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Business Fit Magazine #TogetherIsBetter Women have an important role to play in modern society, which is why I invite you to join us and continue working on this balance between body, mind and spirit in order to for you to live in abundance. Business Fit Magazine is a supportive platform creating awareness of exceptional achievement, services and products for female entrepreneurs. The core existence of this magazine is to help build a better world, one where our children can live in harmony. This is where united women can collaborate, learn from each other and teach each other.

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The Stardust Awards Full review and winners We take a look back at the Stardust Awards and winners showcase, including an exclusive article by the Overall Winner, Samiksha Bajaj.


Rising Icarus by Dr Marina Nani The launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy is not only a great engineering achivement but also serves as a example of what can become possible when an individual designs their own destiny and creates a better reality.



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Arthur Woods Imperative Inc. Maria Pressentin interviews the cofounder of Imperative, a breaktrough learning and development platform .


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hen is last time when you felt listened to? My passion is to broadcast your passion, release your inhibitions, help you feel listened to and allow communicate your truth. Social, emotional and spiritual alienation is now the modern afflication that kills dreams and progress in our ever connected and yet emotionally displaced society. I have helped thousands of people share their story and helped them take the most impotant journey they could ever take, the 18 inches from their mind to their heart. What I learn from each of them is this, each person carries a world of their own within. Back in 2012 I had to speak in front of a very large audience who expected me to share my story even thought I didnt believe I had one‌ Being on that big stage with those bright lights shinning down on me, I felt overwhelmed, I felt insignificant, I felt I had no right to be there in the first place. My palms were sweating, my mouth was dry, I felt paralysed. All I could think was "What can I say to get back to my seat as quickly as possible?". The eyes of 10,000 people were fixed on me and I could feel each one them. I started spaking and something magical happened, words started pouring out of me and people were listeing, I mean they were REALLY listening. To me! To my story! I realised in that moment that indeed, I had a story and yes, it was mine but it wasn't to keep, it was to share. I knew in that monent that I am the messenger of Good News and somebody, somewhere is waiting to hear it AND they need to. Mint your own coin. Mind your own business. Focus on what matters: YOU! To overcome any challenge, you need to master only one of your existing abilities that matter the most in life: the ability to open the doors to your own heart. Once opened, the door to your own heart will never close again. Sovereign is the magazine for executives and leading entrepreneurs from around the world who make the difference and the fortune, people like yourself, who mint a new coin, their own sovereign. I see life as this karmic coin, on one side you have your past, with all the lessons you learned, and on the other side is your vision, born from all that had happened for you in the past. Unless you activate your vision, create your own reality, make your worth going around, like a valuable coin, you are the best kept secret. Thank you for stopping by to read few amazing stories shared by extraordinary people. I hope each story will inspire you to be the Sovereign of your own life. This is my Big Dream, to create Good News and that news is you! You are the best kept secret and sharing and celebrating your story. I am very grateful for reading this letter and giving me the chance to share my vision with you. Dr. Marina Nani


Sovereign- Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs






n reflection, most people are not even aware of their talent, and they will not believe genius is a congruent part of their DNA, if is just me telling them. What happens when more than one person is honouring you? If you are an Executive or a Lead-

ing entrepreneur, you are kind and giving but you find it difficult to receive the recognition you deserve for your talents and achievements. People look to you for inspiration and leadership. Accepting the honour of The Stardust Awards, makes you abundant and generous.

You become the face of good news, you inspire others to see themselves with a fresh pair of eyes. Being present on stage, being seen inside magazines, being heard on radio and TV shows, it is not about you, but about the people you inspire to become the good news themselves.

Modern society needs more Good News! What could be possible if we all, as a society, give recognition when it is due? Could we empower more individuals to create their own destiny and take control of their lives?


Despite living in a in a very cynical society where inspiration is in short supply, we are witnessing a social shift, and people know there is more, they want to give more. When we asked the


winners to describe their experience of being awarded, they all said that they felt inspired to be more. Imagine what can be achieved when a million people feel free to walk 10 ft. tall. Now, imagine when it's a billion! Selecting the top 100 Nominees for The Stardust Awards 2017 was a tall order. After collecting well over 2000 stories from storytellers across five continents, we began the understand the social power of storytelling and the difference each story made for our audience.




#STARDUST PROSPERITY Everyday people are making a significant difference locally but when sharing they story, people could make a massive impact globally. Out of billions of people, just a handful of Executives, Authors, Business owners, Diplomats, Leaders, Media Moguls, Transformational Leaders, Educators, Academics, graced the stage to share their story to inspire and touch others’ lives. Only 50 storytellers made it to the

Awards Ceremony and the top winner, Samiksha, received well over 400 votes in excess of the #STARDUST campaign goal, travelled from India to receive the recognition she deserved in front of a large, vibrant audience who celebrated her accomplishments in style. In this issue of Sovereign, we are sharing with you the #STARDUST stories of this year's winners, who are purposely leading a new path


in their industry. Each of them is creating a new reality in their communities, this is #Stardust Prosperity. Stories are at the heart of humanity and are the only inventory of cultural heritage and diversity that matters. Stories are told, retold, written and re-purposed by screenwriters, becoming plays and movies. They inspire new generations to become storytellers, authors, screenwriters and


REGISTER FOR 2018 WWW.STARDUSTAWARDS.CO.UK movie producers. It is our moral duty to support, encourage and recognise this talent. The media, film and even games industries need to improve the ways they attract and keep storytelling alive and vibrant, in libraries, in magazines, on the big screen or television and recognise and honour this craft. The Stardust Awards calls on Governments and talent agencies to support storytellers by focus-

ing more energy and resources, investment projects, tax breaks on the development stage of creativity, television production and trusts to support storytellers directly.

must call upon storytellers and give them the spotlight and recognition they deserve in the same way as they do to politicians, celebrities and governments.

Storytelling is at the very fabric of education and academics, mentors, teachers and media have a duty to educate the next generations, inspiring them to master the craft of storytelling.

International laws have to ensure that storytellers are recognised as the distinct cultural identities of each country and to seek the legal means to facilitate the free movement of writers and storytellers without borders so they may carry us all in their stories.

Awards, festivals, libraries, media outlets and cultural centres


“As the winner of the 2017 Stardust Awards, I am delighted to be selected for this coveted accolade, recognising my focus on revolutionising the use of technology in fashion; thus, empowering women with greater freedom of choice and allowing them to self create the garments that best reflect their own body, style and personality!” Samiksha Bajaj is the Co-founder/CEO of fashion start-up Samshék. She is qualified with dual degrees in MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the London College Fashion and an MBA in International Business from India with marketing as her specialisation. After a journey of 8 years in the fashion industry, she with her international team launched an online fashion retail shop in customised designer western wear for discerning ladies in India, UK and the USA. Samshék is an online retailer with a premium offering in the ladies-wear fashion market. It sets itself apart from its competitors by giving consumers the option to customise each garment


at point of purchase. All garments can be altered to suit the customers style and preference including colour, fabric, length, neckline and sleeve - one’s personal clothing preferences and creativity can now be a reality, as well as allowing non-standard sized individuals to choose and wear clothes that at last make them feel confident. Whether ordering a ready -to-wear item or customising to one’s own style, the purchase price remains the same and all garments are made-to-order and manufactured the same day. This allows the customer to take delivery of the chosen items anywhere in India between 3 to 5 days and in the UK/US in 5 days from placing an online order.



y fascination and passion with fashion led me to start my own designer label and to manufacture ‘Samiksha Bajaj’. I would go to trade fairs in north India to sell my customised garments and after 4 years of endless trade shows I wanted more. My experience helped me understand consumer behaviour, especially the demand for easy customisation and at the same time I began to realise that the traditional manufacturing methods were time consuming and outdated. The limitations of the traditional manufacturing methods and the emerging application of technology in varying industries motivated me to do some research as to how technology could be applied in the fashion industry to better meet consumer trends towards personalised fashion. This then led me to do further studies at the London College of Fashion in 2014-15 during which time I formed a team and created Samshék.

My vision was to have a luxury store in a major city where the discerning lady walks in and views the western styled designer collection on display, likes what she sees but wants something more, something that is personal to her. By using the in-store touch screen technology she co-creates the clothes to her colour, style, neckline, sleeve, dress length etc. With the in-store body scanner her precise fit measurements are taken and she pays for her chosen clothes knowing that the behind

the scenes technology and on-site seamstresses allow her to walk out of the store wearing her chosen garment within 99 minutes of making her purchase. My team and I worked on making the vision a reality and we researched the available technology and put our plan together. We then approached several venture capitalists to fund the first store and while they loved the idea, being young and passionate without proven technology experience was not enough, they said “come back and see us when you have some traction”. We took their words to heart and 2017 has been about establishing our customisable brand via our online store ( which now sells in India, U.K. and U.S.A. 2018 will be about consolidating in our chosen marketplaces and hopefully going back to raise funds to make my vision a reality.


DR. NESLYN WATSON-DRUEE, UK Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE FCGI FRCN, Award Winner - 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders, an author, high performance executive coach, business psychologist, accredited international journalist, Radio Works World – Authors’ Award winner, honoured three

times by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 of the UK and Commonwealth. Dr Neslyn holds fellowships of the Royal Collage of Nursing (UK) and City and Guilds London Institute. Dr Neslyn’s passion is to empower executives to master their leadership skills and

leave a legacy for others to follow. Dr Neslyn is a pioneer and has developed several leadership and mentoring training programs for large institutions such as the NHS and BBC.

ESTHER AJAYI, UK Founder of the ESTHER AJAYI FOUNDATION, Reverend Mother Esther (Iya Adurra) Ajayi has a deep and heartfelt desire to touch as many lives as possible through charritable and philanthropic giving, based on the biblical

principles that have been foundamental in blessing her with such a fruitful and abundant life. With a serious focus on philontropy, valunteerism and making a difference in the world, Reverend Mother Ajayi believes in the pow-

er of what can be achieved, when we place giving at the centre of our lives. She is passionate about making her life a demonstration of just how much change one individual can affect when placing giving at the core of one’s actions.


His Eminence Dr.. Madhu Krishan , eminent scientist , the Ambassador of American Diplomatic Mission and founder of Academy of Universal Global Peace. He received President’s Life Achieve-

ment Award from President Barak Obama, for his extraordinary humanitarian works in the last three decades. Chairman of diplomatic mission for Peace and Prosperity in Europe & Balkan

Nations, at present conducts projects in more than 80 countries to build transformed civilizations of “peace loving, peace living, peace practicing” and to establish global peace.

LUCY BROWN, UK Head of Clinical Leadership and Engagement at Bupa UK, Paediatric Nurse and mum of two. Lucy is also a Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse. She started her nursing career at Guys and St Thomas’ before moving to The Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Whilst in Brisbane, Lucy became a Paediatric Retrieval Nurse working with the

Royal Flying Doctors Service and Queensland Emergency services to pick up critically ill children. Lucy also completed an MSc in Critical Care and won the 2011 Dorothy Clarke award for most outstanding thesis in paediatrics, which gained her a place within the Golden Key Honour Society for Academic Excellence. More recently, she has become a Florence

Nightingale Leadership Scholar. In her spare time, she loves running and being outdoors and is set to embark on more off road marathons this year. To watch the full interview with Lucy on The Stardust Show with Dr. Marina Nani, visit

ELAINE AARONS, UK With over 30 years’ experience in employment and partnership law, acting mainly for senior executives and entrepreneurs, Elaine is an acknowledged leader in her field. Her client base includes senior executives in FTSE 100 and 250 companies, largely main board directors and members of executive committees; senior bankers – she has acted for 14 Bank Chief Executives; principals and senior management in private equity houses, private equity backed firms, hedge funds and other financial services boutiques. In addition to financial services, she has clients in senior management roles in all sectors of the economy – most recently in transport, energy, technology,

publishing, retail betting, management consultancy and real estate. She also has a particular interest in advising senior academics, having acted for a significant number of Vice-Chancellors of universities. She has been described by the directories as having a superb reputation for senior executive work and as ‘tenacious and intelligent’, a ‘keen strategist and tactician’, a ‘formidable opponent’, a ‘first-class operator’ and ‘supremely clever’. She is recommended for her ‘sense of strategy and imagination’. She advises on a wide range of issues, always focused on delivering the client’s objectives. She advises on termination of employment, resignation/removal from partnerships,

negotiating service agreements and LLP agreements (including negotiating corporate indemnities), investigations and disciplinary proceedings (particularly in FCA/PRA regulated businesses), bonus, discrimination and whistleblowing claims, team moves and restrictive covenants (drafting and enforcement). Elaine is regularly instructed to lead multi-disciplinary teams and is therefore a natural choice where employment, regulatory and reputation management issues are paramount. She is also used as team leader on matters involving corporate, litigation and wealth planning advice.

DR GILL BARHAM, UK Transformational Elite Healh Coach and Author of “The Heart of a Woman - How to look after the heart you give to the world.” Member of the Association of Transformational Leaders - ATL International, Award Winning Speaker and “Miracle Molecule Host” for RADIO W.O.R.K.S. WORLD™ “Light hearted Conversations with People of Signifi-

cance” and “The Vitality Show” on Broadcast Your Passion TV. Gill believes that everyone has the right to elite health and personal financial independence. Her work centres around helping you to achieve your potential in both areas. She is an international award winning speaker, wellness entrepreneur, professional networker and is the author of

several books focusing on health and personal development. Gill has a nursing background but has always embraced a more holistic approach to health and well-being. She specialises in addressing the mega health trends of the 21st century and is passionate about supporting others to spread this message worldwide, pledging to help 1 million people a year.


DR EMILY GROSSMAN, UK Expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Double First in Natural Sciences from Queens’ College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research, Dr. Emily Grossman is sharing her genius across different talents and skills as a science communicator, broadcaster, author, educator and trainer but

she doesn’t shy away from being a performing actress and singer. Extraordinary Science Advocate, Dr. Emily shares her powerful message with clarity not only on TV and radio, but she inspires students in schools, universities and talks at live events. Teaching science, writing books and

articles about science, Dr. Emily Grossman helps others to communicate clearly about their work and impact how we see science. Dr. Emily Grossman’s passion for teaching science, makes science an exciting, accessible opportunity to engage with complex concepts in a fun and passionate way.

