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portfolio of raditya ardianto portfolio of radityaardianto


designer, photographer, senior contributor, owner of collective group, manage a band

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FORMAL EDUCATION Product Design, FSRD ITB with 3.3 GPA (2006-2011) Taruna Bakti Senior High School, Bandung (2003-2006) Taruna Bakti Junior High School, Bandung (2000-2003) Taruna Bakti Elementary School, Bandung (1994-2000) Taruna Bakti Kindergarten, Bandung (1992-1994) NON-FORMAL EDUCATION Tennis Course, FIKS Bandung Guitar Course, RMHR Bandung English Course, UPT Bahasa ITB Drawing Course, Villa Merah Bandung ORGANIZATION House The House (2010-present) FOLD, (2009-present) INDDES-ITB (2007-2011) KMSR-ITB (2006-2011) SKOR Hoki ITB (2006-2008) Ikatan Hoki Taruna Bakti (2002-2006)

SEMINAR, DISCUSSION, TALKSHOW, & WORKSHOP Furniture Design Trend in Europe, IFFINA March 2011 Indonesia Kreatif: Diskusi Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia Reka Kota: Pemanfaatan Ruang Publik dan Perabot KOta

Design and Technology in Contemporary Furnishing: The Italian and Indonesian Experiences

Desain Produk Berkarya 4: How Products can be Fun TEDx Temanggung: Design for a Small Planet Toyota National Design Competition 2009 International Advance Photography Workshop by Andrea Rost Membaca Trend Global Musim Panas 2010 by David Landart (Carlin International) Desain Produk Berkarya 3: Product Design and Lifestyle Toyota National Design Competition 2008 Desain Produk Berkarya 2: Local Industry and Great Design The 1st Polygon International Bike Design Competition 2008 White Cement Tiga Roda 2007: Public Facility SKILL AND ABILITY Manual and Digital Sketching Have no problem working in a team or collaboration Able to work under pressure and deadline Model making and rapid prototyping Curating and writing about design Photography Computer Skills: Google Sketchup Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Coreldraw EXHIBITION Trademark Market, Mall PVJ Bandung (2011) Desain Produk Berkarya 2011 Bandung Public Furniture 2010 Ngajak Ribut ARS UNPAR, Ged. Indonesia Menggugat (2010) Desain untuk 90, UKDW Yogyakarta (2010) Youth Waste: Ground Zero Exhibition (2009) Bandung Public Furniture 2009 Real Space Conceptual Bandung, Soemardja Gallery (2009) Desain Produk Berkarya 3, CC Timur ITB (2009) Lebaran, photo exhibition at Sabuga ITB (2008) ITB Goes to Botani Square, Bogor (2008) ITB Expo 2008 Kutuin Show, Elysium Bandung (2008) Akar, GSG ITB Bandung (2007)

curriculum vitae



Music Director of Keuken Bandung (2011) Speaker at Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta X Desain.ID: Rekakota (2010) Founder of Product Design Focus, sharing and discussion event of product design (2010) Owner of House The House, a design and strategic thinking consultant (2010) Event Secretary of Pasar Seni ITB 2010 Assistant Lecturer of DP4275 Design Entrepreneurship FSRD ITB (2010) Event Secretary of Rekakota: Pemanfaatan Ruang Publik dan Perabot Kota (2010) Committee Member of Semarak Bandung 2010 Speaker at Cangkruk, Surabaya (2010) Assistant Lecturer of DP3202 Design and Built Environment, Product Design FSRD ITB (2010) Assistant Lecturer of DP3201 Sociology of Design, Product Design FSRD ITB (2010) Committee Member of Monster of Rock VII (2010) Personal Manager of CUBE, a funk rock blues band (2010) Committee Member of Kick Ass 90’s (2010) Speaker at Pecha Kucha Night Bandung vol 9: FOLD (2010) Event Secretary of FOLD OFFLINE: KOPI DARAT (2010) Contributor of FOLD Issue #1: Mengenal Alam dengan Bermain - Komunitas Hong (2010) Assistant Lecturer of DP2221 Design Critics, Product Design FSRD ITB (2009) Designer (Internship) at PT.Toimoi Indonesia (2009) Senior Contributor of FOLD, (2009) Chairman of Industrial Design Student Society Institut Teknologi Bandung 2009/2010 Committee Member of The Declaration of Bandung Creaticity Forum (2008) Committee Member of Japan Asia Young Scientist and Engineer Study Visit 2008

