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Risk Assessment Form Activity/Task: Making a music video Location: Park


Risk rati ng


(High, Med, Low)

1) Weather


1) We can overcome this by checking the weather one or two days before we plan to go out and film in the park. We will check the weather for the whole week and go out and film n the day that the weather looks best.

2) Puddles


2) We could overcome this by going out and filming on a day where it is quite dry and on a day where it had been dry the day before so there isn’t any puddles.

3) Dogs/Animals


3) We would overcome this by looking out for animals and dogs before filming. So we would visit the park before we started filming to see if there are a lot of dogs and if there are we can plan to come back at a different time and if there isn’t many dogs we can just try our best to avoid them.

4) Rivers


4) We would look around the park and try and find any rivers and if we find any we will try our best to keep ourselves, the equipment, and our cast away from it.

5) Broken trees


5) We would go and film on a day when It isn’t very windy. We would firstly go for a walk then look around to find any trees that look damaged or that are broken. If there are any trees that are broken we will stay away from them.

6) Ditches/pot holes


6) We would go and look around the park to find any pot holes or ditches. Then if we find any we will keep the areas of them in our minds so we can keep away from them and avoid injury.

risk assesment park  

risk assesment of westwood park

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