KIERAN LONG, UK The youngest winner of the Stardust Awards, Kieran Long is a sensational 15 year old senior X30 and OK driver. In just one year in motorsports he has competed in CIF - FIA World Finals, 2017 Super One British Karting Championships and the LGM Series.

In his first year he was close to missing the coveted World finals race competing against 90 countries from all over the world due to a heart complication and lack of funding. However, through determination, medical attention and support from his family he managed to race at the World

Finals where he did extremely well. As he continues to make positive progress, with the much needed support from sponsors and partners, Kieran Long is set to join Formula 4 in 2018. He has a truly promising Motorsports career ahead.

DR PAULINE LONG, UK The most awarded African Woman in Europe, Dr. Pauline Long is a TV celebrity, philantropist, humanitarian and TV producer .

also highlight on economic empowerment, inspirational people who have come from nothing to something and healthy lifestyle/well being.

Pauline Long Show on Sky Channel 182 is a popular global platform where we bring awareness to the world injustices that might go unheard. We highlight on sexual abuse, domestic violence, prejudice, FGM and more. We

On the show, she interview incredible entrepreneurs, humanitarians, philanthropists, world changers, innovators, industry creatives, politicians, activists and extraordinary people with extraordinary stories to share with the world as

I believe the power of a human being is in their story. Dr. Pauline believes that “There is no special formula in practicing human love nor is there any motivation behind it. We are all born to practice human love but at some point in our lives we deviate. This book will bring us all to the right path of practicing human love through no written rules but our inner consciousness and connection with self.“

DALAL AKOURY, MD, USA Dalal Akoury, MD is an advanced Integrative Medicine Authority, Healthcare Educator, Author/ Researcher, Media Contributor, and Global Speaker. Dr.. Akoury has dedicated her career to identifying and addressing the root causes of chronic illness through a groundbreaking whole-systems medicine approach known as Functional, Integrative, Sexual, Cellular and Metabolic Medicine. She is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in this field. Dr. Akoury is founder and Director of The AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center. She is Fellowship trained and certified in Integrative Cancer Therapy,

Healthy Aging, Regenerative, Metabolic and Functional Medicine, and has more than twenty years of accumulated experience in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and a master’s degree in public health. Dr. Akoury has also served fellowships in pediatric hematology/oncology and has performed research in leukemia and the effects of smoking at Emory in collaboration with the CDC. Over the past several years, Dr. Akoury has focused strictly on stress and its effect on aging, Dr. Akoury has published several cancer research papers and has written several articles on the topic of addiction and is a wellknown advocate and speaker. Dr. Dalal Akoury is a Seasoned Media

and Community Public Speaker. As a women Health speaker she focuses on the specific needs of women. She encourages women to take ownership of their health, wellbeing, and careers, enabling them with the tools to do. This lifetime of experience, along with a unique sensitivity, genuine compassion, and a driving passion to inspire health in everyone has prepared “Dr. Dolly” to be the doctor she is today. About developing her dream, AWAREmed, Dr. Akoury says, “My mission is to ignite the spark of health deep within everyone, and to allow this sparkle of wellness to shine through everyone’s eyes, becoming one with the universe, and aligning body, mind, and spirit.”

TONY J. SELIMI, UK Tony J. Selimi is an internationally renowned author, keynote & TEDx speaker, human behaviour and cognition expert known as The SeeThrough Coach. He is an authority on the psychology of maximising human and business potential, activating leadership, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, transforming co-depend relationships into co-loving ones, and teaching others to operate at higher levels of productivity and performance. He is the co-founder of Jeton Alexander, Living My Illusion and the founder of The Velvet Journey and TJS Cognition, a coaching, mentoring, speaking, consulting, education institute dedicated to exploring & expanding the

frontiers of human awareness. Tony’s vision is to reach, educate, elevate the minds, and inspire and awaken the hearts infinite wisdom and love of 1 Billion people. His mission is to inspire men and women of all nationalities, creeds and colours to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders, teachers, and healers who help others awaken into their greatness. He is the creator of the TJS Evolutionary Method: ALARM™® and a successful entrepreneur who went from being a teenage victim of war living homeless on the streets of London feeling lonely, abandoned, and broken to gradu-

ating with honours, climbing the corporate ladder, and becoming an internationally published author of two No:1 Amazon best-selling and award-winning books; A Path to Wisdom and #Loneliness. As a business consultant he globally provides answers to questions and practical solutions to life’s challenges in talks, workshops, one to one coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, articles, radio and TV interviews as well as through his books, ground breaking TJS Evolutionary Method:ALARM™®, and online downloads of the TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions.

JOHN STOKOE, UK “What a fantastic honour to be recognised for just doing what I’m passionate about. My business partner Roger Burrows and I are focussed on making sure we deliver for owners, investors, tenants and local authorities so receiving this award is immensely gratifying and we are motivated to continue to turn unloved houses into liveable homes. Thank you!� John Stokoe is a prime example of how focused determination leads to success in any venture. Originally from South Africa, John arrived in the UK in 1999 and settled

into a career providing technology services in blue chip financial institutions, He rapidly rose through the ranks culminating in VP level, Head of Service Management roles at two Japanese Investment Banks. Never satisfied with his results, he stepped away into full time entrepreneurship. With 15 years experience on his own portfolio John decided to step up from the hobby to become a full time property investor and Source My Property was born. With his partner Roger Burrows, they provide bespoke,

high return, property investments for local and international investors and the business is rapidly expanding across South Wales and now has reach in the North East UK and Scotland. Intelligent Millionaires Network is his latest venture in Cardiff and is focussed on supporting entrepreneurs and businessmen in South Wales expand locally and into international markets. The key objective of the club is to provide the support, accountability and connections to take business to the next level.

ELINE PEDERSEN, Cyprus Winner of the Feminine Capital Award and Human Right Inspiration Award, Eline is an international speaker and highly respected Doctor of Chiropractor, recognised by patients across Europe and fellow chiropractors and professionals around the world. Dr. Pedersen’s works for the women’s health, she believes in empowering women and championing their rights to make autonomous decisions, particularly during the pregnancy and childbirth. Dr. Pedersen is an innovative thinker that believes

positive change can be achieved by connecting people and by facilitating communication across generations, race, status, language, religion and gender. She is the initiator and elected president of the non-profit and non-governmental organization Birth Forward, Cyprus. Under her leadership, the NGO is making life-changing steps in regards to bridging health professional and parents together for better communication in the pri-, peri – and post natal period and parenthood. Due to the NGOs efforts,

the Ministry of Health has promised a strategy for birth in a country that has a complex birthing culture and the highest Caesarean Rates in the world at 56.9%. Dr. Pedersen was born in Norway, has two successful chiropractic clinics in UK and two wonderful and healthy boys with her loving and supportive Cypriot husband. Her key to happiness and success is to be a committed and true to everyone you meet. Listen, learn and discuss your skills and abilities with people that can guide you to become a greater person.

SAM OPECHE, UK Sam Opeche has been working with married couples for the past ten years to provide counselling through Supportive and Interpretive Therapy. His method enable couples to deal with the presenting problems in their marriages. As well as working with married couples, Sam’s work also involves the provision of tailored relationship advice and guidance to unmarried people who aspire to find bliss in a marital relationship. As a Psychotherapist, he employs the use of social media platforms and one-to- one discussions to

help encourage, educate and energise his clients to practice wholesome principles that aids them to transform their troubled marriages and relationships. Sam together with his wife Elizabeth Opeche run The Marriage Workshop service that reaches over 300,000 people monthly on Facebook. Through bespoke video clips and messages, they touch on salient issues affecting many marriages and have a growing followership of 35,000 since they started the workshop on July 14th 2016, which was their 16th wedding anniversary.

His wife Elizabeth and he are both from broken homes, but it is Sam’s background and life’s story that has remained his motivation to see a change in the prospect of marriages in this generation. His parents divorced just before his sixth birthday, and Sam wasn’t allowed to know his mum, due to a West African tradition, until he turned nineteen. Sam’s first book on marriage and relationship is due out in January 2018, after ten years of practising couple and relationship counselling. The book is titled ‘Don’t Get Married Until You Are Single’.

SANJA PLAVLJANIĆ-ŠIROLA, Croatia Sanja Plavljanić-Širola has spent 20 years as an architect, sucessfuly running her own firm and during that time she attended further education which she felt drawn to studied for 4 years to became integrative therapist and 5 years to get a diploma of a feng shui master. She also attended 8 Sonia Choquette’s workshops in USA and fell in love with her work. In 2008 Sanja decided to follow her heart, closed her firm and started a new career by opening a center for

personal development, Sretan dan (Happy Day) in Zagreb, Croatia. At present, she is conducting and organizing various types of workshops, coachings and retreats. The most popular and her favourite workshop is “Make your dreams come true” based on Sonia Choquette’s teachings. Sanja’s biggest passion is helping people to courageously follow their hearts and believe in the magic of the Universe. She loves lighting up forgotten inner sparks.

Sanja is also a personal coach and a feng shui consultant. She published a book of A-HA thoughts and is a columnist for internet portal and a magazine, Vita. She is the Croatian country-coordinator for the Project Heaven on Earth. From 2015. she is a member of ATL Europe. Married, with two amazing sons.


PHILIP CHAN, UK “Every adversity and heartaches carries within the Seeds of an equivalent or Greater benefits”. This was Philip’s case and he was at the bottom of almost every one of his classes until the age of 14. Striving to be better through many struggles, long hours of research and after achieving important breakthroughs, today Philip is known as ‘The 10-Seconds Maths Expert! Philip has been a teacher for over forty years with extensive experience in teaching at all levels of expertise. Ranging from Primary School level through to High Schools, Col-

lege as well as Adult Education. He has conducted hundreds of mathematics workshops, working with children and their parents and has also dedicated many years mentoring trainee teachers to empower them in the classroom. His 10-Seconds /TSBD fun and unique techniques drives excitement and confidence in an instant. Many of his students have successfully gone on to some of the leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge to gain their Ph D and First-Class Honours degrees, as

well becoming top leaders and appointed to senior positions in both business and education. Today, he has been on television, radio and other media sharing what he has learned over the years. “If I can do it – so can you !” is his motto. He is passionate to encourage people especially young children to believe in themselves, develop self-confidence and develop the “ I CAN “ attitude and be able to do mathematics in under 10 seconds.

JENELLE CLARKE, UK Janelle Victry, award winning Florist and Designer Motivator/ Speaker/Mentor find her passion for flowers and beauty in her childhood in Trinidad & Tobago. Since she emigrated to London, Janelle develop her natural talent and founded Charity in aid of Person affected by Alcoholism and Domestic Abuse. Janelle is a visionary with a soul

of gold and a business mind: “If we can change the way we think, then we can change our actions and we can change the results�. Sacrificing personal time and resources to help her community, Janelle, mother of 4 children believes in the power of mind, she supports people affected by Drugs and Alcohol. Janelle had a very painful childhood though she has been battered and abused but has

preserved a beautiful soul of love and forgiveness. Co- Author of a book called Testimonies for the soul, it working at present on her upcoming book to educate people on how to grow their business. Janelle is a freshman MTN Associate, active member of BNI and is about to launch her own talk show on Radio W.O.R.K.S. World.

JOSSINE ABRAHAMS, UK Author of Curse or Blessing, Being A Spinster and Challenges Of A Living In Carer, Jossine Abrahams is a college lecturer in Health and Social Care as well as a Social Care Manager. She co-authored The Depth Of Her Soul and Peace - A Perspective Hope and is also working on her 5th book. Jossine is passionate about help-

ing women suffering from domestic abuse, a widespread problem that is often considered a taboo subject in many African communities. Jossine is helping to break down these cultural barriers, encouraging and assisting victims to speak out and seek help. Having suffered domestic abuse herself, she has first-hand experience of

how isolated woman in African communities can feel and how little community support there is available for them. By shining a light on this subject, she intends to help create a frank dialogue about how African women see themselves and challenge the traditional status quo.


JOEL VAN DER MOLEN, UK Joel is a serial entrepreneur, actor and speaker who grew up in South East England. He attended Drama School before following an entrepreneurial path that lead him to create and grow Vandercom into a successful Telecommunications & IT company. Joel co-created Living My Illusion with a mission is to use his creative abilities to help people accelerate their growth through films and documentaries that move people into action and create a better world for everyone to enjoy.

About Living My Illusion, Part 1 “I’ve built myself a prison. It may have gold bars, feel comfortable, familiar and safe, but I have to get out.” Joel Van der Molen To many, Joel appears to live the perfect life. He’s a successful business owner, husband and father. However, there is a side to Joel that no one knows, one that he is afraid to show from the fear of shame, blame, and the pain it may cause to the people he loves the most.

Living My Illusion is a thought-provoking and heart wrenching real life coaching documentary that questions the unquestionable and it gives voice to the screaming truth that the fear of being abandoned, rejected, and loved suppresses. Believing he is the victim of social conditioning, Joel has decided it’s time for him to wake up, serve his higher purpose and give something back to the world. However this wake up call could come at a heavy price, so who is going to pay?

JUDITH QUIN - UK As a professionally trained actress and holistic healer Judith came to coaching having realised that she had a uniquely placed view and experience of the world and was often in a situation where she was

helping clients make life changes. Having been working with and alongside corporate trainers and facilitators as an actor, running workshops of her own and working more and more in the role of

a coach/mentor with many of her holistic healing clients, it seemed a natural step to find a recognised and respected body to train with to develop her skills, so she qualified with The Coaching Academy.

MICHAEL DE GLENVILLE - Cyprus Born in Nicosia, Cyprus, Michael attended boarding schools and University in England, Qualifying as a Petroleum Engineer. He was able to travel extensively through his work in Petroleum Exploration and much enjoyed his connection with nature and sport in many extreme situations. Learning to fly hang gliders in 1974, he became a pioneer in ultralight flight. He was a member of the French Hang Gliding Team for a number of years, winning a gold medal at the 1980 European Championships in Austria. A painful mountain flying accident in 1984 put him in touch

with his vulnerability and subsequently a change of values led him to retrain (1991) as a Breathworker with Judee Gee “Voie du Souffle Conscient” (400hrs) and as Massage Therapist with J.L.Abrassart “Ecole du Toucher Psycho-Corporel” (600hrs). He founded ‘The Body Therapy Centre’ in France (1994) leading Massage trainings and Breathwork groups and then trained in Watsu with Linda De Lehman. The discovery of this wonderful therapy inspired his invention of the ”Bliss Bubble”, a small flexible membrane, solar heated Watsu pool, suitable for immersion in normal garden swimming pools.

