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Radioactive moat press

Radioactive Moat Press Copyright Š 2011 Brett Gallagher & Elizabeth Arnold All rights reserved. Text set in Garamond Premier Pro.


early morning water hymn atop cloud stair island and birds are spies they report to trees a slab of granite forestfloor where are there lines of equal intensity inside quiet night weaving fall leaves into dandelion journal above cartographers stuffing maps into mattresses wonder how lonely keep lovely foster these feelings of singing grand piano prokofiev opus 82 with sea wave accents are strophes of ghost geography walk out to desert great coastal p or t c onsider ma g ic e ye parachutes symphonic tree roots steep young pine needles in boiling water tree eater tallstrunt journey nightcorridor the psychotic stillness of gooey layered caves circular sweater of cloudberries cranberries arctic brambles and sea buckthorns a nutcracker is the evening shades drawn over walnut raincoat and words are swallows hidden silent

mosscreep morninglight cloud dreams through heavywater nightscape where waves waver passering through on by g h o s t e r i n g absent of coast



hollow nocturne spectral magick of deciduous sound yes the view are great deserts are eating holographs of black magicians exorcise steeples from sand dunes this eye are vulnerable those futurist strophes i will isolate mausoleums unreached goodnight planets in object-world apropos hello it is refreshing air out cornea aer press press press head with twin atlas the cinema screen flicker petrol wallpaper yes the view are great from inside the sarcophagus as even woods i's and the textual pharmacopoeia longitudes dray globular reefsform exoskeleton mindcreeps existing dimensionalities above plexus of losslessnessness am i maker sense particle accelerate these mutant mindisms unmove these luxuriant heat orbs pass through look enter canyon of shadow hum hum wander ambient of coldspace waves languagescape october underfoot there are woven map genetic composition of space between floorboards in kitchen flashlight dissassembler you i look these i's alive yarn weather parkas step out tent flaps limbless mountain unwavering cape desolation



overgrowth vessels of mooncycle itch you too eerie lake wild mountain desolate talk talk glitch swallow up clis rise tidal constructions lately sleep sleep of heirloom binding inside diving bell deep where archipelago of empty rooms night swim near lighthouse nightshade pale perplexion quiet moon every speak minor disengage tidal wavering close eyes loop loop swirlish blackish orbiters swirl under within loop tape reel tape tape memories loop i alive am so are so in within rainy season trade wind winding saturation hum hum swirl woosh sea



heads and heads us the regarders so lightless it is eveningnight i am awake drunk point of desolate sentential buzz buzz buzz hush hush heavy water orb strangeness of a movementing shadowland wildwooshwilder necessitate drag drag the slain wavecrash over the coast hide and seek p harma c op o e i a d i g i ts shipmasts two mountains squirm mountain lessnessless limbs who moon darkside a leafmask greyish wordish barrages sweaty palm hello hi i like your c o bwe b s n i g ht tr ave l nothingness of distant shadowplay look greypuy matter cloud stu of stratospheric my breath hush hello on glass are these nordic colonies of chest holograph of atlantian native headdress metropolis eyelash shadow it is nighttime glyphs shiny traveling through journey corridor transient rhombosomes triangular conversate window the city our great city are falling have fallen are will be fallering and i hold nothing

8 humming dandelion lion lanterns for night s t a t u e s q u e quiet pencil slip listen la ba ba bi bah in head sway way ocean wall currents sound carpet squares over over under tree root rot tree trees root wrote wrought (as ever) aer noon cloud skyless thought less a sever leafless in less less never the oak snail in greenish purple table sheets sheet tape walls in wall plane ba ba la la la pins wheel pinewheel pinwheel less and more of young w h i s p e r s which are s m i l e s occasional leaf teeth talk occasional days days as less in squares which are buds of glaciers tacked to musket branches by night whisper dark as grand father wisp ethereal wisp trains of cotton ball locomotive transitives transit yarn drip drop textual seafoam by mid of c r e e p e r i n g night cascade underbrush nightingales flock near ever lights bright bright light lite-brite seed packets few flew


over under above

stairs cases lower cases lower and upper depositories repository lights flash as flashlit basket basket hum birds of seasonal pitch first moon graphs stretch tides eyes precipitate streams of chords twine cord trees blue as never wild paint peak painted swam swum swirl air particles parts of articles le paper articles comprise particles of gaseous files suspended suspended tides as earth pitch locomotives where snow gust bears as infinity reflex lake whisper latitude silent as ever ever (as) smile earth peaks whisper pins in wheel voids voids upturned wisps crawling cabins open at night sound boards of walk woke where wispy days (as ever) leafy precipitate


illustrate lit light house untitled the horizon speaking spoke us haunted bodies strophes of zizzagering oscillate reader the thunderous lighteningpaint alive in sleep patterns strata ambling drones scraped loops of starving tide i and i's two too to wishers y palmkites above brisk lake sky i and eyes i's we read and burn out eyes i's though now we collective cardboard hilltop fashion cereal box worderings into imaginative conversate structures mooncolonies tap tap tap night without volcanic ow above in elsewhere nebular birds blues blue canary winds passering atmospheric lite-brite ballet pomegranate in faded cavernous pitch transistors percolate signal blink i am a lowercase noise



