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WITH THEIR BUDGETING ADVICE: What are some of the budgeting tips you’ve learnt over the years that you’d like to share with other women? My husband has been a great help to me in this area. I do most of the shopping, but he helps me by breaking down the exact amounts of how much we can spend in certain areas. So, for example, I try to do one big, monthly shop for the main staples (toilet paper, flour, sugar, etc.), then do one additional shop per week to top up on bread, fruit, milk, etc. We’ve worked out how much we can afford to spend for each of these, so I know from week to week what my limitations are. It also helps to keep cash in envelopes for each week, so there are visible, tangible banknotes in hand to keep me from going over budget on the credit card. We’ve also tried to use our credit card more like a debit card - depositing money into the account each month and using what’s actually in there, to avoid going into debt and accruing interest.

Kate Motaung, married to Kagiso and mom to Kabelo, Dineo and Caleb

How do you manage the challenge of feeding, clothing and entertaining a large family on a tight budget? The Lord has been incredibly good to us in this area. I think this is what I appreciate about the body of Christ in South Africa...so many people are willing to share possessions and pass things on that they’re not using anymore. If we are honest and humble about our needs, people have been more than willing to pitch in and help out. Sure, we’ve had to say ‘no’ to several things that other families may get to enjoy, but we make the most of the things we can afford. For example, instead of going out for pizza and a movie, we may make pizza at home and take out a free DVD from the library to watch together as a family. Or we may not go to the Spur whenever we’d like to, but now and then we may take advantage of Spur’s Monday special with twofor-one burgers. We’ve tried to teach our kids not to complain that they don’t get to choose whatever they want from the menu, but to be grateful for whatever they do get.

When it comes to gifting and hospitality, do you have any advice for cutting costs without giving gifts or meals that seem meagre? Don’t underestimate homemade baked goods! Find a handful of fail-proof recipes that can stretch, buy a packet of pretty paper plates, some clear plastic bags and some ribbon, and you’ve got a gift! Homemade goods are often more cost-effective, and also show that you’ve put time and love into the gift. There are a few different types of muffin mixes that are quite good. All you have to do is add oil, water and an egg, and you can get 24 muffins for R18 instead of the pre-made six muffins for R18. It’s just a matter of looking out for cost-effective options that are manageable with your schedule and resources.


What are your little saving secrets that help you through the month? Carin Bevan Cash! I only put my week’s spending money in my wallet and make sure I leave the credit card locked up. I think much harder about what I spend money on when I have to take out cash.

Janice Cameron Save your till slips! Natalie Mayer (1) Keep a little notebook in your handbag, and write down what you’ve spent at the end of every day. Seeing how fast it adds up helps me to put the brakes on spending! (2) Train yourself to wait a month (or even more) before buying something you want. After that, you will be able to see whether you actually need the item or whether it was just a passing fancy. Say no to impulse buys!


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Radiant Magazine January/ February 2013  

Welcome to the third edition of Radiant Magazine, a women's lifestyle mag written from a Christian world view.

Radiant Magazine January/ February 2013  

Welcome to the third edition of Radiant Magazine, a women's lifestyle mag written from a Christian world view.