Michael is a son, a brother, a husband and a lover. He is the father of three wonderful young men and now, as a grandfather and a mature male, one of his main motivations is to share with men and women the precious knowledge of these relational experiences through his writing and bodywork trainings. Michael returned to Cyprus in 2002 where he co-founded Kayana Holistic Development (2003) together with his adored wife, Viola Edward. They continue to live near Kyrenia in a village house adjacent to the Kayana Centre.

ROGER CHEETHAM - UK Roger Cheetham is the founder of ‘The L.I.F.E. You Deserve’ programme, an inspiring individual, and an engaging speaker, who is currently writing his first book. Roger was a licensee running pubs in Sheffield, South Yorkshire for 13 years until 9th June 2013 when he became the victim of an attempted murder, whilst walking his beloved dog, Jasper. This lead to a 4-month stay in hospital, for Roger, much of it in isolation, before several more months of con-

valescence at home in the family living room, as his injuries were so severe they left him unable to climb the stairs. It was during these long, dark, unfulfilled days that Roger reached a very low ebb and subsequent decision as to whether to accept this miserable existence or whether to see this as a restart point for the rest of his life. We know he’s glad that he chose the latter and I’m sure many of those he has already inspired from stage with his story are too. Moving forward Roger is passion-

ate about sharing his story from stages worldwide, to find those he can help and inspire, by working more closely with, whether it be others with disabilities, fellow victims of crime, or those needing to know that choose how bad things get, they can get better. Roger is a frequent speaker at Radio W.O.R.K.S red carpet events, so if you feel you’re someone he could help, or you’d just like to hear more of his story, why not come along?

ANNDELORIS CHACON - UK “During my 11 years as the Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Clinical Coordinator for Bristol, it became apparent to me that individuals within the Black and Minority communities need support and advice.

I retired from the nursing profession after 36 years to take on the role as Manager for Bristol Black Carers in October 2015. The organisation is greatly needed in the Black and Minority Ethnic Communities because we know that we do not talk about or confide our issues until we are at our wits end.

My vision for the charity is to be that safe place where our community can come and talk. Where we provide advice, advocacy, support and empowerment to our service users. We need to rebuild COMMUNICATION in the communities with TRUST and RESPECT for EVERYONE.�

VIOLA EDWARD - Cyprus Viola Edward is multi award winner, international speaker and author, who has published two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed?” 2017. She is Holistic Psychotherapist-Coach specialising in relationships, addiction, breathwork-coaching, business clarity and colour-image consultancy. Viola is a woman who broke free; her story highlights the turbulent experiences of a childhood punctuated by her father’s early death, migration then civil war. Further migration and cultural upheaval limited her opportunity of growing up in a stable

Lebanese family environment when, as a teenager, she was again moved into the vibrant, colourful, yet unfamiliar South American culture of Venezuela. Viola has worked with thousands of people, using her practical methods to help them unlock the infinite possibilities hidden within them and find the courage to start their own journey to achieve their full potential. Viola is the Creator of Feminine Capital Rhythm which has two pillars. The first, a programme, designed for women to re-discover themselves, their rhythm

and power in order to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and bring this equilibrium to their families, colleagues and communities. The second, a international forum presenting speakers & panels on different areas of life to empower women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity and break free to create a more sustainable society. The forum gives inspirational awards to outstanding people. Viola is Venezuelan, having emigrated with her family at the age of 13 from Lebanon. Love moved her to Cyprus in 2003. Viola works in English, Spanish & Arabic

PHILIPPA GITTENS - UK Philippa is the author of “Love Yourself And Be Yourself� and personal and business growth coach. She has mentored people in various countries to master business and personal growth. She is passionate about creating winning results for her clients,

helping individuals, small business and companies get their message in front of highly targeted connections. Philippa assists her clients to position and posture themselves in their target market through Attraction Marketing, coaching and equiping professionals to understand how

to leverage online tools such as Linkedin to develop credibility authority and to increase sales. She loves mentoring, coaching, teaching individuals (especially women entrepreneurs) to achieve results through group training and private sessions.


DEENITA PATTNI, UK Deenita Pattni is an international Trainer, Mentor, Speaker, Author and Professional Speaking Coach. She is the founder of The Mind Vehicle Ltd & Viamii, a training and development company helping individuals live and recognise the

true potential inside them. Her flagship training programmes include: The Rapid Recruitment Engine™, a full-service training programme that equips recruitment professionals with the skills they need and to succeed in the

industry, and Linked In – Cash In Converter™, a workshop training entrepreneurs and business professionals on leveraging LinkedIn to benefit their business.

VICTORIA DUNFORD, UK Victoria Dunford, was born and raised in the Republic of Moldova, rated by the World Bank as the poorest country in Europe. After completing her undergraduate degree and then her Masters majoring in Analytical Chemistry in Moldova, Victoria had the opportunity to go work in the United Kingdom for a year. There she soon met her future husband

and decided to stay. Yet Moldova remains her home country and her first love. So in 2012 with her husband she launched a charity called – MAD-Aid, during the 5 years she managed to transform the lives of thousand of children and adults. She also opened the first world class centre for children with disabilities in Moldova. Awarded Civic Medal in 2015 by

the president of Republic of Moldova. Awarded British Empire Medal in the Queen’s 2017 New Year Honour list for services to children with special needs in northern Moldova. Vicotira is also the author of GetMAD!The Life and Times of a Madwoman is a story of what happens when a seemingly ossified geography of negativity meets an earthquake of determination.

PRIYA VIRMANI, India Dr.. Virmani was awarded a PhD from the University of Bristol, UK. Post her doctorate she studied Management Strategy at Harvard University specialising in Emerging Economies including India and Brazil. She is the Founder and Director of Paint Our World, a humanitarian art project that empowers disadvantaged children to process and overcome trauma.

As a life coach and mentor she has worked with corporates and individuals empowering them to define and realise their goals. Dr.. Priya Virmani contributes to print, radio and television. As a TED speaker and an international speaker, she gives talks on topics ranging from globalisation, political economy, social entrepreneurship, women’s rights, the

non-profit sector, psychology, and motivation in various countries including India, China, the USA, the UK, Ireland, India, Austria and Puerto Rico. In her role as a Political and Economic Analyst Dr.. Virmani is a regular contributor on BBC Radio and writes for publications across the globe including The Guardian, London and The New Statesman, London.

VERONICA SOSA, Belgium SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR, BUSINESS OWNER & AUTHOR As well as a successful entrepreneur who owns multiple successful companies including Business Fit Magazine. She is also an author as well as an international business and self-development coach teaching others how to create “clarity” in their personal and professional lives to achieve success without confusion. Her success as well as the success of those she inspires has led her to become a highly sought after in-

ternational speaker allowing her to make an impact on so many lives of those who are and those who want to be successful entrepreneurs or professionals. VERONICA IS A FIRM BELIEVER THAT EVERYONE IS CAPABLE OF SUCCESS Veronica states “Confusion can be fabricated, taught to us by others, created by our environment or simply a defense mechanism that leads to excuses.” “Until you

find out what is causing your confusion, you will never have the clarity it takes to be successful in any aspect of your life.” From humble beginnings, Veronica has learned how to create success in relationships and in business however she will tell you that speaking to others and coaching them on how she went from confusion to creating a crystal clear vision in both her personal and professional life is by far her greatest passion and achievement.

LORNA KNIGHT, UK Biography: Dr. Lorna Hope is an author, speaker and medical doctor who graduated from Said Oxford University Business School. She has through her connections in the Private equity industry found that to level the playing ground women need to be empowered to take advan-

tage of the numerous opportunities in this growing industry. Her mission is to increase recruitment for women in key roles and to nurture interest at the grassroots level in business schools and high schools... She is passionate in improving the mind-

set, increasing the exposure and the network for women in the finance industry. She remains optimistic that these skills can be taught and believes that gender diversity and parity improves overall decision outcomes and business performance.

RACHEL ROBERTS, UK Rachel Roberts is one of Europe’s leading violists and performs internationally as soloist and chamber musician. As soloist she has collaborated with conductors Christoph von Dohnanyi, Andras Schiff and Richard Hickox, performing concertos with the Philharmonia Orchestra, Koln Kammerorchester, Kammerphilharmonie Graubunden in Switzerland and the Manchester Camerata Chamber Orchestra amongst others. She was the featured viola

soloist in the BBC TV documentary ‘The Passions of Vaughan Williams’ with Richard Hickox and the Philharmonia Orchestra, and has performed Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante alongside violinists Christian Tetzlaff, Antje Weithaas and Benjamin Schmid in Germany, Switzerland and London. Rachel enjoys a busy schedule of chamber music. She has appeared as chamber musician at Concertgebouw, Amsterdam;

Musikverein (Grand Saal) Vienna; Alte Oper, Frankfurt; Wigmore Hall; Royal Festival Hall, Cadogan Hall, St.John’s Smith Square and King’s Place. Rachel is a regular guest at international chamber music festivals including Salzburg Festival, Wiener Festwoche, Schubertiade – Schwarzenberg, Heimbach – Germany, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Hamburg “Oestertone”, Lofoten – Norway and Stift – Holland.


Tina Allton is the Head of International expansion as well as the London chapter director for (EBW2020) “Empowering a Billion women by 2020”, a global FinTec company that connects women entrepreneurs to funding resources by providing an education system, a range of digital technology tools, leadership

skills, a financial plan and access to a community of like minded thinkers who help you accelerate your business growth for a bigger impact. Tina also sits on a special advisory board for (EBW2020) “Empowering a Billion women by 2020” Tina is a qualified Educational psychologist with over 20 years experience in business,

an award winning entrepreneur, mentor, international speaker and world leading influencer and change maker renowned for teaching leadership skills, business growth and global branding, especially to women owned businesses across the globe. The Co-Director of Circle Podiatry - UK’s #1 private Podiatry

brand awarded as the best SME business for customer experience in the whole of London, The CoFounder of Undefeeted.Org, also an award winning global not-forprofit organisation which provided education, raising awareness and strategies to countries to deal with the prevention of avoidable diabetes- related lower limb amputations currently happening once every 20 seconds of which 85% can be avoided. The global

director for Usense, which seeks to solve technological problems across several industries such as education, health, media , retail, business and finance etc , they provide digital products including mobile applications helping entrepreneurs to gain a bigger reach of their customers. Tina works with business owners, corporations and organisations helping them to attain faster business growth increasing your bottom

line in 90 days or less. Most recently Tina is also leading a global humanitarian project HUM in India to support disadvantaged women. She is revered to as an entrepreneur of excellence. Tina currently serves as the World business angel’s forum high commissioner to Ghana. (WBAFORUM.ORG) Her work has seen her take many stages in USA, Bahamas, Europe, India , Africa and many more.

YSANNE LEWIS - UK Ysanne Lewis has worked as a professional astrologer, forecaster and timing consultant for nearly four decades, both here in the UK and also in the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, S. Africa and Scandinavia. She is a published author of “The Time Catcher: How To Time Your Actions To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities� Her aim in her book is to remind us of the beautiful threads and connections between the solar system, nature, and ourselves. That time is not just clock time but something akin to our inner timekeepers and we can choose to navigate

and trust these in a simpler way than we often imagine. Ysanne uses a bespoke and tailor fitted approach to businesses and uses the planetary angles and cycles to navigate her clients through change and highlights optimum times for start ups, launches, events and contract timings. Her tried and tested techniques, guidance and accuracy see’s many returning clients in the fields of finance, small businesses, and events and projects management. She is an entertaining speaker and makes her subject very accessible to people from all walks of life.

She also assists in helping people psychologically remove blocks to progress and to experience their horoscope as a living energy to cooperate with and change the outmoded patterns which get in the way of being a true creator in personal and business life. An international speaker, and workshop leader she enjoys making a complex subject accessible to people from all works of life in touch with their timing and enjoys empowering her audiences to catch the wave with their timing and life purpose.

CHRIS IMAFIDON - UK Professor Chris Imafidon is widely regarded by leading media “as a world renown scholar and has taught at leading universities such as Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge”. He is currently a consultant to governments of different nations including British, American, and other European countries. He is the Honorary Chair of the Excellence in Education Programme. The BBC describes Dr. Chris Imafidon as “the father of the brainiest family ever”. In 2007, Dr. Imafidon won the ‘Oscars’ award for parenting at Westminster, London. He is a multi-award win-

ning educationist. He has served on the board of governors on schools described by the Times as “Britain’s most successful school”. Chris has been quoted in, contributed to, and featured in over 1,500 major media outlets worldwide, including the BBC, CNN, ITV, Fox-News, Time Magazine, Sky News, Wall Street Journal, USA-Today, New York Times, The Guardian, Telegraph, Evening Standard, Mirror, Daily Star, Vancouver Sun, China Today, NTA TV, Pretoria Times, India Today and many more! On two occasions, Chris received invitations to appear on the Oprah Winfrey TV

Show (USA). During a recent live interview on the BBC, he received a huge cry from the audience to become the British Secretary of State for Education. His students have been featured in major media outfits around the world after breaking various world records. CNN refers to him as “an intellectual icon” because he has raised more high flyers than anyone else by the widest margin. Last year, by special invitation, he delivered the famous “Every child is a genius” speech at the House of Lords in London.



Camilla Kristiansen is a mentor, stylist and Editor in Chief for Spotlight Magazine. She’s also an author and has written 30 books that are published on Amazon. Her mission is to help women

step into the spotlight where they belong and share their divine wisdom with the world. Camilla lives in Norway with her 2 daughters and her husband, but she finds time to travel the world to nice

location like Paris, Milan, Rome and London to meet up with clients for her VIP days.