Accredited “Outstanding” at Product Design FSRD ITB Final Assignment 2nd place of World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship 2008 One of The Best Academic Products on Semester I 2008/2009 One of The Best Academic Products on Semester II 2007/2008 Most Valuable Player of Walikota Cup 2005 Most Potential Player of FUN GAMES GLOBAL HOCKEY MARATHON 2005 1st Winner Internal Tennis Tournament, FIKS Bandung

academic works

graduated from product design, faculty of art and design, institut teknologi bandung

Second year academic project based on the theme stool, made from corrugated-paper. Kongkow is made to explore variations of the structure and material with all its limitations, but is able to hold the weight of an adult.

Second year academic project based on the theme ‘Handle’. Entang is a Potato Peeler made from gypsum.

Second year academic project based on the theme ‘Table Clock’. The exploration of lines, shape, and volume elements is based on the image chosen, which is ‘Strong’. Pijak is made from material clay, masking tape, putty, and spray paint.

Second year academic group project with Handhyanto Hardian and Ayu Kurnia (ITB Product Design students) in making a mock-up/scale model of a Mobile Library that fits a creative city. In this case, to support the creative movement in Bandung, especially reading.


Second year academic project based on the theme ‘conversion of turning motion’. KISS-O-RAMA is made from plastic sheet, 5mm carton, and dynamo for the base, with a KISS band vector for the art. When turned ON, the bodies of the bands personal will move up and down in motion.

Third year academic project, a collaboration with PT. Alpina Albatros. Adventuro is a backpack made for wildlife photographer, with thef unction of being able to store cameras (max. 2), tripod, and other supplies needed for long and tiring journeys.

Third year academic project, collaboration with Komunitas Hong, a community who study Sundanese traditional toys, this time I made a merchandise for the Museum of Traditional Toys by entering all the display to get a piece of the puzzle that is arrange at the end of the visit.

Final academic project, a collaboration with Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika, create a portable booth as promotional tools. This product can communicate people with The History of Asia-Africa Conference and Gedung Merdeka as a public space. They can elaborate many discipline and craftmanship to satisfy our needs of public space.

An experimental project that observes the social behavior of human beings and how they interact with their surroundings that indirectly builds an emotional attachment between the two. Why don’t we just mash them together?

An experimental project inspired by my clay moddeling in 2007, which was eventually used for an object of photography. Intended to observe smoking habits. The intention is not to make them stop smoking, but to appreciate the meaning of their own lives.

/enikma/, a collaboration project with Marco Elisa and Denny Priyatna for Bandung Public Furniture Exhibition 2009 and 2010. We decided to create hopscotch games (sondah in sundanese) to expose children’s need of playground in Bandung. Because they can learn to communicate with others

An architecture maket project collaboration with Vania Aqmarani and Prananda Luffiansyah, both ITB Product Design students, for the opening ceremony of the Hilal building and Observatorium building plan in Lhok Nga Aceh (December 2008)

collaboration projects if i could solve all the problems myself, i would.

Tangible Traces, a workshop by Artist/Designer from Netherland, Frank Havermans, who is holding his exibition in Jakarta, and came to share his knowledge on the exploration on shape manipulation. “Think Out of the Box!� he said.

TEDx Temanggung, an intenational collaboration within Indonesia, Japan, and British student. Workshop by Singgih S Kartono, Magno Wooden Radio’s designer in Temanggung, Indonesia. Share the experience about how design and sustainability creatively against poor.

