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Plovdiv - Bulgaria

March 2014

ABOUT US „Sienit Holding” Jsc. Is one of the most powerful Bulgarian companies in the field of construction and investment. The company is a leading construction entrepreneur and key contractor on the Bulgarian construction market due to its long experience in building large industrial, logistic, infrastructure, energy, commercial, recreational and residential facilities. It has a big team of professionals and a full range of machinery. the various activities are realized by creating and participating in a number of subsidiaries, each having its particular focus. „Sienit Holding” invest in own projects, както as well as perform the classic job of building by the express order of investors. The company has built the industrial and logistic bases of such global concerns as „Ferrero “, „Liebherr “, „Socotab“, „Kaufland “ etc. It also took participation in the construction of the new terminal of Sofia Airport, one company of the Holding performs part of the works on the subway in Sofia. One part of the company activity is the construction of photovoltaic parks as well as concrete foundations for wind turbines. Sienit Holding is a pioneer in the creation of industrial zones in Bulgaria. In 2005 the company realized the first industrial zone – „Rakovski“, with the support of the local government, Invest Bulgaria Agency and the German-Bulgarian Industrial and Commercial Chamber.currently the company Is in the process of development of 5 industrial zones around Plovdiv - Maritza, Rakovski, Kaloyanovo, Kuklen, Kalekovetz, and is the basis of the largest Bulgarian economic zone „Trakia“. More information on the industrial zones you can find here /link/.

„Sienit Holding“ is implementing joint projects together with foreign investors from Israel, Italy, UK, China. The joint stock company also works with the state and the municipalities in the form of public-private partnership.

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The activity of SIENIT LTD. covers complex engineering in the construction process, general contractor in projects for the construction of industrial, residential and public buildings and complexes, infrastructural, environmental, energy and agricultural, low buildings, roads and landscaping. SIENIT LTD. has the effective structure and a team of highly qualified specialists who provide high quality at competitive prices. The company is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders \CPRB\ as builder of sites from first to fifth category and it is also a member of the Board of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber. The company has implemented the standards for management systems BS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

Declaration of Policy on the provision of Health and Safety Working Conditions • For The Management of „SIENIT" Ltd. the Policy of provision of OHS is an integral part of the overall policy and strategy of the company. The OHS Policy will be deemed equivalent of the productivity, efficiency, improvement of the management quality and the quality of the final products, the issues of environmental protection and other policies developed by the company. DECLARATION ON QUALITY POLICY • The Management of „Sienit” LTD announces the concept herewith outlined that it is able and willing to maintain an effective system of quality management in accordance with the Manuals for the Provisions Management set out in БДС EN ISO 9001:2008. DECLARATION ON POLICY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION • The senior management of „Sienit” Ltd. is fully aware of its responsibility to maintain the Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the requirements of БДС EN ISO 14001 and to implement programs for constant improvement of the company attitude towards environment.

Industrial Buildings PORTFOLIO •

Sienit Holding has extremely extensive experience in the realization of industrial and logistic facilities factories, warehouses, logistic centers. The company has completed projects of Bulgarian and foreign investors. Among our satisfied investors are world famous names are ABB, Liebherr, Ferrero, Scheinder Electric and others. The area of the implemented projects is over 280 000 m2. The company`s success is due to two main reasons – quality and fast performance and possession of industrial zones. Sienit Holding is a pioneer in Bulgaria in the construction of the first industrial zones. Today the company offers 7 million square meters for the development of industrial projects.

Commercial and Administrative Building PORTFOLIO •

Sienit Holding has proven to be a reliable contractor for commercial and administrative buildings. In the company portfolio there are the outstanding names of Mall Galeria Plovdiv, Mall Plovdiv, Mall Rousse, Grand Trade Center and others. Representative buildings for office construction are Administrative and Residential complex Hebros Plovdiv and Business Center Activ Sofia. We have built facilities for the chain shops Jumbo, Metro, Kaufland. We have worked together with Balkanstar, Hundai and Moto Phoe for the implementation of their service centers. Sienit Holding has extensive experience in the building of hotels and holiday projects as contractor and investor. Totally we have constructed over 460 000 m2 commercial and administrative space.


Sienit Construction Group Ltd. is specialized in the field of project management in construction, as well as in the complex facility construction.


The company is registered as builder in the Central Professional Register of Builders \CPRB\ and is certified by the standards for management systems BS EN ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

Industrial location offer • The location of our proposed site fits Logistics as it’s perfect communicative, just on the main entrance of Plovdiv, on the main highway A1 from Sofia to Burgas, that connects Turkey with Europe. It also has a train tracks with future station inside. Though there are, as well, some international factories like Liebherr, SocoTab (Philip Morris) Etc. Also there are all the permits for industrial production. Plovdiv is known with its qualified human resources. The average salary for such employees is ~ 250 Euro per month. • -Basic costs per sq meter of industrial buildings that you would construct. The basic cost is ~ 350 Euro sq/m. the rest depends on the special installation required by the client and the production process. For such a building the monthly rent will be 4 Euro per sq/m, including a plot of twice bigger then the building.

If we are to build and then rent, the minimum period for rent is 6 years.

• From the day of signing the agreement, approving the design and the first installment, it will take nine months for construction until the final permit to use has been issued.

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