DR WENDY SNEDDON - UK With over 25 years of experience in businesses, Wendy has a great understanding of how businesses should run, and what it takes to build an engaged motivated team. Her experience is in HR, Recruitment, Financial Management and Training. Her expertise lies with

people management, from recruitment to exit. She also enjoy mediation and resolving conflict – the more challenging the better! She is an executive coach with skills in NLP. As a member of the Association of Neurolinguistic Programming (ANLP) she ad-

heres to their code of ethics. She is also the secretary for The Links Group, raising awareness of the link between abuse of animals and humans. Currently running the “Say Something” campaign to encourage more people to report abuse.

DR CHERYL CHAPMAN & DR MARION BEVINGTON, UK Cheryl & Marion are the co-founders of The Find Your WHY! Foundation. To help others become (even more) frickin’ awesome, the foundation facilitates and teaches diffrent techniques and help people overcome their anxieties at amazing locations in the UK and Morocco. They have also co-aouther a book of the same title (Find Your Why, To Become Freakin’ Awesome). They are both highly awarded coaches and speakers in their own right with a tremendous

amoung of experience between them, having authord numerous books and launched several coaching systems . Cheryl holds a Doctor of Global Leadership certificate from The Academy of Universal Global Peace. She is a Qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT). RTT is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results; combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy &

Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. Marion developed a corporate leadership training group that specialise in using yogic wisdom and science to transform not only how you do business but how the whole workforce feels, performs and behaves. She also developed the SpeakEastTM Stage Fright Away coaching systems to help people overcome performance anxiety.

MARISA DI MURO, UK Soprano born in the hills of Southern Italy based in UK. Training: Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Florence, Italy Master Classes: Rosalind Plowright, Claudio Desderi, Benjamin Luxon Vocal Coach: Jenny Hill Singing roles in UK and Overseas: Amelia - Il Castello di Kenilworth - G. Donizetti; Barbarina - Le Nozze

di Figaro - W. A. Mozart; Norina - Don Pasquale - G. Donizetti; Aenchen - Der Freischutz - C. M. Von Weber; Columbina - Arlecchinata - A. Salieri; Susanna - Le Nozze di Figaro - W. A. Mozart; Celia - L’infedelta Fedele - D. Cimarosa; Sofia - Il Signor Bruschino - G. Rossini; Suor Maria - Mese Mariano - V. Giodano. Performances: Royal

Opera House: actor in Pagliacci, Producer Franco Zeffirelli Concert Venues: Sadler’s Wells Theatre, The Players Theatre, Sutton House, The Painters Hall, The Playhouse Theatre, St. Cyprians Church, Royal Overseas League, Fulham Palace, St. James Piccadilly, Founding Museum

SEEMA DATTA - UK Dr. Seema Datta is an Ayurvedic consultant and uses her wide knowledge of Holistic Healthcare, Nutrition, Herbal and Ayurvedic Medicine and Metabolic Detox to treat most of todays medical con-

ditions without the side-effects of modern medicine. The skills of the Ayurvedic doctor lie in the assessment of the constitution of each individual, the identification of imbalances, the diagnosis of

the causes of any imbalances in this constitution and the choice of treatment most appropriate for the individual. It is in this area that Dr. Seema excels.

KENNY AKINDELE-AKANDE - UK Dr.. Kenny is a Dentist, A Life Performance Coach, and Motivational Speaker.. Certified and registered Master Coach with Coaching Standard Authority UK and a directory member of Associate Professional for Trainers, Coaches, and Consultants {APTCC} UK. Author of the 1. Uk Happiness book launched last month and has since then received high sales and awesome comments from readers. Title: Finding Happiness.... learn how to stay on top of your game in 30 days. Born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria, “Dr.. Kenny” has called by friends, family, and colleagues is a compassionate listen-

er and coach. For five years, she has listened to her client’s problem and had devised strategies to combat their problem. She will be sharing many of these strategies in this book. Asides Coaching, Dr.. Kenny is an excellent Public Speaker {in various events} and Presenter. She has motivated friends and family and people 1-2-1 and through her live broadcast on social media. Dr.. Kenny had run a number of seminars and workshops for teenagers and young people. She had also had a diploma in Child Psychology and Youth Coaching, which gave her a rounded knowledge to deal with

young people. The events are: “Gems and Jewel Teenage Club ” “Beautiful Brainy and Godly club for girls” “Purpose Driven Moms” She had just incorporated Falling in Love with Destiny’s Motivational training for individual and corporate clients along with running its flagship events and workshops, “1 DAY WORKSHOP FINDING HAPPINESS…how to stay on top of your game” “SHE…let every woman rise! Workshops for women”. Dr.. Kenny’s drive and passion lie in helping people realize their true potentials and discover their purpose and destiny.

DR ISAURA GONZALEZ - USA Dr.. Isaura de la Caridad Gonzalez Clinical Psychologist, Educator, Founder of Latina Mastermind & National Society of latina Leadership & Empowerment as a Clinical Psychologist and Educator. Dr. Isaura de la Caridad Gonzalez has utilized her expertise and trailblazing skills to support others, specifically the Latina population, to expand their businesses and create top sum financial legacies. She is a multilingual innovator who founded one of the top Psychology practices in Staten Island as well as multiple other organizations, which aim to empower and inspire Latina

entrepreneurs to learn the skills that will bring their businesses to the highest level. Dr. Gonzalez has taken the initiative for the Latina market and exemplified her knowledge of entrepreneurship through her recent development, Latina Mastermind . This was made successful by a group of highly motivated and driven Latina Women who are working on building economic prosperity for themselves as well as helping other Latina women to do the same. She is the founder of The National Society of Latina Leadership and Empowerment, which is an organization that offers am-

ple students of all ages the opportunity to connect with others and empower themselves through networking and leadership. Isaura specializes in creating firsts for the Latina population. Her goal is to generate change and achieve success through educating Latina entrepreneurs about networking, sponsoring, and professional expansions that can lead them to financial freedom and even billionaire status. Dra. Isaura, as she is most affectionately known as, created the first and only mobile app for Latinas in business globally.

CHRIS SALEM - USA Chris Salem is an accomplished world-class speaker, life & business strategist, award-winning author®, certified mindset expert, radio show host, and wellness advocate partnering with entrepreneurs, corporate business leaders, and sales professionals to have sustainable success at the next level by resolving the root cause to mindset barriers. He has a special passion for empowering them to take their business and life to another level by operating in the solution rather than the problem. Chris

shares from experience what has worked successfully for him through understanding the root cause behind the effects of limiting patterns in our business and personal lives. He is the originator of the term Prosperneur™— an individual whose health and wealth are in alignment in a way that leads to true prosperity. While Chris has experienced much success over a 26 year career as a Senior Sales Executive selling media, aircraft, investing in businesses, and implementing

residual income platforms, there also been major setbacks such as dealing with 12 years of addiction and battling with his own demons. Eventually, he found a way to address the addiction and issues that held him back from experiencing a higher level of prosperity where health & wealth are in alignment. This led to Chris’ mission to share and empower others to do the same so their businesses and personal lives could truly experience the meaning of prosperity on all levels.

LUCY FLANAGAN-MARTIN, UK Lucy is a Speaker and Coach to Entrepreneurial Mum’s across the UK and founded Mumazing Success. Her pragmatic and effective coaching programme have helped Entrepreneurial Mum’s and Women achieve life goals and their desired lifestyle.

Lucy’s own journey to a business woman has taken her to the best coaches, training programmes in the world and allows her to share those strategies with her coaching programmes. Lucy is passionate about Families having less stress in their lives and more freedom.

To bring joy and happiness to their lives, be financially free and lead a lifestyle their truly desire. To be exemplary role models to our children and the next generation. To live in harmony instead of chaos!

VICTOR DAUDA TARFA, UK Victor Dauda Tarfa is a Passionate Transformational Speaker/ Mentor born out of his love for a great nation Nigeria. Born in the U.K, he grew up in Nigeria then returned after his university education. Currently living in the UK, Victor’s heart has always been in Nigeria, a great country with so

much resources and potential but not taking its place in the socioeconomic world. He decided to focus on transforming the minds of young Nigerians to take responsibility and create the county they want to see and leave for generations to come. “If we can change the way we think, then

we can change our actions and we can change the results”. Victor took up the challenge, sacrificing his personal time and resources making several trips to Nigeria to spread his Inspirational and Transformational messages and the results have been phenomenal.

HEIDI MARJA NORMANN, NORWAY Heidi Marja Normann Einvoll, is a successful spiritual coach, healer, speaker and author hailing from the land of the majestic Aurora Borealis, Norway. She wrote her first best selling book in Norwegian «følelseskarusellen» (English version coming

out soon), where she shares her lifestory and wisdom about life. Heidi has also been a co-author in the number 1 best selling book ‘The Better Business Book’ which has been featured in Huffington Post. In both of her books she shares

openly and authentically her life and the struggles she had overcome to get to where she is today. Heidi Marja wants people to wake up and be themselves, becoming aware of their talent, to follow their hearts desire and shine their inner light on others.


BEN CHAI, UK Ben Chai is considered by many to be the hidden jewel in the international speaking and coaching world. Ben is considered a jewel because he has lived his talk. Every single nugget of business and mindset strategy, Ben shares with you, Ben has actioned to grow a variety of seven-figure businesses in diverse fields including property, software, media, authoring, secu-

rity, education, and hospitality. Much of his success in both his businesses and his personal life has been due to is ability to attract accomplished people, great investors and authentic business people into his life. His insights and his generosity to share from the stage, on a 1-1 basis, and from his broadcasts have helped hundreds of thousands of people in over

60 countries reach new levels of greatness in their lives. Today Ben runs several property and media businesses and is an executive advisor and equity holder in others. When he is not in business mode, you can find him watching superhero films, salsa dancing or educating himself further in other subjects.

RAZIA HAMID, UK Razia Hamid is a trainee solicitor, human rights activist, campaigner, life coach, motivational speaker, community leader, writer and an anchor. She is a beautiful survivor who also has won many international awards for her extraordinary volunteer work for good causes including, Women empowerment, elderly help & support, child abuse, youth empowerment, diversity, community cohesion, education, prevent extremism & radicalisation and promoting peace in diverse inter-

faith communities. Her articles on different social issues have been published in different international medias, newspapers, magazines and on social media. Several times, she has been invited for inspirational speeches, in different high profile events, as an “Inspirational Personality” and as a “Role Model”. She is upcoming book writer and producer of documentary movie as well. She is also founder of award winning organizaton WAGES: Women & Girls Empowerment Support

Ltd based in London. A documentary was also made on her and her Organization under a project; EPAREX Ealing Partnetship And Radicalisation Extremism by Ealing Council, Ealing Police & Ealing CVS funded by Home Office and European Commission. Currently her Organization is running a unique project; “Interfaith Peace Campaign” on different high streets of UK to prevent hate crimes in the community and to promote peace & harmony in the diverse interfaith communities.

DARIO CUCCI, Switzerland

Dario Cucci, is the Author of “Turn your Customers Into Profit” and the creator of “The Serve & Sell Masterclass Seminar” which he hold regularly every 2 Months in London. Dario works with Businesses to show them how to improve Sales through improving their Communication Skills & Sales Strategies to build genuine Relationships with their Customers that creates lifelong Loyalty in the Customers and long term Sales Revenues for the Businesses he works with. He has seen Companies waste thousands of Pounds

trying to find new Customers only to lose them with poor Customer Care within their first 12 Months. Keeping a Customer Happy and loyal is much less costly than finding a new one. Dario teaches a simple and Practical Approach to building a better and more Sale through true Customer Care and genuine Relationships. Dario first learned when he sold Anthony Robbins Events on 100% Commission only, in his Twenties and over the next 20 Years he has honed his own System for selling through Relationship Build-

ing. He does that, by coaching & mentoring his Clients on improving their Communication Skills & Strategies, to not only increase Sales as well as boost their Public Reputation for more direct referrals to grow their Business, without having to spend money on Advertising. One Business owner he has worked with increased their Revenue by 500% within 7 Days, after improving the Communication Skills & Sales Strategies to close the Deal over the Phone when calling their Prospects.

CAMELIA BOGDAN, UK ounder of Practical Money Magnet, Camelia is dedicated to helping people create a lasting relationship with their money! Learning the basics from her mother when she was still in primary school, Camelia has always had a great grasp of managing her finances. During her university years, she decided that was not enough and focused on developing her discipline further alongside her degree. What

shocked her most is how bad everyone else seemed to be when it came to money, from friends to acquaintances and colleagues everyone seemed to never make ends meet! She realised then, money management is a subject that is never thought even though it affects all people on an almost daily basis! Since then, she helps and educates people on how to manage their finances. From single parents to business owners,

her practical approach to money has helped turn their fortunes around! Realising that helping a few clients at a time would never put a dent in this growing problem, Camelia decided on founding Practical Money Magnet, an educational program that is easy to understand and use, providing free events and workshops to help anyone who wishes to improve their financial situation.


Born in Kashmir. In 1966, at the age of 10, Qureshi joined his father in the UK. After completing his education, he had got married and started his own retail business. As time went on Qureshi increased his interest in the community and volunteered to help many different organisations. To which lead to the start of his career in the Citizen Advise Bu-

reau. 10 years later, in this sector, Qureshi had changed vision and started his own Travel and Tourism business. This had successfully run for 20 years. Qureshi had raised 9 beautiful children, all of which had completed their education and prospered in the financial sector, reaching high positions in well established investment banks. As his children

grew older and had their own children. Qureshi also got older. This resulted in him taking more of an interest in Health and fitness. Most recently, having networked with people across the globe, he had been able to be a part of healthy coffee. Alongside the evolution of technology came the evolution of a healthy “Smart Coffee�.



Laschkolnig Heaven.” Monika has entrepreneurial she founded Inner Strength Academy

is an expert on inner transformation. She quite an exceptional blend, combining practical entrepreneurial skills needed for running a successful educational enterprise with leading an awakened life and being a conscious parent. She is an author of a bestseller “1 Question That Can Change Your Life!”, an intuitive guide and a spiritual mentor, who strives to live with “feet on Earth and heart in

experience of 20 years and deep spiritual practice since she was 13. She is a modern mystic without a monastery, standing in the midst of life’s business, making a difference in people’s lives through her educational business on one hand and, on the other, through her seminars, workshops, programs, books and philanthropic activities. One of Monika’s greatest passions is guiding people to a lasting transformation, so


which offers courses on Self-Love & Self-Forgiveness, Self-Worth & Success, Management by Intuition, Conscious Parenting and Modern Spirituality, She holds university degrees from the Western and Eastern Institutes: studied pedagogic and languages in the West and philosophy in the Far East. She is also a natural intuitive and a 6-sensory teacher trained internationally in Europe, India, and in the USA.

