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Replacing Your Lost Teeth with Dentures

There are several causes for tooth loss among adults. First is the poor oral hygiene. The buildup of bacteria due to the lack of hygiene such as brushing



flossing disease.

leads This

to oral

condition is the primary cause of tooth loss. Second cause is not having dental checkup. The signs of impending tooth loss may go unnoticed which may keep the tooth from being saved. Lastly, because of aging, older people tend to lose more teeth than younger ones. If you are missing several teeth, the best option is to get dentures. Dentures can restore your smile and keep your life easier. Losing teeth may leave you uncomfortable especially when talking and eating. Eating your favorite food may not be a good decision because of your oral condition. You do not have to bear with it forever since dentistry has a lot of offer that you can use. Radiant Expression Dental in Pembroke Pines, Florida offers full and partial dentures. Two Types of Dentures There are two types of dentures. First is the partial denture. This is used when there are still few natural teeth remain. For this matter, it serves other purpose aside from giving back your complete smile. The other teeth remaining may keep shifting from their positions due to the empty spaces left by tooth extraction. Partial denture can help prevent the shifting of these teeth. You have a choice whether to keep it removable or fixed. The second type is the full denture. When nothing is left, even one tooth, full denture will replace all of your lost teeth. This can also be removed to allow any adjustments

that may occur over time. In earlier days, dentures seem too big or too small for the patient’s mouth. Today, Radiant Expressions Dental can make it more fitting. Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi will make sure your dentures are properly fit to your mouth. You won’t have to worry about dentures falling out. You can talk confidently and chew unstoppably. Your denture will appear natural and will match the size and shape and shading of your natural teeth while fitting securely in your mouth. Radiant Expressions Dental also offers the following dental treatments; 

General dentistry

Root canal therapy


Teeth extraction and oral surgery

Facial fillers and botox

Dental implants

Full mouth reconstruction

Sedation industry

Periodontal/ gum disease

Full and partial dentures

Emergency dental care

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Replacing your lost teeth with dentures  

If you are missing several teeth, the best option is to get dentures. Dentures can restore your smile and keep your life easier. Radiant Exp...

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