners of the upper lash line.

3 Using a smaller brush, finely apply a rusty brown eye shadow along the socket line. If you find this isn’t blending, then go back to the first step and powder well. Intensify the brown shadow in the outer corner of the eye.

The gold and bronze colour palettes look amazing on blue eyes.

4 Apply the same rusty brown eye colour all the way along the lower lash line. Curl lashes using a curler, and apply lots of jet-black mascara to both top and bottom lashes.



Using an antique gold as

step 1: shaded cheekbones Imagine drawing a line from your lip corner to the top of the ear, as shown here. You only shade under this line as contouring pushes features back, therefore lifting your cheekbone. Always start from the ear and blend forwards. Do not start from your cheekbone and work to the ear (as you do with blush) because it’s important that the darkest part is at your ear and not in the middle of your cheek, blend edges or you’ll look like you have a bad bruise. but do not go outside the lines The second imaginary line is from both outer corners of the nose to both outer corners of the eyes. You’ll find that these lines will be parallel in nearly every case. You shade in between these lines and not outside, and make sure you blend the edges. blend This also indents the edges temple, making the cheeks look more prominent, and it lifts the eyes. This one is my favourite as it takes years off.

Great for ■ ■ ■

Enhancing cheeks Thinning down a rounded face Giving great cheek definition

Not great ■ ■ ■


If you’re underweight in the face If you already have pronounced cheekbones If you have bony facial features

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