SUE RITCHIE, UK Sue Ritchie is a wife and the mother of two children. She is a speaker and the author of the award winning book ‘Love your Gut – The Practical Guide to Sustainable Weight Loss from the Inside Out’ and contributor to ‘Quench- How To Optimise Your Vitality With Water,’ and The Book of Inspiration. Sue Ritchie is a helping women who are just EXISTING day to day

to transform their health so they live EVERYDAY a healthy, energised and fulfilled life feeling excited about their future.She helps women who are suffering from auto-immune diseases who may also have weight issues to dramatically transform their health from the inside out. She had a successful career in corporate marketing and as the owner of a direct market-

ing business before starting Your Ecstatic Health at the end of 2014. Sue’s previous life involved working long hours and under high levels of stress. Like many women, Sue felt she was putting everyone else first in her life, including work. She made the decision to shrink her business, made staff redundant and took the business back home.










your own #StardustStory. The one person you don’t really learn about in school, is you. The one thing that nobody else has is your voice, your knowlege, your mind, your dreams, your vision, your destiny. Share! Speak your own mind, listen to your own voice, understand your own worth, SEE your own vision, as only you can! Recognise your gift to help people become more, give more, have more, as only you can.”



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Launches Heavy Falcon BY DR MARINA NANI

“It doesn’t matter what you receive, or you don’t receive from life- what really matters is what you do with it. Especially, what you do with what you don’t receive! “ I am so grateful for what I did not receive!”



f you read the story of a very skilled craftsman who lived in Athens, Daedalus, you know that he crafted his own wings out of wax and feathers and asked his son, Icarus, to follow his path of flight. Icarus did not listen to his father’s instructions and went too close to the sun and the heat melted the wax and Icarus fell into the sea, which now is called Icarian Sea. While this was happening thousands of years ago, the

history repeats itself and is happening in modern age, each day…Who doesn’t want to fly? This week we witnessed Elon Musk launching Heavy Falcon and giving his car not a pair of wings but a spaceship to travel farther out into the Solar System than originally planned! At some point in your life, you are the one who wants to survive the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur. It is in your nature to want to be more, and you know

in your heart of hearts, deep inside of your mind, YOU KNOW that it must be more to life than just getting up in the morning for the rat race- going to work, just to come back, sleep, wake up, go work, come back… You know that being a brick in somebody else’s wall, is a good thing, but at the end of the day, you are what you think you are, a brick…not an edifice. Back in 2012, my children brought me a gift for Mother’s


Day, it wasn’t a bunch of flowers or a pair of sunglasses, like the years before…It was an online program on how to write a book. As ridiculous as the idea of writing a book sounded at the time, I took the challenge and followed all the instructions to a

tee. After all, it was an expensive gift and my children were asking me all the time ” when is the book coming out?” Eventually, I wrote my first book, by hand, but, I was giving up, as my book title was rejected six


times. Suddenly, that summer, I received a phone call from my book architect, Lori Murphy, who, with masterful guidance gave me the book title on the spot, over the phone and managed to publish and launch the book in Toronto two months later. While I


was delivering my book on stage, Lori gave birth, at the same time, to her beautiful son, but on her way back from hospital, she came to meet me at the book launch. This was the most emotional moment I ever experienced and I will treasure it for as long as I live. I was deeply inspired by Lori’s passion for helping others, and equally fascinated by some of the people who came along to my books launches, around the world, on five continents, people I could only imagine before! My

mentors did not build the wings for me, instead they showed me the sun and the sky and said: BE! Since, I launched a platform for genius farmers, who plant the seeds of greatness and, together, we grow those seeds into fruit baring trees. We share your story on radio, tv, magazines and stage. In fewer words, I learned to grow and fly on my own wings. You could grow yours and fly on your own wings, and never fall into Icarus’ Sea.

In hindsight, I really had no idea what was happening since launching these books all over the world, and I wasn’t sure why everybody wanted to hear my story, I didn’t even know I have a story… Not receiving a pair of wax wings together with a set of instructions and the choice to follow or un-follow them, it wasn’t easy, but I am so grateful for not receiving those wings!… it helped me understand a very powerful truth, a breakthrough lesson I could never imagine:

WHY BE THE BEST KEPT SECRET? BROADCAST YOUR PASSION Five years later, I had written a book for each year of my life, not because I planned for it, but because I can’t help it. I would wake up at 4 am in the morning to write down a thought and turn it into a message (and I still do), a message that comes to me, but I know is not mine to hold. It might be coming to me first, but it is for me to share ( as an article, a post or a book) with the people who need that message, that story…I am not planning to stop anytime soon! My Big Dream is to help at least 1000 people become Purposeful Leaders, true millionaires within the next 1000 days and launch The Stardust Prosperity Movie to inspire more people to overcome their own limiting beliefs. 1000 people or more who, in turn, can lead with purpose, another 1000 people or more! As my own story evolves into modern age, I am now surrounded by hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people who are on a path to create and deliver value, impact modern society in a good way, thinkers, artists, visionaries,

politicians, academics, celebrities and successful business people. I listen to their story on my show (Your Stardust Story) and each one of them shows limitless talent, passion and desire to give more. They are no different than Daedalus who wants to help Icarus to escape the Labyrinth and defeat the Minotaur… While acknowledging this abundance of genius I can’t help but ask myself, “How comes that so many abundant people are so poor? How comes we still have poverty on this planet?” It is obvious to me that no matter how clear you make the instructions coming with the wax wings, there is always the chance that Icarus is going to be fascinated by the new-found freedom of flying in the sky and going too close to the Sun…On reflection, a good mentor teaches you to dare but a Master, like my mentor is, teaches you to grow and fly on your own wings.


Personal development is an industry which, for most of us, holds the same fascination Icarus had for the Sun and hundreds of thousands of students are falling into the Icarus Sea. From where I am, listening to thousands of stories each year, persobal development is an industry I left behind with gratitude. I SEE the world with a fresh pair of eyes: I see the raise of a new wave of Icarus, who are too smart to follow old instructions but are daring enough to grow and fly on their own wings. Purposeful leadership is a real eruption of emotional intelligence, originating within the mist of political and economic change. More and more purposeful leaders, are awakening into their truth, while endorsing their own vision. After five years, my original dream has become a vision and my vision is now a reality. Together with my team of Genius Farmers, with my #STARDUST Team, we run two magazines, a radio and last week, a book I wrote three years

ago (“Away from Home- Broadcast your Passion”) was transformed into a tv channel, Broadcast Your Passion. We launched BYP TV, as a response to an overwhelming demand for sharing big dreams, to inspire more Purposeful Leaders to broadcast their Passion. How many raising Icarus are going farther out into the Solar System than originally planned?






F YOU KNOW THAT YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES, (OR CLIENTS AND COLLEAGUES EVEN) ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO WINTER COLDS AND FLU, THEN YOU WILL BE VERY RELIEVED TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE SOME SIMPLE HABITS THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE TO HOW THE NEXT FEW MONTHS PROGRESS HEALTH WISE. Now you will, no doubt, be aware that the recommended daily intake of fruits and veg for adults is at least 7 portions; however, you may not know WHY these foods are so crucial to our health and vitality. Your body has a built-in defense system in the form of antioxidants, which are molecules that scavenge and neutralise free radicals and most-times turn them into harmless oxygen and water. However, if you are “overdoing” things and not consuming enough anti-oxidants then it is likely that there will be TOO MANY free radicals floating around for the immune system to cope with and these will damage the healthy parts of your body. So, the immediate effect is a lowered immune system but in the longer term, it is free radicals that switch on CANCER cells,

and play a role in things like: heart disease, stroke, arthritis, alcoholic liver damage and the ageing process. Over-the–counter and prescribed medications are required to


combat severe infections and have their place, at times. However, for the most part you may, like me, want to look to natural solutions and PREVENT getting ill in the first place!


So here are my top tips to keep well, free from colds, and flu, have more energy, clarity of thought, look younger and achieve Elite Health. 1. Up your antioxidants: you can find them in things like ; almonds, spices (oregano, clove, turmeric, coriander/cilantro, cinnamon, ginger, dill, and others), beans (red, kidney and pinto) - please pressure cook them, dark berries (cranberries, pomegranate seeds, blackberries and blueberries), all vegetables choose organic or local produce where possible. To make sure I get my 7 a day, I take a daily dose of a powerful organic anti-oxidant as extra insurance, as we never, EVER catch up on the "bad" days! Just one 30 ml shot of my favourite fruity drink contains the equivalent of 2.5 KGS of 8

different fruits. TOP TIP: Your body will be over-whelmed and even more unable to manage excess free radicals under certain circumstances if you suffer from: Chronic disease like diabetes, lupus, ME Have any wear and tear on your body from a trauma (think a wound, break or an ACL tear) or overuse (think tennis elbow) or if you smoke, drink alcohol, consume processed foods and/ or fizzy drinks - both examples of toxic stresses that rev up your immune system. So, your needs are even higher in terms of essential nutrients. 2. Take extra ZINC Zinc is also absolutely-essential to maintain immune function. Specifically, it is vital for:

The growth of white blood cells that we need to ward off disease. Killing off dangerous bacteria, virus and cancer cells. Protecting the functions of our cell membranes. Zinc is also a key structural element in the production of hormone receptors and proteins that contribute to a healthy body, balanced mood and good immune function. A good quality supplement is a great idea and you can also consume more of the following: Red meats (especially organ meats, like liver and kidneys), seafood, leafy green vegetables and root vegetables. In the next edition I will addresses mental health issues in winter.

THE VITALITY HOUR with Dr Gill Barham





e often think of business culture as the ways we do things. Culture is not only about the way we do things but culture influences the way we make connections, the way we treat people and the way we communicate and manage relationships.

Culture is also about the level of openness and transparency within your business – Who gets rewarded or not rewarded. What is celebrated and what is not celebrated? What is valued and not valued? Who are the heroes and heroines? So to that end, culture and brand are two sides of the same coin.

Here is an interesting thought – Harvard Business review says:

"Like aiming a rocket ship into orbit, if you get corporate culture wrong from the start, your trajectory will only get worse over time."


In my long years in business I have seen a continuum in important attributes of leadership from intellectual intelligence to emotional intelligence and now there is recognition that emotional intelligence requires cultural intelligence and I would also add spiritual intelligence. My personal definition of cultural intelligence is the integrity between the exposed values such as honesty, openness, accountable, caring etc. and the actual practice of those values on a consistent basis and spiritual intelligence is about human dignity, respect for life and the divinity within another person. Culture then becomes like air, it oxygenates the whole system that is the business. Cultural intelligence is also the ability to work with people and successfully lead people across gender, race, ethnicity, professional, mental and physical ability classifications

and that requires flexibility, adaptability, empathy, compassion and respect for others. You see, the agreed shared culture in your business is an accelerator and an energiser that engages the pride of your team and what your business stands for as a whole system. It is important to recognise that culture has its shadow side. For example, the shadow side of the culture is not openly discussed. Decisions and deals may be made at the golf course, wine bars and other social meeting places away from the business; instead of discussions in the workplace. Behaviours of harassment and bullying may be prevalent among some leaders, managers and staff members in the business but these behaviours are ignored by the leaders who could take reprimand and hold the perpetrator accountable or take action to stop these behaviours.


It is important that leaders examine the prevailing culture within the business with the business strategic intent and performance priorities. You and I know that reputation is hard won over years and can be destroyed over night and hence every person within the business needs to personify the culture and code of the business. WHAT DOES IT TAKES CHANGE A CULTURE?


We are talking about responsiveness, collaboration, cooperation, partnership, giving attention to explicitly managing relationships to get most value from the relationships. Ensuring that partners – customers, clients, joint-venture partners and stakeholders get value. Changing the culture is also about attention to business excellence and performance, focus groups, networks and more. Successful





about every member of staff at every level of the business taking responsibility for the culture of the business. Let’s assume you have outstanding excellence in service delivery: How would your staff treat your customers and clients? What kinds of interactions would be visible? We also know that staff members within the business are shaping the culture and values in the education and development of other staff and the multi-disciplinary team in general. In this regard,

culture matters, as Wall Street Journal points out:

“No matter how smart and experienced new employee may be, if the individual’s values do not align with the company’s culture, overall productivity will go down.” Just imagine if you will, you have got your culture improvement at a very high level and you are now hearing feedback from your customers and clients and the feedback says: Your attention to what matters is excellent. Process is focused and engage in delivering value. Staff

attitude is outstanding. Customer service environment is extraordinary and you provide great value. Would you agree that feedback like that would make you feel your business matter? So with the feeling of appreciation, gratitude and pride when you look through the feedback-lens at the bottom line in your business you find that you are receiving more commercial market share, better customer experience, and as a result your company benefits even more financially and find yourselves ahead of budget.