Two months working with Toimoists and MastomCustom to create an exhibition called Love, Love Me Cub. In this collaboration, Mastomcustom brings us 3 Motor bebek (Maxi-scooter) units from the years 1969, 1971, and 1975 that has been assembled and redesigned with the themes : Picnic, Touring, and Postman. In one corner of the shop, stands a white and light blue motorcycle complete with a postman bag, a mailbox filled with overflowing letters, other mr. postman attributes, and finally a writing on the wall reading; Wait a minute, Mr.Postman. Whereas toimoi has launced a line of products called ‘Moped Series’, consisting of bandanas, pillows, chairs, tables, carpets, and other variant products. The participating young designers include Afini Dwinastary, Raditya Ardianto Taepur, Pulung Jatmiko Arief, dan Rahmi Pertama, and toimoi’s own design team known as toimoists. This event is also held to celebrate toimoi’s anniversary last September. The intimate and warm atmosphere is set throughout the night in the nicely arranged room.Hopefully, events like this will keep on existing and of course, evolving creatively.

INDDES-ITB 2009/2010 (Industrial Design Student Society ITB) Chairman of INDDES-ITB 2009/2010 Exhibition Desain Produk Berkarya 4 : Form Follow Fun Seminar Desain Produk Berkarya 4: How Products Can Be Fun Pra Kongres I Deklarasi Himpunan Mahasiswa Desain Produk Indonesia Intensive Course of Intellectual Property Rights for Creative Industries (2009) Exhibition Youth Waste: Ground Zero Exhibition, Mall PVJ Bandung (2009) Seminar Youth Waste: Upcycle Vs. Downcycle Bandung Public Furniture 2009 Exhibition Booth at Balad Kuring (2009) Toyota National Design Competition and Seminar 2009 Desain Produk Berkarya 3: Product Design and Lifestyle (2009) Musashino Art University Japan - ITB Indonesia Bamboo Design Workshop (2009) Sustainable Design Workshop & Cafe Seminar (2009) British Council Sustainable Booth at KICK Fest 2008 Bandung Public Furniture for KICK Fest 2008 Pengenalan Studi Desain Produk 2008 Toyota National Design Competition and Seminar 2008 Gaikindo Expo Design Competition and Seminar 2008 The 1st Polygon International Bike Design Competition 2008 INDDES Chairman Election 2008/2009 Product Design Booth at ITB Expo 2008

FOLD was created to widely promote product design knowledge through variant methods and to show how a single product can make a difference in society, lifestyle, and culture, especially in Indonesia. This media mainly focuses on products made by Indonesia’s very own designers that includes craftmanship values and new mediums to share amongst college students, young designers, home industries, and professional designers. We are hoping to widen society’s scope of growing knowledge, especially of products that can be related to their daily life. Media partnership, more than 15 design events per year Comrades Orders ( Bandung Affairs ( JongArsitek! ( Hoba Hoba ( Rottenfresh ( Indonesia Kreatif ( Provoke! (


Speaker Pechakucha Night Bandung vol. 9 (April 2010) Cangkruk, Surabaya (Mei 2010) Pameran Nasional Arsitektur Muda, Jakarta (Juli 2010) Desain.ID, Jakarta (November 2010)

Promising rapid grow of our networking has been made FOLD widely promoted in 118 countries with more than 10,000 page views per month and 3,000 new visitors per month. Google Analytics: September 2009 - November 2010

Established in August 2010, Dewangga (means “Perfect Job� in Sanskrit) is a home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture with their commitment to maximizing the use of Indonesian best wood, rattan, and bamboo. This has been the focus of Dewangga since its beginning to support the beauty of Indonesian traditional materials. Our products Designed in Bandung, Indonesia. Dewangga, with the selection of good-quality materials and its simplicity of the packaging, the products of Dewangga are made by the originality of designer team with their own sense of unique style. And inspired by traditional stuff, in making the products, it is important for Dewangga to still inventing easy-to-use designs yet being environtmentallyfriendly at the same time. Nowadays and then, the people behind Dewangga are continually learning, making improvements on how to make some qualified pieces of works with reasonable price so that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.


