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Risk Assessment Form Activity/Task: Making a music video Location: Alley way


Risk rati ng


(High, Med, Low)

1) theft


1) We would avoid theft by filming in broad day light. Also we will be with a large amount of friends so we look quite intimidating so that we do not get approached to.



2) we will keep a look out for any cyclists that may come through the alley way. And if any come through then we will move our equipment for them.

3) cars


3) we will put a cone in the front of the alley way so when a car comes it will horn so we can move our equipment then move the cone so that the car can get through.



4) We will have our friends who are with us so we do not get robbed around the alley way so if children come they can tell them to wait until we have finished filming.

5) Dogs


5) We would overcome the problem of dogs getting in the way by putting our equipment to the side when we see a dog.

risk assesment for alley way  

risk assesment for alley way

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