SUCCESSFUL CULTURE CHANGE IS ABOUT EVERY MEMBER OF STAFF AT EVERY LEVEL OF THE BUSINESS Outstanding workplace cultures consistently do three things they: Consistently produce outstanding results. Attract motivate and retain top talent. Successfully adapt to changing conditions. Leadership is essential in attracting, motivating and retaining of top talent. It takes leaders with emotional intelligence to leverage and bring about positive changes for improved governance of within your business. It would be wise for every leader to heed Jim Rohn’s words: “The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humour, but without folly.” Culture change evolves with evidence-based practice and within a schematic framework such as matching strategy and culture. Focusing on critical shifts in behaviour, honouring the strengths of your existing culture, integrat-

ing formal/informal interventions (such as bringing to staff awareness the updates on matrix’s, dashboards and standards) and measuring and monitoring cultural evolution. A flexible and adaptable culture within your business means that the business can successfully adapt to changing conditions produced by disruptive technology and the digital economy. It is important to avoid technology resistance from getting in the way of culture change – for example look at the way - Workplace developed by Facebook – is helping businesses come together. The following quote puts the importance of culture into context. “Our number one priority is company culture. Our whole belief is that if you get the culture right, most of the other stuff like delivering great customer service and building long-term enduring brand will just happen naturally on its own.” Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos


In over 25 years as a board member in various healthcare and voluntary sector organisations I have learnt that we achieve excellence through collaboration and culture change as well as through effective professional and personal leadership, staff and stakeholder engagement along with personal and professional development that leads to increased productivity. It makes sense to learn and develop professionally and so when you learn from the environment – both internal and external it brings about an energy that energises innovation, experience, knowledge and practice. Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of Hubspot influenced me with his comment: “In our early years, we didn’t talk about culture much. We hadn’t documented it all. We just built a business that we wanted to work in; and that was great. But the real return on culture happened when we started getting more deliberate about it. By writing it down. By debating it. By taking it apart, pol-

ishing the pieces and putting it back together. Iterating. Again. And again.” Here is the thing, the days of focusing solely on individual leadership development have passed. It is still necessary but not sufficient because we recognise the need for focus on collective leadership development and that means giving attention to the culture. Collective leadership is very much about why we need to collaborate and cooperate for even more outstanding results. Collective leadership is about what is happening in the space between the leaders and what are the beliefs and practices that they share and why? Culture is Key – Change management survey from Katzenbach

centre on strategy took the pulse of over 2,200 business leaders globally and overwhelming 84% said culture is critical to business success and almost 60% say it is actually more important than corporate strategy or operating models. One of the ways to stay ahead is to think like a disrupter and think ahead where you are going to take your business – There are times when you may need to lock-down and focus on where disruption needs to happen – that takes cultural mind-shift and mindset along with effective communication to remain open and connected. Think about the following observations:


“When 30 employees from a professional service firm agree to help one another more, they created $261,400 worth of business value and saved 1,244 hours of work. “ McKinsey and Company “More than 80% of executives and employees who work for an organisation with a strong sense of purpose say that they are confident that their organisation will be able to scale.” Deloitte Both the formal and informal hidden shadow culture of your business has the ability to lead to competitive advantage as well as slowing down its excellence and profitability – Which will you choose?






am telling you this story to emphasise how we got mixed in the educational system. We are taught everything at one level so we do not challenge the body of knowledge that we have already been given. And somehow some of us are living life believing a lie - believing that five can never be divided by ten. That is the equivalent of it. We were originally given some body of knowledge by our teacher, which we cannot go back and

challenge or ask “Can five really not be divided by 10?” So we are holding on to the fact that if somebody asked us even thirty years later what is five divided by ten, we will reply “ it cannot be done”. A few things would have to change. First of all, know that knowledge is progressive. Second, learning is unending. We get fooled into thinking, especially those of us who have had the blessed privilege of going to university, that on the day you are given the academic gown, wear a big hat, and take

photographs with your friends and family, learning ends. Some people believe that learning ends on the day they wrote their exams. As soon as they write their exams, they think, “Good, what a relief, end.” You go home, get all the books you have read, put them in a box and hide them away and say, “I will never need this body of knowledge again”. And then you go out in the street and have a big party, an end of year celebration. You need to see year eleven doing this. When they complete their GCSEs, there is a mas-



sive big party. What is the party about? You are told it is all over. Wake up! You are just beginning. If you have just passed your GCSE, you are just beginning. There is nothing over with your education, regardless of what you or any else may have told you. The only thing that is over is your GCSE’s but there is always more ahead of you. I want all of us to understand that we all have myths and misconceptions and therefore limiting beliefs that stops us from doing essentially what we need to do. Learning does not end until you are issued your death certificate. Every human being on the planet learns.

Genes Vs. Genius If I was to invite you back here in two years time, you would not be using the same phone you are using now. Who taught my mother, an eighty year old woman, to use a mobile phone? She had to learn. When she was a student, the idea of a mobile phone was fiction. Eighty years ago nobody ever

thought to use a mobile phone. It was science fiction. But now she has learned to do just that. Essentially what I am saying is that, as long as you are alive you are learning. We were built and designed and created as learning animals. We will explore until our very last breath. I want you to get that bit very clearly. We will always learn! If you were going to check CNN, they would say I am a ‘genius producing machine’ and BBC would say I am the mentor to the brainiest kids. My background to that is that in year 2000 we wanted to find out what was the extent of the mental capacity of a student. We enrolled 6 year old and 7 year olds to write their GCSE, an exam for 15 and 16 year olds taken at the end of secondary school. Our kids were still in primary school so surely this would never work. We got someone who was just starting their primary school career to join people who were exiting the entire compulsory system to write the


exam. We wanted to know essentially if was it true that we have limits in terms of what we can get as concepts. And low and behold we had no limits. We had six and seven year olds who were celebrating at the same time when a sixteen year old was moody though they wrote the same exam. A few people said it was fluke. We repeated it the next year with Ivan and Christiana who were primary school age students and guess what happened? They still passed the same paper as some sixteen-year olds failed. Then we repeated in 2003. And it became a routine, literally. It became an annual event. We got people from year one to write the same exam as people in year eleven and then get the best of grades. We did this until 2012 when we had Dee Ali at the age of five, almost pre school, who wrote exactly the same paper as sixteen and seventeen year olds in the country. Her father is not a mathematician. In fact her father works in ASDA and her mother is not an


intellectual or mathematician. At the age of five, Dee Ali wrote the GCSE, a tough Oxford Cambridge paper and scored a C grade on the foundation paper that she did. The same day her results were released, there were three hundred thousand boys and girls who were sixteen year-olds or older, who failed the same paper. The media hype was that she must be a super duper human being or she must be highly intelligent, she must have to be different some-

how, genetically. It was almost as if she could walk on water. The truth is that, she followed the same principles as those who did it in 2000, who repeated it in 2001, 2002.2003, 2004 etc. It had now become routine and a pattern had emerged. We therefore had to reflect on what we did in 2000 which we repeated in 2001 and established whether, these were indeed exceptional human beings, or if they were just following a method which can be replicated for anyone.

This caused so much debate in the media it is unbelievable and the reason why is because most of us have forgotten - at birth each child has: one brain, two hands and two legs. Thats it! Each and every one of us has brain cells which make up our brain. One million million brain cells (to be exact). That is number of cells every human being on the planet has. A million, million cells. Texas Institute conducted an experiment in the 70s. They

“WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS, TECHNIQUES & TECHNOLOGY WE CAN DISCOVER AND DEVELOP THE GENIUS IN YOU” compared the computational power of 1 brain cell vs a calculater. The brain cell won! They repeated again in the 80s, this time aginst multiple calculators and again the brain cell came up victorious. Same again in the 90’s, this time against computers and sorry to disappoint you, but one human cell was still able to do better than a computer. Some of the most advanced supercomputers in the world today have a maximum processing speed of around 54.902 petaFLOPS (quadrillion or one thousand trillion floating point calculations per second). The human brain on the other hand, operates at the next order higher - 1 exaFLOP (a billion billion calculations per second). What does that tell you? It tells you essentially that if you have two brain cells, you are capable of passing the GCSE. Today we have been told a myth that the calculator works better than our brains. Have you heard that? Most people do work with their brain and then validate it with the calculator. We have been given crutches and told that they work better than our legs and we have believed that myth. Because we have believed that myth, we are now living that myth thinking “if there is anything dif-

ficult for me to work out, I will work out on the calculator.” Wait till I give you a few calculations to try on your calculator and you would find out that the calculator will come up with an 'E' for error. The limit of the calculator is self-evident to you without you asking us or going on the internet to verify any of these things that you can see that you are a supreme being when it comes to issues of knowledge, computations and logic. But we have bought ourselves a good label that says, “I am not good at maths”. And some of us wear that label. Because somebody told you fifteen years ago (or twenty or thirty) with a piece of paper called a GCSE result or equivalant, and this was your grade, so this is who you are. It is not who you are. It is just a piece of information about your ability. You have forgotten that this piece of paper had a date on it. It tells me of what you knew on that day. It doesn't tell me who you are or what you know today.

even if the contrary is true. A lot of us have been conditioned to think that we are mediocre, and we receive that gladly because everybody affirms it around us and we walk like Lilliputians. “They are like GIANTS...but in our eyes, we were like grasshoppers…” In our eyes. Not in the eyes of the giants. Meaning in our own opinions, we are the grasshopper.

RD HA E: N O D ITI IS CO ED H L T CIA TH SPE 0 WI E TH £56.4 ER However, you use it D 18 OP LY 0 SH 2 / -OR R ON as evidence from your E M D PR FO OVLY FRO .WORL S ER teacher/school etc that V O ON ORKS you are bad at Maths. It gets C IOW re-enforced by your family and AD R . W peers and you internalised it WW





ulrukh lives her life with an overflowing passion for creativity. She fuses her love of the holistic with her film work, and her role as London Chair for the largest international forum for women empowerment in the world.


She started her dual career as a Holistic Specialist, and as a film and video Producer / Director twenty years ago. As a second generation Asian growing up in London, she has followed her heart and travelled the world doing her work, regardless of stereotypical expectations of her. She is fascinated and inspired by all things esoteric and sacred, and spends a lot of her spare time exploring human and global poten-

tial. Her life mission is to assist people to open themselves up to their innate creative and genius potential, and become connected to the miracle zone.

What is the untold story of somebody who is so gifted as you are? We are all scripting our own lives and, frequently, we are called to reflect on that more seriously. It is human nature to feel that life is shaping us rather than us work-

ing with life - to shape not just ourselves, but the actual quality and way of life we lead. I am humbled to have had a life that has been variety rich and, dare I say it, with some privilege - so I feel I have been able to express the reason for my incarnation on this planet with some ease. But things are not always smooth flowing, and we do face challeng-

“WE CAN LIVE THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE SIMULTANEOUSLY - BY JUST STAYING AWARE AND HEART FOCUSED. IT’S ALL ONE AND THE SAME THING. LINEARITY OF THOUGHT THEN GRACEFULLY SURRENDERS TO OUR MULTIDIMENSIONAL CAPABILITIES” es which are meant to expand us to be the best possible version of who we essentially are. Part of my journey was to experience what I would call 'the dark night of the soul'. It was a period of 4 years where I felt I had lost my creativity and just decided to go back into the corporate world which I had left years before. It all happened from the years 2000 to 2004 where I felt something was happening inside me to 'upgrade' me. I felt a sense of disconnection from life as I knew it, and experienced a period where my personality changed. I became more insular. I felt like I wanted to 'go home' and not be on this planet. My personality is usually very sociable and chatty, but I became the opposite. I couldn't tolerate to be around lots of people and I stuck only to family and a few close friends. Even during my

corporate assignments I was very reserved with my colleagues and rarely socialised after work. People say it may have been depression and perhaps that could be a term for it, but I see it as something more spiritually connected. I never took any medication but went through the fire of a kind of spiritual awakening. I allowed myself to feel everything, however low I got at times. During this time some kind of greater life mission made itself apparent, and there was a kind of spiritual configuration going on within me; external circumstances were also somehow being orchestrated to set up the years that were to follow. I became much more reflective and would have long conversations with the 'invisible'. One night, near the end of these complex years, I woke up regularly all night in a kind of trance. I kept


feeling the presence of something immense in the room, but was so drowsy I kept falling back asleep. It felt to me like there were numerical sequences being downloaded into my body. I kept seeing trails of numbers in my dreams or in my waking moments. When I awoke fully in the morning, I felt something major had changed. I lay awake in bed for an hour trying to piece things together. It felt as though some Divine coding with activation had happened. It may sound ‘woo woo’ to people but that's what I genuinely felt had occurred. Since that point, my life has dramatically expanded. I found my gifts for telepathy, being psychic, being able to facilitate people's healing and becoming more 'achieved' started intensifying. Having won four awards since then, which were all surprises,


as well as having other remarkable things occur - has been testimony to this. I feel it was a period to really call me fully onto my life path. So, from that point I was able to navigate and design my life more effectively, having understood I was co-creating my life alongside a Divine Force that was enabling me to be a Producer and Director of my own life, and not just for the films I suddenly went back to making post this 'dark night of the soul' period.

What is your most extraordinary day of your life? The most extraordinary day of my life is when I swam with a lone dolphin by day in the Red Sea, and sat with the Bedouin by a campfire at night on the top of a mountain in the Sinai desert, watching a night sky that was full of shooting stars. I have had many days like this, but that day stands out to me because it was the first time I had slept overnight in the open air like this, under such magical conditions.

Tell me something the book you are writing, that inspires you to keep helping people. I am writing a book which is an interview with someone iconic, and I hope to release that this year. It will be my first book, though I have scripted a lot of work for film/ video. It aims to highlight the interviewee’s wisdom and past experience in these currently changing times. It is designed to inspire and motivate people to think big and outside the box

What’s the most interesting story since you decided to write your first book? All the stories are great and engrossing and about the work the interviewee has done - which has

touched hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people.

projects scattered in between. So life is beautiful and I am deeply grateful for it.

What would be the perfect title for a movie about your life? What is the key message for our readers who don’t have the cour'The Many Lives of a Creative'. age to go ahead and create their Sometimes I feel like a cat. own reality? What is the last gift you received That there is only NOW. Courage from someone? A beautiful wooden box with silk cushioning on the top and velvet inside. All the way from Islamabad in Pakistan. Really a little sanctuary for some of my more precious items.

What are the top sacrifices you had to make, struggles you had to overcome to embrace your life purpose? I don't think I made sacrifices, but rather I overcame challenges that were there from a cultural perspective. I just broke free of the bondage of social conditioning as much as I could and questioned everything, rather than accept my lot, so to speak. The work I do is often out of normal regular hours and often I sit up late at night ‘creating’ and catching up on my reading and overseas skype calls. I wish I could be more predictable and regular in my habits, but somehow that would be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

What is happening in 2017 for you? I hope to release one of my films, complete another one I am making in Bosnia and to publish my book. I am also putting on some events, including an award ceremony for dynamic women at the House of Commons. I also am speaking at another House of Commons event for International Women’s day. I have a lot of travel lined up in Spain, Portugal, The US and a family cruise around the Atlantic coast with some mini


is a state of attitude followed by action. By just taking baby steps we find we are suddenly running. Rather like a snowball effect. It’s rather like the old saying that ‘its better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all’. Once you touch even the rim of your dreams the courage will become a raging passion, and the joy of being in that flow will be better than even the manifest success of the dreams.