House The House is a non-traditional design and strategic thinking consultant specializing in urban & rural regeneration. The House The House unique, state-of-the-art design methodology begins at the point where most design reasearch ends. House The House objective is to maximize built-environment value for our clients by revealing an innate profound understanding of their purposes/markets towards its wider socio-spatial context. Our unconscious design methodology is scientifically based on a whole toy box full of playful conceptual startegies that has been powerful to be an essential tool to increase both the brand/product value and the environment where it takes place. House The House dig on to the very bottom layer of the ‘thinking’ and ‘emotional’ feeling about the importance of built environment to human behavior. We dig on the primal, detailed, and instinctive sphere where we find the power of the built context. House The House believes that for every human behavior, be it conscious, subconscious, or unconscious, there is an underlying code that corresponds to its environment; whether a room, wall grafitti, the pattern of pavements, the precise disorder of street signs, the exquisite appeal of landscape, or else. House The House believes that by uncovering these codes, we could gain possession of the single most powerful resource for influencing a given product its essential to ensure the growth profitably, as well as beneficial. In the competitive world, nothing is more effective than understanding the underlying and true meaning behind every single material formed under the sun.





Celebrate the 200th Bandung Anniversary, people want to reclaim the public space of the city which is began to fade. This event simulate any kind of chance to create an acitivity, such as video mapping in a historical building, going picnic, dancing, and watching worldcup final on the street, sharing and discussion about public facility’s design with the government. Semarak Bandung! is a collaborative and many kind of event from creative communities which is expected to reclaim the public space of Bandung Held on July 11 until 25, 2010, at Jalan Cikapundung Timur and Jalan Braga, Bandung. This event was held at the same time with Artepolis (an International Seminar about Creative City) and APEKSI (Association of Indonesia Municipalities).



PASAR SENI ITB 2010 Sunday, October 10, 2010. 10 - 10 - !0, for 10 hours only Held every 5 years since 1972 Visited more than 200.000 people Vision of PASAR SENI ITB 2010 : �People are able to position themselves in an orientation to the forgotten values.� Officially opened by Culture and Tourism Minister, Jero Wacik

*Photo courtesy of


alter-ego, runaway collection, thought space, infinite passion of life

An International Advance Photography Workshop by Andreas Rost, Real Space Conceptual Bandung, Soemardja Gallery ITB. I tried to explore and find the uniqueness of The Heroes Cemetery, Cikutra, Bandung

A collection of photographs of some building in the ITB area. These pictures are focused on the uniqueness and characteristic traits of each building design Made for Buku Panduan Mahasiswa Baru ITB 2008, a guide book for new student about the university.

Winning second place in the ‘World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship 2008’ a photography competition. Set of photos taken at Lake Gembong, Central Java, Indonesia. Focused on the variation of point of views from the same site

JUDGE’S COMMENTS Raditya’s portfolio leapt out at me immediately. It was simple but clever, highlighting the fact that ‘a place’ does not have to be exotic or wondrous. His composition was excellent and the concept very original. His image of the bridge shadow was one of my favourites. THE JUDGES ARE Tina Seeto, Marketing Manager, National Geographic Channel Simon Monk, Director, World Nomads Jason Edwards, National Geographic on-assignment photographer

All photography courtesy of Raditya Ardianto Taepur Collaboration with Handhyanto Hardian, Ayu Kurnia, Marco Elisa, Zusfa Roihan, Prananda Luffiansyah, and Vania Aqmarani FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT : +6281561 160 976 or +6222 916 89190

Portfolio of Raditya Ardianto  

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