megafauna sweater i sweater precambrian era we two forest creatures removed date or time across forests streams valleys mountain ranges and volcanoes of familiar leaf branch tributary gorge pass flow at night we instruments out of trees serenade owls lighting bugs inhabit nighttime sky while drink drinking tea from nettles roots berries flowerlake waves quiet moment debussy soly from record player impressionist images onto pages notebook while thought houses where have my rooms gone talk talk moonmachine earflaps expansive darkness sustain in distorted texture


ascend stair aer stair belabor stairs winding staircases train home i in seas fragmentary particles of home dust root grin in mortar take 2x daily le out window train full train talk each other word clouds cloud mouths talk tick tock around sunnierish outside in grown shoes tacked to blank half/written manifestos home home pome to pome me we i us you see sea c the sees sea c in hi up word(pla)y wordadge wordwordwatch your eyesight eye sighting eyesight it is terrible and jungle in here bricks blue jungle vine ooo0000o0oooooooooo000 riverforest river forest near river in forest forest river are where we am riverbank riverhedge riverrunroom river pebbles possibility probable forest in water above boat tie forest with tie tie me to i eye two forest wood twig collection twine knot knit blanket forest farce face eye can c seeing seas seeshore seasaw seatwine seeforest floor walk above closet armoire ocean see chest chest wood nail nails inside affixed are strong where is seawood jupiter moon gravity gravitate pyrotechnic plywood woodering forests in orbit orbit through closet armoire nails entry weigh way way forests woods nails above boat twine forests orbit pebble rock lander voyage nail colony eyes awash i


small colonies of small colors aquarium of heavy water they the house eyeing eye web cobwebs built eye's i need sleep levitation st. native icicle sleeves of lantern crests on grey sofa sleep passage alleyways as nightingale of room fourteen i will respond as sleeping giant in hum hiss seas see nightly ďŹ ne clouds cloud blanket awakening good night in forest sighs of winter swim coat are eye in sea break fast forest are for rest disengage falls entropy parachute of tree root morse code


places and th e i r na ti v e shapes plates i am wa llpap ering the inside of my mouth with wisps clouds are overhead under bed there are hauntings footnotes and tomorrow we will bring our p a l m s upturned and empty look i will say my head is in clouds yes you will reply autumn parks are kite-string e x p l o r ati o n s and the quiet objects you ďŹ nd there


shoreline are quarry sound-bite of atlantic piano keys ballasts of recycled stratovolcanoes waves waves and wordcastle twin press consciousness semblancing of life disembark from archway cosmologies wordering letters for journey pressed of cornea into aerlife language are wither lux departure the black magik overman alphabets thirty-three degrees in capes above where check check tick dunes huh-finger separate points atop wall escalators endless scorch where disorient pause pause night creeps grandfather against diving mantle black sea fleets crates crete 3-2-1.4-.061 genesis eliminate linear causers of cl ( (()00)))0)) )) ds



loop loop endogenous nightscape it is hush hush in house moment now morning coffee drip drip drip through rot of tree growth u n d e r g r o w t h vines movementing t h r o u g h say this swirling are as twin suns affixe d canopy forestflo or dwellers the moon has as it has balloons release static clings to the vases and mystic seaport ripple ripple rush enter forest look look

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx an eagle has passed through my eye a closet a graveled street graze those shoulders eyeing drip drip cloud mouth tides of waves waves of glass sharp sounds hushed angles angular prisms ribosomes golden arrow araw streams loop loop looping a pan scrambling marbles erector set joints i am a sapling tall magnificent as sibelius' symphony no. 2 colors whitesh coral overcast sky and damp jungle these voices golden ages of audible great memory night


a munchian shriek these walnut raincoats i try to evade do birds exist outside of wallpaper i wish to express myself as a insipid tunnel a rotational space-station until then hindsight is the spine of feathers a munchian shriek these walnut raincoats i try to evade do birds exist outside of wallpaper i wish to express myself as a insipid tunnel a rotational space-station until then hindsight is the spine of feathers


end BEAG

illustrationscape Escape /////////////////////\ 1). exposure capt. j.g. clark AK graffiti rock kodak 12 holga \\ 2). somekind of treetreat ink watercolour blobmoss thing // 4). automatic-ish attempt , india ink , chaotic lines \\ 5). chlorine light squiggle orangey haze digi long exposure porch downward step // 6). spacegooglesbuddiessup! \\ 7). waves crashing toward shore sudden golden sands chair india ink minimal lines // 8). in flight above WA ameriwing the fairmont stairwell sky glimpse holga \\ 10). y e l l o w / p i n k / houses / blue circular movey creature over sharp triangles /\/\/\ contrast // 11). feathery watercolour india ink fade dreamy \\ 14). mermaid india ink lines dots dashes b&W // 16). trees blocks black/white/light goldish / india ink / little creatures/ crEEpstures \\ 17). organic VS. geometric dried flora harsh lines meet/greet oh hi you // 19). weird bird guy thing with triangle beak / orange , purple , texture

brett gallagher is.

elizabeth arnold seems imaginary; she only moves in dreamwaves.

Loop Loop Endogenous Nightscape  
Loop Loop Endogenous Nightscape  

an echapbook of poems by Brett Gallagher illustrations by elizabeth arnold