MORE ABOUT GULRUKH She is a fully qualified Holistic Specialist, dealing with Mind, Body and Spirit for 20 years. She is also an award-winning International film maker, has directed, produced and scripted a diverse range of short films, education videos and documentaries. Currently, she is in post-production for a documentary feature called ‘Spirit2Power’ featuring many highly acclaimed World Champions, Masters and Celebrities. The film is due for release in 2017. She has been awarded 'Ambassador for Peace' from Universal Peace Federation (UK) 2007 . 'Best Documentary Feature' for Blue Velvet In Sinai (NY 2012). 'Iconic Women Leaders Creating A Better World' at the Women Economic Forum in Delhi 2016. 'Women Super Achiever Award' from the 'Women Leadership Summit' - part of the Silver Jubilee year celebration of the 'Human Resources Congress' 2017.

“I was surprised and honoured to be nominated for the Stardust Awarda and delighted to be a winner! Being in the room at the awards was the real prize, meeting amazing people and being inspired by the genius of those around us is what keeps us all raising our vibration and sharing our stardust.�





o, if you are doing something that you are really passionate about, and it’s just life, what does that mean? I guess it means that you will have to find something that you really love doing. Maybe you are already following your dream and doing what you were born to do, maybe you get to choose when you work, who you work with and how much you get paid? Maybe you aren’t doing any of

these, maybe you work for someone else? What’s the problem when you are working for other people? The lack of flexibility? Maybe you have to work set hours, maybe your pay will always be what it is? Maybe you don’t get the recognition and respect you deserve? Personally, I’m really lucky, because now, I love my work, I am following my passion, I do what I want, when I want and I am help-

ing entrepreneurs to do the same. I believe in a world where everyone enjoys going to work, where employers are creating engaging and motivating environments where their teams thrive and create an engaging and motivating environment for customers. But it hasn’t always been that way… I was once set a challenge. My boss had a dream, he wanted to be


in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to work for. I knew where to start in terms of where to look, the thing is though, the best companies are voted for by our employees, they get surveyed. To be considered for the Top 100 Best Small Companies your team have to vote for you. They have to say that your company is a great place to work and you are a great employer to work for. Not many of the team had good things to say about the company or the boss. He was aware there were quite

a few unhappy people, business was tough and he was quite demanding. I had five 5 months to figure out why the team were unhappy and make them happy! I did a happiness survey to find out what the problems were. We fixed a few things immediately and make a plan to fix a few more things over the coming years. We were already doing some great stuff as a company, we weren’t great at communicating! We organised a conference, had some fun and the Boss shared his vision for the future, what he was going to change, and all the great

things that we were in fact doing already! Then we entered the best companies survey! In February 2013 at the awards ceremony, Battersea Park in London we were awarded 3 stars from the employee surveys and were rated an extraordinary company to work for. We were the 48th Best Small Company to work for! We were in the top 50! I thought it was absolutely amazing, getting three stars and being rated extraordinary. Everyone in the company was buzzing about it, now to be in the top 50 Best Small Companies to work is just amazing! What a

Some of us spend a lot of time working. Tony Hsieh CEO of the highly successful shoe store Zappos says: “Work is life, life is work. When work is something you are passionate about it’s not about work or life; it’s just life.” great night we had celebrating, and guess what happened - the business was doing even better! The last quarter the results were fantastic. We kept applying every year in 2014 we were 29, in 2015 we were number 19 on the list. The team were happy, the boss was happy, the business was booming! You might say a recipe for success! Richard Branson’s quote “Train your team well enough so they want to leave, treat them well enough so they want to stay”. It is absolutely true, by investing in our team and meeting their needs, we had a happy team and business success. I’ve since done a similar process with other companies as consultant. Through purposeful leadership, building strong foundations for your business, I help you create the workplace where your people will create your business success. You will get your life back, you will have time for what you want to do, and you will make money. It can be tough on entrepreneurs as they have to change what they do to adapt to the growing business and start sharing responsi-

bilities. Over the years I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs who were doing everything themselves. What did they all have in common? They were exhausted, no personal life and they were not making enough money! I have a system to help them build successful businesses through engaging and motivating their teams, so that they all love going to work and they stay with you longer. I am the award-winning author of the book “Get Out of Your Way” the step by step by step guide for entrepreneurs in how to attract, recruit and retain a winning team. I am the founder of the Lodestone Lounge, an online community to support the development of your team and your business. I will provide you with a library of policies and templates to help you with employing and managing your team. There is a forum where you will get support and access to an HR advisor, or an employment lawyer if that’s what you need.


I also created GEMS, my great employee management system. An online filing system to manage your employee data, an intranet for your employees to communicate, a document library to store all your documents such as your handbook and your operational procedures, it’s a great tool to help managers manage their teams. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day – you will have your own HR department! We don’t need HR yet you might be saying, well whether you have one employee or 1000, you need all these policies and procedures, and to keep up to date with employment law. Whose doing that in your business? Who is issuing contracts, job descriptions, disciplinary and grievance policies and managing the paperwork from your annual appraisals, tracking the team’s performance, managing holiday requests and absence? Ask them how much time they spend doing all of this, how much paper and ink do you go through? It’ll cost you around £40,000 to have an HR manager on your team – that’s £110/day. I’ll provide all you need for just £3/ day!

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All of this is available from one online portal. Set up is incredibly easy. 1. Tell us what you want. We personalise your system to match your needs. 2. Send us an Excel spreadsheet with your team’s data. We upload all this into your system and make sure it all works as it should. 3. We do a day of training along with access to online training modules to dip into as you need them.

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“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member!” We like to think Groucho Marx would make an exception in our case! We know that it can tough as an entrepreneur to deal with the daily challenges people bring to your business. Having my GEMS will ensure you have everything you need to manage your team, we are set up to provide you with support in putting your system into place and with all your people problems. A Lodestone is a magnetic gemstone that is used in compasses to help you navigate your journey.

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Access to The Lodestone Lounge, templates and business owners’ forum. The full GEMS suite of modules, tailor-made for your business HR needs. Optional Legal support and advice for all employee concerns. Includes advice if you have to go to tribunal.

The Lodestone Lounge

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Access to templates to help you get started. Covers all aspects of employing somebody. Forum to ask questions and network with other business owners.

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(dependent on number of employees) Access to The Lodestone Lounge, templates and business owners’ forum. Legal support and advice for all employee concerns. Includes advice if you have to go to tribunal.

(for companies with an existing HR person). The full GEMS suite of modules, tailor-made for your business HR needs.

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I am grateful to be recognized for the work I do as a Sales & Service Coach, it means a lot to me because it acknowledges that People within the Industry respect my work and what I have achieved this far. The way I see it, I was born to do this Job, it’s like my calling to educate, inspire and entertain People around the World with what I do, to enable them to get a Stellar reputation with their Business whilst serving their Customers better.




by Dario Cucci

ost sales-based companies have one primary goal in mind: making a sale. Without sales, there’s no revenue, and without revenue, there’s no company. This sales-minded approach is not necessarily a bad thing, but without a focus on customer experience, the end result may not be as attractive as the initial sale implied.

there are no sales. While generating enough revenue to keep a company afloat is important, treating customers with kindness and compassion can be equally so. Making a sale is a big part of your business, but the initial sale should not be the stopping point. Satisfied customers are more likely to continue to not only rely a product or service but to make repeat sales.


When customers are not prioritized, what once was a positive relationship can quickly disintegrate. If there is no open channel for communication, customers can easily become frustrated and disenchanted with your company. Waiting on hold for hours or standing in line to resolve issues does not leave your audience feeling valued. Without a relationship that prioritizes the customer, customers are more likely to request refunds and terminate service, rendering your hard-won sales useless.

In a competitive sales environment in which the main objective is to make as many sales as quickly as possible, the initial point of contact is key. Connecting with a potential client, convincing him of the value in your product or service, and closing the deal is where the client service representative’s job typically starts and ends, making the sale itself the entire purpose for contact. The customer experience does not end with the sale, however; in fact, in most cases, it’s just beginning. When the care and personal connection a customer service rep provides while solidifying the sale vanishes once the sale is complete, customers are left feeling miffed at best and deceived at worst. FOCUSING ON THE CUSTOMER Without sales, there is no revenue, but without customers,

COMPLETING THE EXPERIENCE After a sale has been made, the focus on customer interaction should not end. Customer satisfaction is a vital part of creating a long-term relationship that leads to additional sales and more revenue down the road. Satisfied customers are more likely to refer their friends, upgrade products or services, and invest more in your


company. By facilitating communication, fostering connections, and making the sale a starting point rather than and ending goal, your revenue will benefit. Poor customer service is surprisingly common across virtually every industry, leading to potentially millions in losses you never saw coming. Engaging your customers and creating strong relationships can be one of the strongest tools in your arsenal, boosting your sales and ultimately driving revenue. DO MORE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Struggling with retention and customer dissatisfaction is a problem no company should face. When you’re tired of losing customers, issuing millions in refunds, and forfeiting sales to your competitors, it’s time to make a change. Winning more sales doesn’t have to be a challenge, and we want to show you how easy it can be. Instead of losing money and driving away your customers away by following and applying the outdated Communication, Customer Service, and Sales Strategies. Let’s, start gaining their trust, get more referrals and increase your repeat Sales. Find out how you can achieve all that, without having to spend a Dime on Advertising. Register now for the next webinar “Boost Your Sales-Without Being Salesy”.



IN LEARNING Interview by Maria Pressentin & DEVELOPMENT


rthur Woods is a serial entrepreneur, global speaker and advisor to leading brands on the ways we help people grow and realize their potential at work. He is the Co-Founder of Imperative, a breakthrough learning and development platform that has pioneered the way we measure and grow purpose within organizations. Imperative has powered the largest global research on purpose in the workplace, working with a wide range of organizations from LinkedIn and MetLife to Sony. Arthur is a three-times TEDx speaker, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a New York Venture Fellow and sits on the Boards of the Georgetown Technology Alliance, Social Impact 360 and Out in Tech. Arthur came from Google where he led operations for YouTube’s Education division and oversaw YouTube for Schools. Arthur co-founded Social Impact 360, the leading collegiate social enterprise education program and co-founded Out in Tech, the largest global LGBTQ technology community. Arthur studied Operations and information Management at Georgetown University and Project Management at Stanford University. He contributes to Fast Company's Purposeful CEO series.

Tell us about Imperative, what is it about? Imperative is the first technology to make career coaching affordable and accessible for professionals in the first 10 years of their career. Our platform enables you to identify what gives you fulfilment in your career, then act on it with the support of your peers and expert coaches. Through breakthroughs in positive psychology, design innovations and innovations in technology we are able to provide this service for less than $1 per day.

What are the top qualities for purpose- oriented employees? Purpose-Oriented employees aren't just teachers and social workers. They work and thrive in every industry and role - accountants, farmers, designers, you name it. Purpose-oriented employees are the high performers, often in leadership roles. They persist, they are proactive, they grow, and they lead. Imperative's breakthrough Personal Purpose Profile is the first comprehensive assessment and report combination to predict what brings purpose to each of your employees. It enables them to build self-awareness around what intrinsically motivates them. This allows employees to tailor their work and careers


with using their purpose drivers.

What is the Imperative story? Imperative Story enables you to identify what gives you fulfilment in your career, then act on it with the support of your peers and expert coaches. Through breakthroughs in positive psychology, design innovations and innovations in technology we are able to provide this service for less than $1 per day. Imperative is the first technology to make career coaching affordable and accessible for professionals in the first 10 years of their career. Imperative is designed to help people lead with Purpose. When the Imperative Story started, I’ve adventured into a movement to unlock Purpose.

Who is Arthur Woods? I’ve studied Operations and information Management at Georgetown University and Project Management at Stanford University. I contribute to Fast Company’s Purposeful CEO series. I came from Google where I’ve led operations for YouTube’s Education division and oversaw YouTube for Schools. Being the co-founder of Social Impact 360, the leading collegiate social enterprise education program and co-founder of Out in Tech, the largest global LGBTQ technology community.



By Maria Pressentin

MANAGING YOUR THOUGHTS TO SUSTAIN PERFORMANCE Leaders are hired to think and to create a platform to nurture and allow the thinking process to flourish. Hence, their role in organizations is to understand, scrutinize and strategise. But you may ask two very pertinent follow up questions:


Who will help the leaders think and what is the correct thinking process?

onscious leaders that embark themselves in a path of constant curiosity, thereby always seeking to learn, to improving their skillset and know-how, are more likely to be consistently challenging the thinking patterns around him/herself and others. This is a very productive nurturing process in thinking as it also allows the generation of creativity in the team he/she is leading. The bottom line of cultivating a thinking culture in the organization is to question compliance and assess opportunity cost of not doing something. Thinking can be considered a skill that can be learnt, like a muscle that requires practice and exercise to perform better. As thinking generates creativity, team members that think and share their thoughts with their leaders, provide the latter with additional ideas to take a step further in their thinking; sort of like “give me a good idea and I’ll make it better!”. Thus, leaders will benefit from their teams and their own leaders when they pro-actively help others think in an open sharing platform. How much attention do you pay to your thoughts, the density of your thoughts and the quality of your thoughts (the things you are thinking about) determine how you will make your decisions. For example, if you are thinking about a conversation at your

workplace that has upset you, you may dismiss that thought by quickly re-framing the perspective of your negative experience, e.g. by simply labelling the fact as another possible perspective: “I should not take it personally, John and I were just trying to be objective about the matter, I’m sure next meeting we will make it a point to be more constructive…”. This re-framing mechanism will pull you away from developing negative emotions and keep you on track to your objectives of working with John. If re-framing is not done, then possible consequences could be that you persistently are weary of John. As a consequence, possible rushed or erroneous emotional based decisions might be made due to that single experience. Thus, one of the processes of driving productive thoughts is to re-frame your bad experiences as soon as possible and move on. The other would be to focus on solutions instead of the problem. By focusing on solutions, we accept that there is an existing problem, but we choose to focus on what works ad on the strengths of the people involved. The mind is the energy that drives thoughts and the brain is the master key that drives the functionality, put in very simplistic layman terms. So if this is the case, the brain needs help


to focus our thoughts, since it is responsible for controlling our breathing, movement of the eyes, driving a car without too much concentration, etc. My point is, when you consciously focus on a topic, make sure you are focusing on something that is rewarding, so that you keep your balance sustainable. Exercise: At the end of each evening, take 5-10 minutes for yourself, undisturbed! Think back and appreciate your day. If anything less pleasant comes up, let yourself feel that emotion (but not for too long!), then the exercise is to put that incident into a ‘label’ and re-frame it out loud in words.

Follow these steps: 1. How can you view that less pleasant event objectively, if you were not part of the event? 2. If you were not part of the event can you still see everyone’s perspective? 3. When you do No.1 – 2, make sure you step back as an outsider of the event! 4. Take 3 deep breaths! Slowly… 5. How do you feel now? 6. How much does the event still impact you? 7. How will you decide not to let it annoy you? – Remember what you went through in No. 1 – 2. 8. Take a deep breath! Congratulations!




r Pauline Long is a multi-award winning philanthropist, media mogul, TV producer and presenter who has been listed on BLACK WOMEN IN EUROPE POWER LIST, global ambassador for Universal Peace Federation. Founder BEFF-

TA and owner of the award winning film studio East End studios, Mr. and Miss East Africa UK, she is also the president of Pauline Long Entrepreneurship Foundation and Global Africa Women’s Week(GAWW). Popular presenter on THE PAULINE LONG SHOW

on Sky Channel 182, Dr Pauline Long is the most celebrated African woman in Europe with 89 community awards given to her for endless service to the society. She mentors hundreds of youth through Pauline Long Empowerment and Mentoring Club


Ambassador of The Nelson Mandela Book and Vice Chair of African/African Caribbean and Asian Women in Politics, Dr Pauline Long is the patron of over 20 charities and organisations Who are the people you interview on your Talk Show? Pauline Long Show on Sky Channel 182 is a popular global platform where we bring awareness to the world injustices that might go unheard. We highlight on sexual abuse, domestic violence, prejudice, FGM and more. We also highlight on economic empowerment, inspirational people

who have come from nothing to something and healthy lifestyle/ well being. On the show, I interview incredible entrepreneurs, humanitarians, philanthropists, world changers, innovators, industry creatives, politicians, activists and extraordinary people with extraordinary stories to share with the world as I believe the power of a human being is in their story. What are the top 3 sacrifices you had to make in your life so far? One of the biggest sacrifices I made 16 years ago was not moving to San Francisco to pursue a

high profile and high paying job in hospitality as a manager for a leading world hotel. I had to choose my family and stay in London to become a full time mother. A move that I did not regret at all, today I have a beautiful family, more than I ever wished for. The other notable sacrifice was actually sacrificing my higher education, I spent all my savings for higher education to help educate younger ones back in Africa who I believe are priority. Today they are grateful for the sacrifice I made for them and it's wonderful to see them flourish.

“There is no special formula in practicing human love nor is there any motivation behind it.� The other major sacrifice I made and still continue to make for the African, Caribbean and Asian community in the UK is funding BEFFTA awards for 9 years so that we could also be counted as great achievers in the industry in a world where there is still prejudice and we tend to be excluded. I had to step forward and put my own money and resources in the project in order to see our people in high places, something I'm very proud of. What are the top memorable moments you experienced? Top memorable moments have been seeing the community that I have supported flourish in their careers, seeing hundreds of people I have mentored go higher and higher in the society. The joy is simply priceless and immeasurable. The messages of gratitude I receive from these people are phenomenal, I could write a book about them. Simply Amazing!

Seeing people that I promote and highlight on Pauline Long Show go from strength to strength. If you had a magic wand, what would you make happen for yourself, for your Great Britain, for the world? If I had to wave a magic wand, I would want these two things to go viral: human love and peace for the entire world including Great Britain. My own personal wish if I waved a magic wand is I would love to provide a million sewing machines to a million women from deprived backgrounds to set up their own fashion labels. My mother fed and educated her 11 children starting with just one sewing machine. Today 55 years on, she has distributed hundreds of sewing machines to women which has helped them feed their families. I want to carry my mother's dream and provide more sewing machines so women can have


their freedom and dignity by being entrepreneurs. What is your key message to our readers? The message is love for people not products. It is not enough to preach peace and love, we must practice both. I'm pleading with the entire human race to shun hate and fully embrace human love. There is no special formula in practicing human love nor is there any motivation behind it. We are all born to practice human love but at some point in our lives we deviate. At present I am writing a book which will bring us all to the right path of practicing human love through no written rules but our inner consciousness and connection with self.




umanity is facing a mortal enemy that surpasses our own intelligence. A tiny micro organism that really has the potential to bring us to our knees. The SUPERBUG, This is a looming crisis of global proportions of our own making and as always, we are, for the most part, content to ignore it. It seems typical of the human conditions that we bury our heads when faced with catastrophe, that perhaps the problem might go away or fix itself. In this case however, we will have no such luck. We must now rapidly develop, not one but eighteen new antibiotics


and effective treatments to fight viruses, fungus, bacteria’s and super-bugs. Failure will mean hundreds of thousands will die every year. Today’s routine medical operations will be tomorrow’s high-risk surgeries with an ever rising likelihood that patients will die, not from the treatment, but from the infection they catch whilst on the operating table or in the hospital bed where they would otherwise recover. Regrettably, we as doctors and caregivers, do not have the complete clinical independence in deciding upon the care of a person for whom we are medically


responsible. In the UK today, a GP has 12 minutes on average to meet a patient, diagnose their symptoms and offer a solution. Prescribing antibiotics has for decades allowed GP’s to quickly deal with a plethora of medical grievances. Sore throat? Here some antibiotics. A rash? Here’s some antibiotics. Chest infection? Here are more antibiotics. A CRISIS OF THE 21ST CENTURY Because of our over reliance on antibiotics to treat everything from sore throats to livestock our greed, addiction and over-enthu-

siastic urge to encourage consultation, perform tests, procedures, hospitalization, and antibiotic abuse has escalate at alarming rates. We are incentivised to prioritize short-term benefits over longterm considerations. We are not speaking about alternatives to drugs, chemicals or vaccinations, and we really ought to be having a very serious conversation. Stakeholders admit that we need another mechanism, and most experts agree that the world needs a new kind of emergency response for dangerous diseases. Most of the infections of the past thirty years have started in one place and in one family. They spread because it is difficult to prevent patients who from going into work, and school and even going into hospital.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? The problem is a difficult one to solve but not impossible. More funding and research into new antibiotics is clearly needed. However, if we continue with the same brisk attitude we will quickly end up in the same place. I believe the other side of this solution is education and patient freedom. The freedom to self diagnose some conditions and easy to follow self treatment. This is not a popular idea, let me tell you. Very few medical professionals are comfortable with the notion of individuals treating themselves but they all fail to notice that many are already doing so. The internet is awash with endless forums where people self diagnose and use each others experiences to determine what may be wrong. This is dangerous but it IS happening.


Wouldn’t it be better to create the tools which provide safe and simple ways to provide people with the information they need? THIS is my vision for ‘Dr Maya’, an easy to use and highly effective self diagnosis and treatment tool delivered in the form of an app. Our mission is to help encourage, members of our profession to share knowledge, innovate and develop products, and methods to fight infection by empowering the end user, reduce the reliance of antibiotics and release the pressure on a already overwhelmed national health service. We beg members of my profession, to shun their ego, share knowledge, information, communicate and join hands and help us develop the tools that people need and to transform the face of modern medicine, diagnosis, treatment and most of all, prevention.




f you were in a film as a baby with a major celebrity, how do you think your life would change? I recently spoke with a friend about being an ‘A’ Lister. Our conversation was going well until she saw some content I’d recently written for myself. The sudden look of shock and disappointment on her face was very disconcerting. If you want to be an ‘A’ Lister you need to have a totally different type of pictures she exclaimed… I sheepishly said to her, “Well I have no clue how ‘A’ Listers are supposed to do things. There isn’t like a manual or anything about it.” For people who aren’t aware an ‘A’ lister is essentially someone known all over the world for their accomplishments in an industry such as politics, royalty, sports, television, film, music, business and so on – these people have essentially impacted so many people that they have become celebrities in their chosen fields. On the way home, I mulled over

several of her points on being an ‘A’ lister and realised that I probably am an ‘A’ lister of sorts. My children used to tell their friends I was a minor celebrity and would show them all the Google hits. From the day I was born, I’ve been in television, films, radio, theatre, and magazines. I’ve been in a local newspaper where-ever I’ve lived and performed on stages round the world as an actor, MC, business speaker, dancer and more recently a rapper. Madonna, Al Pacino, Pierce Brosnan, John Cleese, Sean Connery, John Travolta, are just a few of the more well know celebrities I’ve had the privilege to work with. In every field of business, somehow, I’ve risen to the top in that field and subsequently became the GOTO name for contacts, information, mentoring or coaching. Perhaps what I am writing is more for my benefit than for you as I rarely share details about my life. In fact, if my friend hadn’t asked the question, I would never have recalled much of this infor-

mation - especially being a baby actor. Up until this point I never realised that I was born and have always been a celebrity. When I walk into places random people want to engage with me. Random people have approached me in the streets, in airport terminals and the most random-est of places. With the help of my son, I recently wrote a book called Social Magnetism. The book has all the ingredients of how to connect like a celebrity. To develop your own star quality, so that people want to connect with you, so that people want to do business with you, so that people want to be around you but not really know why. The book is an action book which guides you through the essentials of developing your own star personality based on my mistakes and learnings of how I transformed from a shy young man with no confidence to the celebrity person that so many are attracted to today.



multi-award winning Brand and Marketing Coach. A mother to 4 children aged 2 to 21, she is also dedicated to serving and empowering business owners – developing credible, consistent brands using online and offline strategies. Running more than one business, both as the Director of insight2Marketing and Founder of inspireUrBiz networking events, Vee regularly shares her knowledge on marketing, branding and social media as a Guest Speaker and Trainer. Vee Roberts studied marketing and communications to Post Graduate level and has also worked in a range of senior marketing roles – a total of more than 22 years in the industry. After becoming a young moth-

VEE ROBERTS er in her teens, she entered a 4 year career in telesales leading her to find her true passion and purpose of marketing and communications. Commencing on a Marketing Management role via Global Telecoms giant British Telecommunications, she then went on to spend a further 15 years working in Senior Marketing roles for a number of companies, including public sector, national charities and SMEs. In 2010, Vee decided to become her own boss working by her own rules. It was a risk she was prepared to take, fed up of the office politics and bureaucracy. With less than £100, she successfully set up her own business from scratch, using her own knowledge of affordable marketing solutions to make it happen. She was able to grow her business brand online and offline successfully. And, she now uses her 19+


years of ‘planning and hands on’ experience to make it happen for other business owners too. Her ethos is “Working smarter not harder, whilst remembering that baby steps are better than no steps”. To date, her success rate with business owners is excellent – rated 5 stars. Her passion and proven success is in generating awareness, leads and income as a result of effective branding and integrated marketing campaigns. She enables businesses to refocus their marketing efforts in a way that will save both time and money long term. Many of the businesses she works with have seen a drastic improvement in their bottom line and also reported improved perception, better customer retention and increased sales.




t various points along her wide and varied career path as a scientist, actress, and science teacher, Emily felt that she didn’t fit in. She was often confronted with the idea that perhaps she was “too creative, too emotional, or too sensitive for science” - a concern she has also heard expressed by many of the female students she has taught. Now working as a science communicator, in 2015 Emily was invited to take part in a debate on Sky News, during which she supported women in science and commented that it's OK for scientists to cry. Following the interview she received a barrage of sexist and misogynistic abuse on social media. Six months later she delivered a critically acclaimed TEDx talk at UCL “Why Science Needs People Who Cry” on the value of emotions in science. Today Emily shares the challenges she has faced as a woman in science - exploring the themes of confidence, fear of failure, changing path, resilience, imposter syndrome, unconscious bias, online abuse, self-care and personal growth and discusses the need to dispel the outdated stereotype that all scientists are cold, hard, unemo-

tional... and male; a stereotype that prevents many young people, especially girls, from seeing a place for themselves in science. Emily asks what it actually takes to be a scientist - is it really all about brains, confidence and logic? What about creativity, imagination, teamwork, compassion and sensitivity? And is it OK to fail? Emily explores the value of emotions, in both men and women, and discusses how emotional openness can lead to the three Cs; Compassion, Collaboration and Creativity - qualities that are as essential in science, and indeed any workplace, as they are in life. Dr Emily Grossman is an internationally acclaimed science author, public speaker and TV personality. An expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Double First in Natural Sciences from Queens' College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research, Emily also trained and worked as an actress and singer, and now combines her skills as a science communicator, broadcaster, writer, educator and trainer. She is best known as a Resident Science Expert on ITV's The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Sky1's Duck Quacks Don't Echo, for her fun YouTube videos for BBC Britlab and The Royal


Institution, and for her inspirational and motivational talks in schools, universities and at live events such as The Hay Festival, The Science Museum and Cheltenham Science Festival. Emily is a passionate advocate for gender equality and diversity in STEM and has come under considerable attack on social media for speaking out against sexism in science. She has delivered a TEDx talk at UCL on Why Science Needs People Who Cry and has been interviewed in many newspapers and radio programmes about the value of emotion in science. Emily was recently named as the second Honorary STEM Ambassador for her pioneering work in STEM education, alongside astronaut Tim Peake. Through her work as a science communicator, and by sharing her personal experiences as a woman in STEM, Emily hopes to engage more people with the fascinating world of science, to change the perception of what it is to be a scientist, and to inspire more people, especially girls, to study science. Twitter: @DrEmilyGrossman





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Sovereign, Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs - Issue 001/Feb 2018  

The first issue of Sovereign, Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs - new adventure into Culture and Diversity , as seen...

Sovereign, Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs - Issue 001/Feb 2018  

The first issue of Sovereign, Global Magazine for Executives and Leading Entrepreneurs - new adventure into Culture and Diversity , as seen...